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01/05/2015:Tesla Energy batteries to power homes and businesses - News
01/05/2015:Quantum computing operating system developed, says Cambridge company - News
01/05/2015:Hypervisor enables efficient embedded systems - Product Launches
01/05/2015:Latest DAVE development platform is faster and more re-usable - Product Launches
01/05/2015:User friendly static code analysis tool for microcontrollers - Product Launches
01/05/2015:High performance, adaptable 3.5in single board computer - Product Launches
01/05/2015:Converter with high power capability - Product Launches
01/05/2015:Mentor updates RTOS for wearable market - News
01/05/2015:£100m fund targets fast growth technology companies - News
01/05/2015:Shining light on photonics - News
02/05/2015:NI Redefines Instrumentation with Open Software and Reconfigurable Hardware - Technology Spotlights
03/05/2015:PYTHON 120W Military Wedgelock Cooled VPX DC-DC Converter with Hold-up - Technology Spotlights
04/05/2015:AdaCore Launches QGen - Technology Spotlights
05/05/2015:ADLINK Announces First COM Express® Compact Size Type 6 Module with 5th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor - Technology Spotlights
05/05/2015:Design suite brings 'major productivity advances' - News
05/05/2015:Generating terahertz radiation from thin air - News
05/05/2015:Powerwall is a contribution to the energy storage debate, but not a solution - Blogs
05/05/2015:IR provides big boost to Infineon revenues - News
05/05/2015:Tungsten diselenide quantum dots could enable integrated photonics - News
05/05/2015:Packaging development could enable increased qubit densities - News
05/05/2015:Euro semi sales show 'healthy' growth - News
06/05/2015:Internet of Things security summit – Bletchley - Events
06/05/2015:Altium Designer upgraded to version 15.1 - News
06/05/2015:Toshiba launches 4500V 1200A IEGT module - Product Launches
06/05/2015:Wrinkly transistors could find application in wearable electronics - News
06/05/2015:Eight colour LCD module for wearables - News
06/05/2015:EEMBC working on IoT edge node benchmark - News
06/05/2015:Architectural improvements boost A72 performance, cut power consumption - News
07/05/2015:The new generation of Mean Well Slim-Line 75 watt DIN Rail Power Supplies the EDR-75 series now available from Ecopac Power - Technology Spotlights
07/05/2015:Small regulator for portable equipment - Product Launches
08/05/2015:Syfer extends AEC-Q200 qualified devices - Product Launches
08/05/2015:Microchip set to acquire Micrel - News
08/05/2015:Yokogawa presents power scope at Motiv8 Forum - Video Content
08/05/2015:RedRock™ MEMS-Based Reed Switch - Technology Spotlights
08/05/2015:New Li-ion battery charger from TI - Product Launches
08/05/2015:Efficient 600W DC-DC converters - Product Launches
09/05/2015:New Ultra-Compact 100W Baseplate Cooled Power Supply - Technology Spotlights
10/05/2015:Designing Small Controllers? Don’t Get Burned! - Technology Spotlights
11/05/2015:Sajid Javid gets BIS post - News
11/05/2015:Will the new Secretary of State at BIS fight his corner? - Blogs
11/05/2015:FPGA design iterations reduced with new engine - News
11/05/2015:IoT package provides 'actionable data' - News
11/05/2015:8 channels for the price of 6 - Technology Spotlights
12/05/2015:Device Developers’ Conference – Reading - Events
12/05/2015:Give us the tools! - Reference/Features
12/05/2015:JSR and imec partner to address EUV lithography materials development - News
12/05/2015:Beating the 'binsters' - Reference/Features
12/05/2015:Renesas turns a profit despite 5% drop in sales - News
12/05/2015:Molex adds printed electronics specialist to its portfolio - News
12/05/2015:Astrobotic plans to explore space - Video Content
12/05/2015:BIS ministerial team completed - News
12/05/2015:IoT Best in Breed fund set to go the distance - News
12/05/2015:Increased Performance, Safety and Quality - Product Launches
12/05/2015:Security sensors produced in paper packages - Product Launches
12/05/2015:Power amplifier for 5G front-ends - Video Content
12/05/2015:The pros and cons of dynamic translation architectures - Reference/Features
12/05/2015:Testing times for system developers - Reference/Features
12/05/2015:Smooth operators - Reference/Features
12/05/2015:Operating in a new environment - Reference/Features
12/05/2015:Over-delivering on thin promises - Blogs
12/05/2015:Synchronous buck switching regulator - Product Launches
12/05/2015:Bringing a touch of 'strategic nous' - Interview
12/05/2015:Compact, accurate LDO regulator - Product Launches
12/05/2015:3000W power supply for mission critical applications - Product Launches
12/05/2015:IBM creates 100Gbit/s silicon photonics chip - News
13/05/2015:Super fast wireless charging and data transmission simultaneously - News
13/05/2015:Happy Gecko range set to meet demand for low power USB MCUs - News
13/05/2015:Fourth generation GaN on Si technology to boost performance, cut costs - News
13/05/2015:Industry's fastest 16bit A/D converter - Product Launches
13/05/2015:Integrated analogue front end saves space and power - Product Launches
13/05/2015:GS family optimised for DSC applications - News
13/05/2015:Intel, eASIC working to address data centre acceleration - News
14/05/2015:ES LIVE 2015 - Events
14/05/2015:Device Developers' Conference – Cambridge - Events
14/05/2015:Packaging design reduces switching loss - Product Launches
14/05/2015:Element acquires TRaC Global - News
15/05/2015:Circuit protection technologies safeguard automotive electronics from damaging load - Blogs
