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Articles within the archive for June 2017

01/06/2017:Compliance with RoHS and REACH - Events
01/06/2017:Step-down controller operates at up to 2.25MHz - Product Launches
01/06/2017:Changing spin direction increases capacitance - News
01/06/2017:Come fly with me – or not - Blogs
01/06/2017:Analogue RF and microwave signal generator launched - News
01/06/2017:Unusual metal could enable mid-infrared detectors - News
02/06/2017:Solution to maintain colour stability and lumen output - Product Launches
02/06/2017:Material to enable tougher and faster smart devices - News
05/06/2017:Harvard chooses embedded FPGA for deep learning chip - News
05/06/2017:CoolX power supplies approved to IEC 62368 safety standard - Product Launches
05/06/2017:Partners develop 5nm silicon nanosheet transistors - News
05/06/2017:Microsemi builds PUF into PolarFire FPGAs - News
05/06/2017:Millimetre-wave tech to improve radars - News
05/06/2017:EnSilica tapes out IoT reference platform on TSMC’s 40ULP - News
06/06/2017:What do the leading parties say about their industrial strategy? - Blogs
06/06/2017:First 2.5 and 5Gbit/s octal Ethernet transceiver - Product Launches
06/06/2017:Graphene, quantum dots integrated in CMOS sensor - News
06/06/2017:12bit RFID tag is screen printed - News
06/06/2017:All carbon computing system concept developed - News
06/06/2017:Mid range scope is result of ‘largest development effort yet’ - News
06/06/2017:Capacitor is tuneable via illumination - News
07/06/2017:A/D converter and phase-locked loop for high speed systems - Product Launches
07/06/2017:EVs raise more questions than the distance between charges - Blogs
07/06/2017:Researchers test microwave-powered pacemaker - News
07/06/2017:Breakthrough in CMOS-compatible ferroelectric memory - News
07/06/2017:RS Components supports University of Edinburgh Hyperloop team in SpaceX Pod Competition - Technology Spotlights
07/06/2017:Spin effects in solution-based nanocrystals - News
08/06/2017:Board testing and in system programming: Coventry - Events
08/06/2017:Power measurement software provides PC connectivity - Product Launches
08/06/2017:The IoT requires upgradable security - Reference/Features
08/06/2017:Sub-10nm germanium GAA devices demonstrated - News
08/06/2017:Quasiparticles could lead to faster circuits - News
08/06/2017:Optical communication at record high speed - News
09/06/2017:Low source/drain contact resistivity for PMOS transistors - News
09/06/2017:MOSFET driver provides 100% duty cycle capability - Product Launches
12/06/2017:QM power series comes with BF ready isolation - News
12/06/2017:Graphene to improve molecular electronics - News
12/06/2017:EU to take closer look at Qualcomm's acquisition of NXP - News
12/06/2017:Stainless steel mesh transformed into electrodes - News
12/06/2017:Establishing trust in the home - News
12/06/2017:Three types of job in a robotic future? - Blogs
12/06/2017:Post-election the ticking clock of Brexit negotiations grows louder - Blogs
12/06/2017:The first nanosized superelastic alloy - News
13/06/2017:Medical devices need better protection against cyberattacks - Blogs
13/06/2017:Voice is the 'new click' says audio processor developer - News
13/06/2017:Are there practical things the next Government can deliver on immediately when it comes to R&D? - Blogs
13/06/2017:A look at the impact of new technology - News
13/06/2017:The ticking time bomb of connected devices - News
13/06/2017:Compact, portable measuring instrument launched - News
13/06/2017:Next generation LabVIEW design software released - News
13/06/2017:Two-port USB-C controller with Thunderbolt 3 support - Product Launches
13/06/2017:mmWave sensors up their game - Reference/Features
13/06/2017:Test and measurement rental companies broaden services portfolio - Reference/Features
13/06/2017:More than a test tool...Meet the Yokogawa DL350 ScopeCorder - Technology Spotlights
13/06/2017:New Series of integrated CAN and CAN FD transceivers simplifies design - Technology Spotlights
13/06/2017:Innovation and integration in the oscilloscope world - Reference/Features
13/06/2017:Which low power WAN network will complete the design jigsaw? - Reference/Features
14/06/2017:Next generation push-pull connectors - Product Launches
14/06/2017:Thermal challenges prompt a move to the cloud - Reference/Features
14/06/2017:Superconducting memory cell could be smaller, cheaper - News
14/06/2017:A method to create alloys for future semiconductors - News
14/06/2017:Radio Equipment Directive now in force - News
14/06/2017:Domain walls could enable reconfigurable electronic devices - News
14/06/2017:How to cope with data intensive IoT applications - Reference/Features
14/06/2017:Don’t settle for the ordinary, said Tom Beckley at CDNLive - Interview
14/06/2017:Changes in the test and measurement market - Reference/Features
14/06/2017:Silicon photonic device to generate microwave signals - News
14/06/2017:MIPS addresses functional safety - News
15/06/2017:Dual IO-Link master transceiver for Industry 4.0 - Product Launches
15/06/2017:Microsemi launches Windows based RISC-V IDE - News
15/06/2017:Processor enables optical deep learning - News
15/06/2017:Wireless power transfer over 5G networks - News
15/06/2017:Globalfoundries unveils 7nm FinFET process - News
15/06/2017:Electro Rent-Microlease merger inquiry finds concerns - News
