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Articles within the archive for February 2016

01/02/2016:Low VIN, 10A Regulator Delivers Full Current with 91%-95% Efficiency at up to 85°C Ambient - Technology Spotlights
01/02/2016:MOVE_UK consortium wins £5.5m fund to trial driverless cars on UK roads - News
01/02/2016:Microsoft tests underwater data centre - News
01/02/2016:Accurate real-time power monitoring of multiple loads - Product Launches
01/02/2016:Revolutionising nanomaterial production - News
01/02/2016:RS puts the spotlight on its private label products - News
01/02/2016:NASA engineers to build and test integrated photonics modem - News
01/02/2016:TDKL CUS350M convection cooled power supplies are ideal for applications where acoustical noise cannot be tolerated - Reference/Features
02/02/2016:Securing the Future of the IoT - Events
02/02/2016:Jaguar Land Rover to road test future technology on the UK’s first connected corridor - News
02/02/2016:HARTING White paper: How to achieve 40Gb/s Backplanes - Technology Spotlights
02/02/2016:REM Switch chip and RapID Platform support ModbusTCP - Product Launches
02/02/2016:High power density in a small package - Product Launches
02/02/2016:Renesas develops safety solutions for autonomous vehicles - News
02/02/2016:Semi sales turn downwards, but ‘modest growth’ predicted for 2016 - News
02/02/2016:‘All plastic’ digital logic device sets speed record - News
02/02/2016:Aviation R&D centre to support ‘more electric aircraft’ - News
03/02/2016:Energy-efficient chip performs powerful artificial-intelligence tasks - News
03/02/2016:Wide range, high efficiency switched-capacitor DC/DC converter for wireless ICs - News
03/02/2016:Flash memory technology enhances automotive control systems - News
03/02/2016:Beamforming transceiver supports 4.6Gbit/s at 60GHz - News
04/02/2016:Verification Futures 2016 - Events
04/02/2016:Ultralife acquires Accutronics for £7.5m - News
04/02/2016:Small power supply with low no-load power consumption - Product Launches
04/02/2016:Industry’s first PMICs for smart TVs and set-top boxes - Product Launches
04/02/2016:More electric planes, maybe, but just how much electric? - Blogs
04/02/2016:Digital acquisition system captures 12.5Gsample/s - News
04/02/2016:Partnership to commercialise sodium-ion technology - News
04/02/2016:Germanium-based photonics could enable novel sensors and faster internet - News
04/02/2016:Spin transfer MRAM demonstrated on standard CMOS wafer - News
04/02/2016:Transcend Exclusive SuperMLC Technology - Technology Spotlights
05/02/2016:RDS announces the latest AAEON products with 6th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors - Technology Spotlights
05/02/2016:Dual function antenna integrates NFC and LF communication - Product Launches
05/02/2016:Iron stepping stones to better wearable tech without semiconductors - News
08/02/2016:Imagination Technologies' chief executive steps down amid restructuring - News
08/02/2016:What is the usable power in a DC/DC converter? - Reference/Features
08/02/2016:£5.25m project to deliver week-long mobile phone power on one charge - News
08/02/2016:First air quality sensor to distinguish PM2.5, pollen and dust - Product Launches
08/02/2016:I’m allergic to batteries! - Blogs
08/02/2016:Production-ready IoT Gateway board with multiple radios - Technology Spotlights
09/02/2016:Important – what every design engineer needs to know before implementing USB in an embedded system - Technology Spotlights
09/02/2016:$500m push to get EUV into production - News
09/02/2016:Compact, low-power receiver for energy-limited RF applications - Product Launches
09/02/2016:Low power Bluetooth module for IoT applications - Product Launches
09/02/2016:How designers can take advantage of the latest product developments in intelligent power modules - Reference/Features
09/02/2016:The medical market is changing rapidly and suppliers will have to meet demands to for smaller, fast and cheaper connectors - Reference/Features
09/02/2016:High performance data converters are set to help designers create new systems, including software defined microwave - Reference/Features
09/02/2016:Effective human machine interface design is crucial - Reference/Features
09/02/2016:How can designers estimate and optimise the power consumed by their embedded systems? - Reference/Features
