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Articles within the archive for February 2017

01/02/2017:ECAD/MCAD integration drives Hi-Tech industry to design smaller, smarter products. Learn about SOLIDWORKS PCB with NT CADCAM - Technology Spotlights
01/02/2017:Bluetooth and NFC module for rapid EIoT development - Product Launches
01/02/2017:Compiler modified to boost parallel processing efficiency - News
01/02/2017:RS Components adds single row connector range - Product Launches
01/02/2017:Infrared links to simplify data centre communications - News
01/02/2017:Making the switch to polarisation diversity - News
01/02/2017:Nokia updates IoT management platform - News
02/02/2017:Bluetooth low energy portfolio expanded - Product Launches
02/02/2017:RS extends PCB schematic and footprint agreement - News
02/02/2017:Electrical test solutions for DSA8300 sampling oscilloscopes - Product Launches
02/02/2017:Discovery could lead to electrolyte-free batteries - News
02/02/2017:FRAM for auto and demanding industrial applications - News
02/02/2017:Liquid crystal could triple sharpness of displays - News
02/02/2017:Mouser Carries Photometric Sensor for Developing Gesture and Proximity Applications. - Technology Spotlights
02/02/2017:Imaging pioneers win Queen Elizabeth Prize - News
02/02/2017:Team identifies better lithium-ion electrolytes - News
02/02/2017:Infineon makes ‘good start’ to 2017 FY - News
03/02/2017:I²C battery monitor measures state of charge parameters - Product Launches
03/02/2017:Interested in ensuring your source code is safe and secure? Free of software defects and vulnerabilities? - Technology Spotlights
03/02/2017:Sensors to measure electric fields in semiconductor devices - News
03/02/2017:Oxis joins ZIP, targets 425Wh/kg Li-S cells - News
03/02/2017:Imaging moves to centre stage - Blogs
03/02/2017:Additives bring better control of polymer semiconductors - News
03/02/2017:Nano LED could solve on chip interconnect problems - News
03/02/2017:Samsung, Apple dominate chip purchases in 2016 - News
06/02/2017:Robotic prosthetic arm uses signals from spinal cord - News
06/02/2017:Op amp said to ‘set the standard’ - News
06/02/2017:Satellite communications components get smaller and lighter - Product Launches
06/02/2017:European tech has funding black hole - Blogs
06/02/2017:LCD with Super Fine TFT technology - Product Launches
06/02/2017:Anderson's model holds for 2D materials - News
06/02/2017:Rugged and versatile 11.6” x86-based Windows®7/10 HMI Tablet - Technology Spotlights
06/02/2017:Terahertz wireless could replace fibre-optic links - News
06/02/2017:Germanium outperforms silicon in transistors - News
06/02/2017:Back to the future with germanium - Blogs
07/02/2017:Micro USB connector for high moisture applications - Product Launches
07/02/2017:Toward all-solid lithium batteries - News
07/02/2017:Single photon transmits 10.5bits of information - News
07/02/2017:Solitons form a new field of electronics - News
07/02/2017:Plastic NFC tag to communicate with smartphones - News
07/02/2017:DMOS transistor arrays with data storage function - Product Launches
07/02/2017:Gresham Power adds new models to its GPL series of encapsulated power supplies - Product Launches
07/02/2017:Chinese group completes Nexperia acquisition - News
08/02/2017:‘Keep alive’ device draws power from sensor output - News
08/02/2017:Method to make atom thick ZnO semiconductors - News
08/02/2017:All digital PLL said to outperform comparable solutions - News
08/02/2017:No-opto flyback regulator delivers up to 15W - Product Launches
08/02/2017:Chopper op amps feature rail to rail input and output - Product Launches
08/02/2017:UKRI’s first CEO designate confirmed - News
08/02/2017:Perovskites show promise as energy materials - News
08/02/2017:Software-hardware combo could double mobile phone battery life - News
09/02/2017:Researchers grow versatile 2D material - News
09/02/2017:AC/DC modules provide high power density - Product Launches
09/02/2017:Regulator protects load by tripping power source - Product Launches
09/02/2017:Porous carbon assembly optimised for Li-S batteries - News
09/02/2017:Intel to spend $7bn to finish Fab 42 - News
09/02/2017:Toshiba starts construction of Fab 6 and Memory R&D Centre - News
09/02/2017:Avnet Silica joins LoRa Alliance - News
09/02/2017:Terahertz chips for spectroscopy - News
10/02/2017:LDO regulators deliver quiet power for precision sensing - Product Launches
10/02/2017:Tick. Tock … Tick … … Tock - Blogs
10/02/2017:Flow battery could run for more than a decade - News
10/02/2017:Self-powered photodetector made from nickelates - News
10/02/2017:GloFo unveils major global capacity expansion - News
13/02/2017:Innovation Award goes to Telegärtner TOC ODB 68 - Technology Spotlights
13/02/2017:EVE development tool facilitates HMI design - Product Launches
13/02/2017:No-Opto flyback regulator delivers up to 5W at 100V - Product Launches
13/02/2017:Nanorod LEDs could make multifunctional displays - News
13/02/2017:Chip to secure wireless chargers against counterfeit - News
13/02/2017:Spectroscopic platform to study graphene - News
13/02/2017:Software package allows power supply designers to get smart - News
13/02/2017:Intel launches Cyclone 10 FPGA family - News
14/02/2017:From motorsports to the analysis of medical data - Reference/Features
14/02/2017:Towards a greater collaboration between human and robot - Reference/Features
14/02/2017:Upcoming exhibition to spark an interest in electricity - Reference/Features