16/06/2017:The battery technology ‘gold rush’ - Blogs
16/06/2017:Protect your instrumentation investment with software - Reference/Features
16/06/2017:64 layer NAND flash goes into volume - News
16/06/2017:Nanomaterial for Li-ion batteries wins £10k - News
16/06/2017:Printed sensors monitor tyre wear in real time - News
16/06/2017:Cool-Power ZVS buck regulator extends product family - Product Launches
17/06/2017:British Engineering Excellence Awards open for entries - Technology Spotlights
17/06/2017:LOW PROFILE, 6 COM, PICO ITX SOLUTION - Technology Spotlights
18/06/2017:Predict asset failure in advance with National Instruments - Technology Spotlights
18/06/2017:Mini-ITX Embedded Motherboard with Intel® N3350(DC)/N4200(QC) Processor - Technology Spotlights
19/06/2017:Free Trial: Demo of GUIX and GUIX Studio-Create Elegant User Interfaces - Technology Spotlights
19/06/2017:More performance, lower power from addition to PIC32 family - Product Launches
19/06/2017:JLR goes virtual to recruit 1000 electronic engineers - News
19/06/2017:Thin films could enable future ReRAM - News
19/06/2017:Bosch to build 12in fab in Dresden - News
19/06/2017:UltraSOC develops RISC-V processor trace - News
19/06/2017:Wireless charging of moving electric vehicles - News
19/06/2017:‘Innovative’ engineering courses launched - News
19/06/2017:Socionext Graphics SoC SC1810 with OpenVXTM-Engine - Technology Spotlights
20/06/2017:Step-down regulator delivers 92% efficiency at 2MHz - Product Launches
20/06/2017:Polymers to transport both ions and electrons - News
20/06/2017:Organic material gives batteries longer life - News
20/06/2017:ARM adds Cortex-M3 to DesignStart programme - News
20/06/2017:Visitor registration open for the Engineering Design Show 2017 - News
20/06/2017:UK Aerospace and Defence Forum - Events
21/06/2017:NXP invests in the future automotive - News
21/06/2017:Spaceports supported, but not technology for space - Blogs
21/06/2017:Turning pee into power! - Blogs
21/06/2017:Technology to make us super 'men' - Blogs
21/06/2017:Antennas work on metal surfaces without de-tuning - Product Launches
21/06/2017:Microcontroller family for audio and gaming apps - Product Launches
21/06/2017:Imagination announces MIPS collaboration agreement with Sequans - News
22/06/2017:Time-of-Flight 3D vision solution - Product Launches
22/06/2017:Deal signed for eight more Galileo satellites - News
22/06/2017:Solution to shrink digital data storage - News
22/06/2017:Zigbee enhancement supports dual band operation - News
22/06/2017:NXP extends Cortex-M0+ MCU portfolio - News
22/06/2017:Copying plants to improve flexible electronics - News
23/06/2017:Ultrafast fibre lasers added to portfolio - Product Launches
23/06/2017:Liquid metal to enable flexible energy harvester - News
23/06/2017:Imagination announces ‘formal sales process’ - News
23/06/2017:Will Apple buy Imagination? - Blogs
24/06/2017:UK Robotics Week 2017 - Events
26/06/2017:New RAL 9002 connectors from binder - Technology Spotlights
26/06/2017:Synchronous 750mA, 42V in step-down DC/DC converter - Product Launches
26/06/2017:IET scholarship goes to printed nanoelectronics student - News
26/06/2017:Topological insulators made magnetic - News
26/06/2017:Longer-life alternatives to ceramic and aluminium capacitors - Technology Spotlights
26/06/2017:Security flaws continue to be exposed - Blogs
27/06/2017:Graphene plasmons enable compact phase modulators - News
27/06/2017: Can Gorillaz’ Noodle help to break the mould? - Blogs
27/06/2017:Making a business out of virtual reality - News
27/06/2017:Smart audio platform offers greater flexibility - News
27/06/2017:Academia expresses post Brexit concerns - Reference/Features
27/06/2017:New and old tech required to develop space apps - Reference/Features
27/06/2017:Europe's largest construction project: Crossrail - Reference/Features
27/06/2017:New semi-rigid bending machine qualities - Technology Spotlights
27/06/2017:FPGAs to better machine learning and AI applications - Reference/Features
27/06/2017:V SHIELD NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - Helping Design Engineers Solve EMI Challenges - Technology Spotlights
27/06/2017:FPGAs to improve face recognition technology - News
28/06/2017:Women in engineering: addressing the skills shortage - Design +
28/06/2017:Millimetre-wave technology key to future 5G applications - Reference/Features
28/06/2017:Crystal oscillators offer lowest jitter performance - News
28/06/2017:Leti, Fraunhofer to develop next gen technologies - News
28/06/2017:Toshiba takes flash to 96 layers - News
28/06/2017:Getting a lock on small signals - Reference/Features
28/06/2017:Graphene set to enable terahertz technology, says team - News
28/06/2017:Anglia aims for 10 percent share of the UK distribution market - News
28/06/2017:Self driving car development partnership - News
29/06/2017:Power specialist expands production facilities - News
29/06/2017:Automotive MCU range expanded with support for CAN-FD - News
29/06/2017:Living happily ever after? - Blogs
29/06/2017:J-Link compact models for verification and test beds - Product Launches
30/06/2017:MEMS acceleration sensors for wearables - Product Launches
30/06/2017:DC/DC converter modules for high power applications - Product Launches
30/06/2017:Verotec supplies rack cases to AJAX programme - News
30/06/2017:Raspberry Pi wins MacRobert Medal - News
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