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Articles within the archive for March 2016

01/03/2016:Inmarsat Developer Conference - Events
01/03/2016:Keysight Technologies: Scope Month - Events
01/03/2016:Gate drivers provide switching power MOSFETs or IGBTs in half-bridge or full-bridge - Product Launches
01/03/2016:SmartKem sets organic semiconductor world record - News
01/03/2016:High throughput, low power requirement - Reference/Features
01/03/2016:Raspberry Pi celebrates its fourth birthday with a processor upgrade - Blogs
01/03/2016:Latest AMT PCAP Touch Solutions - Technology Spotlights
01/03/2016:Intelligent PCB modelling for thermal management - Blogs
01/03/2016:Belgian company wins $1m in Google’s Little Box Challenge - News
01/03/2016:£37m investment in training and equipment for quantum technologies - News
01/03/2016:Google’s self drive car makes schoolboy error - Blogs
01/03/2016:CleO touch-enabled HVGA display shield takes workload off Arduino units - Product Launches
01/03/2016:Finnish project addresses optical switching and transmission - News
01/03/2016:ECG readout chip may enable wearable medical SoCs - News
02/03/2016:Keysight to deliver high bandwidth oscilloscopes - News
02/03/2016:Low power multimode flyback controller for LED lighting designs - Product Launches
02/03/2016:Accelerating the commercialisation of flexible OLED lighting - News
02/03/2016:Spinning more efficient electronic devices - News
02/03/2016:TÜV SÜD Product Service Northern Customer Day - Events
03/03/2016:Intellectual Property Rights - Events
03/03/2016:Machine vision technology forum - Events
03/03/2016:Continental acquires Hi-Res 3D Flash LIDAR technology to add to its autonomous driving sensor portfolio - News
03/03/2016:Redefining power-conversion efficiency - Product Launches
03/03/2016:Industry’s first transistor arrays with DMOS FET source-output driver - Product Launches
03/03/2016:Implementing capacitive touchscreens in the car: the four key technical issues that automotive manufacturers should take into account - Reference/Features
03/03/2016:RF mitigation service helps decrease wireless operating costs - News
03/03/2016:Cisco buys Leaba Semiconductor for £320m - News
03/03/2016:Infineon invests €100m to expand capacity - News
04/03/2016:Herding cats brings benefits to engineers - Blogs
04/03/2016:EEMBC has IoT and security benchmarking efforts underway - News
04/03/2016:'Bending current' may enable MRAM - News
04/03/2016:Demand for semis softens, says ESIA - News
04/03/2016:European Commissioner puts photonics at the heart of industry - News
04/03/2016:SoM features UltraScale MPSoC - Product Launches
04/03/2016:Sensors for a smart environment - Reference/Features
07/03/2016:Cambridge Science Festival 2016 - Events
07/03/2016:Industry’s best ESD protection and signal processing performance - Product Launches
07/03/2016:TVS Diode features very high surge current protection - Product Launches
07/03/2016:ECU pushes ADAS technology boundaries to ‘new levels’ - News
07/03/2016:Euro project looks to create ‘manufacturable’ III-V CMOS on Si technology - News
07/03/2016:Research shows electricity flows through graphene at high frequencies without energy loss - News
07/03/2016:Power controllers for high side power rail applications - Product Launches
07/03/2016:UK research team grows laser on silicon substrate - News
08/03/2016:Embedded World in brief - News
08/03/2016:42V, 3.5A Synchronous Step-Down Regulator with 2.5µA Quiescent Current - Technology Spotlights
08/03/2016:Time sensitive networking is set to meet the precise communication needs of the industrial IoT and smart cars - Reference/Features
08/03/2016:Selecting the right probe and then using it correctly is crucial if you are to measure signals accurately, but it’s no easy task - Reference/Features
08/03/2016:With size, functionality and cost benefits, ASICs have wider application than you might think - Reference/Features
08/03/2016:Silicon photonics pioneer looks to ease the datacentre networking problem - Reference/Features
08/03/2016:More intelligence on production lines means growing demand for more sophisticated machine vision systems - Reference/Features
