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03/04/2018:Concurrent Technologies launches a 6U VPX board - Product Launches
03/04/2018:Switchtec’s Ethernet switches provide storm protection for industrial users - Product Launches
03/04/2018:Amazon Alexa technology brought to simple connected objects - Product Launches
03/04/2018:Another report on AI and the job market - Blogs
03/04/2018:Turning plastic insulator into heat conductor - News
03/04/2018:FCC authorises SpaceX to provide broadband services via satellite constellation - News
03/04/2018:Reports suggest Apple is to develop its own chips in blow to Intel - Blogs
03/04/2018:Dissipating heat from electronic devices with non-toxic filamentous virus - News
03/04/2018:congatec COM Express Computer-on-Modules come with brand new Intel processors - Product Launches
03/04/2018:Strings of electron-carrying proteins may hold the secret to 'electric bacteria' - News
03/04/2018:Atomically thin 'drumheads' support ultra-low power communications and sensory devices - News
03/04/2018:Dr. Leo Li to become next CEO of Imagination - News
03/04/2018:TPG to acquire Wind River from Intel - News
03/04/2018:Cryptography and secure communications for microcontrollers with mbed TLS. - Whitepapers
03/04/2018:Cryptography and secure communications for microcontrollers with mbed TLS. - Technology Spotlights
04/04/2018:AAEON NanoCOM-APL COM Express Board - Ideal for HMI, mobile and digital signage applications - Technology Spotlights
04/04/2018:Ampleon launch ISM signal generator IC for RF energy applications - Product Launches
04/04/2018:ON Semiconductor expands imaging options for extreme low-light imaging - Product Launches
04/04/2018:Tuning in to magnetic ink - News
04/04/2018:Metallised polypropylene film capacitors with high safety and humidity resistance - Product Launches
04/04/2018:MEAN WELL LED Power Supplies - Technology Spotlights
04/04/2018:Origami poised to improve smart clothing - News
04/04/2018:LR Series Rugged AC DC converters - Technology Spotlights
04/04/2018:Major technical obstacles in magnesium-metal batteries overcome - News
05/04/2018:Mobile operators pay Ofcom £1.4bn for 5G spectrum - News
05/04/2018:Microsoft to make $5bn investment into IoT - News
06/04/2018:Rack power with modular RS Pro PDUs featuring power management options - Product Launches
06/04/2018:BrainChip Studio receives extensive upgrade with latest version - Product Launches
06/04/2018:Leti’s silicon photonics design kit available for Synopsys Optodesigner pic design solution - News
06/04/2018:KEMET expands ESD rated ceramic capacitor portfolio - Product Launches
06/04/2018:Enhanced primary reference clock standards for precision time raises the performance bar for atomic standards  - News
06/04/2018:IoT Security Foundation launch professional membership - News
09/04/2018:MicroTech 2018 – Surrey - Events
09/04/2018:Hassane El-Khoury talks to Neil Tyler about his on-going plans for Cypress Semiconductor - Interview
09/04/2018:SIL4 COTS Rail Platforms Extend from Large Junctions to Compact Onboard Applications - Technology Spotlights
09/04/2018:Leading the fight against cybercrime - News
09/04/2018:Has an “unquestionable failure” to make safety the top priority put self-driving developments at risk? - Blogs
09/04/2018:Data cables for railway applications - Technology Spotlights
09/04/2018:Liquid-in-liquid 3D printed structures - News
09/04/2018:A different spin on superconductivity - News
09/04/2018:Trump tariff proposals could affect electronic goods - News
09/04/2018:Paving the way for GaN power technology at high voltages - News
10/04/2018:HES conference 2018 – Belgium - Events
10/04/2018:The balance between power and performance - Reference/Features
10/04/2018:Get smart, get connected - Reference/Features
10/04/2018:On the front line - Blogs
10/04/2018:International research efforts have developed to the point where the kilogram can be defined from physical standards - Reference/Features
10/04/2018:Luxoft releases PELUX 1.0 automotive software starter-kit on Open Source - News
10/04/2018:Vicor launches 12V to 48V NBM module - Product Launches
10/04/2018:Tiny µmodule boost regulator for low voltage optical systems - Product Launches
10/04/2018:UK looks to harness the power of sound waves - News
10/04/2018:First ever plasmomechanical oscillator - News
10/04/2018:Could brain inspired technologies bring data processing and analytics to IoT devices? - Reference/Features
10/04/2018:Toshiba comes under investor pressure over memory sale - News
10/04/2018:Cyber centre to be developed in London’s Olympic Park - News
10/04/2018:How to Select the Correct Spring-Loaded Connector for Today's Interconnect Applications - Whitepapers
10/04/2018:Combining the physical with the virtual - Reference/Features
11/04/2018:NIST chip hints at quantum sensors of the future - News
