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Articles within the archive for July 2016

01/07/2016:The switch that could double USB memory - News
01/07/2016:Wireless, wearable toxic-gas detector - News
01/07/2016:Investigation into the first fatal crash of an autonomous vehicle - News
04/07/2016:Avnet Memec and Silica unite - News
04/07/2016:Electronic nose sniffs out pesticides and nerve gas - News
04/07/2016:Harwin opens new UK manufacturing facility - News
05/07/2016:Battery charger chip saves time and money - Product Launches
05/07/2016:STFC launches the Campus Technology Hub - News
05/07/2016:Black box’ creates 3D reconstruction from dashcam - News
05/07/2016:Councils not on track for smart city delivery - News
05/07/2016:UK engineering unites after EU Referendum - News
05/07/2016:Can autonomous vehicles ever be smart enough? - Blogs
05/07/2016:Battery performance boosted, says research team - News
06/07/2016:Manufacturing & Engineering North East 2016 - Events
06/07/2016:High-density 1500W power supplies - Product Launches
06/07/2016:Feabhas, a founder member of the IoT Security Foundation - News
06/07/2016:Graphene shows potential in near IR photodetection - News
06/07/2016:Glasgow pioneers IoT connectivity - News
06/07/2016:World’s smallest motor drivers to streamline design and boost runtime of battery-powered IoT devices - Product Launches
06/07/2016:CompactPCI power supply for railway applications - Product Launches
06/07/2016:Reinforced isolated amplifier - Product Launches
06/07/2016:2D materials enable ‘first useful’ charge-density wave based device - News
06/07/2016:Registration is open for Electronics Design Show 2016 - Technology Spotlights
07/07/2016:BEEAs 2016 - Entries close Friday. Last chance to enter! - Technology Spotlights
07/07/2016:IBM celebrates 20 years of MRAM with 11nm announcement - News
07/07/2016:‘H’ series MLCCs target high temperature and frequency applications - Product Launches
07/07/2016:Compact 1 W and 2 W DC-DC converters target medical applications - Product Launches
07/07/2016:Percepio launches Tracealyzer for Micrium’s µC/OS-III - Product Launches
07/07/2016:Cypress completes Broadcom wireless IoT acquisition - News
07/07/2016:Researchers find as few as 2% of software bugs are detected - News
08/07/2016:Switching regulator series extended - Product Launches
08/07/2016:Simplified embedded system design with HyperRAM - Product Launches
08/07/2016:Optical coupling isolation amplifiers - Product Launches
08/07/2016:SIGFOX reference design module - Product Launches
08/07/2016:How efficient are debugging tools? - Blogs
08/07/2016:Imec opens photonics R&D facility in Florida - News
08/07/2016:Additions to STM32L4 MCU Series - Product Launches
08/07/2016:Development ecosystem for STM32L4 MCUs - Product Launches
08/07/2016:Dutch scientists develop brain-inspired memory material - News
08/07/2016:PowerPax Launches K78 1A series of non-isolated switching regulators from Mornsun - Technology Spotlights
10/07/2016:New Artesyn USB power adapters meet latest energy-efficiency and safety standards - Technology Spotlights
11/07/2016:Magna-Power is looking to help you with any new projects involving programmable DC power supplies or DC loads including access to in-house demo units to help you “try, before you buy”. - Technology Spotlights
11/07/2016:Plane powered by hybrid-electric drive system - News
11/07/2016:Government to reform post-16 technical education - News
11/07/2016:Imec, ARM to work on 7nm and beyond - News
11/07/2016:Semi sales show slight increase - News
11/07/2016:Will the UK’s technical education system see change for the better? - Blogs
11/07/2016:Booming business sees relocation to bigger premises - News
12/07/2016:Flexible low battery voltage start unit - Product Launches
12/07/2016:An award winning company explains how its focus on exploiting technology niches has paid dividends - Interview
