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Articles within the archive for June 2016

01/06/2016:Rohde & Schwarz launches Scope in Space competition - News
01/06/2016:High performance laser diode driver for automotive heads-up displays - Product Launches
01/06/2016:Industrial semi demand set to grow following weakness in 2015 - News
01/06/2016:Registration is open for EDS 2016 - News
01/06/2016:Low power I/Q modulator - Product Launches
01/06/2016:Small NFC tag suits IoT applications - Product Launches
01/06/2016:Wireless modules ease integration challenge - Product Launches
01/06/2016:UK developed anti UAV system gets US airport trial - News
01/06/2016:Vision processor range said to bring x100 performance boost - News
02/06/2016:UK expo to highlight robot technology - Blogs
02/06/2016:Step down switching regulator for high temp apps - Product Launches
02/06/2016:Conductive polymer hybrid aluminium electrolytic capacitors for automotive use - Product Launches
02/06/2016:Tantalum capacitors achieve supercapacitor CV values - Product Launches
02/06/2016:Compact, long-lifetime double-action switch series - Product Launches
02/06/2016:GUI development tool for PIC32 MCUs - News
03/06/2016:Manchester gets go ahead for £350million engineering campus - News
03/06/2016:Titanium dioxide metalens may enable new optical applications - News
03/06/2016:CPI supports Catapult Fellowship Scheme to develop printed antennae technology - News
03/06/2016:Single-chip load switch ICs reduce system power consumption - Product Launches
03/06/2016:Portable multiprotocol analyser/generator has ‘broad feature set’ - News
03/06/2016:Survey calls for minimum security standards for IoT products - News
03/06/2016:TTI to offer Smiths high rel connectors across Europe - News
06/06/2016:Is engineering education changing for the better? - Blogs
06/06/2016:USB type C feedthrough data connector - Product Launches
06/06/2016:Legislation will not solve IoT security; proper design approaches are needed - Blogs
06/06/2016:E.Net community to be developed by Cambridge Wireless - News
06/06/2016:HaLow compatible radio supports up to 8000 IoT clients - News
06/06/2016:Transparent graphene electrode shows high performance - News
06/06/2016:ARM provides ‘simplified access’ to EDA tools - News
06/06/2016:SimpleLink Wi-Fi modules simplify IoT connectivity - Product Launches
06/06/2016:EnSilica ports µC/OS-III to eSi-RISC core family - News
07/06/2016:US team gives graphene a tuneable bandgap - News
07/06/2016:New low power, high feature switch family targets industrial IoT market - Product Launches
07/06/2016:Semiconductor market to ‘grow slightly’ by 2018, says WSTS - News
07/06/2016:Embedded nanoparticles create ‘smart glass’ - News
07/06/2016:The Internet of Java Things - Blogs
07/06/2016:Brushless DC motor driver provides PWM or DC-voltage speed control - Product Launches
07/06/2016:Developing Earth-Observation Cameras to stream live footage from the International Space Station - Reference/Features
07/06/2016:Chairperson needed for Compound Semi Catapult - News
08/06/2016:Reference platform could help to commercialise connected car concepts - News
08/06/2016:Reference design for 256 LED displays - Product Launches
08/06/2016:Diamond based nanoparticle could act as room temperature qubit - News
08/06/2016:High performance GFET3 integrated power switch range - Product Launches
08/06/2016:Symantec launches IoT solution to help carmakers protect against zero day attacks - News
08/06/2016:LISA Pathfinder shows ‘astonishing’ accuracy - News
08/06/2016:On chip energy storage enabled by hybrid nanomaterial - News
09/06/2016:Fully encapsulated AC/DC power modules for medical applications - Product Launches
09/06/2016:24bit A/D converters boost instrumentation, health care equipment design - News
09/06/2016:Duplex mobile phone basestation scheme demonstrated - News
10/06/2016:Securing new and existing connected cars against cyberattacks - News
10/06/2016:High speed connector system - Product Launches
10/06/2016:Vicor adds four parts to DCM range of DC/DC converters - Product Launches
