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01/11/2018:GF introduces Avera Semi to deliver ASIC solutions - News
01/11/2018:High-performance, flexible, transparent force touch sensor for wearable devices - News
01/11/2018:Lens-free OLEDs with efficiency comparable to inorganic LEDs - News
01/11/2018:Murata develops high drain and extended temperature models for its lithium coin cell range - Product Launches
01/11/2018:Highly efficient isolated RS-485 module for Industry 4.0 - Product Launches
02/11/2018:First AR medical solution for Microsoft HoloLens cleared by the FDA - News
02/11/2018:Speeding up test dev times - News
02/11/2018:Samsung to compensate fab employees and affected families - News
02/11/2018:Strong, flexible films that allow light in but keep electromagnetic interference out - News
02/11/2018:Work on world’s first electric race airplane begins - News
05/11/2018:Two critical chip-level vulnerabilities discovered - News
05/11/2018:Global semiconductor sales in September up 13.8% year-to-year - News
05/11/2018:Contract prices have started to drop in PC DRAM market, Says TrendForce - News
06/11/2018:X-Ware IoT Platform - Industrial Grade Connectivity To Any Cloud, Any Silicon - Technology Spotlights
06/11/2018:Boeing’s first production site opens in Europe - News
06/11/2018:Next gen electric powertrain innovations - News
07/11/2018:How to choose a medical power supply - Reference/Features
07/11/2018:Toshiba adds new 4-channel linear power amplifier for car audio - Product Launches
07/11/2018:Bosch makes historic investment in semiconductors - News
07/11/2018:Renesas is part of 1st wave of testing for Wi-SUN FAN 1.0 certification - News
07/11/2018:Compact 5V, 10A synchronous Silent Switcher 2 buck regulator - Product Launches
07/11/2018:Multi-output MEMS clock generator offers 80 percent board space savings - Product Launches
07/11/2018:NI Trend Watch 2019 explores IoT, 5G and autonomous driving - News
07/11/2018:Melexis unveils state-of-the-art Hall-effect current sensors - Product Launches
08/11/2018:electronica 2018 welcomes a host of distributors - 13-16 November - News
08/11/2018:Kyoto University maps nanoscale changes in memory material - News
08/11/2018:New £84m National Centre to improve teaching of computing and drive participation in computer science - News
08/11/2018:Foldable AMOLED panel shipments to top 50m units by 2025, IHS Markit says - News
08/11/2018:Additive manufacturing breakthrough - News
08/11/2018:Reed sensor industry is moving fast - News
08/11/2018:Safety analysis tool designed to simplify automotive ISO 26262 compliance - Product Launches
09/11/2018:Order PCB prototypes even faster via Drag & Drop. - Technology Spotlights
09/11/2018:Biometric card reference design from Infineon and NEXT Biometrics - News
09/11/2018:u-blox collaborates with ERM to launch a vehicle tracking device with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot - News
09/11/2018:Inova supplies first SerDes devices of the new APIX3 generation - Product Launches
09/11/2018:ST makes ultra-low-power MCU family more accessible - Product Launches
09/11/2018:Quantum prototypes due in the next two years - News
09/11/2018:First 5G device on a live 5G NR network demonstrated in Europe - News
09/11/2018:Foldable phones - Blogs
12/11/2018:congatec SMARC 2.0 module with NXP i.MX8 processor - Technology Spotlights
12/11/2018:Just connect: electronica show preview - News
12/11/2018:Security flaws discovered in widely used data storage devices - News
12/11/2018:Batteryless smart devices closer to reality - News
12/11/2018:A way to substantially reduce corrosion from occurring in metal-air batteries has been developed by MIT - News
12/11/2018:UK technology sector continues to attract talent - Blogs
12/11/2018:The blockchain buzz - Reference/Features
12/11/2018:Infineon acquires silicon carbide specialist - News
12/11/2018:CO2 sensors ensure long-term stability and maintenance-free operation - Product Launches
12/11/2018:Infineon unveils high power motor driver qualified for industrial and consumer applications - Product Launches
12/11/2018:Piezoelectric haptics gets a boost - Interview
12/11/2018:EV Group partners with Plessey to drive GaN-on-Silicon monolithic microLED technology - News
12/11/2018:AAEON Boxer-6640M - When you need i7 performance in a robust solution - Technology Spotlights