09/02/2016:What measures will the embedded systems community have to adopt to keep its designs secure for the future? - Reference/Features
09/02/2016:CES 2016 suggests technology business is alive and well - Reference/Features
09/02/2016:Sir Hossein pays the price as licensing deals slow - Blogs
09/02/2016:Cultural transformation - News
09/02/2016:SBC design wins award - News
09/02/2016:GSPK Design awarded £500,000 to further develop healthcare technology - News
09/02/2016:Keeping processors cool - Product Launches
09/02/2016:Simulation upgrade - News
09/02/2016:Conversion acquisition - News
09/02/2016:Reaching for the stars - an interview with Oxford Space Systems founder Mike Lawton - Interview
09/02/2016:Momentum is building around AR as the number of business user cases increases - News
09/02/2016:Despite assertions to the contrary is distribution getting more complicated? - Blogs
10/02/2016:Fibre-optic speeds outside of fibre - News
10/02/2016:Space and military technology developments should benefit us all - Blogs
10/02/2016:Printed sensing technology for metal tooling applications - News
10/02/2016:ARM reports strong growth in revenue, profit - News
10/02/2016:e2v signs high reliability deal with Peregrine - News
11/02/2016:Snapdragon line up expanded, SoC for wearables launched - News
11/02/2016:Lattice expands ECP5 FPGA range for smart connectivity solutions - News
11/02/2016:High power, slim converters for demanding railway applications - Product Launches
11/02/2016:CUI in the lab – AMT zeroing and one touch - Video Content
11/02/2016:Silicon chip with integrated laser paves way for photonic chips - News
11/02/2016:Nanowires can be tuned to emit green, blue light - News
12/02/2016:UCL researchers record fastest optical data transmission rate ever - News
12/02/2016:M2M, IoT reference design platform launched - News
12/02/2016:SM99 and SR99 Single pole spring clamp terminal blocks – safe and convenient - Technology Spotlights
12/02/2016:BoostedNFC for wearables improves contactless user experience - Product Launches
12/02/2016:High temperature rated capacitors - Product Launches
12/02/2016:Glass optimises graphene's electronic properties for improved electronics - News
12/02/2016:£9million fund to speed commercialisation of leading healthcare technology projects - News
13/02/2016:Small, flexible, powerful – New 4.3-10 connector series from Telegärtner - Technology Spotlights
14/02/2016:HARTING webinar: Overcome the challenges of Power on the PCB - Technology Spotlights
15/02/2016:Partnership to deliver next-generation lithography process - News
15/02/2016:Growing European support network for Renesas Synergy Platform - News
15/02/2016:New LED lights from Binder have M12 connectivity - Technology Spotlights
15/02/2016:ATEX and how this applies to power supplies - Reference/Features
15/02/2016:Microchip launches online 8bit MCU development environment - News
15/02/2016:Future-proofing the commercial fibre-optic infrastructure - News
16/02/2016:Photonics is poised to be the ‘go to’ technology for data - Blogs
16/02/2016:Euro distributors enjoyed ‘healthy’ 2015, says DMASS - News
16/02/2016:SoCs for 3D instrument clusters - News
16/02/2016:Speed and power benefits claimed for 2D semiconductor - News
16/02/2016:CPI installs roll to roll digital lithography line to develop OTFTs - News
17/02/2016:Synergy Platform expanded with MCUs and updated software package - News
17/02/2016:Industry’s most powerful universal SoC debug environment - News
17/02/2016:Record six hour flight for UAV powered by solid hydrogen-on-demand fuel cell - News
18/02/2016:Battery charger supports USB Type C connector - Product Launches
18/02/2016:Sundance EMC2-Z7030 SBC integrates Xilinx SDSoC development environment - Product Launches
18/02/2016:DFT extension for Altium Designer - Product Launches
18/02/2016:Schneider Electric selects Everspin's MRAM for its Modicon M580 ePAC - News
18/02/2016:Real time processor to tackle 5G modem, mass storage challenges - News
19/02/2016:imec to merge with iMinds - News
19/02/2016:Photonics set for technology boom - Blogs
19/02/2016:Transmitter architecture suits RF CMOS SoCs - News
19/02/2016:Automotive grade MLCCs with high operating temperatures - Product Launches
22/02/2016:Europe remains a hotbed of innovation for the industrial sector - Blogs
22/02/2016:Graphene, GaSe combo has ‘promising properties’ - News
