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Articles within the archive for April 2016

01/04/2016:Precise mating and reliable locking for wire-to-board connections - Product Launches
01/04/2016:Paperlike battery electrode made with glass-ceramic - News
01/04/2016:Vuforia augmented reality platform to support Microsoft HoloLens - News
02/04/2016:Latest AAEON Products with 6th Generation Intel®Core™ Processors - Technology Spotlights
03/04/2016:Transcend Advanced Functions - Technology Spotlights
04/04/2016:Free ThreadX Trial—Most Popular Commercial-Grade RTOS - Technology Spotlights
04/04/2016:SiC-based analogue circuitry for harsh environment monitoring applications - News
04/04/2016:HyperLynx now offers complete high speed PCB support - News
04/04/2016:Semiconductor market slumps in 2015 - News
04/04/2016:Power supply range targets rugged networked applications - Product Launches
04/04/2016:Unlocking the gates of quantum computing - News
04/04/2016:Printed electronics enable tyre condition management - News
04/04/2016:Verilog based language enables design of DNA circuits - News
04/04/2016:Crushed compounds create safe rechargeable batteries - News
04/04/2016:Technological turbulence - Blogs
05/04/2016:RS signs distribution deal with Intel - News
05/04/2016:Scope family has 12 models, 4GHz bandwidth - News
05/04/2016:US researchers bring valleytronics a step closer to reality - News
05/04/2016:Samsung begins mass producing industry’s first 10nm class DRAM - News
05/04/2016:European semiconductor demand holds its own - News
05/04/2016:The genius of Genie: empowering embedded design - Technology Spotlights
05/04/2016:Diode constructed from modified DNA - News
06/04/2016:Could 3D printing be applied to PCBs? - Blogs
06/04/2016:Microchip completes Atmel deal, cuts price - News
06/04/2016:Electrocaloric polymer could provide cooling on demand - News
07/04/2016:Space-saving transmitters simplify design of license-exempt wireless links - Product Launches
07/04/2016:Multi-coaxial RF backplane connection system - Product Launches
07/04/2016:Insect eyes inspires fully autonomous drone flight system - News
07/04/2016:FPGA solution to VME component obsolescence - News
07/04/2016:Virtuoso platform now features advanced analogue verification technologies - News
07/04/2016:5G system for V2V communications - News
07/04/2016:Graphene and chemistry create optically responsive devices - News
08/04/2016:Smart card chip project to ‘revolutionise’ market - News
08/04/2016:Transistors made entirely of nanocrystal 'inks' - News
08/04/2016:IBM, Xilinx partner to speed FPGA based application development - News
08/04/2016:IDT targets comms systems with flexible RF mixers - Product Launches
08/04/2016:15A and 20A POL regulators power next generation servers - Product Launches
09/04/2016:Intelligent Railway Travel with AAEON Boxer PCs from RDS - Technology Spotlights
10/04/2016:ADLINK ETX Remote Monitoring Solution with Reliability, Scalability and Manageability - Technology Spotlights
11/04/2016:The perfect pairing for Ethernet networks in railway technology. - Technology Spotlights
11/04/2016:Quantum dots for better optoelectronic devices - News
11/04/2016:High voltage tolerant RS485 transceivers - Product Launches
11/04/2016:Single stage process for touchscreen manufacture - News
12/04/2016:National Electronics Week 2016 - Events
12/04/2016:Smart IoT London - Events
12/04/2016:Highly efficient DC/DC converters step-down 5V rails to point-of-load - Product Launches
12/04/2016:Providing a window into SoCs - Interview
12/04/2016:Slump in semiconductor revenues - News
12/04/2016:M12 products from METZ CONNECT: Complete range for industrial applications - Technology Spotlights
12/04/2016:Leti, Qualcomm extend stacking technology deal - News
12/04/2016:Critical steps in getting products to market - Reference/Features
12/04/2016:There's still growing demand for DSP, say experts - Reference/Features
12/04/2016:Can 3D printing transform PCB prototyping? - Reference/Features
12/04/2016:Cadence beefs up verification solutions through acquisition - News
12/04/2016:Will we ever prove autonomous vehicles are safe? - Blogs