13/11/2018:Micron announces collaboration with BMW - News
13/11/2018:USB-C controller enables fast charging of portable electronics in vehicles - Product Launches
13/11/2018:NUS researchers offer solution in fight against fake graphene - News
13/11/2018:First fanless 1000W modular power supply - Product Launches
13/11/2018:Shortlist unveiled for TechWorks Awards 2018 - News
13/11/2018:1-day Hitex Arm User Conference, 22nd November 2018: Designing for tomorrow, building today - future-proofed microcontrollers for tomorrow’s world. - Technology Spotlights
13/11/2018:Discover how Honeywell TruStability helped a cutting-edge tech company hit the circuit - Technology Spotlights
13/11/2018:Fabric alternative to batteries for wearable devices - News
13/11/2018:KAIST introduces faster and more powerful aqueous hybrid capacitor - News
13/11/2018:KCMC collaborates with the Henry Royce Institute for Materials Accelerator Forum - Events
14/11/2018:EEE and the Environment Conference - Events
14/11/2018:Right here, right now - Blogs
14/11/2018:The etch stops here - News
14/11/2018:ST unveils tiny coin-shaped development kit - Product Launches
14/11/2018:RS announces extension of schematic and footprint parts library - News
14/11/2018:New generation of microcontrollers for automotive applications - News
14/11/2018:Testing times for automotive - News
14/11/2018:ZF presents a modular speed and direction sensor kit - Product Launches
16/11/2018:RS Components announces capability extension of Zerynth partnership - News
16/11/2018:Paradigm shift for automotive LED designs - News
16/11/2018:Solid State acquires Pacer Technologies - News
16/11/2018:Electronic skin points the way north - News
16/11/2018:Cotton-based hybrid biofuel cell could power implantable medical devices - News
16/11/2018:The course of reactions in two-layer thin metal films - News
16/11/2018:Next-gen batteries may be possible with new engineering approach - News
16/11/2018:Bluetooth 5.0 low energy RF and IEEE 802.15.4 and BLE combo IoT module - Product Launches
19/11/2018:Two-channel isolated gate-driver IC family from Infineon - Product Launches
19/11/2018:Plug & Play Industrial IoT kit to monitor machine conditions - Product Launches
19/11/2018:Panasonic Industry Europe and OpenSynergy cooperate - Product Launches
19/11/2018:RS Components introduces robot-based learning to students and educational establishments - News
19/11/2018:TT Electronics and UniRoyal unveil joint venture to satisfy global demand for precision resistors - News
19/11/2018:Adesto’s EcoXiP supports new JEDEC standards - News
19/11/2018:Search to find cybersecurity experts of the future continues for second year - News
20/11/2018:Shrinking electronics tops design trends for 2019 - Blogs
20/11/2018:Link Microtek produces complex 8-channel coaxial rotating joint for L-band shipborne radar system - Product Launches
20/11/2018: First generation of Direct Conversion products from Flex - Product Launches
20/11/2018:CPI participating in £4 million PowerDrive Line Project - News
20/11/2018:Toshiba unveils 130nm Fit Fast Structured Array development platform - News
20/11/2018:Imec, Ghent University and SEED demonstrate electronics in hydrogel-based soft lenses - News
20/11/2018:VIA and Lucid deliver AI-based depth sensing capabilities to cameras - News
20/11/2018:Mouser's announces additional distribution space which will stock inventory of more than 1m different parts - News
20/11/2018:Pickering invests £5m in UK and Czech Republic facilities - News
20/11/2018:Why is system-in-package (SIP) becoming a more viable option for system design engineers? - Reference/Features
21/11/2018:How accurate are the claims that the commercialisation of 5G is imminent?? - Reference/Features
21/11/2018:New standards provide public assurance on safety, security and etiquette for use of drones - News
21/11/2018:Mixed signals for machine learning - Reference/Features
21/11/2018:Plastic Logic achieves breakthrough in mass production of flexible plastic displays - News
21/11/2018:Imec and CEA-Leti join forces on Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing - News
22/11/2018:So much has been said about, and money invested in, VR and AR, but is this just another hype cycle? - Reference/Features
22/11/2018:Millimeter waves for the last mile - News