10/06/2016:Infineon image sensor drives latest smartphone - News
13/06/2016:There’s always more to be done to secure cars - Blogs
13/06/2016:Secure development platform for connected cars - News
13/06/2016:Semiconductor database made available online - News
13/06/2016:FPGAs with optical interfaces closer to market - News
13/06/2016:A new way to control oxygen for electronic properties - News
13/06/2016:Kintex based board added to PC/104 format family - Product Launches
13/06/2016:Conductive transparent film has range of applications - News
13/06/2016:Fuel cell research generates new supercapacitor material - News
13/06/2016:ETSI Security Week 2016: facing the IoT security challenge - Events
14/06/2016:LTE-Advanced and the road to 5G - Events
14/06/2016:Analogue coprocessor ‘simplifies’ multiple sensor interfaces - Product Launches
14/06/2016:Five years on … and life is 'quite different' for Neul - News
14/06/2016:The Brexit debate: should we get out or ‘remain, reform and revitalise’ - Reference/Features
14/06/2016:NXP divests standard products business for $2.75billion - News
14/06/2016:RF tests are the basis for V2X - Reference/Features
14/06/2016:Embracing PXI’s flexibility, scalability and speed - Reference/Features
14/06/2016:Test will contribute to finding the most relevant frequencies for 5G - Reference/Features
14/06/2016:Printed electronics is central to a project attempting to find out what happens at the ‘sharp end’ of the machining process - Reference/Features
14/06/2016:How do you ensure first time success in rigid-flex PCB layouts? - Reference/Features
14/06/2016:Physical effects are being researched as a means of dealing with thermal management problems - Reference/Features
14/06/2016:Nano Dimension's Simon Fried talks about reinventing the market for conductive inks and PCB prototyping - Interview
14/06/2016:Rohde & Schwarz launches Scope in Space competition - R&S Scope Rider sent into space to initiate quest for innovative and unusual applications for handheld oscilloscope. - Technology Spotlights
14/06/2016:The IoT is beginning to disrupt technologies and affect all industries according to imec - News
14/06/2016:New Radio Equipment Directive now in force - News
14/06/2016:FinFET puts ultralow voltage design back on the table - News
14/06/2016:Pressing the button - Blogs
14/06/2016:IT professionals ‘confused’ about IoT security - News
15/06/2016:One high service UK distributor down; is there another one to go? - Blogs
15/06/2016:Mid range parts added to UltraScale+ portfolio - News
15/06/2016:New fanless power supply from Excelsys - Product Launches
15/06/2016:Premier Farnell acquired by Datwyler for £615million - News
16/06/2016:Bluetooth 5 will bring more range, higher speed - News
16/06/2016:Micro hotplate specialist acquired by ams - News
16/06/2016:Imagination offers PUF technology on M5150 CPU - News
16/06/2016:Nanowire FETs could take scaling beyond 5nm node - News
16/06/2016:Automotive Security Conference - Events
17/06/2016:Artesyn’s MaxCore Platform: Innovative PCIe Microserver - Technology Spotlights
17/06/2016:Step down regulator takes up to 40V input - Product Launches
17/06/2016:2W DC/DC converters accept 12 or 24V DC - Product Launches
17/06/2016:Rugged Flash Drive five times faster with USB 3.0 - Product Launches
17/06/2016:Industrial IoT starter kit launched by Avnet - News
17/06/2016:Cambridge Consultants buys West Coast developer - News
18/06/2016:Transcend’s Industrial-Grade SuperMLC microSD Memory Cards Balances Performance, Endurance and Price - Technology Spotlights
19/06/2016:Speed the Development of FPGA Designs. Evaluation Boards from Altera at Mouser. - Technology Spotlights
20/06/2016:MIT creates chip that makes parallel programming faster, easier - News
20/06/2016:Could you schedule tasks between 1000 cores? UCD team says it can - Blogs
20/06/2016:Sensorless three-phase motor controller for automotive BLDC implementation - Product Launches
20/06/2016:High efficiency hybrid photodetector from Spanish researchers - News
20/06/2016:1000 processor core chip is ‘most energy efficient’ - News
