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Articles within the archive for March 2017

01/03/2017:Dialog’s latest SoC supports Bluetooth 5 - News
01/03/2017:Will the 3310 revive Nokia’s fortunes? - Blogs
01/03/2017:Infineon is VW’s first strategic semiconductor partner - News
01/03/2017:Solid state battery breakthrough claimed - News
02/03/2017:Graphene based method to ‘revolutionise’ opto material manufacture - News
02/03/2017:Battery developments on a charge - Blogs
02/03/2017:Boosting battery performance by adding ‘something new’ - News
03/03/2017:Pi Zero W adds Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 - News
03/03/2017:140W buck-boost regulator is ‘best in class’ - Product Launches
03/03/2017:Surface mountable circular connectors - Product Launches
03/03/2017:Circuit protection controller - Product Launches
03/03/2017:High areal capacity battery for renewable energy storage - News
03/03/2017:DSTL uses HALO systems to test video processing algorithms - News
05/03/2017:Low Power AC/DC Modules – Perfect for IOT applications - Technology Spotlights
06/03/2017:Design for tomorrow today. New products added every day. - Technology Spotlights
06/03/2017:NEW: Quartz Crystals specific for Wireless Applications - Technology Spotlights
06/03/2017:Will new standards help control the rise of the robots? - Blogs
06/03/2017:Family has ‘largest total memory’ of any 8bit PIC MCU - Product Launches
06/03/2017:Imec claims alternative to MOSFET for low voltage chips - News
06/03/2017:Smiths to drop brand names, use Smiths Interconnect - News
06/03/2017:Europe ‘only region’ to see semi sales growth in January - News
06/03/2017:IBM aims for 50 qubit quantum computer ‘in next few years’ - News
07/03/2017:Microchip launches advanced motor control tool - Product Launches
07/03/2017:No-Opto flyback regulator operates at 150°C - Product Launches
07/03/2017:Bubble recoil to cool microchips - News
07/03/2017:Analog’s acquisition of Linear set to close - News
07/03/2017:Deep-ultraviolet LED to replace mercury-based solutions - News
07/03/2017:Ultra-Miniature Watch Crystal - Technology Spotlights
07/03/2017:America II Expands Its Global Line Card - Technology Spotlights
07/03/2017:Improved charge for lithium-sulphur batteries - News
07/03/2017:Three things industry can learn from the BSI robotic standards - Blogs
07/03/2017:Medical devices are driving innovations in sensors - Reference/Features
07/03/2017:Building reliable IoT applications using MQTT - Products In Focus
07/03/2017:How to gain an edge in system performance - Reference/Features
07/03/2017:SCHURTER unveils new capacitive Metal Line switch - Products In Focus
07/03/2017:A more productive approach to creating initial design architectures - Product Launches
07/03/2017:Keeping workers and assets safe and operational - Products In Focus
07/03/2017:Dual core lockstep processor IP for safety critical applications - News
08/03/2017:Sensor fusion design centre for Bracknell, says On Semi - News
08/03/2017:Polymer coated silicon nanosheets are ‘graphene alternative’ - News
08/03/2017:Embedded tools vendors unite to address complex design challenges - News
08/03/2017:Digital receiver consumes less than 1.6mW - News
08/03/2017:Imagination reworks PowerVR GPU architecture for next gen devices - News
08/03/2017:Microsoft uses 48 core ARM based chip in server hardware design - News
09/03/2017:Farming embraces the IoT - Reference/Features
09/03/2017:Six techniques for measuring dielectric properties - Reference/Features
09/03/2017:COM Express module equipped with Intel Core desktop processors - Product Launches
09/03/2017:Isolated Anyside switch controller for 1000V DC power supplies - Product Launches
09/03/2017:Single atom memory possible say researchers - News
09/03/2017:'Most powerful' ARM CPU sampling - News
09/03/2017:A time crystal to store information - News
09/03/2017:First mass produced graphene based biosensor claimed - News
10/03/2017:IGBT module range beefed up - News
10/03/2017:Will Intel falter in data centres? Don’t bet on it - Blogs
10/03/2017:Synopsys to include MST in TCAD tools - News
10/03/2017:'Photonic doping' to make metamaterials - News