12/07/2016:ARMv8-A licence to open server opportunities in China - News
12/07/2016:Plexus to offer stress screening at Kelso site - News
12/07/2016:Mouser unveils latest release of MultiSIM Blue - News
12/07/2016:e2v signs FRAMOS to distribute CMOS sensors in EMEA - News
12/07/2016:Insights into how you can improve test methods and make set up simpler - Reference/Features
12/07/2016:The USB-C interface will require more careful decisions when it comes to power system design - Reference/Features
12/07/2016:How can we realise the full potential of robots while maintaining public trust? - Blogs
12/07/2016:As the IoT unfolds, classical EDA design flows will need to change - Reference/Features
12/07/2016:As the Memec name disappears and Premier Farnell is acquired, a distribution veteran steps down - News
12/07/2016:New products look to address the needs of all mainstream engineers - News
12/07/2016:Beyond the laboratory: the ‘Smart City’ playground - Reference/Features
12/07/2016:Future surgical robots are likely to be smaller, cheaper, sensor rich and more targeted, providing real and tangible healthcare benefits. - Reference/Features
13/07/2016:Rad tolerant 36V instrumentation amplifier - Product Launches
13/07/2016:New technologies widen touchscreen opportunities - Reference/Features
13/07/2016:Test pattern generation package updated, certified to ISO26262 - News
13/07/2016:Sealed AC/DC power module for outdoor displays and industrial controls - Product Launches
13/07/2016:Engineered 'sand' may help cool electronic devices - News
13/07/2016:Vector signal transceiver to help solve RF design and test applications - Product Launches
13/07/2016:Dual mode Bluetooth audio products - Product Launches
14/07/2016:Arrow to carry Cypress’ IoT portfolio - News
14/07/2016:High temperature power module for aero applications - News
14/07/2016:Silica offers Atmel and Microchip products - News
14/07/2016:Ultra compact standalone LoRa module - Product Launches
14/07/2016:Leti and KIST to explore vital technologies - News
14/07/2016:Infineon to acquire Wolfspeed - News
14/07/2016:Secure shell solution for MCU-based systems - Product Launches
14/07/2016:Low current spintronics technique developed for high density memory - News
15/07/2016:Digital resources added to latest GreenPAK - Product Launches
15/07/2016:Quantum-confined bandgap narrowing mechanism - News
15/07/2016:Enabling robust data communications within a high voltage BMS - Reference/Features
17/07/2016:BEEAs 2016 – Submission deadline date extended - Technology Spotlights
18/07/2016:120W DC/DC converters for harsh environments - Product Launches
18/07/2016:Acal BFi, Fujitsu sign European distribution deal - News
18/07/2016:US puts $400m into 5G research, opens up mm wave spectrum - News
18/07/2016:Keyhole robotic surgery specialist raises $20million - News
18/07/2016:Has Softbank seen something that others have missed? - Blogs
18/07/2016:ARM acquired by Japanese company for £24.3billion - News
19/07/2016:Comprehensive Protection for LEDs - Technology Spotlights
19/07/2016:Fast isolated gate driver for high-voltage applications - Product Launches
19/07/2016:Smart phone apertures shrunk to 50% - News
19/07/2016:Plastic magnetic memory device for wearables - News
19/07/2016:Dutch scientists develop chlorine atom based memory technique - News
19/07/2016:Wireless EEG headset for clinical applications - News
19/07/2016:M12 Power L-coded offers more power - Product Launches
19/07/2016:RX software ecosystem expanded - Product Launches
20/07/2016:All change at XMOS - News
20/07/2016:Wi-Fi antennas designed for 5GHz - Product Launches
20/07/2016:High voltage converter enables low consumption power supplies - Product Launches
20/07/2016:Doubts over ARM acquisition - Blogs
21/07/2016:Thin films integrate novel oxides onto silicon substrates - News
21/07/2016:Avnet Silica announces partnerships to develop IoT connectivity solutions - News
