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Articles within the archive for January 2017

03/01/2017:Flow Sensing in Tankless Water Heaters - Technology Spotlights
03/01/2017:PEB-2773 embedded system board uses Intel Atom SoC - Product Launches
03/01/2017:Scientists turn memory chips into processors - News
03/01/2017:Dark lattice modes used to create laser light - News
03/01/2017:Scientists create self-healing material - News
03/01/2017:Team develops supercapacitor electrodes - News
04/01/2017:Bluetooth 5 compatible silicon RF IP - Product Launches
04/01/2017:COM Express modules based on Kaby Lake processors - Product Launches
04/01/2017:Electronics academics feature in New Year’s Honours - News
04/01/2017:Skyrmion displacement for better memory devices - News
04/01/2017:Diamondoids to make wires three atoms wide - News
04/01/2017:Nanowire inks enable printable electronics - News
05/01/2017:CES 2017 - Events
05/01/2017:Process to print flexible e-stickers - News
05/01/2017:Versatile features added to 1U MicroTCA chassis - Product Launches
05/01/2017:Two VME SBCs to implement latest processor - Product Launches
05/01/2017:Nano-chimneys in graphene material may cool circuits - News
05/01/2017:Gigafactory battery production underway - News
05/01/2017:MCUs for automotive radar systems - News
06/01/2017:‘Lanes’ mean more power, faster charging, says UCLA team - News
06/01/2017:Free electronics design tools and PCB design software reviewed - Reference/Features
06/01/2017:Bosch demonstrates Ultrahaptics’ technology in concept car - News
06/01/2017:Modular compute platform to ‘transform’ future devices - News
06/01/2017:Anritsu launches BER test solution for 100G-EPON - Product Launches
06/01/2017:Compact telecoms light amplifier demonstrates higher gain - News
06/01/2017:Wireless sensor module for range of apps - News
09/01/2017:Testing until the cables bend - Technology Spotlights
09/01/2017:Software platform simplifies data acquisition and control apps - Product Launches
09/01/2017:Highly specified SBC supports 6th Gen Skylake - Product Launches
09/01/2017:Compact Edge-Connect SBC - Product Launches
09/01/2017:IBM breaks US patent record, includes ‘labs on chips’ in its predictions for five years’ time - News
09/01/2017:Prof McCanny fully deserves his Knighthood - Blogs
09/01/2017:MIPI Alliance releases the MIPI I3C sensor interface specification - News
10/01/2017:Leti to test potential successor to OFDM - News
10/01/2017:Murata looks for opportunities in emerging markets - Interview
10/01/2017:Innovations in radio technology to improve transport tunnel safety - Reference/Features
10/01/2017:Code injection: a common vulnerability - Reference/Features
10/01/2017:What does 2017 hold for oscillator design? - Reference/Features
10/01/2017:SmartMesh IP WSNs expand to address IIoT networks - Product Launches
10/01/2017:NRAM touted to break through, but don’t hold your breath - Blogs
10/01/2017:TRACE32 supports cores using the ARMv8-M architecture - Product Launches
10/01/2017:Is the UK doing enough to support start ups? - Blogs
10/01/2017:NRAM poised for the big time, says researcher - News
10/01/2017:NXP targets audio, voice and video in IoT products - News
10/01/2017:ZigBee promotes dotdot as ‘universal language’ for the IoT - News
10/01/2017:GaN-on-silicon for scalable transistors - News
10/01/2017:Intelligent battery charger for automotive applications - Product Launches
11/01/2017:Har-flex cable connectors for custom cable assemblies - Product Launches
11/01/2017:Yokogawa updates optical spectrum analysis portfolio - Product Launches
11/01/2017:OLED electrodes from graphene - News
11/01/2017:Electromagnetic wave router to offer unlimited bandwidth - News
11/01/2017:Will MRAM replace flash in leading edge processes? - Reference/Features
11/01/2017:UK universities getting better at commercialising research - Reference/Features
11/01/2017:Advanced analytics for a data enabled economy - Reference/Features
12/01/2017:Better than ever – the second life of SMARC - Reference/Features
12/01/2017:Multiphase 60V synchronous boost controller - Product Launches
