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Articles within the archive for October 2016

03/10/2016:Chancellor looks to transform commercialisation - Blogs
03/10/2016:Government puts £120m into supporting technology transfer - News
03/10/2016:LTE for the IoT: Not one standard but many - Reference/Features
03/10/2016:Silicon Labs acquires RTOS company Micrium - News
03/10/2016:Leti joins Stanford SystemX Alliance - News
03/10/2016:LDMOS power transistor added to rugged family - Product Launches
03/10/2016:DDR memory power solution now fully integrated - Product Launches
03/10/2016:MEMS accelerometers enable early detection of structural defects - Product Launches
03/10/2016:Could Qualcomm shake up the embedded world? - Blogs
03/10/2016:Make your UI SHINE with AMOLED - Technology Spotlights
04/10/2016:Blue University LIVE - Events
04/10/2016:European Microwave Week 2016 - Events
04/10/2016:IBM invests in Europe for cognitive IoT - News
04/10/2016:Visible light communication now possible in the dark - News
04/10/2016:Nanoscale electronic motion sensor as DNA sequencer - News
04/10/2016:TULIPP project to develop a reference platform for image processing apps - News
05/10/2016:2D wavy borophene for flexible electronics - News
05/10/2016:MagniV MCUs to speed and simplify motor control systems - News
06/10/2016:Discover the story of Raspberry Pi in Space in the New Electronics Conference - Technology Spotlights
06/10/2016:'Atomic sandwiches' for 100 times less energy consumption - News
06/10/2016:Future extends Cypress disti deal to include Broadcom IoT products - News
07/10/2016:Artesyn announces 550 Watt CRPS server power supply - Product Launches
07/10/2016:Toshiba unveils single-chip, low pin-count MCU for control of multiple motors - Product Launches
07/10/2016:Renesas unveils V2X solutions for the autonomous-driving era - News
07/10/2016: The BEEAs names Lightpoint Medical as the Grand Prix winner - News
07/10/2016:Electrons in graphene behave like light - News
07/10/2016:Intel starts sampling Stratix 10 for data centres and networking - News
07/10/2016:Discover the benefits of Multi Domain Measurement systems with Tektronix UK at EDS - Technology Spotlights
07/10/2016:Learn to control multi-axis servo motor controllers with Digi-Key Electronics at EDS - Technology Spotlights
08/10/2016:Humanoid robots to come to life at EDS 2016 - Technology Spotlights
09/10/2016:Electronics Design Show 2016 opens today – see you there! - Technology Spotlights
09/10/2016:Two new 7” and 10.1” WXGA TFT Panels from RDS - Technology Spotlights
10/10/2016:Nobel Prize for Physics 2016 - News
10/10/2016:Multipurpose processor IP core for IoT applications - News
10/10/2016:Ambipolar material for more sensitive readings of biological signals - News
10/10/2016:Scientists build world's smallest transistor - News
10/10/2016:Stretched TFT LCD from Craft Data Limited - Technology Spotlights
11/10/2016:Technology for Sensing, Imaging and Display - Technology Spotlights
11/10/2016:UK distributors remain positive as sales growth expected - News
11/10/2016:European Microwave Week shows move to services - News
11/10/2016:Is Qualcomm about to step out of its comfort zone? - Blogs
11/10/2016:BBC’s R&D teams focus on new ways to make, deliver and view media content - Reference/Features
11/10/2016:Ultra-low noise, ultra-high PSRR low dropout voltage linear regulator - Product Launches
11/10/2016:Intelligent vision systems and AI for the development of autonomous driving - Reference/Features
11/10/2016:A move to brushless DC motors - Reference/Features
11/10/2016:Intersil unveils programmable gamma buffer for ADAS displays - Product Launches
11/10/2016:Keeping compliant with all relevant EC Directives - Reference/Features
11/10/2016:Humanoid robots to come to life at the Engineering Design Show - News
11/10/2016:Microtubes boost battery energy density - News
11/10/2016:DRAM replacement technology could save power, area - News
11/10/2016:Optimising wearable designs by integrating support circuitry - Reference/Features
11/10/2016:Marine designs are a lesson for industrial displays - Technology Spotlights
11/10/2016:Connector to combat passive inter modulation on mobile networks - Reference/Features
