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01/10/2018:Who will win the autonomous race? - Blogs
01/10/2018:Connector system for power applications requiring a high current solution - Product Launches
01/10/2018:Plans to increase adoption of ethics in AI unveiled by Digital Catapult - News
01/10/2018:W1 coaxial components with frequency coverage from DC to 110 GHz - Product Launches
01/10/2018:Miniaturised Ethernet interface from HARTING - Product Launches
01/10/2018:Improving photonic applications with machine learning - News
01/10/2018:New 8-week program helps US and Asian scale-ups break into the European market - News
01/10/2018:Now at Mouser: Texas Instruments’ TPS7A10 regulators - Product Launches
01/10/2018:Bostin Technology offer Knowledge and Bandwidth - Technology Spotlights
01/10/2018:NFC dynamic tag ICs from STMicroelectronics - Product Launches
01/10/2018:Innovative Solutions on Stand F6 - Technology Spotlights
01/10/2018:Pacer’s High Tech Facility Solves Optoelectronic Manufacturing Headaches - Technology Spotlights
02/10/2018:Hot-swap power supplies - Product Launches
02/10/2018:Break the stereotype - Reference/Features
02/10/2018:u-blox module certified on T-Mobile USA’s new NB-IoT network - News
02/10/2018: Cadence achieves EDA Certification for TSMC 5nm and 7nm+ FinFET process technologies - News
02/10/2018:AURIX driver creation and project support services - Technology Spotlights
02/10/2018:PC TAM growth ups the pressure, says Intel - News
02/10/2018:CommScope opens PoE lab - News
02/10/2018:Space-borne quantum source to secure communication - News
02/10/2018:Applying the brakes - Blogs
02/10/2018:Integrated high-side switches - Product Launches
03/10/2018:C&K's SAM series multiway switches - Product Launches
03/10/2018:Melexis release IMC technology in its Latch & Switch product range - Product Launches
03/10/2018:Circular connectors available from Lane Electronics - Product Launches
03/10/2018:BrainChip acquires license to cybersecurity technology - News
03/10/2018:Automotive lighting market to hit $40bn by 2024 - News
03/10/2018:RS launch first PLCnext industrial controller - Product Launches
03/10/2018:4D Systems collaborates with MikroElektronika - News
03/10/2018:Microscopy technique for 3D visualisation of interfacial charge distributions - News
03/10/2018:Xilinx launches data centre and AI accelerator cards - News
03/10/2018:Arm collaboration with Xilinx - News
03/10/2018:Increasing computer speed and memory capability by a million times - News
03/10/2018:Crocodile clips, test and kelvin connectors available from JPR - Product Launches
03/10/2018:Laying the foundations for the future - Reference/Features
03/10/2018:Express Logic expands AWS cloud support to include AWS Greengrass - News
03/10/2018:CUI upgrades external power supply line to meet IEC 62368-1 standard - Product Launches
04/10/2018:DIN Rail Power from PULS - Product Launches
05/10/2018:Drive an extra display and PCAP touch from one USB Port - Technology Spotlights
05/10/2018:The BEEAs names AESSEAL as ‘best of the best’ as it scoops Grand Prix Award - News
05/10/2018:Large-scale production of graphene-based technologies - News
05/10/2018:Flowing salt water over this super-hydrophobic surface can generate electricity - News
05/10/2018:AVR microcontrollers now beta supported in MPLAB X IDE - Product Launches
05/10/2018:Improving how computers handle data and advance AI with brain-inspired architecture - News
05/10/2018:NINA-B3 series now qualified for Bluetooth 5 - Product Launches
05/10/2018:Flexible piezoelectric acoustic sensors for speaker recognition - News
08/10/2018:The 51st International Symposium on Microelectronics – Pasadena - Events
08/10/2018:Part-organic invention can be used in bendable mobile phones - News
08/10/2018:Scalable DNA data encoding machine - News
08/10/2018:Vehicles to virtually “see” through and around buildings - News
08/10/2018:EV charger is more efficient and 10 times smaller than current tech - News
08/10/2018:Display Technology Acquires Components Bureau and Display Solutions - Technology Spotlights
08/10/2018:Wind River collaborates with BT on edge cloud computing for 5G - News
09/10/2018:Nanoscale pillars as a building block for future information technology - News
09/10/2018:Permanent, wireless self-charging system using NIR band - News
09/10/2018:RF PXI switches family launched by Pickering Interfaces - Product Launches
09/10/2018:Continuing strong revenue growth in global electronic components - News
09/10/2018:Infineon smart switch supports fuel saving technology - Product Launches
09/10/2018:Renesas unveil RZ/A2M Microprocessor for high-speed processing - News
09/10/2018:Advantech LoRa and LoRaWAN solutions for intelligent monitoring applications - Product Launches
09/10/2018:First example of a bioelectronics medicine - News