12/01/2017:3D printing of rigid PCBs with flexible connectors - News
12/01/2017:Beta gallium oxide semiconductor eyed for power electronics - News
12/01/2017:BIC lasers could improve computing and telecoms - News
12/01/2017:Could selfies put your biometric data at risk? - Blogs
13/01/2017:Picking winners amongst UK innovators - Interview
13/01/2017:Automotive chipsets to support functional safety in LCDs - Product Launches
13/01/2017:Mentor Graphics launches ISO26262 qualification programme - News
13/01/2017:Signal connectors now available at Astute Electronics - Product Launches
13/01/2017:Macronix memory to joim Qualcomm Technologies’ modem - News
13/01/2017:Breakthrough in flexible electronics - News
16/01/2017:Low on-resistance N-Channel MOSFETs for load switching - Product Launches
16/01/2017:Raspberry Pi is changing embedded system design - Blogs
16/01/2017:Anglia adds Littelfuse portfolio to its line card - News
16/01/2017:High temperature lead type capacitors suit automotive applications - Product Launches
16/01/2017:Raspberry Pi launches Pi 3 based module for embedded systems - News
16/01/2017:E-waste in Asia jumps 63% in five years - News
16/01/2017:Light source discovery challenges current theory - News
17/01/2017:Observing nanocubes to improve batteries - News
17/01/2017:Comms satellites feature Virtex-5QV FPGAs - News
17/01/2017:IP cores aimed at 1080p graphics applications - News
17/01/2017:99.5% of products held back by late stage design complications - News
17/01/2017:Fujitsu to distribute Apollo 2 MCU in Europe - News
17/01/2017:Self-assembling particles brighten future of LED lighting - News
17/01/2017:Rubidium oscillator delivers low phase noise - Product Launches
17/01/2017:Liverpool researchers to develop liquid antennas - News
18/01/2017:Proteins provide low cost colour for LCDs - News
18/01/2017:2D materials break differently - News
18/01/2017:MOSFETs for quasi resonant flyback topologies - Product Launches
18/01/2017:Toshiba between rock and hard place - Blogs
18/01/2017:Self-assembly of nanostructures to form toroids - News
18/01/2017:Microbial nanowires for green electronics - News
18/01/2017:Anti drone system gets TRL-9 status - News
19/01/2017:Terahertz modulator to speed data transmission - News
19/01/2017:Using light for magnetic memory on garnet films - News
19/01/2017:Graphene can superconduct, says research team - News
19/01/2017:Capacitive to digital converter delivers superior gesture sensing - Product Launches
19/01/2017:Positive ions boost speed of lithium in batteries - News
19/01/2017:IC for bipolar stepper or dual DC motors - Product Launches
19/01/2017:Opinion piece: The future’s bright for GPUs - Reference/Features
20/01/2017:What does the word ‘technology’ mean to you? - Blogs
20/01/2017:Improving electrical contact in nanowires - News
20/01/2017:Drone flight time and battery life to be improved - Product Launches
20/01/2017:Ultra thin supercapacitor for peak power assist - Product Launches
20/01/2017:Versarien buys stake in Cambridge Graphene - News
20/01/2017:Mechanical pixels for energy efficient colour displays - News
20/01/2017:Predicting noise in photonic circuits - News
20/01/2017:Atomically precise graphene nanoribbons become semiconductors - News
23/01/2017:Increase Greenhouse Farming Plant Growth. Cree Horticultural Lighting Solutions at Mouser. - Technology Spotlights
23/01/2017:3U VPX board with Zynq Ultrascale+ - Product Launches
23/01/2017:When it comes to batteries, can the UK build a better mousetrap? - Blogs
23/01/2017:Rugged VPX processor blade boosts computing power - Product Launches
23/01/2017:What were previous Governments thinking? - Blogs
23/01/2017:Topological photonic crystal made of silicon - News
23/01/2017:DARPA licenses embedded FPGA technology for US government projects - News
23/01/2017:Update - New class of topological metals with special electronic properties - News
23/01/2017:Government publishes industrial strategy document, calls for feedback - News
23/01/2017:Silicon Labs acquires Zentri, expands connectivity portfolio - News
24/01/2017:Time synchronisation for energy efficient sensors - News