21/07/2016:Toshiba looks to downsize LED modules with latest LED driver IC - Product Launches
21/07/2016:Molex debuts Micro-Fit TPA single row receptacle - Product Launches
21/07/2016:Self flipping magnets could improve MRAM architecture - News
21/07/2016:Stocking the Widest Selection of the Newest Products for Countless Design Options. - Technology Spotlights
21/07/2016:Automotive positioning and connectivity modules - Product Launches
21/07/2016:IP core to improve radio telescope performance - News
22/07/2016:ASML claims EUV sales, technology progress - News
22/07/2016:Can MEMS be a sensor and a cryptographic device at the same time? - Blogs
22/07/2016:Is ARM’s acquisition similar to ‘selling the family silver’? - Blogs
22/07/2016:Roke expands cybersecurity operations - News
22/07/2016:Energy device for wireless nodes, wearables - News
25/07/2016:Altitude invests in Moortec - News
25/07/2016:Yahoo bought by Verizon - Blogs
25/07/2016:Gain block amp delivers linearity with low noise - Product Launches
25/07/2016:6W DC/DC converter family certified for medical applications - Product Launches
25/07/2016:Composites may integrate data communications capability - News
25/07/2016:FTJ based memories could be smaller, more power efficient - News
25/07/2016:Sensor to cloud developer kit accelerates IoT design - Product Launches
25/07/2016:IoT take up increases, but security concerns linger - News
26/07/2016:NGI, Thomas Swan collaborate to develop 2D materials - News
26/07/2016:Mini-ITX board suits graphics intensive applications - Product Launches
26/07/2016:Stadium unifies power brands - News
26/07/2016:ams acquires colour and spectral sensing specialist MAZeT - News
26/07/2016:Active bridge technology for Ethernet-based IoT devices - Product Launches
26/07/2016:FEEU signs exclusive distribution deal with Ambiq - News
26/07/2016:Demonstration platform for BLE sensor node - Product Launches
26/07/2016:Nanolithia could advance battery technology, says MIT team - News
27/07/2016:North Wales photonic hub prospering - Reference/Features
27/07/2016:Toshiba moves to 64 layer flash memories - News
27/07/2016:Catalyst brings together engineers and researchers in Northern Ireland - Reference/Features
27/07/2016:Does Bristol have what it takes? - Reference/Features
27/07/2016:Is the UK's changing electronics landscape a cause for concern? - News
27/07/2016:Five years on; apprentices in the spotlight - News
27/07/2016:Less complexity and simpler access is seeing engagement with the Catapult Network growing - Reference/Features
27/07/2016:The UK prides itself on being innovative, but what is the result of that innovation? - Blogs
27/07/2016:Better capacity in high voltage lithium-ion batteries - News
27/07/2016:Oxide combo could boost power semi performance - News
27/07/2016:Analog buys Linear for $14billion, creates ‘leading analogue company’ - News
28/07/2016:Avnet outbids Datwyler to acquire Premier Farnell - News
28/07/2016:DC/DC converter MGJ1 powers gate drives - Product Launches
28/07/2016:Demodulator improves receiver performance - Product Launches
28/07/2016:EU and Japan expand collaboration to create smart cities - News
28/07/2016:Will 1+1 be more than 2? Linear Tech boss thinks so - Blogs
28/07/2016:Adlink previews COM Express 3.0 Type 7 pin out - News
28/07/2016:What needs to be done to capitalise on good ideas? - Reference/Features
28/07/2016:Bridging the gap between research and commercialisation - Reference/Features
29/07/2016:Low power six axis combo accelerometer-gyro sensors - Product Launches
29/07/2016:Real-time chemical sensor to improve airport security - News
29/07/2016:Will Arrow make a play as Avnet buys Premier Farnell? - Blogs
29/07/2016:High luminance 15in colour TFT LCD - Product Launches
29/07/2016:USB Type-C controllers compatible with latest specifications - Product Launches
29/07/2016:ams sells NFC, RFID technologies to ST - News
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