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01/12/2016:Keysight expands PXI portfolio - News
01/12/2016:Liquid energy storage blends battery and supercap benefits - News
01/12/2016:Collaboration to address epitaxial wafer production challenges - News
02/12/2016:The 2D material ‘gold rush’ continues apace - Blogs
02/12/2016:Dallas based researchers find TMDs could be used for transistors - News
02/12/2016:RS to manufacture Raspberry Pi in Japan - News
02/12/2016:Technique to mass produce single layer chips - News
05/12/2016:TO-Style Heat Sink Mountable Power Film Resistors - Technology Spotlights
05/12/2016:£60million to strengthen UK’s manufacturing base - News
05/12/2016:Calling ALL Engineers, are you thinking of building your own or buying a traditional DC Load, then look no further than the best cost per Watt products on the market from Magna-Power. - Technology Spotlights
05/12/2016:Will Apple’s ‘iCar’ break the mould? - Blogs
05/12/2016:Sensor specialist Novelda raises $12m, appoints new CEO - News
05/12/2016:Magnetic sensor to measure 3D nuclear spin - News
06/12/2016:Smiths Connectors introduces Vortex Connector series - Product Launches
06/12/2016:Scaling silicon IGBTs can boost energy efficiency, says Japanese team - News
06/12/2016:Solution based technique for solar cells and wearables - News
06/12/2016:Recharge in seconds with supercapacitors - News
06/12/2016:Multitouch technology developer gets Series A backing - News
06/12/2016:Murata’s safety standard capacitors are X and Y rated for arduous mains duties - Product Launches
06/12/2016:Bluetooth based SoC set to ‘redefine’ IoT, wearable apps - News
06/12/2016:MEMS device could replace emech relays, says start up - News
06/12/2016:New Aavid kits let designers evaluate use of heat pipes for cooling high-power electronics circuits - Technology Spotlights
06/12/2016:Too much doom and gloom? - Blogs
07/12/2016:Artesyn launches 700W DC/DC converter module - Product Launches
07/12/2016:Bluetooth 5 is adopted officially - News
07/12/2016:Qualcomm launches server chip with 48 ARM v8 cores - News
07/12/2016:Modular connector for CAN based networks - Product Launches
07/12/2016:Nuclear waste encapsulated in diamond produces batteries that could last thousands of years - News
07/12/2016:Engineers erase and rewrite data on optical chips - News
07/12/2016:imec does 8nm STT-MRAM, claims ‘manufacturable’ at 10nm - News
08/12/2016:PMBus converter delivers high density - Product Launches
08/12/2016:Xilinx takes licence for ARM’s 7nm physical IP - News
08/12/2016:Over the air updates to IoT devices will bring 'huge security challenges' - Blogs
08/12/2016:Tracealyzer 3.1 supports RTOS trace over USB - Product Launches
08/12/2016:Fewer sensors needed for EV batteries - News
08/12/2016:A stamp to print electronic inks - News
08/12/2016:RRAM based low power serial EEPROMs offer security features - News
09/12/2016:US university lab launches IoT IP test service - News
09/12/2016:CNT based memory developer raises another $21million - News
09/12/2016:Potassium ions keep battery tunnels open, improve capacity - News
09/12/2016:15W DC/DC converters have six-sided shielding - Product Launches
11/12/2016:The world's first FREE 3D-MID design software - Technology Spotlights
12/12/2016:See Your Designs in a New Light. Mouser Carries Line of Cree LEDs. - Technology Spotlights
12/12/2016:Lattice expands ice40 range, targets sensor aggregation - News
13/12/2016:Tracksure sensor system to transform rail networks - Reference/Features
13/12/2016:Technology to improve firefighter safety - Reference/Features
13/12/2016:Is industry becoming more vertical as systems move front and centre? - Blogs
13/12/2016:Low power 16bit MCU family launched - Product Launches
13/12/2016:Leti to unveil wearable device to measure relaxation - News
13/12/2016:Solid state pH, Cl sensor is ‘must have’, claim researchers - News
13/12/2016:Conformable organic LCD to enable new display concepts - News
13/12/2016:Li-ion battery test cell wins research prize - News
13/12/2016:UCL updates x-ray for range of applications - News
13/12/2016:Home automation reference designs - Product Launches
13/12/2016:Graphene photodetectors set speed record - News
