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Articles within the archive for September 2016

01/09/2016:Discovery of two types of lithium deposits in batteries - News
01/09/2016:TFTs printed with 1µm line widths - News
01/09/2016:Startupbootcamp IoT part of £1m government investment - News
01/09/2016:Renesas and TSMC to work on embedded eFlash technology - News
02/09/2016:High temp MCUs run for 4000hrs at 200°C - News
02/09/2016:Iowa State engineers treat printed graphene with lasers - News
02/09/2016:Flexible memory could find application in ‘soft electronics’ - News
02/09/2016:VR reference platform leverages Snapdragon 820 - News
02/09/2016:RF solutions introduces ZULU2 radio modules - Product Launches
03/09/2016:Nicomatic release new quarter turn fixing for CMM220 - Technology Spotlights
04/09/2016:For more flexibility in cabling – Telegärtner Field assembly RJ45 connectors - Technology Spotlights
05/09/2016:Rechargeable lithium batteries double in power – Updated - News
05/09/2016:Current sensing optocoupler for servo drives and motors - Product Launches
05/09/2016:Prioritizer provides low standby current backup battery switchover - Product Launches
05/09/2016:The move to create ‘one stop shops’ can only go so far - Blogs
05/09/2016:650W medical power supply range - Product Launches
05/09/2016:Li-ion is still the battery of choice, but it carries a health warning - Blogs
05/09/2016:Carbon nanotube transistors outperform silicon - News
06/09/2016:M12 products from METZ CONNECT:Complete range for industrial Ethernet applications - Technology Spotlights
06/09/2016:A power limiter using a load switch - Reference/Features
06/09/2016:Fujitsu develops hybrid beamforming technology for 5G - News
06/09/2016:Bipolar stepper and high current DC motor driver IC - Product Launches
06/09/2016:Smartkem gets funding for flexible display technology - News
06/09/2016:Insight SiP unveils Bluetooth Low Energy module - Product Launches
06/09/2016:NASA selects NI SC Express for accuracy and flexibility in new data acquisition system - Reference/Features
06/09/2016:Intel buys Movidius as it looks to boost computer vision offering - News
07/09/2016:Isolated DC/DC converters offer high efficiency in rugged, encapsulated package - Product Launches
07/09/2016:Toshiba introduces TVS diodes suited to high-speed interfaces - Product Launches
07/09/2016:Mocana security platform features the Infineon OPTIGA TPM - News
07/09/2016:Teledyne LeCroy introduces 10bit HDO9000 oscilloscopes - News
08/09/2016:Primary-side switcher from Diodes raises power supply efficiency - Product Launches
08/09/2016:UK tech firm Micro Focus in HP software deal - News
08/09/2016:Weebit Nano partners with Leti to develop advanced memory technology - News
09/09/2016:New PICO-IMX&-eMMS from RDS - Technology Spotlights
09/09/2016:Midrange RFID reader offers tailored customer solutions - Product Launches
09/09/2016:Scalable µModule regulator needs 60% less capacitance - Product Launches
09/09/2016:Body heat as a power source - News
09/09/2016:Containing electromagnetic pollution with MXene - News
09/09/2016:BEEAs shortlist announced - News
10/09/2016:UI Builder Ported to Raspberry Pi for Faster Prototyping - Technology Spotlights
11/09/2016:Transcend’s SLC SSD Solutions for Industrial and Embedded Applications - Technology Spotlights
12/09/2016:Up to £4m available in compound semiconductor competition - News
12/09/2016:Nanoclusters of silver with ‘desirable’ optical properties - News
12/09/2016:Intel Embedded Display platform available with high bright displays up to 15.6in. - Technology Spotlights
12/09/2016:Silicon nanoparticles to replace expensive semiconductors - News
12/09/2016:Diamond based electronics developer raises £750k - News
12/09/2016:Double helix structure found in inorganic material - News
13/09/2016:As demand grows for MCUs capable of operating at high temperatures, two companies take different routes to offering a solution - Reference/Features
