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01/06/2018:BEEAs 2018 – Entry deadline extended to Friday 29th June - Technology Spotlights
01/06/2018:Toshiba Memory Europe introduces XS700 series of portable SSDs - Product Launches
04/06/2018:Plessey partners with Vuzix to develop next-generation smart glasses - News
04/06/2018:World’s first PCI Express test solution with multivendor oscilloscope support - News
04/06/2018:TT Electronics acquires Precision - News
04/06/2018:Atomically thin nanowires convert heat to electricity more efficiently - News
04/06/2018:Ingestible chip could help diagnose disease - News
04/06/2018:Hirose expands IX industrial connector offering - Product Launches
04/06/2018:University of Cambridge spin-out raises £1.2m - News
04/06/2018:Miniature cable and chassis circular connectors from Lane Electronics - Product Launches
05/06/2018:PCIM 2018 - advanced technologies from Panasonic - Product Launches
05/06/2018:PCIM 2018 – Panasonic’s 600V GaN transistors X-GaN and SiC MOSFET solutions - Product Launches
05/06/2018:PCIM 2018 - Toshiba releases automotive 40V N-Channel power MOSFETs in 5mm x 6mm package - Product Launches
05/06/2018:Wireless system can power devices inside the body - News
05/06/2018:Conducting electricity between transistors without energy loss - News
05/06/2018:PCIM 2018 - LEM makes voltage measurement more compact - Product Launches
05/06/2018:PCIM 2018 - Vicor releases bidirectional 48V/12V NBM converter - Product Launches
05/06/2018:Infineon to start volume production of CoolGaN products - News
05/06/2018:ROHM and GaN Systems join forces for GaN power semiconductors - News
05/06/2018:Revolutionising healthcare - Blogs
05/06/2018:Engineering out consumer dissatisfaction in the wearable sector - Blogs
05/06/2018:HUBER+SUHNER introduces industry-first connector dedicated to RF-energy applications - Product Launches
06/06/2018:PCIM 2018 - Soft-PGS, NASBIS and passive components from Panasonic - Product Launches
06/06/2018:PCIM 2018 - SiC now, it’s real - Product Launches
06/06/2018:PCIM 2018 - photorelay for factory automation and other industrial applications - Product Launches
06/06/2018:Military-grade laptop PSU is 90% smaller and lighter, 80% lower cost - Product Launches
06/06/2018:£8m fund to support reuse and recycling of electrical and electronic waste - News
06/06/2018:Fungi-produced pigment shows promise as semiconductor material - News
06/06/2018:Will flexible solar cells someday power devices? - News
06/06/2018:Win Spectral Efficiency with Coherent Techniques - Technology Spotlights
07/06/2018:Plessey and KiWi Power inaugurate energy-saving battery storage system at Plymouth facility - News
07/06/2018:Conrad introduced MAKERFACTORY to Maker Faire in Berlin - News
07/06/2018:Texas Instruments remains largest industrial semiconductor supplier in 2017 - News
07/06/2018:Educational coding kits from Premier Farnell - News
07/06/2018:ON Semiconductor announces SiC Diodes for demanding automotive applications - Product Launches
07/06/2018:PCIM 2018 - automotive CoolSiC Schottky diodes - Product Launches
07/06/2018:PCIM 2018 - Analog Devices’ isolated power converters support Class B system EMI levels - Product Launches
07/06/2018:PCIM 2018 – monitoring and controlling tomorrow’s power electronic systems - Product Launches
08/06/2018:Does NVMe Make Sense for Embedded? - Reference/Features
08/06/2018:Does NVMe Make Sense for Embedded? - Product Launches
08/06/2018:Introduction to Bluetooth 5 - Reference/Features
08/06/2018:Introduction to Bluetooth 5 - Product Launches
08/06/2018:Imagination looks to add low-cost AI capabilities on edge devices - News
08/06/2018:LFPAK56 MOSFETs from Nexperia feature improved creepage and clearance - Product Launches
08/06/2018:Imec demonstrates compact low-power 140GHz CMOS radar with on-chip antennas - News
08/06/2018:Analog Devices introduces advanced PLL/VCO solution - Product Launches
08/06/2018:Miniaturised IGBT power interfaces with integrated electro-optic conversion - Product Launches
08/06/2018:Direct IoT connectivity via GEO satellite demonstrated - News
08/06/2018:UK Institute to harness disruptive technology to transform drug discovery - News