22/02/2016:MRAM solutions for automotive systems - Product Launches
22/02/2016:Joint venture targets EUV infrastructure for high volume - News
22/02/2016:Multi-GNSS receiver with embedded security - Product Launches
23/02/2016:Embedded World 2016 - Events
23/02/2016:WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU updated and expanded - News
23/02/2016:IAR Systems and Express Logic form IoT development partnership - News
23/02/2016:AMD expands G-Series processor range - Product Launches
23/02/2016:They may not be solid state, but modern electromechanical relays meet today’s reliability demands - Design +
23/02/2016:GaN starts to encroach on LDMOS’ dominance of the power transistor market - Reference/Features
23/02/2016:3U VPX module wins PCB design competition - Reference/Features
23/02/2016:Seeing the wood, despite the trees - Reference/Features
23/02/2016:Can Big Data play a pivotal role in providing enhanced healthcare services? - Reference/Features
23/02/2016:Wearable technology has potential in medical applications and healthcare - Reference/Features
23/02/2016:How can we encourage more young people to study STEM subjects and pursue careers in electronics and technology? - Reference/Features
23/02/2016:While one IP company continues to progress, another is finding the market to be harder - News
23/02/2016:Legal battle between the FBI and Apple over encryption could have profound consequences - Blogs
23/02/2016:Cortex-A32 set to bring ‘ultra high’ embedded efficiency - News
23/02/2016:Three launches set to ‘seed’ the use of NFC in the embedded industry - News
24/02/2016:How to achieve ultra-efficiency in 64-bit compute - Reference/Features
24/02/2016:5D data storage can store 360Tbytes of data for 13.8bn years - News
24/02/2016:Wi-Fi at 10,000 times lower power - News
24/02/2016:Reference design announced for USB-PD compliant fast chargers - News
24/02/2016:Flexible PSoC 4 solutions to replace 8-bit and 16-bit platforms - Product Launches
25/02/2016:Synchronous step-down switching regulator delivers 94% efficiency - Product Launches
25/02/2016:IO-Link transceiver saves space, cuts heat - News
25/02/2016:New metal line switches with multicolour illumination and variable input voltage from SCHURTER - Products In Focus
25/02/2016:The best electrolyte material for solid-state batteries hasn’t been found yet, according to Philippe Vereecken - Products In Focus
25/02/2016:Collaboration is the centerpiece to push the limits of lithography, argues Greg McIntyre - Products In Focus
25/02/2016:OKW unveils new CONNECT enclosures for cable connected electronic devices - Products In Focus
25/02/2016:SM99 and SR99: single pole spring clamp terminal blocks offering safety and convenience - Products In Focus
25/02/2016:Linear Technology’s Don Paulus assesses some emerging trends in analogue and power - Products In Focus
25/02/2016:Mentor Graphics looks to fulfill the need for an innovative, end-to-end, IoT solution - Products In Focus
25/02/2016:Tackling the challenges associated with network communications - Products In Focus
25/02/2016:Renesas enables heightened security in connected IoT devices - News
25/02/2016:Low power sub GHz radio for industrial applications - News
25/02/2016:Testbed to develop time sensitive networking reference architecture - News
25/02/2016:Quantum dot work to bring ‘new era’ for electronics - News
26/02/2016:EPSRC announces two major research grants into systems analysis - News
26/02/2016:'Most compact' multidomain scope launched - News
26/02/2016:Ultrathin, flexible photovoltaic cells have many potential future uses - News
26/02/2016:Graphene ‘moth eye’ inspired material is the most light-absorbent material for its weight - News
29/02/2016:Do power supply manufacturers need to be early adopters replacing IEC 60950-1 and IEC 60065 with the new IEC 62368-1:2014 standard?` - Reference/Features
29/02/2016:Conductive electronics almost as flexible as rubber - News
29/02/2016:Moth’s eye helps researchers see the light - Blogs
29/02/2016:40 year old solution to internet 'capacity crunch' - News
29/02/2016:Automotive EDLC protection ICs for cell-balancing and overcharge protection - Product Launches
29/02/2016:ATP based supercomputer could be smaller, more energy efficient - News
29/02/2016:Raspberry Pi3 boasts quad core A53 processor - News
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