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02/05/2016:COTS COMPUTING PLATFORMS - Technology Spotlights
02/05/2016:New Model-Based Development Environment and Ada Toolset from AdaCore - Technology Spotlights
03/05/2016:Ultrahaptics signs collaboration deal with Tokyo Uni lab - News
03/05/2016:Nicomatic DMM connectors are ideal for when size and weight are critical - Technology Spotlights
03/05/2016:ARM based SoCs tackle control and data plane apps - News
03/05/2016:Acquisition strengthens custom power solution ability - News
03/05/2016:Infineon says sales could grow by 12% this year - News
03/05/2016:Passivation could boost phosphorene’s performance - News
03/05/2016:Microsemi sells business unit to MaxLinear - News
04/05/2016:Renesas Synergy Workshop – Newbury - Events
04/05/2016:Murata targets V2X applications with high Q MLCC - Product Launches
04/05/2016:A distribution partner fit for the wearable and health medical market - Blogs
04/05/2016:32bit MCU has hardware crypto features - News
04/05/2016:Europe flat, but global semi sales rise slowly - News
04/05/2016:Power conversion modules offer ultra-wide input that accepts both AC and DC - Product Launches
04/05/2016:Nexeon raises another £30m for silicon anode development - News
04/05/2016:MXMag Gigabit Single-Port RJ45 connector from Molex - Product Launches
04/05/2016:Processor draws on Intel, NVIDIA technologies to meet demanding applications - News
04/05/2016:Compact, efficient source for qubits, says team - News
04/05/2016:IBM makes quantum computing available to all - News
05/05/2016:Jitter attenuating clock family - Product Launches
05/05/2016:Step down regulator has 8A capability - Product Launches
05/05/2016:PCB package moves to v16.1 - Product Launches
05/05/2016:Toshiba introduces 2-in-1 MOSFETs for load switching in mobile devices - Product Launches
05/05/2016:New 3D MID prototyping service - Product Launches
05/05/2016:Has the electronics industry lost its appetite for highlighting success? - Blogs
05/05/2016:SiC MOSFET offers ‘revolutionary’ performance - News
05/05/2016:Bubbles bring better cooling for electronics devices, researchers claim - News
05/05/2016:Digital Power Explorer Kit provides easy entry into digital power control - Product Launches
05/05/2016:Benefits of the RSoft photonic system design suite to component manufacturers - Whitepapers
06/05/2016:Bespoke compact high-voltage power modules now available from Luso Electronics - Product Launches
06/05/2016:New wire-to-wire connectors target industrial electronics designs - Product Launches
06/05/2016:Mornsun’ LH series Power Conversion Modules Offer Ultra-Wide Input that Accepts both AC and DC - Technology Spotlights
06/05/2016:IoT security guide whitepaper - Whitepapers
06/05/2016:Bluetooth LE modules and evaluation kits - Product Launches
06/05/2016:Wearable technology turns forearm into touchpad - News
07/05/2016:Artesyn Announces One of the Industry’s Highest Density 250 Watt Open Frame AC-DC Power Supplies - Technology Spotlights
08/05/2016:Dual 25A or Single 50A DC/DC µModule Regulator - Technology Spotlights
09/05/2016:Anglia unveils new intelligent inventory management system - News
09/05/2016:Optical clock is highly accurate way to measure time - News
09/05/2016:Negative thermal expansion could mean more stable electronic systems - News
09/05/2016:Gold substrate boosts efficiency substantially - News
09/05/2016:Two-in-one MOSFETs for load switching in mobile devices - Product Launches
09/05/2016:Wide body compact gate driver variants feature increased creepage distance - Product Launches
09/05/2016:Ultra-miniature connector from Fischer - Product Launches
09/05/2016:RFID tags could be 25% smaller and less expensive - News
09/05/2016:Mouser Carries New N-Channel Power MOSFETs for Design. - Technology Spotlights
10/05/2016:Secure wireless sensor node seminar series - Events
10/05/2016:New high temperature ceramic MLCs expected to be a ‘HiT’ with demanding applications - Product Launches
10/05/2016:Anritsu adds new tools to VNA families - Product Launches
10/05/2016:Cadence reduces design cycle for PCBs - News
10/05/2016:Is machine vision the future of smart parking? - News
10/05/2016:Volvo announces London trial of self driving cars - News
10/05/2016:Business as usual? - Blogs
10/05/2016:Low power, long life IR sources - News
10/05/2016:High temp and rad hard Cortex-M0 based MCUs launched - News
11/05/2016:SCALE-iDriver ICs introduce high-reliability SCALE-2 driver technology to 1200 V applications - Product Launches
11/05/2016:LEM introduces open-loop Hall effect current transducers with digital outputs - Product Launches
11/05/2016:Automotive MCUs for ‘more secure’ connected cars - News
11/05/2016:Silver could be the key to gold-standard flexible gadgets - News
11/05/2016:Primitive quantum computer provides first steps toward quantum walk - News