09/10/2018:Semiconducting films from exotic materials outperform silicon - News
09/10/2018:RS launch IP67 rated 1.80mm wire-to-wire connector system - Product Launches
09/10/2018:Development solution for software debugging over the XCP protocol - Product Launches
10/10/2018:Faster, more flexible probe from STMicroelectronics - Product Launches
10/10/2018:Samtec acquires PCI - News
10/10/2018:Andy Haldane to chair Industrial Strategy Council - Blogs
10/10/2018:SemiGen acquires thin film circuit manufacturer Ion Beam Milling - News
10/10/2018:New material design space discovered for light-based applications - News
10/10/2018:Sophisticated cyber criminality - Blogs
10/10/2018:NI unveils FlexRIO transceiver for testing high bandwidth radar systems - News
10/10/2018:MathWorks introduces 5G Toolbox for MATLAB - News
10/10/2018:New in-series charging stations for BODY-CASE - Product Launches
11/10/2018:Digital dilemma - Reference/Features
11/10/2018:Cybercrime is on-going, but many breaches could be prevented - Interview
11/10/2018:5G handsets are coming - News
11/10/2018:Another public-sector procurement fiasco emerges - Blogs
11/10/2018:XP Power launches highly flexible 500W peak-power AC-DC supply - Product Launches
11/10/2018:Research on light-matter interaction could improve electronic and optoelectronic devices - News
11/10/2018:3D printed objects that can track and store how they’re used - News
11/10/2018:Apple hires engineers from Dialog - News
11/10/2018:An important milestone towards a 5G future - News
11/10/2018:The culprit of superconductivity in cuprates - News
11/10/2018:Security gaps in the 5G mobile communication standard uncovered - News
12/10/2018:Making parking painless - Reference/Features
12/10/2018:Speed, density and connectivity - Reference/Features
12/10/2018:Spotless not clueless - Reference/Features
12/10/2018:The BEEAs names AESSEAL as ‘best of the best’ as it scoops Grand Prix Award - Technology Spotlights
12/10/2018:Win a £100 Amazon Voucher! - Technology Spotlights
15/10/2018:FET Gate Driver IC for 3-Phase Motor-Drive Applications - Technology Spotlights
15/10/2018:Mornsun Switching Regulator Series Extended with Introduction of 2A Range. - Technology Spotlights
15/10/2018:CPI and Pireta collaborate on smart clothing project - News
15/10/2018:Low-power 1.8V temperature sensor family - Product Launches
15/10/2018:myDevices and Arm partner to simplify IoT - News
15/10/2018:Communication terminal for small unmanned aircraft systems - News
15/10/2018:Government publishes code to help manufacturers boost cybersecurity - News
16/10/2018:Graphene shows unique potential to exceed bandwidth demands of future telecommunications - News
16/10/2018:1U programmable DC power supply series extended with 1,700W rated models - Product Launches
16/10/2018:Socionext develops first HDMI 2.1 compatible video processing chips - News
16/10/2018:High-voltage super junction MOSFET - Product Launches
16/10/2018:Dialog gets a boost from Apple deal - Blogs
16/10/2018:Qualcomm extends Wi-Fi experiences with 60GHz 802.11ay solutions - News
17/10/2018:Catalyst for high-energy aluminum-air flow batteries - News
17/10/2018:Hidden gapless states on the path to semiconductor nanocrystals - News
17/10/2018:Engineering Design Show 2018 - Events
18/10/2018:Method for making single-atom-thick, wafer-scale materials opens up opportunities in flexible electronics - News
19/10/2018:Secure contactless transactions to wearables in complete payment SoC - News
19/10/2018:Cadence Verification Suite enabled on Arm-based HPC datacentres - News
19/10/2018:Green Hills adds secure virtualization for NXP i.MX 8 and 8X processor families - News
19/10/2018:Anritsu and Samsung achieves 5G NR full stack IODT with MT8000A platform - News
19/10/2018:Flex Power Modules boosts portfolio for RFPA applications - Product Launches
19/10/2018:Murata speeds reliable LoRa deployments - Product Launches
19/10/2018:Pharrowtech boosts millimeter-wave fixed wireless access coverage - News
19/10/2018:RS Components bolsters educational support with new tools to inspire young engineering talent - News
19/10/2018:SiFlower licenses and deploys CEVA’s 802.11ac Wi-Fi IP in its smart home access point SoC - News
22/10/2018:HARTING presents the ix Industrial®, a future-proof, miniaturised solution for fast Ethernet delivery - Technology Spotlights
22/10/2018:Passive breakthroughs from Kemet & Charcroft - Technology Spotlights
23/10/2018:Battery Technology Show - Events
23/10/2018:Green electronic polymer-based films with protein nanowires - News
23/10/2018:Government agrees 5-year funding package for Digital Catapult - News
23/10/2018:HZO acquires Semblant - News
23/10/2018:4G/5G Summit: First 3GPP-compliant 5G NR Sub-6 GHz OTA call with a mobile form factor device - News