13/09/2016:How the project manager and their team can get to where they want to be - Reference/Features
13/09/2016:New test to improve commercial viability of printable electronics - News
13/09/2016:Nedko Ivanov has helped Redux rise from the ashes - Interview
13/09/2016:Technology leaders are jostling to capture their share of the emerging market for computer vision - News
13/09/2016:Dielectric resonator oscillators offer excellent frequency stability - Product Launches
13/09/2016:Narrowband radio will enable operators to manage their IIoT networks more effectively - News
13/09/2016:Renesas announces $3.2bn deal to acquire Intersil - News
13/09/2016:Synopsys looks to address IoT security concerns with latest secure processors - News
13/09/2016:Vodafone’s IoT Barometer suggests businesses are placing the IoT at the heart of its operations - Blogs
13/09/2016:A European project aims to enable a ‘new era’ of reconfigurable multicore devices - Reference/Features
13/09/2016:The Internet of Things is finally ‘coming of age’, but is it delivering real business transformation? - Reference/Features
13/09/2016:Bringing flexibility to the challenges and choices in IoT system evaluation and development - Reference/Features
13/09/2016:6 Watt DC-DC converter optimised for IGBT, SiC and MOSFET gate drive applications - Product Launches
13/09/2016:The capacity for storage is fast becoming a vital component of smart city infrastructure - Reference/Features
14/09/2016:Digitally controlled AC/DC power supplies - Product Launches
14/09/2016:Dual band wireless MCU for range of applications - News
14/09/2016:Raspberry Pi passes the 10million mark - Blogs
14/09/2016:Robust CAN FD µModule isolator with power improves system reliability - Product Launches
15/09/2016:Future World - Events
15/09/2016:Globalfoundries unveils 7nm FinFET process - News
15/09/2016:Rebrand highlights focus on system software integration - News
16/09/2016: TE Connectivity announces FullAXS Mini connectors - Product Launches
16/09/2016:Thai EMS company buys Exception, gets European foothold - News
16/09/2016:Innovasic launches TSN Evaluation Kit for industrial and automotive applications - News
16/09/2016:Globalfoundries to use MRAM for embedded memory - News
17/09/2016:SIL4 Certified COTS Rail Safety Platform - Technology Spotlights
18/09/2016:Intelligent Railway Travel with AAEON Boxer PCs from RDS - Technology Spotlights
19/09/2016:First four channel video decoder with MIPI-CSI2 interface - Product Launches
19/09/2016:What is the difference between FDM and Polyjet 3D printing technology? - Reference/Features
19/09/2016:The Infineon AURIX™ Microcontroller family keeping safety critical applications on track. - Technology Spotlights
19/09/2016:UKESF now bigger and better - Interview
20/09/2016:Maxim DC-DC power seminars - Events
20/09/2016:ARM launches ‘most advanced’ safety processor - News
20/09/2016:Ultibo project looks to build on Pi’s success - News
20/09/2016:Luxoft unveils second generation automotive cockpit technology demonstrator - News
20/09/2016:Optical wavelength conversion system developed - News
20/09/2016:It's not just the UK which has missed the technology boat - Blogs
20/09/2016:Learn How to Gain Increased Assurance for Safety-Critical Software - Technology Spotlights
20/09/2016:UltraSoC signs up to RISC-V Foundation - News
20/09/2016:AMP consortium adds a 60A standard - News
21/09/2016:IoT Wi-Fi module for Ethernet devices - Product Launches
21/09/2016:Fairchild launches SuperFET III MOSFET family - Product Launches
21/09/2016:Raspberry Pi & Weightless lead New Electronics Conference programme - Technology Spotlights
22/09/2016:New KRL series – High power ‘I’ sensing - Technology Spotlights
22/09/2016:Disappearing die – embed your chips - Events
22/09/2016:Latest Bluetooth SoC offers integration and flexibility - Product Launches
22/09/2016:Advanced AI for self-driving cars - News
22/09/2016:Cache management improved - News
22/09/2016:Diamond optomechanical resonator for quantum computing - News