10/03/2017:Metal-organic frameworks help record data with light - News
10/03/2017:Safety package announced for ARM Compiler 6 - News
13/03/2017:Master spectrum analysis - Technology Spotlights
13/03/2017:Subaru Saves 2,000 Man Hours with PXI-Based Hybrid Vehicle Testing - Reference/Features
13/03/2017:Test Smarter with NI PXI Scopes - Technology Spotlights
13/03/2017:Curie based module for wearable, edge devices - News
13/03/2017:Simultaneous Tx/Rx over range of frequencies - News
14/03/2017:embedded world 2017 - Events
14/03/2017:Soon IBM's silicon expertise could enable labs on chips capable of detecting nanoscale health clues - Reference/Features
14/03/2017:Making ultrasound based predictive maintenance accessible to more manufacturing companies - Reference/Features
14/03/2017:Embedded World 2017 - ON Semi offers solutions to accelerate IoT development projects - News
14/03/2017:Advanced laser technology is helping researchers to explore biophotonics and the quantum world - Reference/Features
14/03/2017:Moore’s Law has brought a range of advanced platforms. But which one should you use? - Reference/Features
14/03/2017:Oscilloscope manufacturers are looking to supply more intelligent probes as engineers seek greater measurement accuracy - Reference/Features
14/03/2017:Three-phase BLDC controller and MOSFET driver IC - Product Launches
14/03/2017:Revolutionising networking technology - Reference/Features
14/03/2017:Hassane El-Khoury talks about his plans to develop Cypress 3.0 - Interview
14/03/2017:u-blox introduces targets industrial market with secure Wi-Fi modules - Product Launches
14/03/2017:The fruits of their labours - Blogs
14/03/2017:Embedded World 2017 – NXP accelerates automotive software design - News
14/03/2017:Embedded World 2017 - New tinyAVR MCUs increase system throughput - News
14/03/2017:Embedded World 2017 - IAR Systems updates ARM development tools - News
14/03/2017:Embedded World 2017 - Automotive AEC-Q100 Grade 3 packet switches - News
14/03/2017:Embedded World 2017 - Silicon Labs enhances Gecko MCUs - News
15/03/2017:Embedded World 2017 - Lynx Software demonstrates ARM first - News
15/03/2017:Embedded World 2017 - Ultra-low power MCU offer significant power savings - News
15/03/2017:Miniature surface-mount isolated DC-DC converters - Product Launches
15/03/2017:Embedded World 2017 - Green Hills Software unveils latest C compilers - News
16/03/2017:Batteries could power and cool chips, say Zurich researchers - News
16/03/2017:TI launches SimpleLink platform to support IoT product development - News
16/03/2017:Bosch, NVIDIA look to AI for autonomous vehicles - News
17/03/2017:NXP boosts power efficiency with FD-SOI - Blogs
17/03/2017:Plasmonic waveguiding to solve data bottleneck - News
17/03/2017:Flexible sensor holds potential for foldable touch screens - News
17/03/2017:NXP embraces FD-SOI for i.MX 7ULP family - News
20/03/2017:3D XPoint based drives launched, but we still don’t know how it works - Blogs
20/03/2017:Connector specification developed for on board optical modules - News
20/03/2017:Improved bandwidth for disordered antennas - News
20/03/2017:IoTSF names new chair, expands board - News
20/03/2017:Wi-Fi network based on infrared rays - News
20/03/2017:DC/DC converters meet FPGA power requirements - Product Launches
21/03/2017:TMD material forms semiconducting nanowires - News
21/03/2017:ARM launches microarchitecture to address AI - News
21/03/2017:Silicon photonics transceiver runs at 896Gbit/s, says imec - News
21/03/2017:Funding to build molecular biocomputers - News
21/03/2017:Material can generate electricity through heat difference - News
21/03/2017:Go Paperless with Avalue’s 21.5” Medical Panel PC - Technology Spotlights
21/03/2017:New Artesyn 650 Watt Open Frame Medical AC-DC Power Supplies - Technology Spotlights
22/03/2017:Anti-Counterfeiting Forum - Events
22/03/2017:Arrow Electronics unveils FPGA IoT Maker Board - News
22/03/2017:Advanced bus converter from Ericsson delivers industry-leading efficiency - Product Launches
22/03/2017:Omron widens SM photo-microsensor range - Product Launches