13/12/2016:‘Modest’ growth expected in demand for electronics - Blogs
13/12/2016:Taylor named UKESF Scholar of the Year - News
13/12/2016:Small to Medium size TFT LCD modules - Technology Spotlights
13/12/2016:New PICO-IMX&-eMMS from RDS - Technology Spotlights
14/12/2016:Vehicle to Grid (V2G) - Conference and Workshop - Events
14/12/2016:Arbitary waveform generators for testing MIPI PHYs - Reference/Features
14/12/2016:Using FPGAs in embedded systems - Reference/Features
14/12/2016:54th in the world, UK has too many ‘digital deserts’ when it comes to 4G coverage - Blogs
14/12/2016:Demand for automotive sensors is booming - Reference/Features
14/12/2016:Designers can never have enough MCUs, according to Lucio Di Jasio - Interview
14/12/2016:How do we secure the IoT? - News
14/12/2016:ST adds MCUs to top end of STM32F4 range - News
14/12/2016:Distributors expect 2.5% growth, according to ecsn - News
14/12/2016:All industries need better access to data, says NI Days keynoter - News
14/12/2016:Ericsson unveils advanced bus converter - Product Launches
14/12/2016:Memristors as logic gates and memory cells in tomorrow’s computing devices - Reference/Features
14/12/2016:Sub threshold processor range extended - News
15/12/2016:3200W power supply offers Delta or Wye three phase input - Product Launches
15/12/2016:µModule isolator delivers dual rail regulated power - Product Launches
15/12/2016:Flexible optical sensor to monitor liquid properties - News
15/12/2016:Safety MCUs for autonomous driving - News
15/12/2016:Ilika leads battery integration project - News
15/12/2016:Proposed rule to mandate V2V communication - News
15/12/2016:Thin films for data storage and spintronic devices - News
15/12/2016:e2v to be acquired by Teledyne for £620million - News
16/12/2016:Arbitrary/function generators offer large memory and siFi - Product Launches
16/12/2016:GTK offers flat flexible cables - Product Launches
16/12/2016:SAR A/D converter for rapid sampling - Product Launches
16/12/2016:Optical fibre sensor enables real time detection - News
16/12/2016:Driving technology forwards - Blogs
16/12/2016:ARM buys Allinea as it firms HPC offerings - News
16/12/2016:Mars Rover project wins Rohde & Schwarz’s 2 minutes competition - News
16/12/2016:Scientists turn to AI to create safer batteries - News
16/12/2016:FDXcelerator programme expanded - News
19/12/2016:Intel Joule platforms available from Mouser - Product Launches
19/12/2016:Vicor introduces three DC/DC converter modules - Product Launches
19/12/2016:Multi-gigabit Ethernet controllers for enterprise and SMB networks - News
19/12/2016:ams acquires digital noise cancellation technology - News
19/12/2016:NIST device for detecting subatomic motion - News
19/12/2016:Radio created from atomic scale defects - News
19/12/2016:Digital wallpaper to redecorate with one switch - News
20/12/2016:DFI Tech announces line of Pico-ITX boards - Product Launches
20/12/2016:Binder snap-in, waterproof, modular connectors - Product Launches
20/12/2016:Electrons trying to catch up with photons - News
20/12/2016:Nanomaterials enhance electrical and thermal conductivity in composites - News
21/12/2016:Additional investment secured by SmartKem - News
21/12/2016:Sodium-embedded carbon for better energy devices - News
21/12/2016:Nano-power op amp boosts sensing accuracy - Product Launches
21/12/2016:Embedded NAND flash memory for automotive apps - Product Launches
21/12/2016:Update - Solid state battery with unmatched energy density - News
22/12/2016:Radiation hardened MOSFET family for aerospace applications - Product Launches
22/12/2016:High currents in graphene for ultra-fast electronics - News
22/12/2016:‘Safe & Sound’ wearables design challenge - News
22/12/2016:Zap&Go to unveil three fast charge prototypes at CES - News
22/12/2016:DC/DC converters for power conversion rail products - Product Launches
23/12/2016:CoaXPress board solution for military and industrial applications - Product Launches
23/12/2016:XP Power offers encapsulated 80W AC/DC modules - Product Launches
23/12/2016:Bacteria-powered battery for resource-limited environments - News
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