11/04/2018:Cadence expands Virtuoso Platform - News
11/04/2018:Conquer Multi-board design challenges with Altium at PCB Design and Manufacturing Live - News
11/04/2018:Berkeley engineers say its built smallest volume, most efficient wireless nerve stimulator - News
11/04/2018:Low haze structures for transparent flexible electrodes by electrospinning processes - News
11/04/2018:Tackling congestion on programmable devices - Reference/Features
11/04/2018:Midas Displays introduce Micro OLED displays range - Product Launches
11/04/2018:LDO voltage regulator from STMicroelectronics packs big performance in tiny footprint - Product Launches
11/04/2018:KOE introduce 7.0-inch WXGA Rugged+ TFT display - Product Launches
12/04/2018:Free high-quality CAD models available now in all PCB formats from Mentor - News
12/04/2018:Adoption of Intel FPGAs in servers picks up - News
12/04/2018:A device that can 'hear' your internal voice? - Blogs
12/04/2018:New planform for Weald’s MIL-DTL-26482 connectors - Product Launches
12/04/2018:200 Watt LDMOS amplifier module speeds development of 433 MHz systems - Product Launches
12/04/2018:Cadence unveils Tensilica Vision Q6 DSP IP - News
13/04/2018:The heat is on: temperature heals lithium dendrites - News
13/04/2018:Combination for small data storage and tinier computers found by UNH researchers - News
13/04/2018:Two Tianma 10.4” VGA Displays - Ideal for Industrial Use - Technology Spotlights
13/04/2018:Paper biomass to build lithium-sulfur batteries - News
13/04/2018:More price pressure on Lithium-ion batteries as cobalt prices soar - News
13/04/2018:Ametherm releases ACCU-curve series thermistor - Product Launches
13/04/2018:Toshiba launches new surface-mount brushed motor driver IC - Product Launches
16/04/2018:AAEON’s RTC-1200SK: Sunlight readable and built for maximum environmental resiliency - Technology Spotlights
16/04/2018:Scientists could have discovered how to stop cyber intrusions - News
16/04/2018:New miniature INS module offers highly accurate orientation, velocity and positioning data - Product Launches
16/04/2018:Rambus launches CryptoManager RISC-V Root of Trust programmable core - News
16/04/2018:Ultra-soft IGBT freewheeling diodes offer industry leading losses - Product Launches
16/04/2018:House of Lords' Report say UK could lead the way on ethical AI - Blogs
16/04/2018:Smart printing: power generating films and luminescent glass - News
16/04/2018:Taking the human out of manufacturing - News
17/04/2018:From insulator to conductor in a flash - News
17/04/2018:KAIST develops sodium-ion batteries using copper sulfide - News
17/04/2018:NCSC warns telecom providers ZTE could be security risk - News
17/04/2018:Broadband non-reflective GaAs MMIC switches cover frequency of DC-18GHz - Product Launches
17/04/2018:EU funded collaboration to make perovskite solar cells a market reality - News
17/04/2018:Bluetooth stand-alone module features strong security for the Industrial IoT - Product Launches
18/04/2018:Army research rejuvenates older zinc batteries - News
18/04/2018:Diamond Microwave launches slimline GaN SSPA range - Product Launches
18/04/2018:Power systems monitors current, power and energy - Product Launches
18/04/2018:Design a switch mode power supply using an isolated flyback topology - Reference/Features
18/04/2018:Processing power beyond Moore’s Law - News
18/04/2018:Electronic paper made of “real” paper - News
18/04/2018:Two robots are better than one for NIST's 5G antenna measurement research - News
18/04/2018:TT Electronics completes Stadium Group acquisition - News
18/04/2018:Polymer carpets based on graphene could make any fabrics generate current - News
18/04/2018:Nano-C completes $11.5million funding round - News
19/04/2018:First integrated FPGA-in-the-loop workflow for PolarFire and SmartFusion2 FPGA development boards - News
19/04/2018:Maxim’s Himalaya uSLIC solution looks to revolutionise designs for space-constrained applications - Product Launches
19/04/2018:Silicon Labs completes Z-Wave acquisition - News
19/04/2018:Cadence and Plexus join PCB Design & Manufacturing Live seminar line-up - News
19/04/2018:Nexperia secures $800m to fund future growth plans - News
19/04/2018:SEGGER introduces audio class for USB devices - Product Launches
19/04/2018:Writing and deleting magnets with lasers - News
19/04/2018:UK and India agree tech partnership - News
19/04/2018:Robot developed for automated assembly of designer nanomaterials - News
19/04/2018:One step closer to flexible TVs and high performance wearables - News
20/04/2018:Scientists integrate optical components into chips designs - News
20/04/2018:30 Watt medical DC-DC converter with wide 2:1 input range - Product Launches
23/04/2018:Getting serious about space debris - Reference/Features
23/04/2018:BSI launches compliance scheme for Government’s IoT Code of Practice - News