14/02/2017:Refocusing Plextek's design capabilities and services - Interview
14/02/2017:Intersil announces isolated RS-485 transceiver - Product Launches
14/02/2017:AEC-Q100 qualified 40V regulators launched - Product Launches
14/02/2017:FPGA features low power and high data rate - News
14/02/2017:Are European tech companies handicapped by a lack of later stage investment? - Blogs
14/02/2017:Government Green Paper seen as 'tremendous opportunity' - News
14/02/2017:EU consortium to assist photonics companies - News
14/02/2017:Low power chip improves voice controlled electronics - News
15/02/2017:New lease of life for the SAR data converter - Reference/Features
15/02/2017:MOSFET driver IC launched for automotive apps - Product Launches
15/02/2017:ADL launches compact embedded PC - Product Launches
15/02/2017:There’s germanene and silicene and phosphorene, molybdenite … - Blogs
15/02/2017:Laser scribed patches to improve biosensors - News
15/02/2017:Rebar graphene for lithium ion capacitors - News
15/02/2017:What goes around … - Blogs
15/02/2017:VCSEL wavelength extended to the mid-infrared - News
15/02/2017:Interconnector and cabling system to address design challenges - Reference/Features
15/02/2017:Silicon carbide technology reaches tipping point - Reference/Features
16/02/2017:Inkjet printer reduces cost of stretchable ICs - News
16/02/2017:Making sodium-ion batteries that last - News
16/02/2017:Green tea gets nod for wearable devices - News
16/02/2017:One up for spin electronics - News
16/02/2017:High contrast camera for better automotive vision - News
16/02/2017:Power supplies meet fourth edition of IEC60601-1-2 - Product Launches
16/02/2017:Compact 75V DC input EMC filter is rated at 50A - Product Launches
16/02/2017:Mentor lays out road map to emulate 15billion gate devices - News
17/02/2017:ARM based MCU controls space experiment - News
17/02/2017:PMBus compliant PoL DC/DC converters launched - Product Launches
17/02/2017:zigbee certified development platform available from Microchip - Product Launches
17/02/2017:Liquid metal nano-printing for atom-thick ICs - News
17/02/2017:Turning Europe’s industrial supertanker - Blogs
17/02/2017:'Lossless' metamaterial could boost efficiency of lasers - News
17/02/2017:Joint Declaration calls for ‘ambitious EU industrial strategy’ - News
17/02/2017:Technique to measure 2D material stacks - News
20/02/2017:Smallest 12V DC/DC step-down power solution - Product Launches
20/02/2017:e-paper display uses less power - Product Launches
20/02/2017:DNA switch for small electronic devices - News
20/02/2017:Kado raises $1.2m to launch wall chargers - News
20/02/2017:Converter's resting power consumption reduced by 50% - News
21/02/2017:Family of DCM converter modules expanded - Product Launches
21/02/2017:Beta LAYOUT offers free 3D-MID design software - Product Launches
21/02/2017:CommAgility bought by US company - News
21/02/2017:Harman designs haptics technology into auto systems - News
21/02/2017:Vector buys Vector in software testing deal - News
21/02/2017:Hydronium-ion battery for sustainable energy storage - News
21/02/2017:ARM invests in NB-IoT expertise - News
22/02/2017:IoT not making the progress expected, report finds - News
22/02/2017:Novel antenna array boosts THz detection - News
22/02/2017:You’ve heard of the IoT, but 6% of business leaders surveyed haven’t - Blogs
22/02/2017:ARM invests in mmWave specialist - News
23/02/2017:Crypto specialists break SHA-1 security standard - News
23/02/2017:Reducing audible noise from power supplies - Product Launches
23/02/2017:Latest Exynos made on 10nm FinFET process - News
23/02/2017:‘Most advanced’ comms DSP core launched - News
23/02/2017:Toshiba goes to 64 layer flash with 3bit/cell - News
24/02/2017:Deutsche Telekom rolls out NarrowBand-IoT network - News
24/02/2017:Towards 5G initiative shows results - News
24/02/2017:European semiconductor distribution market picks up - News
27/02/2017:Ultra-Bright 15” TFT LCD Colour Display - Ideal for Industrial Applications - Technology Spotlights
27/02/2017:SoC uses Imagination GPU to boost graphics performance, save power - News
27/02/2017:Multicore RTOS upgraded - News
27/02/2017:Renesas closes Intersil acquisition - News
28/02/2017:G-WIN Slim IP65 Panel PC with P-CAP Technology and True-Flat Screens from Pacer - Technology Spotlights
28/02/2017:Affordable, sunlight readable displays with ‘Moth-eye’ Technology - Technology Spotlights
28/02/2017:Thin films could boost semiconductor performance - Design +
28/02/2017:The Radio Equipment Directive comes into force this year: what do you need to know? - Reference/Features
28/02/2017:Are PCB design skills keeping up with increasing complexity? - Reference/Features
28/02/2017:How can wearables designers navigate the compliance minefield? - Reference/Features
28/02/2017:The choices involved in adding IP support to embedded systems - Reference/Features
28/02/2017:How to improve your product design efficiency - Reference/Features
28/02/2017:Managing devices securely over their lifecycle - Reference/Features
28/02/2017:Can the engineering sector move on to 3 February? - Blogs
28/02/2017:Seeding a new future for farming with technology - Reference/Features
28/02/2017:Nanoscale sandwich for molecular sensing - News
28/02/2017:IBM to drive collaborative IoT research - News
28/02/2017:FPGA based prototyping speeded - News
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