11/10/2016:Acquisition takes Infineon into automotive LIDAR market - News
11/10/2016:Embedded FPGA technology to cut power in SoCs - News
12/10/2016:Space Passive Component Days - Events
12/10/2016:Plexus in an excellent position for future growth, says Mihm - Interview
12/10/2016:High power density DC-DC PoL converters for FPGA and programmable logic designs - Product Launches
12/10/2016:Imagination unveils multicore, multicluster CPU - News
12/10/2016:EnOcean adds 2.4GHz BLE energy harvesting modules under Dolphin brand - News
12/10/2016:Murata acquires 3D silicon capacitor expertise - News
12/10/2016:MOF based supercapacitor outperforms carbon based devices - News
12/10/2016:Smallest 40W AC/DC open frame power supply launched - Product Launches
12/10/2016:Sensor system turns trains into track monitors - News
12/10/2016: The sky is not the limit for the world's largest optical telescope - Reference/Features
13/10/2016:Antenna supports 433MHz transmission - Product Launches
13/10/2016:Electron-phonon interactions prevent heat dissipation - News
13/10/2016:Strongest coupling between light and matter observed - News
13/10/2016:Flexible electronics company gets £18million - News
14/10/2016:Investment in PragmatIC could suggest a sector beginning to gain momentum - Blogs
14/10/2016:Engineers reveal fabrication process for transparent sensors - News
14/10/2016:Method for DNA-based single electron electronic devices - News
14/10/2016:New electronic paper is just 1µm thick - News
17/10/2016:New wideband horn antenna caters for EMC test applications from 200MHz to 2GHz - Product Launches
17/10/2016:A smartwatch prototype uses wrist as a joystick - News
17/10/2016:Spin information transmitted through a superconductor - News
17/10/2016:Samsung claims industry first with 10nm FinFET production - News
17/10/2016:Sandia and Harvard team create first quantum computer bridge - News
17/10/2016:Ultra thin fingerprint sensor has 500dot/in resolution - News
17/10/2016:IBM, Google and others collaborate to speed datacentre performance - News
18/10/2016:Semiconductor nanocomposite moves in response to light - News
19/10/2016:UPDATE – 2D materials for next generation healthcare technologies - News
19/10/2016: DVCon Europe 2016 announces its technical programme - Events
19/10/2016:Artesyn announces 550W CRPS server power supply - Product Launches
19/10/2016:Photorelays come in DIP8 packages - Product Launches
19/10/2016:Tek announces support for CAN FD - News
19/10/2016:Low cost, low risk memory - Product Launches
20/10/2016:Astute sets up memory division, signs Alliance - News
20/10/2016:Express compact module features AMD G-series SoC - Product Launches
21/10/2016:Infineon unveils MCUs for automated and electric vehicle applications - News
21/10/2016:‘Lightning rod’ effect creates fast optical transistor - News
21/10/2016:Battery pack configuration service - News
21/10/2016:Winners named in Discovering Start Ups competition - News
21/10/2016:Yokogawa AQ1300 series gains ITU-T Y.1564 support - Product Launches
21/10/2016:3 watt industrial DC-DC converters in ultra-compact DIP-8 package for space-critical applications - Product Launches
21/10/2016:Transistor could allow devices to function for months without a battery - News
23/10/2016:Fast, easy, safe: Spring clamp terminal blocks with eccentric lever system - Technology Spotlights
23/10/2016:TestLine cables now up to 40 GHz - Technology Spotlights
24/10/2016:Mouser Stocking Entire Line of Terminal Block Solutions from Phoenix Contact. - Technology Spotlights
24/10/2016:Nicomatic publish New Crimpflex™ Guideline - Technology Spotlights
24/10/2016:100G technology for hyperscale data centres and cloud computing environments - News
24/10/2016:EDS: New features and innovations pull in visitors - News
24/10/2016:Omron LED Control IC provides ultra-smooth fade - Product Launches
24/10/2016:Virtualised 5G architecture world first - News
24/10/2016:Raising the profile of technology among women - Blogs
24/10/2016:New termination block for PROFINET applications - Product Launches
24/10/2016:New Micro:bit Educational Foundation launched - News
24/10/2016:Will EUV finally make it to production? - Blogs
25/10/2016:A to C, Toby make USB easy - Technology Spotlights