22/11/2018:Single phase 6A to 30A EMC filters provide attenuation across a wide frequency band - Product Launches
22/11/2018:High-power µModule regulator eases data centre cooling requirements - Product Launches
22/11/2018:Hitex ARM conference 2018 - Warwick - Events
23/11/2018:Outlook remains bright for automotive electronic systems growth - News
23/11/2018:Beta LAYOUT offers Drag & Drop service - Product Launches
23/11/2018:Private LTE market predicted to exceed $27bn by 2024 - News
23/11/2018:Foldable electronics require robust conductive materials in touch displays, Heraeus says it has the answer - News
23/11/2018:Drone industry leaders pool their expertise to solve challenge of ‘out of sight flying’ - News
23/11/2018:HARTING adds Han gigabit module to interfaces for digitisation in rail vehicles - Product Launches
23/11/2018:MEMS pressure sensor enhances measurement accuracy - Product Launches
23/11/2018:Shining a light on electronics - News
23/11/2018:EnSilica declared company of the year at annual TechWorks Awards - News
23/11/2018:Software coding standards in automotive is becoming vital - Reference/Features
26/11/2018:IAR Systems expands support for Arm DesignStart - News
26/11/2018:£11 million programme to evaluate connected and autonomous vehicles - News
26/11/2018:Second generation LiFi-integrated lighting - News
26/11/2018:New technique controls the charge carrier density in graphene - News
26/11/2018:British blockchain industry - Blogs
26/11/2018:Renesas looks to accelerate sensor network gateway design - Product Launches
26/11/2018:Concurrent launches 3U VPX system - Product Launches
26/11/2018:Infineon’s Blockchain security 2Go starter kit - News
26/11/2018:DesignSpark Mechanical 3D CAD design software gets an upgrade from RS - News
27/11/2018:Growth continues, for now - Reference/Features
27/11/2018:Voice recognition - from consumer to B2B - Reference/Features
27/11/2018:UL expands state-of-the-art EMC and Wireless capabilities - News
27/11/2018:Convection and conduction cooled power supply series from TDK - Product Launches
27/11/2018:Safety isolated CAN FD transceivers deliver 12Mbps “Future-Proof” networks - Product Launches
27/11/2018:Technology pioneers - Blogs
27/11/2018:Scientists look to bring high-performance computers to the masses - News
27/11/2018:Renesas' S1JA microcontrollers offer rich analogue features - News
27/11/2018:Infineon and IDEX Biometrics join forces - News
27/11/2018:Artesyn 650 Watt Open Frame Medical AC-DC Power Supplies - Technology Spotlights
27/11/2018:120W 2x4 Open Frame AC-DC 4th Edition Medical Power Supply - Technology Spotlights
27/11/2018:Sonova license and deploy CEVA Bluetooth IP in hearing aids - News
28/11/2018:Intelligent framework aims to optimise data transfer in 5G networks - News
28/11/2018:Flexible electronic skin aids human-machine interactions - News
28/11/2018:New Zealand blocks Huawei on security grounds - News
28/11/2018: Linux and RISC-V Foundations announce joint collaboration - News
28/11/2018:Ultra-low power omnipolar Hall Effect sensors - Product Launches
28/11/2018:Renesas introduces 32-Bit RX66T MCU Group - Product Launches
29/11/2018:5G – Just how different will it be from 4G? - Blogs
29/11/2018:Autonomous vehicles - An issue of trust - Reference/Features
29/11/2018:electronica 2018: Smart, safe and secure - Reference/Features
29/11/2018:Fujitsu develops first single-panel antenna to support multiple 5G communications - News
29/11/2018:New features and functionality for LabVIEW NXG - News
29/11/2018:University of Liverpool and IBM sign joint study agreement - News
29/11/2018:electronica 2018: Biggest electronica yet - Reference/Features
29/11/2018:Study unlocks full potential of 'supermaterial' graphene - News
29/11/2018:Replicate physical objects for VR/AR - News
29/11/2018:e-vehicle market in Europe is slowly gaining momentum - News
29/11/2018:Ultra slim, low cost DIN rail power supplies - Product Launches
29/11/2018:AllegroMicro launches new speed sensor IC - Product Launches
30/11/2018:Molex introduces HarshIO Industrial Ethernet I/O modules - Product Launches
30/11/2018:GLOBALFOUNDRIES announces first 300mm SiGe foundry technology - News
30/11/2018:UltraSoC launches “any processor” lockstep solution for safety-critical systems - News
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