24/01/2017:High performance 12.3” “Letterbox” TFT transforms instrument panel design - Technology Spotlights
24/01/2017:Record 24 high-tech firms spun out from Oxford University in 2016 - News
24/01/2017:Return of 200mm production points to looming shortages - News
24/01/2017:Raspberry Pi makes inroads into embedded systems - Blogs
24/01/2017:British Engineering Excellence Awards open for entries - News
24/01/2017:UNIST researchers to commercialise metal-air batteries - News
24/01/2017:Silicon photonics to meet communication needs - Reference/Features
24/01/2017:Bright future for fibre optical networks - Reference/Features
24/01/2017:Single mode 1064nm laser diodes - Product Launches
24/01/2017:Fast turnaround configurable power supply service launched - Product Launches
24/01/2017:Issues involving convoluted neural networks - Reference/Features
24/01/2017:How to keep conflict minerals out of the supply chain? - Reference/Features
24/01/2017:AAEON’s ultra-slim, fanless multi-touch panel PC - Technology Spotlights
25/01/2017:Deal with SparkFun adds maker products to Mouser site - News
25/01/2017:Breakthrough for deep learning with Intel FPGAs - News
25/01/2017:Silica upgrades IIoT security with add on module - News
25/01/2017:Emergency Services Network likely to be late - News
25/01/2017:Coreless power conversion tech for magnetic field apps - News
25/01/2017:High level synthesis to make hardware design more enjoyable - Reference/Features
25/01/2017:Sub threshold processing to reduce energy consumption - Reference/Features
25/01/2017: Measuring RF power in the field - Reference/Features
26/01/2017:Desktop power supplies meet energy standards - Product Launches
26/01/2017:‘Best performing’ RF SoI process yet launched - News
26/01/2017:Infineon one of latest to join EV charging group - News
26/01/2017:Time-to-digital converter offers ultra-accurate measurements - Product Launches
27/01/2017:Time for the electronics industry to take the initiative - Blogs
27/01/2017:MCU with on chip flash memory, a crystal unit and a RTC - Product Launches
27/01/2017:TFT display to transform the instrument panel - Product Launches
27/01/2017:Altium buys Premier EDA to boost European business - News
27/01/2017:CPI gets £2.6m for IoT manufacturing centre - News
30/01/2017:Components embedded in 3D printed PCBs - News
30/01/2017:Dialog, Energous launch ASIC for WattUp power transmission - News
30/01/2017:Shaking up perceptions of the electronics industry - Blogs
30/01/2017:Keysight signs $1.6bn deal to acquire Ixia - News
30/01/2017:Arduino-based liquid level sensing hardware - Product Launches
30/01/2017:Metallic hydrogen for room temperature semiconductors - News
30/01/2017:Can metallic hydrogen superconduct? - Blogs
30/01/2017:Rohde & Schwarz introduces a probe with very large offset range - Product Launches
30/01/2017:Compound Semi Institute gets £13m from Europe - News
30/01/2017:Electronic properties found in boron chains - News
30/01/2017:Quad SPI flash family extended - Product Launches
30/01/2017:Absorbing electromagnetic energy without heating - News
30/01/2017:Waterproof push/pull appliance coupler with protection degree IP 67 and IP 69K - Technology Spotlights
31/01/2017:How small diameter electrolytic capacitors in power supplies can impact reliability and cost - Reference/Features
31/01/2017:How small diameter electrolytic capacitors in power supplies can impact reliability and cost - Product Launches
31/01/2017:New Artesyn DIP-8 3 Watt Industrial DC-DC Converters - Technology Spotlights
31/01/2017:Low cost Terahertz emitter to be miniaturised - News
31/01/2017:Thermoelectric organic transistor could enable heat controlled circuitry - News
31/01/2017:Latest version of Autodesk EAGLE released - News
31/01/2017:Water based and biocompatible 2D material inks - News
31/01/2017:How to Stay Ahead of Efficiency Regulations for Power Adapters - Technology Spotlights
31/01/2017:Medical power supplies offer Class I or Class II inputs - Product Launches
31/01/2017:Programmable AC power source delivers DC power - Product Launches
31/01/2017:Rohde & Schwarz introduces 6GHz lab oscilloscope - News
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