22/09/2016:Engineering Design Show – Innovation in another dimension - Technology Spotlights
23/09/2016:PowerPax launches 2W DC/DC Converter range with excellent efficiency from Mornsun - Technology Spotlights
23/09/2016:Tile Slim Bluetooth tracker with enhanced connectivity - Product Launches
23/09/2016:Arrow and Novasom sign EMEA distribution agreement - News
23/09/2016:Cambridge spinout PervasID secures £720k investment - News
23/09/2016:Research into defects at 'spinterface' could enable new applications - News
23/09/2016:QM power supply with low noise and full MoPP isolation - Product Launches
25/09/2016:Magna-Power introduces new 25 V, 60 V and 300 Vdc programmable power supplies supporting loads up to 1 MW - Sample units available for engineering evaluation - Technology Spotlights
26/09/2016:Mouser Carries New 4th Generation Primary-Switch QUINT Power Supplies for DIN Rail Mounting. - Technology Spotlights
26/09/2016:650V integrated half bridge for smaller power adaptors - Product Launches
26/09/2016:New modulation technique allows 1Tbit/s on optical fibre network - News
26/09/2016:Graphene based quantum LEDs emit single photons - News
26/09/2016:A chance to break into Indian smart cities market - News
26/09/2016:Chaos theory offers solution to Moore’s law - News
27/09/2016:Advanced eXtremely low voltage and Power CMOS Logic - Technology Spotlights
27/09/2016:Is a lack of action since Brexit undermining confidence? - Blogs
27/09/2016:Precision timing devices target telecoms - Product Launches
27/09/2016:Power management IC targets more effective energy harvesting - News
27/09/2016:Ericsson unveils high-current 780W power interface module for ATCA applications - Product Launches
27/09/2016:Storm clouds gather over academia - Blogs
27/09/2016:Carriers and companies are better prepared for 5G communications - News
27/09/2016:Fighting fibre with G.Fast broadband - Reference/Features
27/09/2016:ST expands STM32F4 MCU family with entry level parts - News
27/09/2016:Bioelectronics and biosciences could replace the drug industry as we know it - Reference/Features
27/09/2016:20nm magnetic tunnel junctions claimed by MRAM developer - News
27/09/2016:Back to the future for RISC - Reference/Features
27/09/2016:KIT team develops ‘quantum optical structure on a chip - News
27/09/2016:Maximising the potential of fibre optic communications - Reference/Features
27/09/2016:Coherent backplane IP boosted - News
27/09/2016:Memristors could play central role in bioelectronics, says team - News
27/09/2016:Building the ultimate continuous integration architecture - Reference/Features
27/09/2016:The growing trend of waterproofing portable electronic devices - Reference/Features
27/09/2016:Execute in place memory updated for IoT edge applications - News
28/09/2016:BlackBerry phones bite the dust as plug pulled on hardware development - Blogs
28/09/2016:Qualcomm signs Arrow to distribute processors targeted at embedded apps - News
28/09/2016:e2v named global supplier to aero/defence sector by GaN Systems - News
28/09/2016:Mesh networking module simplifies Thread and ZigBee - News
28/09/2016:Processor blade for rugged applications - Product Launches
28/09/2016:True measurement of RF signal power - Product Launches
29/09/2016:NMI sets up Impactech with Southampton - News
29/09/2016:Low power MCUs to accelerate prototyping for sensor hubs - News
30/09/2016:Evolution of Monitoring and Planning System delivers revolution in Quality, OTD and Productivity - Technology Spotlights
30/09/2016:RS Components supports education with range of industrial engineering solutions - News
30/09/2016:Win exclusive prizes with Nexus at the Engineering Design Show - Technology Spotlights
30/09/2016:DC/DC converters for surface mount applications - Product Launches
30/09/2016:40V n-channel devices added to MOSFET family - Product Launches
30/09/2016:Israeli V2X chipset to feature in global platform - News
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