08/06/2018:RS Components and IBM Cloud establish innovation partnership - News
08/06/2018:Transparent, conductive films for flexible screens - News
09/06/2018:Evaluate and Develop with the TPSM84824 Power Module - Technology Spotlights
10/06/2018:Fuelling a New Era of Automotive and Industrial Innovation - Technology Spotlights
11/06/2018:A Small SBC that is Big on Performance - Technology Spotlights
11/06/2018:Silicon chip industry awareness workshop seminar - Events
11/06/2018:Widest bandwidth RF transceiver speeds development of base stations and phased array radar - Product Launches
11/06/2018:OKW extends EVOTEC range to four sizes - Product Launches
11/06/2018:University of Southampton invents a new way for designing electronics - News
11/06/2018:Silicon provides a way to control quantum bits for faster algorithms - News
11/06/2018:New research alliance to drive innovation in the automation of transport and logistics - News
11/06/2018:New international standard for consumer IoT in development - News
11/06/2018:UK’s 5G landscape is “active and growing rapidly”, says Digital Catapult - News
12/06/2018:State of play - Reference/Features
12/06/2018:Greater than two - Interview
12/06/2018:Implantable interface innovation - Reference/Features
12/06/2018:Swords into ploughshares - News
12/06/2018:Tech toys pose a real cyber-security threat, yet the lack of action by industry and government remains astounding - Blogs
12/06/2018:Intel starts testing smallest ‘spin qubit’ chip for quantum computing - News
12/06/2018:Turbocharge for lithium batteries - News
12/06/2018:Long-term DDR3 memory module supply chain solution - Product Launches
12/06/2018:28GHz transceiver paves the way for future 5G devices - News
12/06/2018:Get More from Your Test Assets - Technology Spotlights
12/06/2018:Mobile-Radio Convergence: The Next Generation in Wireless Communications? - Reference/Features
13/06/2018:Taking the mystery out of jitter - Reference/Features
13/06/2018:Solid State Cooling - Reference/Features
13/06/2018:Overturning convention - Reference/Features
13/06/2018:How can sensors contribute towards more efficient farming? - Reference/Features
14/06/2018:44GHz silicon switches offer industry’s lowest insertion loss - Product Launches
14/06/2018:Comprehensive 8D/38999 connector package available from Lane Electronics - Product Launches
14/06/2018:High-performance embedded computing platform in compact design - Product Launches
14/06/2018:Molex introduces waterproof connector providing IP66 and IP67 protection - Product Launches
14/06/2018:Reaktor Space Lab and VTT investigate a new frequency band for telecommunications satellites - News
14/06/2018:Self-powered, highly sensitive and washable e-textile - News
15/06/2018:Thermoelectric module series designed for high temperature environments - Product Launches
15/06/2018:AVX releases first industrial poke-home connector available without a wire stop - Product Launches
18/06/2018:BEEAs deadline extended due to popular demand - News
18/06/2018:Imec demonstrates manufacturability of state-of-the-art spin-orbit torque MRAM devices on 300mm Si wafers - News
18/06/2018:Electronic skin stretched to new limits - News
18/06/2018:Chris Breslin appointed President of Premier Farnell - News
18/06/2018:LED circuits interconnected by MPC can undergo repeated bending, twisting, and stretching - News
19/06/2018:X-Ware IoT Platform - Industrial Grade Connectivity To Any Cloud, Any Silicon - Technology Spotlights
19/06/2018:Flexible blue vertical micro LEDs developed by a KAIST research team - News
19/06/2018:Student numbers taking computing qualifications disappoints - Blogs
19/06/2018:New generation of touch technology from Zytronic - Product Launches
19/06/2018:Link Microtek delivers multichannel rotating joint assembly for S-band radar application - Product Launches
19/06/2018:MIT engineers build smart power outlet - News
20/06/2018:Easy connectivity, mating, cleaning and integration with the Fischer LP360 - Product Launches
20/06/2018:Chip upgrade helps miniature drones navigate - News
20/06/2018:MIT engineers configure RFID tags to work as sensors - News
21/06/2018:Industry 4.0 - Don’t fear the future, prepare for it - Blogs
21/06/2018:Intel CEO Brian Krzanich resigns - News
