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01/06/2015:Intel to acquire Altera - News
01/06/2015:European semiconductor sales dip in April - News
01/06/2015:'Designer carbon' set to boost battery performance - News
01/06/2015:MEMS microphone sets new performance level, says developer - News
01/06/2015:Advanced wireless testing capability - Product Launches
01/06/2015:Power converters for white goods - Product Launches
01/06/2015:MIPS P-class CPU features in Baikal-T1 - News
01/06/2015:Mark Larson to step down as Digi-Key announces leadership transition - News
01/06/2015:Infineon works with Google on 60GHz sensing solution - News
01/06/2015:Ultra-low power SRAM IP - Product Launches
01/06/2015:Altium releases roadmaps for entire product portfolio - News
02/06/2015:Device Developers' Conference – Manchester - Events
02/06/2015:Full colour OLEDs demonstrated with resolution of 640pixel/in - News
02/06/2015:EPSRC calls for £10m hub to explore IoT security issues - News
02/06/2015:IO-link reference design kit speeds development - Product Launches
02/06/2015:Steady growth forecast in semiconductor market - News
02/06/2015:Partnership signals industrialisation of AMOLED displays - News
02/06/2015:On, off, then deal done as Intel buys Altera - Blogs
02/06/2015:Memory developer gets funding boost - News
03/06/2015:How magnetic sensors are helping to drive changes in appliance designs - Whitepapers
03/06/2015:Choose ESD protection devices sooner rather than later to avoid schedule slippage - Blogs
03/06/2015:High efficiency in hard switching applications - Product Launches
03/06/2015:Buck converter raises portable efficiency - Product Launches
03/06/2015:Efficient PMIC halves input voltage - Product Launches
03/06/2015:Qseven module supports 4K resolution - Product Launches
03/06/2015:Small and discreet data glasses for everyday use - News
03/06/2015:Micron launches 16Gbyte TLC NAND on 16nm process - News
03/06/2015:Small profile reed switches with close differential - Product Launches
03/06/2015:Magnetic sensing in washing machines - Whitepapers
03/06/2015:Synthesis solution said to address SoC design productivity gap - News
04/06/2015:Device Developers' Conference – Uphall - Events
04/06/2015:High temperature power module - Product Launches
04/06/2015:Converters offer wide input range in a compact package - Product Launches
04/06/2015:Verification of RF performance using simple tools and test setups - Reference/Features
04/06/2015:Sixth generation processors launched - News
05/06/2015:Starting a new lifecycle for ETX/XTX applications - Reference/Features
05/06/2015:UK office opened to support growing rental business - News
08/06/2015:Ultrahaptics gets EC funding for 'disruptive' technology - News
08/06/2015:Altera lifts the lid on the Hyperflex FPGA architecture - News
08/06/2015:Synopsys buys Atrenta, strengthens verification offering - News
08/06/2015:IBM team grows III-V crystals on silicon wafers - News
08/06/2015:Formal verification platform upgrade said to bring x15 performance boost - News
09/06/2015:Industrial automation and factories of the future – Coventry - Events
09/06/2015:Photocoupler maintains reliable current transfer ratio - Product Launches
09/06/2015:Best-in-class audio processor for IoT applications - Product Launches
09/06/2015:Industry's smallest 20A power module - Product Launches
09/06/2015:'Best-in-class' two and four-port VNAs - Product Launches
09/06/2015:EC projects get €67million for electric vehicle development - News
09/06/2015:Distribution performance 'reassuring' says ecsn, but sales drop from March 2015 - News
10/06/2015:Playground adds functional verification from Synopsys - News
10/06/2015:Synopsys targets automotive applications with latest IP - News
10/06/2015:Understanding the thermal management of LEDs - Reference/Features
10/06/2015:A more strategic approach to purchasing or renting test equipment - Reference/Features
10/06/2015:How plateauing clock speeds and increased data rates are changing test and measurement - Reference/Features