23/10/2018:Wind River and TTTech Auto collaborate to advance autonomous driving applications - News
23/10/2018:Renesas and BlackBerry deliver R-Car based development environment - News
23/10/2018:STMicroelectronics launches ultra-low-power Sigfox Monarch-ready solution - News
23/10/2018:Qualcomm 4G/5G Summit: Creating headsets with Alexa - News
23/10/2018:New patrolling robots to eradicate petrol plant explosions - News
24/10/2018:The Rail Distribution Box – Train Approved FO Splice Box – Ruggedized protection for any situation - Technology Spotlights
24/10/2018:Yokogawa launches next generation mixed signal oscilloscope - Product Launches
24/10/2018:u-blox announce multiradio and gateway module series - Product Launches
24/10/2018:binder extends applications scope for its HECs - Product Launches
24/10/2018:World’s first TPM for cybersecurity in the connected car - News
24/10/2018:4G/5G summit: Qualcomm Quick Charge technology - News
24/10/2018:Omron demonstrates benefits of robots in manufacturing with its new lab - News
24/10/2018:Inexpensive chip-based device may transform spectrometry - News
25/10/2018:Optimism abounds at Qualcomm 4G/5G summit - Blogs
25/10/2018:4G/5G summit: Ecosystem collaborations to expand reach of Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear platforms - News
25/10/2018:Bridging the gap to the future - Reference/Features
25/10/2018:Brighton testbed looks to showcase 5G technology - News
25/10/2018:Network of 200 nano-satellites to offer connectivity services to those in remote geographies - News
25/10/2018:Semiconductor boom - Blogs
25/10/2018:4G/5G summit: Qualcomm adds to its family of 5G NR mmWave antenna modules - News
26/10/2018:UltraSoC and ResilTech partner to further functional safety in automotive systems - News
26/10/2018:Vicor Iintroduces 10kW Power Tablet AC-DC converter - Product Launches
26/10/2018:Silicon Labs accelerates low-power cellular IoT applications with LTE-M solution - Product Launches
26/10/2018:4G/5G summit: Samsung and Qualcomm work to deliver 5G NR small cell infrastructure - News
26/10/2018:Rohde & Schwarz and Huawei successfully perform LTE-V interoperability tests - News
26/10/2018:BBC micro:bit hits milestone as 2m are distributed globally - News
26/10/2018:Imec and ASML announce EUV lithography collaboration - News
26/10/2018:Cadence unveils first silicon-proven, long-reach 7nm 112G SerDes IP - News
26/10/2018:ATE-Connect test technology set to dramatically speed up silicon debug and bring-up - News
29/10/2018:High-speed CMOS PSRAMs offer densities from 8Mb to 128Mb - Product Launches
29/10/2018:XP Power launches 85W & 120W desktop power supplies - Product Launches
29/10/2018:Anglia moves to support RoHS 3 compliance - News
29/10/2018:Cypress expands collaboration with Arm to deliver IoT platform with secure device management - News
29/10/2018:Bringing AI to the edge - Reference/Features
29/10/2018:Loose threads - Reference/Features
29/10/2018:Reinventing flat education - Reference/Features
29/10/2018:Whiskers, surface growth and dendrites in lithium batteries - News
29/10/2018:Nanotubes may give the world better batteries - News
29/10/2018:Embedded Studio 4.10 for ARM released - News
29/10/2018:Leti Middleware will be core of fog platform for decentralised Cloud-to-Edge AI - News
30/10/2018:MedTech approvals: From conception to delivery - Reference/Features
30/10/2018:Infineon extends intelligent power modules family - Product Launches
30/10/2018:Batterygate Part 2 – ‘Planned obsolescence’ - Blogs
30/10/2018:Teledyne e2v and partners to build a new generation of ultra-precise atomic clocks - News
30/10/2018:Tests show integrated quantum chip operations possible - News
30/10/2018:Intel reports limited progress with 10nm yields - News
30/10/2018:Proximity sensor features range up to 20cm - Product Launches
31/10/2018:Autonomous driving: Safety first and last - Reference/Features
31/10/2018:Industry’s first visually lossless image compression for GPUs - News
31/10/2018:AImotive’s aiWare3 looks to encourage autonomous vehicle production - News
31/10/2018:Up to £50m to develop world leading AI talent in the UK - News
31/10/2018:Experience Socionext’s Latest Automotive and Imaging Technologies at electronica 2018 - Technology Spotlights
31/10/2018:Crystal size of organic semiconductors can be controlled - News
31/10/2018:Mouser at electronica 2018 - Technology Spotlights
31/10/2018:Could nanotube interactions with silk fibroins hold the key to developing flexible, degradable electronics? - News
31/10/2018:Budget 2019 – A missed opportunity - Blogs
31/10/2018:Lack of AI strategy, training and experience hitting UK organisations - News
31/10/2018:Toshiba announces Bluetooth 5 IC for automotive applications - Product Launches
31/10/2018:Connected-car automotive MCU from ST - Product Launches
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