08/03/2016:Can vehicle and highway technology help to realise an environmental vision? - Reference/Features
08/03/2016:Mini-ITX board features quadcore AMD G-series SoC - Product Launches
08/03/2016:Curtiss-Wright meets USAF radar study targets - News
08/03/2016:LDRA’s founder, Mike Hennell, talks about the company’s origins and where it’s going - Interview
08/03/2016:Power control processor - Product Launches
08/03/2016:2D materials could enable new optoelectronic devices - News
08/03/2016:Last month’s Embedded World saw record numbers of developers and decision makers converge on Nuremberg - News
08/03/2016:As Raspberry Pi takes another important step in its evolution are its academic ambitions being overlooked? - Blogs
08/03/2016:LED and Lighting Design, Oxford - Events
09/03/2016:LED and Lighting Design - Events
09/03/2016:Secure, laser-based system to replace RF in aerospace communications - News
09/03/2016:Samsung brings DSLR imaging technology to smartphones - News
09/03/2016:Barclays’ Eagle Labs help start-ups take flight - News
10/03/2016:Self-rotating graphene and boron heterostructures - News
10/03/2016:Overlooked resistance can produce overestimates of organic-semiconductor performance - News
10/03/2016:Three-phase brushless motor driver with sine wave drive - Product Launches
10/03/2016:IGBTs minimise power loss in power conversion systems - News
10/03/2016:Flexible PCB antennas for 3G mobile devices - News
10/03/2016:Light helps transistor lasers switch more quickly - News
11/03/2016:Libero SoC v11.7 increases security, usability and efficiency for FPGA designs - Product Launches
11/03/2016:CoolMOS CE package is cost-effective drop-in replacement for DPAK - Product Launches
11/03/2016:Silicon photonic IC features four lasers - News
11/03/2016:imec adds to its cleanroom space to push beyond 7nm - News
11/03/2016:Canadian team generates multiphoton qubit states on chip - News
11/03/2016:Self-actuated origami-based material can be both stiff and pliable - News
14/03/2016:Mentor and Cadence announce fan-out WLCSP solutions - News
14/03/2016:Nanomotors help electronics fix themselves - News
14/03/2016:Magnetic chips could dramatically increase energy efficiency in computing - News
14/03/2016:Future memories continue to occupy our minds - Blogs
14/03/2016:Crossbar signs RRAM manufacturing, development deal with SMIC - News
14/03/2016:Rhopoint Components introduces: A New Ultra Low Pressure Sensor Family of Packaged Pressure Sensor Products that are Super Stable. - Technology Spotlights
15/03/2016:Avnet Memec-Silica Technology Day – Cambridge - Events
15/03/2016:Getting Started with Application Security - Events
15/03/2016:Chronometer grade timekeeping claimed for MEMS TCXO - Product Launches
15/03/2016:Texas team says it has broken antenna symmetry - News
15/03/2016:Performance oscilloscope probes tackle smaller, faster designs - Product Launches
15/03/2016:Bluetooth LE module has 400m range - News
15/03/2016:Wireless Sensor Networks with very low power consumption at less than 50µA per node - Technology Spotlights
15/03/2016:It’s time to enter the British Engineering Excellence Awards - News
15/03/2016:ARM, TSMC sign agreement targeting 7nm FinFET technology - News
16/03/2016:CPI announces roll to roll slot die/screen printing and encapsulation capability - News
16/03/2016:Superconductor-based memory could be hundreds of times faster than current devices - News
16/03/2016:Contest encourages advances in MEMS technology - News
16/03/2016:Graphene market to reach 3800 tonnes per year in 2026 - News
17/03/2016:Axial metallised polyester and polypropylene film capacitors - Product Launches
17/03/2016:The UK’s only convicted semiconductor counterfeiter – so far - Blogs
17/03/2016:ORNL discovery looks to replace silicon in some applications - News
17/03/2016:Imagination makes more cuts, but is it in a selling mode? - Blogs
17/03/2016:Novel process makes perovskites suitable as safer ceramic capacitors - News
18/03/2016:Developing hardware for the next generation of consumer electronics devices - Blogs
18/03/2016:A layered approach to enhancing security for safety-critical software - Reference/Features