10/06/2015:Optical and MEMS technologies combining to enable new applications - Reference/Features
10/06/2015:PXI offers a more flexible approach to test management - Interview
10/06/2015:Is there enough innovation in the UK? - Blogs
10/06/2015:The changing world of high reliability interconnection - Interview
10/06/2015:What needs to be done to drive demand from within the design community? - Reference/Features
10/06/2015:Southampton team makes 11km length of hollow core fibre - News
10/06/2015:Bristol based haptics start up has its eyes on a range of applications. - Reference/Features
10/06/2015:Frontier adopts Google technology for next generation audio products - News
10/06/2015:TV signals could be used to track aircraft - News
10/06/2015:Combatting the growing threat of UAVs - Reference/Features
10/06/2015:How to design increasingly complex boards in less time - Reference/Features
11/06/2015:DesignSpark Mechanical upgraded with optional modules - News
11/06/2015:Cypress wins ISSI battle, sells touchscreen business - News
11/06/2015:Cypress appears to have won acquisition battle - Blogs
11/06/2015:OLED display panels to enhance consumer experience - News
11/06/2015:Microsemi automotive devices raise the bar for security and reliability - News
11/06/2015:European nanoelectronics research boosted with three way partnership - News
14/06/2015:National Instruments Sensor Measurements Fundamentals Webcast Series - Technology Spotlights
15/06/2015:Electro Cables acquired by Aerco - News
15/06/2015:Rugged linear regulator range - Product Launches
15/06/2015:Resolving I²C bus address conflicts? - Product Launches
15/06/2015:MOSFETs enhance buck converter power density - Product Launches
15/06/2015:The French have La French Tech; do we need something similar? - Blogs
15/06/2015:London's Weightless-N network goes live - News
15/06/2015:Skyrmions created at room temperature - News
15/06/2015:How accurate are your Power Measurements? - Technology Spotlights
15/06/2015:Graphene 'light bulb' may enable on chip optical communications - News
16/06/2015:Obsolescence - Everything's Affected; Everyone's Involved - Events
16/06/2015:RF & Wireless – Oxford - Events
16/06/2015:LED & Lighting / RF & Wireless, inc IoT & Wearable Technologies - Oxford - Events
16/06/2015:Stretchable transparent conductors for flexible electronics - News
16/06/2015:Inertial measurement unit is low power, small size - News
16/06/2015:DSP/ARM combo parts to meet growing real time performance needs - News
16/06/2015:Automated parking: it makes sense, but will it take away the satisfaction of bagging that space? - Blogs
16/06/2015:Phase change RAM developed on plastic substrate for wearable applications - News
17/06/2015:IoT development addressed with module, reference design and connector standard - News
17/06/2015:Take one chip and and wait for the results - News
17/06/2015:Cellulose based circuits can be 3D printed - News
17/06/2015:Wind River opens VxWorks apps store - News
17/06/2015:Rugged Android Tablet for True Industrial Mobility - Technology Spotlights
17/06/2015:Bluetooth Smart market 'redefined' with single chip solution - News
17/06/2015:Microwave, RF and millimetre wave modelling and circuit design seminar - Events
17/06/2015:Model driven engineering - Events
18/06/2015:LED & Lighting / RF & Wireless – Manchester - Events
18/06/2015:LED & Lighting / RF & Wireless, inc IoT & Wearable Technologies - Manchester - Events
18/06/2015:Intelligent Testing Conference 2015 - Events
18/06/2015:Boosting chip speeds with graphene - News
18/06/2015:Project MORPHEUS set to change the face of military communications - News
19/06/2015:Sealed connection system - Product Launches
19/06/2015:Fast charging and system back up - Product Launches
19/06/2015:Extended reliability microprocessors - Product Launches
19/06/2015:Resettable e-fuse for consumer applications - Product Launches
19/06/2015:A phone you can repair yourself - Blogs