11/05/2016:MagnaLOAD DC electronic loads 1.25 kW to 120 kW+ - Product Launches
11/05/2016:Gesture based auto control focuses on steering wheel - News
11/05/2016:Metamaterials could enable long range wireless charging - News
11/05/2016:Navtech Radar has much to shout about - interview with Richard Poulton - Interview
11/05/2016:The arrival of the IoT has made the definition of system architectures a more complex process - Reference/Features
11/05/2016:Operating system designed to meet the needs of those developing products for the IoT - Reference/Features
11/05/2016:Could a 1mm thick solid state battery drive the development of the IoT? - Reference/Features
11/05/2016:Wireless sensor networks offer engineers the chance to monitor ageing infrastructure and extend their lifetimes - Reference/Features
11/05/2016:MRAM is finding ways around the memory chasm - Reference/Features
11/05/2016:While smart textiles for wearables remains in its infancy, its potential is huge - Reference/Features
12/05/2016:Secure wireless sensor node seminar series - Events
12/05/2016:How programmability will drive next generation voice interfaces - Reference/Features
12/05/2016:ST brings Mac users into the STM32 development fold - News
12/05/2016:World's smallest, lowest power tyre pressure sensing device - News
12/05/2016:PTC introduces latest version of its ThingWorx IoT platform - Product Launches
12/05/2016:Battery manufacturer adds production space - News
12/05/2016:Innovative modular power solution - Product Launches
13/05/2016:Op amp for precision apps - Product Launches
13/05/2016:Power MOSFET works well in hard switching applications - Product Launches
13/05/2016:CEA-Leti, Intel sign five year strategic research agreement - News
13/05/2016:Encapsulated DC-DC converters offer chassis or DIN rail mounting - Product Launches
13/05/2016:Open frame DC/DC converters - Product Launches
13/05/2016:New package for RF power transistors - Product Launches
13/05/2016:Epson, Microsemi partner to address packet network synchronisation - News
13/05/2016:SmartBeat Audio IC enables immersive headset experience - Product Launches
13/05/2016:LTE uplink developments validated - News
13/05/2016:Flexible antennas for 3G and 4G applications - News
16/05/2016:Nautilus waterproof coaxial cable assemblies offer protection to IP67 and IP68 - Product Launches
16/05/2016:Top five Raspberry Pi 3 project ideas - Video Content
16/05/2016:Optical nanocavity boosts light absorption - News
16/05/2016:IQE, imec develop GaN power diodes, extend partnership - News
16/05/2016:Give us the tools - Blogs
16/05/2016:Thin film semiconductors could be deposited on rolled up flexible surfaces - News
16/05/2016:What’s in a name? - Blogs
16/05/2016:Programmable video bridge said to be first in ‘new product category’ - News
17/05/2016:ARBOR Technology introduces Intel Braswell-Based Qseven modules - Technology Spotlights
17/05/2016:Addressing key challenges in automotive infotainment test with the NI PXI Platform - Reference/Features
17/05/2016:IBM researchers claim 3bit per cell phase change memory - News
17/05/2016:MTJ stacking process shrinks STT-MRAM die size - News
17/05/2016:Mid-air 3D printed metal could lead to customised electronic devices - News
17/05/2016:Discrete and bare die IGBTs for hybrids and EVs - News
17/05/2016:NXP demonstrates 'complete autonomous vehicle platform' - News
17/05/2016:ST gears up for growing demand for automotive SiC devices - News
17/05/2016:Electronic material ‘heals itself’, says team - News
17/05/2016:imec sets up quantum computing initiative - News
18/05/2016:High power-factor buck LED driver meets worldwide retrofit lamp requirements - Product Launches
18/05/2016:Ampleon GaN RF transistor family targets mobile broadband - Product Launches
18/05/2016:ST, Mobileye to develop fifth generation of ADAS SoC - News
18/05/2016:ARM shows vision in imaging acquisition - News
18/05/2016:ARM, TSMC create multicore test chip on 10nm FinFET process - News
18/05/2016:Power management IC integrates three MOSFET stages - Product Launches
18/05/2016:Partnership to develop next generation automotive vision systems - News
18/05/2016:Accelerating adoption of wireless power in compact, low-power applications - Product Launches
18/05/2016:A/D converter supports direct RF conversion at 4GHz - News
19/05/2016:5G – separating the hype from reality - Events
19/05/2016:Radiation tolerant FPGAs now available - News
19/05/2016:Low profile AC/DC supplies - Product Launches
19/05/2016:ST partners with Arduino to give easier access to its technology - News
19/05/2016:16bit MCU for hand held card readers - Product Launches
19/05/2016:IoSense launches pilot lines - News
19/05/2016:Allegro MicroSystems introduces quad DMOS full bridge PWM motor driver IC - Product Launches
19/05/2016:Graphene-based transistor will increase processor clock speeds - News