23/04/2018:'Soft' robots that can move on their own - News
23/04/2018:DesignSpark Marketplace to provide fast and simple route to market for makers - News
23/04/2018:Problems mount for Qualcomm - Blogs
23/04/2018:Event-based machine vision in Industry 4.0 applications - Product Launches
23/04/2018:End-to-end Sub-1 GHz kit for easy cloud access - Product Launches
23/04/2018:Rack mount AC-DC UPS series - Product Launches
23/04/2018:Graphene sets record on squeezing light to one atom - News
23/04/2018:Arduino partners with Distrelec to launch automation and robotics contest - News
23/04/2018:New AC/DC Module range offers reduced size, reduced cost and improved performance. - Technology Spotlights
23/04/2018:When the heat is on - Reference/Features
24/04/2018:HTA to present strategy to maintain Europe sovereignty in micro and nanotechnologies and smart systems - Events
24/04/2018:Shielded connection to measuring instruments, encoders and motors - Product Launches
24/04/2018:Harting extends preLink cabling system - Product Launches
24/04/2018:UK maker community turns to Raspberry Pi - News
24/04/2018:Keysight research lab opens at Queen's University - News
24/04/2018:Solutions that solve automotive power test challenges - Technology Spotlights
24/04/2018:BMZ invests €7m in China HQ - News
24/04/2018:Ultracapacitor and battery-powered DC UPS - Product Launches
24/04/2018:European scientists call for a European AI hub - News
24/04/2018:Building resilience - Reference/Features
24/04/2018:Gallium oxide shows high electron mobility - News
25/04/2018:Conquer multi-board design challenges with Altium UK - Technology Spotlights
25/04/2018:Lorax Compliance warns companies to prepare for WEEE changes - News
25/04/2018:Telonic supplying Kikusui’s benchtop power supply series - Product Launches
25/04/2018:The dangers of speculation - Reference/Features
25/04/2018:Scaling up vision and AI performance - Reference/Features
25/04/2018:Samsung begins mass production of 10nm-class 16Gb LPDDR4X - News
25/04/2018:Deep learning moves into the real world - Blogs
25/04/2018:Robust high efficiency DC-DC converters for railway applications - Product Launches
25/04/2018:Particle delivers production-ready LTE cellular solution - News
25/04/2018:Cheap and flexible plastic semiconductors - News
25/04/2018:Cypress empowers developers with sensing solutions for industrial designs incorporating metals - Product Launches
25/04/2018:Cadence and Plexus join seminar line-up - Technology Spotlights
26/04/2018:First-of-its-kind - Reference/Features
26/04/2018:Automotive-Grade Surface-Mount Fuses Deliver High Performance and Reliability - Technology Spotlights
26/04/2018:Europe’s largest IoT-hardware community launches its first event in Munich - Events
26/04/2018:Cell membrane inspires new ultrathin electronic film - News
26/04/2018:Rolls-Royce invests in Startupbootcamp IoT - News
26/04/2018:EU looks to support Europe's AI ambitions - Blogs
26/04/2018:AI is thriving but further investment is needed - News
26/04/2018:BrainChip Studio to be integrated with AI platform provider - News
26/04/2018:Meltdown and Spectre: Design security - Reference/Features
26/04/2018:u blox launches high precision GNSS module based on u blox F9 technology - Product Launches
26/04/2018:Research projects to target security in use of personal data and digital technologies - News
26/04/2018:Two weeks to go until PCB Design & Manufacturing Live - News
26/04/2018:UK Government and industry team up to take on AI challenge with £1bn deal - News
26/04/2018:Electronics and biological cells 3D printed directly on skin - News
26/04/2018:Arrow Electronics’ SmartEverything Tiger board targets low-power, multiprotocol wireless devices - Product Launches
27/04/2018:Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY-178 tuMP multicore operating system now conforms to FACE - News
27/04/2018:Precision 75Ohms Micro BNC connectors for broadcast equipment - Product Launches
27/04/2018:Researchers create precision optical components with inkjet printing - News
27/04/2018:Harting expands MICA industrial computer platform - Product Launches
27/04/2018:Emerging memory devices used to develop electronic circuits for cybersecurity applications - News
30/04/2018:Imperial College London spinout, GraphicsFuzz, develops a testing solution for graphics drivers - News
30/04/2018:PCB Design & Manufacturing Live - Birmingham on May 10, 2018 - News
30/04/2018:Qualcomm and partners showcase C-V2X direct communications interoperability to improve road safety - News
30/04/2018:M12 connector is positionable and lockable - Product Launches
30/04/2018:New materials for sustainable, low-cost batteries - News
30/04/2018:Optically Advanced High-Power LEDs - Technology Spotlights
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