19/06/2015:SSTL gets contract for Canadian satellite constellation - News
19/06/2015:Keysight expands wireless test business as it snaps up Anite for £388million - News
22/06/2015:Why not give an open door a push? - Blogs
22/06/2015:Excelsys appoints Astute to target high reliability markets - News
22/06/2015:Southampton researchers create large area MoS2 films - News
22/06/2015:Rohde & Schwarz expands collaboration with Avnet and EBV Elektronik - News
22/06/2015:Low power, high-speed IC-photocoupler - Product Launches
22/06/2015:Low cost Sitara processor - Product Launches
22/06/2015:Freescale unveils i.MX7 apps processor range, claims high power efficiency - News
23/06/2015:CoInnovate 2015 - Events
23/06/2015:Product differentiation - Reference/Features
23/06/2015:Export controls compliance - Design +
23/06/2015:GaN power pioneer raises €5.7million for power switching device manufacture - News
23/06/2015:One boost converter generates bias voltages for LCD panels - Reference/Features
23/06/2015:Simplifying design while increasing bandwidth - Reference/Features
23/06/2015:The advantages of product integration - Reference/Features
23/06/2015:Innovation in industrial connectors - Reference/Features
23/06/2015:Hardmask technology enables 10nm copper interconnects - Reference/Features
23/06/2015:Gas sensing platform for IIoT applications - News
23/06/2015:What do we do about the skills shortage? - Reference/Features
23/06/2015:The good, the bad and the power hungry - News
23/06/2015:Industry leaders attend HyperCat Summit - Reference/Features
23/06/2015:Are the French supporting start ups better than the UK? - Blogs
23/06/2015:'Smallest module' for IoT applications - News
23/06/2015:Looking inside supercapacitors could help to build higher performing parts - News
24/06/2015:Freescale launches MCU to support secure embedded applications - News
24/06/2015:Robotics and autonomous systems network launched - News
24/06/2015:Arduino board set to support IoT project development - News
25/06/2015:Conductive ink aimed at smart clothing applications - News
25/06/2015:Government 'must do better on export support', says independent commission - News
25/06/2015:SensorTag development kit connects sensors to the Cloud in minutes - Product Launches
25/06/2015:Imec, Toshiba and SanDisk expand partnership - News
25/06/2015:IC for electronic throttle control - Product Launches
25/06/2015:Power transistor with highest current on market - Product Launches
25/06/2015:Advanced smart garments - News
25/06/2015:Researchers send signals over 12,000km of fibre - News
26/06/2015:Schrodinger's computer? - Blogs
27/06/2015:New flexible PCB-POOL® prototyping service: - Technology Spotlights
28/06/2015:GCT launches dedicated custom cable assembly division - Technology Spotlights
29/06/2015:Government 'must do better' on exports, but industry has to play its part - Blogs
29/06/2015:3D fingerprint scanner to boost security - News
29/06/2015:MEMS device may replace pills and injections - News
29/06/2015:Crosstalk eliminated in nanoscale optical waveguides, says US team - News
29/06/2015:Seaward acquired by Metrawatt - News
29/06/2015:SSTL celebrates 30 years of space innovation - News
29/06/2015:Pool production of Flexible PCBs - Product Launches
29/06/2015:SSDs deliver leading edge performance and reliability - Product Launches
30/06/2015:Altium Demo Day - Edinburgh - Events
30/06/2015:PRiME research programme industry day 2015 - Events
30/06/2015:The Royal Society – Summer Science Exhibition 2015 - Events
30/06/2015:Quick charge and discharge supercapacitors - Product Launches
30/06/2015:AC/DC supply provides 95% efficiency - Product Launches
30/06/2015:Online compliance training courses launched - News
30/06/2015:Synopsys buys Elliptic Technologies, expands security portfolio - News
30/06/2015:SP99 – the perfect Spring Clamp Terminal Block for DIN Rail devices: - Technology Spotlights
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