20/05/2016:First big data and machine learning system for engineering simulation - News
22/05/2016:congatec significantly lowers the price threshold for 64bit x86 computing - Technology Spotlights
23/05/2016:Wireless Infrastructure Show 2016 - Events
23/05/2016:Project provides better insight into graphene’s behaviour - News
23/05/2016:Industry partnership set to develop cache coherent interconnect for data centres - News
23/05/2016:Hitex are delighted to be hosting a free one-day TESSY unit testing seminar - Technology Spotlights
23/05/2016:MMICs operate at 94GHz - News
23/05/2016:LoRa evaluation kits for Europe and North America - News
23/05/2016:Wearable patch said to be ‘tricorder like’ - News
23/05/2016:Addressing the need for ultra-small ambient light sensors in wearable products - Reference/Features
23/05/2016:Linear Technology's Bruce Hemp and James Wong bring ease of use to microwave radio design - Reference/Features
23/05/2016:Buck converter has high current density - Product Launches
23/05/2016:DC/DC step down power modules have high efficiency - Product Launches
23/05/2016:Could light drive future transistors? - News
24/05/2016:Technology developers could ease the burden on the NHS - Reference/Features
24/05/2016:Laminated foil touchscreens could provide a way to upgrade your application - Reference/Features
24/05/2016:Solar generation is powering up, but faces a range of materials issues - Reference/Features
24/05/2016:The quest for high temperature analogue and mixed signal electronics is taking advantage of silicon carbide’s properties - Reference/Features
24/05/2016:Wearable patch shows the way forward for medical monitoring - Blogs
24/05/2016:MISRA C evolves to meet new security threats - Reference/Features
24/05/2016:The surprising differences between ARM MCU cores that appear to be identical - Reference/Features
24/05/2016:Raspberry Pi is becoming more than a niche educational computer - Design +
24/05/2016:‘Lies, damned lies and statistics’ abound - Blogs
24/05/2016:Interconnect resistance and device yield tackled with new production equipment - News
24/05/2016:150V synchronous step-down DC/DC controller eliminates external surge protection devices - Product Launches
24/05/2016:News Analysis: All change with phase change? - News
24/05/2016:Long range radio SoC has lowest power consumption - News
24/05/2016:79GHz radar chip development partnership announced - News
25/05/2016:Bonded wafers could enable large scale photonic integration - News
25/05/2016:Spring clamp terminal blocks with compression-mount contacts – Innovative PC board connection solutions - Products In Focus
25/05/2016:Can a driverless truck be more like an animal? - News
25/05/2016:Reliable power systems - Products In Focus
25/05/2016:Mil-Spec power factor correction modules for AC/DC supplies - Product Launches
25/05/2016:A/D converter cuts system complexity - Product Launches
25/05/2016:‘Three in one’ AWG said to meet wide range of user needs - News
25/05/2016:Report highlights the impact of automation, robotics and big data on the UK’s manufacturing sector - Blogs
26/05/2016:Development tools to support STM32F7 range - News
26/05/2016:‘First choice’ small footprint RTOS gets upgraded - News
26/05/2016:Print functional PCBs ‘in minutes’ - News
26/05/2016:Software keeps track of where components come from - News
26/05/2016:M2.COM selects LoRa for long range comms - News
27/05/2016:Microsemi extends SparX-IV managed ethernet switch family - Product Launches
27/05/2016:First LoRa technology evaluation kits - Product Launches
27/05/2016:Optimised cryptographic solution for home automation - News
31/05/2016:Industry 4.0 project launches, aims to strengthen Europe’s industry - News
31/05/2016:ARM looks to drive mobile immersive experiences - Product Launches
31/05/2016:Fanless embedded controller with Intel Bay Trail SoC Platform - Product Launches
31/05/2016:element14 announces public availability of the BBC micro:bit - News
31/05/2016:Use of the word ‘vocational’ should be banished. Discuss. - Blogs
31/05/2016:Is the Government about to get engineering skills wrong again? - Blogs
31/05/2016:Programmable unipolar Hall-effect switch comes with built in diagnostics - Product Launches
31/05/2016:How to improve power supply MTBF and reliability - Blogs
31/05/2016:Galileo PRS signal accessible via the cloud - News
31/05/2016:Fastest stretchable circuits are 25µm thick, support wireless comms - News
31/05/2016:The benefits of using non-isolated DC/DC converters - Reference/Features
31/05/2016:‘Gatekeeper’ material could act as optical switch - News
31/05/2016:Power supply standby voltage and off-load power draw - Reference/Features
31/05/2016:DC/DC converters for automotive and IoT applications - News
31/05/2016:USB-C reference design launched - Product Launches
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