18/03/2016:IP65 version of Hammond 1553 ergonomic handheld enclosures - Product Launches
18/03/2016:Analog Devices acquires SNAP Sensor, enhances IoT sensing portfolio - News
18/03/2016:JEDEC tackles counterfeiters with new standard - News
18/03/2016:Latest PowerVR Graphics SDK includes support for Vulkan API - News
18/03/2016:Helping counterfeiters jump through hoops - Blogs
21/03/2016:Acal BFi, Tronics sign pan Euro distribution deal - News
21/03/2016:High frequency power inductors - Product Launches
21/03/2016:ITX format board is ‘ideal base’ for scalable system - Product Launches
21/03/2016:Power module for space challenged applications - Product Launches
21/03/2016:AC to PoL development kit - Product Launches
21/03/2016:ESCO’s Trailblazer scheme gets approval - News
21/03/2016:Faradion wins Government funding for sodium-ion development - News
21/03/2016:Silicon photonics lane rates pushed to 50Gbit/s - News
21/03/2016:EU project to develop multicore programming approach - News
22/03/2016:Crumpled graphene could enhance battery performance - News
22/03/2016:Guard against fakes, says ESCO - News
22/03/2016:Serious security concerns, says survey - News
22/03/2016:Future trends in wearables - News
22/03/2016:Power supplies for body floating medical applications - News
22/03/2016:Tektronix unveils 1GHz optically isolated measurement system - News
22/03/2016:M2.COM Internet of Things sensor platform unveiled - Reference/Features
22/03/2016:MOSFET cuts conduction, switching losses - Product Launches
22/03/2016:Part art, part science - Reference/Features
22/03/2016:The choice between discrete and integrated solutions for sensor conditioning - Reference/Features
22/03/2016:Apple gets tart comments - Blogs
22/03/2016:5G is demanding a new type of architecture; one disruptive solution could be a Flat Distributed Cloud architecture - Reference/Features
22/03/2016:Could the mass deployment of V2X communications finally be set to become a reality? - Reference/Features
22/03/2016:Micro:bit rolling out to schools - News
22/03/2016:Performance in cars isn't just about engines; lighting and instrument clusters are equally important - Reference/Features
22/03/2016:Is the drone sector more than just a game? - Reference/Features
22/03/2016:Laser writing could enable microbatteries in chips - News
22/03/2016:As MCUs head to the leading edge, will NVM oust flash? - News
23/03/2016:Cuddly lambs trump manufacturing every time - Blogs
23/03/2016:Reichelt looks to shake-up UK electronics market - News
23/03/2016:Arrow’s ARIS IoT development board features Renesas Synergy platform - Product Launches
23/03/2016:32bit MCU portfolio expanded - News
23/03/2016:High efficiency integrated power stages - News
23/03/2016:Massive MIMO system transmits 1.59Gbit/s over 20MHz channel - News
24/03/2016:Powerful organic nanowires can be produced cheaply - News
24/03/2016:Next generation fibre optic connector outperforms industry standard - Product Launches
24/03/2016:Zigzag edges could make graphene the material of choice in spintronic devices - News
24/03/2016:Intelligent motors could control themselves - News
29/03/2016:Lawrence Livermore and IBM collaborate to build brain-inspired supercomputer - News
29/03/2016:Cliff Electronics expands range of XLR format feed-through data connectors - Product Launches
29/03/2016:How innovation in rechargeable lithium cells is helping designers overcome power limitations in miniature devices - Reference/Features
29/03/2016:Efficient monolithic buck with ultralow DCR sensing - News
29/03/2016:Advanced automotive touch controllers - News
29/03/2016:Privacy v national security – the debate continues - Blogs
30/03/2016:Evaluation kit speeds design of CAN and LIN networking protocol applications - News
30/03/2016:Closing the FinFET productivity gap - News
31/03/2016:Consortium to develop world class NFC packaging capability for the UK - News
31/03/2016:IDT expands power portfolio with dual-phase high-performance digital power controller - Product Launches
31/03/2016:Gallium oxide could replace silicon - News
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