12/04/2016:h-BN helps Li-ion battery run at 150°C - News
12/04/2016:Wearable NFC patch launched - News
12/04/2016:Security vs privacy, round 2 - Blogs
12/04/2016:Power first and last in consumer electronics - Reference/Features
12/04/2016:Can optical technology solve the high performance computing energy conundrum? - Reference/Features
13/04/2016:256Mbit MRAMs sampling; 1Gbit to come soon - News
13/04/2016:Compact, low-profile micro-speakers targets portable applications - Product Launches
13/04/2016:Molex buys ISI, gets Nallatech in the process - News
13/04/2016:FTDI unveils hi-speed USB interface ICs - Product Launches
13/04/2016:Radar inspired mobile phone antenna project - News
14/04/2016:High temperature aviation power module - News
14/04/2016:KEMET and Novasentis collaborate to produce haptic actuators for wearable devices - News
14/04/2016:Opto-isolated IGBT gate pre-driver IC for in-vehicle inverters - Product Launches
14/04/2016:Wearable electronics are a step closer to reality - News
14/04/2016:Rugged watertight panel LED - Product Launches
14/04/2016:Do ‘hourglass fermions’ explain topological insulators? - News
15/04/2016:Superconducting spintronics for new computer paradigm - News
15/04/2016:Scientists have created stable carbyne for the first time - News
15/04/2016:Researchers develop laser source for biosensors - News
15/04/2016:RF specialist gets $35m funding, looks to ‘obsolete’ GaAs - News
15/04/2016:M3 based MCUs for motor control applications - News
15/04/2016:Graphene based sensor detects PPB levels of pollution - News
16/04/2016:8 - Switch Matrix LED Dimmer Simplifies Complex LED Matrix Designs - Technology Spotlights
17/04/2016:Two new TNE 7” and 10.1” WXGA TFT Panels from RDS - Technology Spotlights
18/04/2016:ARMMS RF & Microwave Society Conference 2016 - Events
18/04/2016:First on-chip RF circulator claimed to double WiFi speeds with a single antenna - News
18/04/2016:Research could enable field programmable photonics, team claims - News
18/04/2016:New range of high power spiral antennas - Product Launches
18/04/2016:Squeezing more out of less - Reference/Features
18/04/2016:IoT Gateway Starter Kit from Advantech - Product Launches
18/04/2016:There are academics and there are the rest of us … - Blogs
18/04/2016:GreenPeak acquired by Qorvo with IoT market in mind - News
18/04/2016:Stontronics sign exclusive UK distribution deal with Pairui, a leading provider of flexible, cost effective LED drivers for solid state lighting applications - Technology Spotlights
19/04/2016:World’s first LTE Advanced routing platform - News
19/04/2016:Discovery brings ‘viable battery’ for large scale energy storage - News
19/04/2016:New Robust Automotive Forward Lighting Solution with Environmentally Friendly Solid-State Lighting Technology Available at Mouser. - Technology Spotlights
19/04/2016:Optical sensor detects mirrored and transparent surfaces reliably - Product Launches
20/04/2016:Semiconducting polymer developed for future flexible electronics - News
20/04/2016:ARM results beat market expectations - News
20/04/2016:Here we go again! - Blogs
20/04/2016:Next generation monitoring and control of energy devices - Product Launches
20/04/2016:Ultra-compact 3G/2G cellular module - Product Launches
20/04/2016:New wide input voltage automotive buck regulators - Product Launches
20/04/2016:Can superconducting spintronics cut computing’s power bill? - Blogs
20/04/2016:Industrial internet research platform launched - News
20/04/2016:Nanotubes could enable electro-optical conversion - News
20/04/2016:Acal BFi signs SiTime franchise - Product Launches
20/04/2016:8:1 sensor interface analogue front end - Product Launches
20/04/2016:Quantum cascade laser built on silicon - News
21/04/2016:Linear Technology and Arrow: Seminar on Signal Chain and Power Management - Events
21/04/2016:Step down switching regulator - Product Launches
21/04/2016:2W DC/DC converter family - Product Launches
21/04/2016:Physicists build 'electronic synapses' for neural networks - News
21/04/2016:High speed transistor suits roll to roll production - News
21/04/2016:Sub threshold partnership to target wearables and IoT - News