21/06/2016:Full HD PCI Express Mini Video Capture Card from RDS - Technology Spotlights
21/06/2016:RapidIO unveils 25xN 100Gbit/s specification - News
21/06/2016:Nine axis motion sensor comes in ‘smallest package’ - News
21/06/2016:Module suits distributed power applications - Product Launches
22/06/2016:Accelerator board for data centre applications - News
22/06/2016:Battery-free beacon reference design kit - Product Launches
22/06/2016:Temperature sensor combines accuracy, ultra-low power consumption and small size - Product Launches
23/06/2016:ESCO’s degree level apprenticeship scheme approved - News
23/06/2016:TinkerKit Braccio brings affordable robotics to Arduino makers and developers - Product Launches
23/06/2016:Massive multiuser MIMO system launched - News
23/06/2016:GraphExeter could enable better ‘bendy’ screens - News
23/06/2016:MEMS mike for 'zero power' event detection - News
24/06/2016:Only three weeks left to enter the BEEAs - Technology Spotlights
25/06/2016:Registration is open for Electronics Design Show 2016 - Technology Spotlights
25/06/2016:UK Robotics Week 2016 - Events
26/06/2016:A new dimension in outdoor cabling components from Telegärtner - Technology Spotlights
27/06/2016:New IP69K M12 outdoor connectors from binder - Technology Spotlights
27/06/2016:Wide range non-isolated DC/DC converter series extended - Product Launches
27/06/2016:High-performance GaN-on-SiC power amplifier - Product Launches
27/06/2016:32bit MCU family ‘bridges’ between existing ranges - News
27/06/2016:My mobile was eaten by a horse … - Blogs
27/06/2016:The race is on for IoT market share, says CW - News
27/06/2016:Qualcomm to show 5G prototype system - News
28/06/2016:Element's 3rd annual Testing and Global Approvals Conference - Events
28/06/2016:MISRA C:2012 Training Course - Events
28/06/2016:Weightless, ETSI to collaborate on IoT comms standards - News
28/06/2016:Intel’s Programmable Systems Group takes its first step towards an FPGA based system in package portfolio - Reference/Features
28/06/2016:MEMS research moving away from silicon - Blogs
28/06/2016:Integrated capacitive PGAs can redefine A/D converter gain and range - Reference/Features
28/06/2016:Irish company pioneers the development of 94GHz RF circuits for a range of applications - Reference/Features
28/06/2016:While achieving industry accreditation can be a challenge, it shouldn’t simply mean box-ticking - Design +
28/06/2016:In the space of five years, it looks like 450mm manufacturing has become surplus to current requirements - News
28/06/2016:‘Iron sandwich’ might enable future electronic devices - News
28/06/2016:Don’t rule out further consolidation in the distribution sector - Blogs
28/06/2016:Companies should identify where IoT can make a ‘real difference’ - Blogs
28/06/2016:Is the semiconductor industry entering a new phase when it comes to scaling? - Reference/Features
28/06/2016:Super barrier rectifier from Diodes optimised for solid-state retrofit MR16 LED lamps - Product Launches
28/06/2016:Smart Connector: Making the future safer - Technology Spotlights
28/06/2016:Advanced bus converter module raises the bar for high power control and delivery - Product Launches
28/06/2016:With record sums of investment planned for the UK’s rail network what will the future network look like? - Reference/Features
28/06/2016:Data centre interconnect drives optical module advances - Reference/Features
29/06/2016:Lowest power, cost-effective PIC32 family with core independent peripherals - Product Launches
29/06/2016:Safe lithium-sulphur batteries at high temperatures - News
29/06/2016:Industry’s highest current density rated non-isolated DC/DC modules - News
29/06/2016:Atomic level precision to extend Moore’s Law - News
30/06/2016:Compact all-in-one Internet of Things prototyping board available from Conrad - News
30/06/2016:Rambus to acquire memory interconnect business from Inphi - News
30/06/2016:Mornsun’ 1W & 2W DC converters meet medical approvals - Product Launches
30/06/2016:Multiband wireless Gecko SoCs break new ground in the IoT - Product Launches
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