15/05/2015:Time-lag fuse with enhanced overcurrent and surge capability - Product Launches
15/05/2015:Sodium-ion battery demonstrated - News
15/05/2015:Graphene antenna shows promise for microwave applications - News
18/05/2015:Reliable and compact inverter - Product Launches
18/05/2015:Industry's smallest photorelay package - Product Launches
18/05/2015:Why do mobile phone calls keep dropping out? - Blogs
18/05/2015:Programme announced to support first time exporters - News
18/05/2015:Micro-camera to revolutionise smart sensors - News
18/05/2015:Manchester team prints graphene RFID antenna on paper - News
19/05/2015:Altium Demo Day – Southampton - Events
19/05/2015:Same day dispatch for prototype PCB service - News
19/05/2015:har-flex® the versatile, space-saving connector range. - Technology Spotlights
19/05/2015:60GHz technology features in Chinese smartphone - News
19/05/2015:Worldwide launch for community-driven PCB design tool - News
19/05/2015:World's first 300mm thin-wafer automotive power MOSFET - Product Launches
19/05/2015:Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module for IoT applications - Product Launches
19/05/2015:How to make your head hurt - Blogs
19/05/2015:Applied Materials develops tuneable hardmask technology - News
19/05/2015:Simplifying digital power conversion - Product Launches
19/05/2015:MEMS oscillator aimed at wearable applications - News
19/05/2015:Fairchild looks to cut IGBT energy loss by 30% - News
20/05/2015:Full duplex transceiver could cut spectrum congestion - News
20/05/2015:Navigate through digital power system design - Product Launches
20/05/2015:CoolMOS delivers 50% improved switching losses - Product Launches
20/05/2015:Thinline supercapacitors for IoT Devices - Product Launches
20/05/2015:Wide input and noise immunity DC/DC converters - Product Launches
20/05/2015:Graphene and hBN combine to control light - News
20/05/2015:Industrial semi sales up by 18%, says analyst - News
20/05/2015:Eddy currents could help to measure high temperatures - News
20/05/2015:Imagination launches scalable security system for SoCs - News
21/05/2015:SEMTA calls on Government to create 'industrial revolution' to avert skills crisis - News
21/05/2015:Ultra flexible touch displays - Product Launches
21/05/2015:Expanding MOSFET family - Product Launches
22/05/2015:Platform allows domain specific formal verification 'apps' to be developed - News
22/05/2015:Semiconductor sales boosted by currency effects, but growth is 'strong' - News
22/05/2015:Devices dissolve on demand - Video Content
22/05/2015:What will it take for skills to get to the top of the agenda? - Blogs
22/05/2015:This device will self-destruct - News
22/05/2015:Amantys assets acquired by German power transformer specialist - News
22/05/2015:Health-tracking technology in eyewear - News
22/05/2015:HV-IPD for sine-wave motor control - Product Launches
22/05/2015:Programmable clock generator with integrated crystal - Product Launches
22/05/2015:Power management chipset helps optimise dead time - Product Launches
25/05/2015:Latest AOI Investment - Technology Spotlights
26/05/2015:Buck controller eliminates intermediate power conversion - Product Launches
26/05/2015:Analysis to reduce time to find bugs by up to 50% - Whitepapers
26/05/2015:Leading US chip-maker sets out its stall as it targets The Internet of Things - News
26/05/2015:Single molecule diode has rectification ratio of more than 250 - News
26/05/2015:IDT, EPC partnering to develop GaN based devices - News
26/05/2015:A start up application brings new level of intelligence and simplicity to home security market. - Reference/Features
26/05/2015:The case for award-winning innovation - Products In Focus
26/05/2015:New methodology for power analysis - Products In Focus
26/05/2015:Compact and complete? - Products In Focus
26/05/2015:Do apps need a CE mark? - Design +
26/05/2015:FPGAs provide a way to fit 'square pegs into round holes' as incompatible interfaces become a problem. - Reference/Features
26/05/2015:How can test and measurement companies address the needs of the life sciences sector? - Reference/Features
26/05/2015:IoT deployments will not scale effectively without trust - Blogs
26/05/2015:You want to add security to your system, but where do you start? - Reference/Features
26/05/2015:HMI designs start to incorporate enhanced video capabilities - Reference/Features
26/05/2015:Where are the discounts? - News
26/05/2015:Operators are turning to new technology to solve the rural 'not-spot' problem - Reference/Features
26/05/2015:Nanowire transistors the way forward, says simulation specialist - News
27/05/2015:Mentor says new approach 'revolutionises' power analysis - News
27/05/2015:Wood you believe it? - Blogs
27/05/2015:Glitch-free attenuators - Product Launches
27/05/2015:Extension to PCB design tool - Product Launches
27/05/2015:Converter for aerospace and defence applications - Product Launches
27/05/2015:The 'can do' approach will still drive electronics forward - Blogs
27/05/2015:Wooden semiconductors could help to recycle electronic products - News
27/05/2015:Subcutaneous biosensor draws power from skin patch - News
28/05/2015:Avago buys Broadcom for $37billion - News
28/05/2015:Xilinx, TSMC expect to launch 7nm devices in 2017 - News
29/05/2015:Acquisition fever? - Blogs
29/05/2015:Technology breakthrough claimed by flexible electronics specialist - News
29/05/2015:Freescale expands apps processor portfolio - News
29/05/2015:NXP sells RF power business to fund Freescale acquisition - News
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