25/10/2016:Hybrid nanostructures may be right for next-gen green cars - News
25/10/2016:EnSilica opens RF Design Centre near Oxford - News
25/10/2016:EBV launches Product Innovations department - News
25/10/2016:The cumulative number of transistors produced is set to boom, says Wally Rhines - Blogs
25/10/2016:High power density and extra wide input bricks target demanding applications - Product Launches
25/10/2016:The best of times or the worst? - Blogs
25/10/2016:Is there a more reliable way of predicting future semiconductor growth? - News
25/10/2016:TSMC says ‘good progress’ with EUV - News
25/10/2016:LEMO’s rugged, high density, IP rated connectors suit defence and hi-rel applications - Space-saving, multi-pin, fully shielded, vibration-secure and sealed connector with high pin-count density, 360° EMC shielding protection - Technology Spotlights
25/10/2016:Toshiba unveils e•MMC and UFS memories with updated controllers - Product Launches
26/10/2016:User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing - Events
26/10/2016:Synergy platform extended to embrace v8-M architecture - News
26/10/2016:First SMARC 2.0 module - Product Launches
26/10/2016:Could Asian investors be about to transform Europe’s tech sector? - Blogs
26/10/2016:ARM adds security to IoT MCU cores - News
26/10/2016:ARM’s latest advanced safety processor looks to address the growing need for functional safety being seen across industrial sectors - Reference/Features
26/10/2016:Seamless design for smart models - Design +
26/10/2016:Demand for integrated oscilloscopes continues to grow as engineers face more complex test challenges - Reference/Features
26/10/2016:As space and functionality demands increase, consumer electronics developers are taking a modular approach to designing MEMS - Reference/Features
26/10/2016:Focusing light on industry’s problems - Reference/Features
26/10/2016:Demand for smaller, more portable medical devices is driving innovation in sensor technologies - Reference/Features
26/10/2016:Academic research has been turned into a leading edge medical imaging system for cancer surgery - Reference/Features
27/10/2016:Smoke turns to fire as Qualcomm signs NXP deal - Blogs
27/10/2016:Raising the profile of technology amongst women - Blogs
27/10/2016:Analog buys Innovasic, broadens automation portfolio - News
27/10/2016:Qualcomm buys NXP in $47bn cash deal - News
27/10/2016:OUTLOOK 2017: You’ve got to be in it … - Outlook
27/10/2016:OUTLOOK 2017: Making it safe to connect - Outlook
27/10/2016:OUTLOOK 2017: The yin and yang of multicore - Outlook
27/10/2016:OUTLOOK 2017: Innovation fuels analogue developments - Outlook
27/10/2016:OUTLOOK 2017: Rising to the testing challenges - Outlook
27/10/2016:OUTLOOK 2017: USB-C: Back to the future - Outlook
27/10/2016:OUTLOOK 2017: On the fast track to flash first data centres - Outlook
27/10/2016:OUTLOOK 2017: Design engineers; use your distributor as a knowledge centre - Outlook
27/10/2016:OUTLOOK 2017: Next generation stacked cell structures and new standards are taking flash memory into the future - Outlook
27/10/2016:OUTLOOK 2017: A system level view of automotive requirements - Outlook
27/10/2016:OUTLOOK 2017: A solutions based industry - Outlook
27/10/2016:UAV detection system wins European competition - News
27/10/2016:Battery proof of principle deploys ZnO framework for longer life - News
28/10/2016:One, two or four outputs from one regulator - Product Launches
28/10/2016:Modules feature Intel processors - Product Launches
28/10/2016:10.4in TFT display supports XGA resolution - Product Launches
28/10/2016:Scottish IoT network extended - News
28/10/2016:Photon pairs for tap proof encryption - News
31/10/2016:Will the Feynman Grand Prize be won after 20 years? - Blogs
31/10/2016:Nanodrums to measure microwave signals - News
31/10/2016:Deep learning systems to explain their decisions - News
31/10/2016:GaN’s wear resistance offers new application possibilities - News
31/10/2016:Design developed for nanoscale computing device - News
31/10/2016:New 3D MID prototyping service: Beta LAYOUT the company renowned for its PCB-POOL® prototype manufacturing service has recently introduced a 3D MID manufacturing service. - Technology Spotlights
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