21/06/2018:µModule regulator from Analog Devices - Product Launches
21/06/2018:Touchscreen display support for Raspberry Pi family - Product Launches
21/06/2018:Graphene assembled film shows higher thermal conductivity than graphite film - News
21/06/2018:UltraSoC and Imperas combine to enhance multicore development and debug - News
21/06/2018:Samsung launches NVMe SSD based on next generation small form factor - News
21/06/2018:Quantum step forward in protecting communications from hackers - News
21/06/2018:Device enables the sense of touch in prosthetic fingertips - News
21/06/2018:A keyboard that can be crumpled and put in your pocket - News
22/06/2018:Compact Low PIM RF Connectors for Mobile Radio Communications - Technology Spotlights
22/06/2018:RF Connectors from Adam Tech - Technology Spotlights
22/06/2018:Jauch Quartz goes Global with Digi-Key Electronics - Technology Spotlights
25/06/2018:Silicon Labs introduces portfolio for 56G/112G SerDes clocking - Product Launches
25/06/2018:Keeping track of railway track maintenance - Reference/Features
25/06/2018:Sustainable healthcare - Reference/Features
25/06/2018:World’s first fully-automated drug discovery facility planned - News
25/06/2018:What impact will robotics and AI have on healthcare? - Blogs
25/06/2018:University of Michigan researchers create "world’s smallest computer" - News
25/06/2018:Plastic sensors could monitor health conditions - News
25/06/2018:Better batteries with superatoms? - News
25/06/2018:Toshiba avoids being fined over its accounting practices - News
25/06/2018:Isolated 4-Port 802.3bt PoE++ PSE controller delivers up to 71.3W - Product Launches
25/06/2018:Microchip releases first 32-bit MCUs to feature chip-level security - News
25/06/2018:'Stealth' material hides hot objects from infrared eyes - News
25/06/2018:New analytical approaches - Reference/Features
26/06/2018:Confining dendrite growth - News
26/06/2018:Engineer creates new design for ultra-thin capacitive sensors - News
26/06/2018:London cyber innovation centre opens - News
26/06/2018:Breaking barriers with RF power amplifiers - Reference/Features
26/06/2018:The changing face of electronics over the past 50 years - Blogs
27/06/2018:Stuck in the middle: 300mm comes under pressure from the 200mm wafer - Reference/Features
27/06/2018:Compact 3W and 10W board-mount power supplies - Product Launches
27/06/2018:Asymmetric plasmonic antennas deliver femtosecond pulses for fast optoelectronics - News
27/06/2018:Fujitsu announces FRAM with a capacity of 8Mbit - Product Launches
27/06/2018:Flex Logix improves deep learning performance with new AI core - News
27/06/2018:Leti demonstrates new waveform for 5G low power wide area IoT network - News
27/06/2018:TPG Capital completes acquisition of Wind River - News
27/06/2018:electronica 2018 increases exhibition space by 8,000m2 - News
27/06/2018:Xilinx and Daimler to develop AI solutions - News
27/06/2018:MORNSUN expands rail R3 DC/DC converters up to 40W in 2*1 package - Product Launches
27/06/2018:MORNSUN SMD DC/DC converter module CF0505XT-1WR3 for automotive - Product Launches
27/06/2018:Overloaded spectrum: Holding onto good Wi-Fi performance - Reference/Features
28/06/2018:Global sales of industrial robots shoots up - News
28/06/2018:Renesas Electronics launches R-Car virtualization software package - News
28/06/2018:'Chip Builder' lets designers visualise ASIC solutions - News
28/06/2018:Together, WiE can change the world - Reference/Features
28/06/2018:Indoor positioning using wireless network - News
28/06/2018:Wafer demand for ‘More than Moore’ devices to grow by 10%, says Yole Développement - News
28/06/2018:Microchip’s 8-bit tinyAVR MCUs enable increased functionality in sensor nodes - Product Launches
29/06/2018:BNAs improve performance of Li-ion batteries - News
29/06/2018:Next generation Wi-Fi security for personal and enterprise networks - News
29/06/2018:Traffic accidents could be decreased with 5G technology - News
29/06/2018:Scientists fine-tune carbon nanotubes for flexible, fingertip-wearable terahertz imagers - News
29/06/2018:Adesto announces agreement to acquire Echelon - News
29/06/2018:SEMI launches collaborative technology community - News
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