21/04/2016:More than 240 British businesses pick up Queen’s Awards on Her Majesty’s 90th birthday - News
21/04/2016:Gel coated nanowire for long life batteries - News
21/04/2016:PTC integrates ThingWorx with leading public device clouds - News
21/04/2016:SDR developed for mm wave spectrum - News
22/04/2016:Element Hosts EMC and Safety Testing Seminar - Events
22/04/2016:Do You Have a Plan B? - Reference/Features
22/04/2016:Bipolar 2-channel stepping motor driver - Product Launches
22/04/2016:Intelliconnect introduce field replaceable SMA connectors - Product Launches
22/04/2016:Model makes antenna design orders of magnitude faster - News
25/04/2016:Ultra-low power multi-channel, programmable RF IC from Melexis - Product Launches
25/04/2016:HMI Panel for remote monitoring, data acquisition and control - Product Launches
25/04/2016:243 Queen’s Awards, but where are all the electronics companies? - Blogs
25/04/2016:Research team creates three colour photodetector - News
25/04/2016:Distributors add high-resolution camera module to Raspberry Pi peripherals - Product Launches
25/04/2016:Panasonic launches "PA-N Relay" for PLCs - Product Launches
25/04/2016:3D photonics specialist gets £1.2m - News
26/04/2016:Tracking WiFi signals to passively see through walls using NI USRP and LabVIEW - Reference/Features
26/04/2016:Free tool models CPU power consumption - News
26/04/2016:Sensors helping in the search for dark matter - News
26/04/2016:The design decisions related to implementing effective EMC shielding - Reference/Features
26/04/2016:What is viable and what is not with 3D printed enclosures - Reference/Features
26/04/2016:Application class processors are finding their way into the embedded sector as system complexity increases - Reference/Features
26/04/2016:electronica adds another hall as exhibitor demand grows - News
26/04/2016:1T-MONOS is being proposed as a solution for applications where flash hasn’t previously been embedded - Reference/Features
26/04/2016:Infineon licenses visualisation tool for XMC range - News
26/04/2016:Engineers talk about the need for safety and security, but how well do they practice what they preach? - Reference/Features
26/04/2016:The ESA has embarked on an ambitious project to detect gravitational waves from an array of three satellites - Reference/Features
26/04/2016:Entries are now being accepted for this year’s British Engineering Excellence Awards - News
26/04/2016:Job cuts herald new focus for Intel - Blogs
26/04/2016:Has the moment finally arrived for AR and VR? - Reference/Features
27/04/2016:IDTechEx Events 2016 - Events
27/04/2016:The UK Device Developers' Conference 2016 - Events
27/04/2016:European grant awarded to develop ‘ATTO cells’ to create intelligent swarms of robots - News
27/04/2016:CEVA powers Autotalks’ V2X chipset - News
27/04/2016:New ultra Hi-Q radio frequency capacitors - Product Launches
27/04/2016:Apple slowdown - Blogs
27/04/2016:Industry’s first PXI express DMM for more accurate, smarter test systems - Product Launches
27/04/2016:New battery technology addresses need for ‘fit and forget' energy sources for IoT devices - News
27/04/2016:European Commission announces amendments to RoHS Directive - News
28/04/2016:IDTechEx Sensors Europe 2016 - Events
28/04/2016:Next-generation platform for ultradense data recording - News
28/04/2016:Researchers create one-step graphene patterning method - News
28/04/2016:Consumer awareness and preference of Bluetooth technology at all-time high as demand for IoT connectivity soars - News
28/04/2016:ANSYS assists power-efficient IP design for ARM - News
28/04/2016:Silicon Labs reduces cost and complexity of timing technology - Product Launches
28/04/2016:Murata targets datacentres and industrial applications with new power supply - Product Launches
29/04/2016:imec grows revenues, files ‘record’ number of patents - News
29/04/2016:Pre driver IC for electric and hybrid vehicles - Product Launches
29/04/2016:Enhanced graphene could aid thermal management - News
29/04/2016:Cypress buys Broadcom’s IoT wireless business - News
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