22/03/2017:Researchers discover new form of GeSe, say it’s promising - News
23/03/2017:Board testing and in system programming: Stevenage - Events
23/03/2017:Buck-boost controller for dual automotive battery systems - Product Launches
23/03/2017:Researchers create self-sustaining bacteria-fuelled power cell - News
23/03/2017:From software defined radio to software defined everything - Blogs
23/03/2017:Linear launches dual 10GHz differential amplifier - Product Launches
23/03/2017:Renesas joins LoRa, plans wireless MCUs ‘within a year’ - News
23/03/2017:Microchip launches direct online sales service - News
23/03/2017:Low profile AC-DC power supply series delivers high performance at low cost - Product Launches
23/03/2017:Industrial SD models added to Datakey RUGGEDrive - Product Launches
23/03/2017:Latest versions of GNAT Pro, CodePeer, QGen and SPARK Pro released - Product Launches
23/03/2017:MCUs with built-in LCD driver optimised for data loggers - Product Launches
24/03/2017:Regulated and isolated 9W DC/DC converters offer 4:1 input range - Product Launches
24/03/2017:New type of memory effect found in transition metal oxides - News
24/03/2017:Is academia failing graduates? Survey claims so - Blogs
24/03/2017:MCU configuration tool helps select best part - News
27/03/2017:DATE 2017 - Events
27/03/2017:EPSRC provides £20million for high performance computing - News
27/03/2017:Benchmark finds the ‘true cost’ of using BLE - News
27/03/2017:Helping customers determine what sensor they need - Reference/Features
27/03/2017:Vibrational analysis for machine condition monitoring - News
27/03/2017:Printable device for sensor-laden robot skin - News
27/03/2017:Kyocera introduces 6.2in LCD for industrial applications - Product Launches
28/03/2017:MIPS driving towards a focus on AI - Interview
28/03/2017:Will the technology sector’s Brexit concerns be taken on board? - Blogs
28/03/2017:Automotive market to benefit from Industry 4.0 - Reference/Features
28/03/2017:EU investing €15.5million in photonic IC technology - News
28/03/2017:Functional abstraction to help achieve digital continuity - Reference/Features
28/03/2017:Distributors adapt to a changing market - Reference/Features
28/03/2017:Can UK companies buck the long term trend and invest more in R&D? - Blogs
28/03/2017:Embedded World: an overview - News
28/03/2017:A big leap toward tinier lines - News
28/03/2017:5G transmitter ’20 times as efficient’ as previous designs - News
28/03/2017:UPDATE - Intel unveils 3D XPoint based SSDs - News
28/03/2017:A shift in the distribution sector - Reference/Features
29/03/2017:Teledyne completes e2v acquisition - News
29/03/2017:Renesas adds 20 MCUs to Synergy platform - News
29/03/2017:Quantum gadget to make contactless payment more secure - News
29/03/2017:Overmoulding technology to make flexible LEDs - News
29/03/2017:A new approach to node wars - Blogs
29/03/2017:Lithium ion theory to be revised - News
29/03/2017:Intel fellow calls for standardised density metric - News
29/03/2017:High voltage MOSFET improves efficiency in power applications - News
29/03/2017:Keeping operating areas MOSFET safe - Reference/Features
29/03/2017:Rebuilding the rep’s reputation - Reference/Features
29/03/2017:Is industry ready for 5G? - Reference/Features
29/03/2017:Pushing performance for VPX boards - Reference/Features
29/03/2017:Standards to unlock smart automotive potential - Reference/Features
30/03/2017:Analog Devices makes GaAs and GaN technology acquisition - News
30/03/2017:Configurable intelligent high power system - Product Launches
30/03/2017:Reinforced isolator with integrated power - Product Launches
30/03/2017:Ceramic electrodes make Li-ion batteries safer, more efficient - News
31/03/2017:PMIC reduces wearable solution size by 50% - Product Launches
31/03/2017:CoolX600 power supplies feature PMBus communication - Product Launches
31/03/2017:Nanomagnets for future data storage - News
31/03/2017:Reduced graphene oxide for transistors - News
31/03/2017:Growing graphene nanoribbons without metal - News
31/03/2017:Quick memory devices for flexible and transparent apps - News
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