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01/10/2015:Freescale SBCs offer highest levels of functional safety - News
01/10/2015:First European Standard supporting European eIDAS regulation - News
01/10/2015:UMAC energy device series for wearables - Product Launches
02/10/2015:Buying quantity without compromising on quality - By Phil Gee, Director, Corporate OEM/CEM at Farnell element14 - Technology Spotlights
02/10/2015:techUK Satellite Applications & Services Conference 2015 - Space electronics - Events
02/10/2015:Who can we trust? - Blogs
02/10/2015:Minimising costs for wire-to-board connections - Reference/Features
02/10/2015:Apprenticeships – back to the future? - Blogs
02/10/2015:Gigaphoton achieves 24-hour continuous operation of EUV light source - News
02/10/2015:Ultra-low-jitter clock generators - Product Launches
02/10/2015:Putting the heat on battery technology - Blogs
02/10/2015:Anritsu becomes UK and Ireland distributor for Teledyne LeCroy - News
05/10/2015:SOLDER PASTE STENCILS ARE ANCIENT HISTORY! - Technology Spotlights
05/10/2015:Compliance with global battery standards: does it have to be painful? - Reference/Features
05/10/2015:LDO regulators for sensitive loads - Product Launches
05/10/2015:Latest version of Linux continues development of IoT devices - News
05/10/2015:Japan to test autonomous taxi service - News
05/10/2015:Dialog launches Bluetooth support for Apple HomeKit smart home accessories - News
05/10/2015:IBM says nanotube contact solution will enable 1.8nm devices - News
06/10/2015:Plastic Electronics Conference - Events
06/10/2015:Updated video processing core targets demanding applications - News
06/10/2015:Industry’s most integrated Bluetooth smart module - Product Launches
06/10/2015:Nanoscale photodetector is the first step to making photonic circuits competitive - News
06/10/2015:Graphene heterostructures produce ultra-fast photodetectors - News
06/10/2015:NI announces Engineering Impact Awards finalists - News
06/10/2015:Making street lights smart - News
06/10/2015:Organic semiconductors get ‘weird’ at the edges, says research team - News
06/10/2015:Industry’s first integrated ICs for motorcycle ABS systems - News
07/10/2015:Accelerating machine learning deployment in low-power embedded systems - News
07/10/2015:TI’s AM437x Starter Kit for industrial design launched by element14 - Product Launches
07/10/2015:More than 80 years after the last research, potassium-ion battery proved feasible - News
07/10/2015:Reduce system costs and improve system security with SLC NAND Flash memory range - Product Launches
07/10/2015:1D to 3D HMI solutions - Reference/Features
07/10/2015:Sony splits devices business into three, looks to improve agility - News
07/10/2015:Cadence, imec tape out a 5nm processor based test chip using EUV and quad patterning - News
08/10/2015:Theorist suggests topolariton could boost photonic device efficiency - News
08/10/2015:UK collaboration seeks to develop new ultra-barrier materials based on graphene interlayers - News
08/10/2015:Scientists discover new approach to creating secure computer memory - News
08/10/2015:ADAS kit accelerates development of surround view applications - News
08/10/2015:Skyworks to buy PMC-Sierra for $2billion - News
08/10/2015:Designers need more from their distribution partner - Blogs
08/10/2015:One week to go - Electronics Design Show 2015 Preview - Technology Spotlights
09/10/2015:Display Solutions introduces the DTSF-15MOFP, a vandal-resistant, open frame touch display. - Technology Spotlights
09/10/2015:Qualcomm demos server technology, including SoC with 24 ARM v8 cores - News
09/10/2015:Best-in-class low capacitance TVS diodes - Product Launches
09/10/2015:£11m programme to research autonomous vehicles announced - News
09/10/2015:One step closer to quantum computing - News
12/10/2015:Heart-rate measurement in a wearable form factor: overcoming the mechanical and electrical difficulties - Reference/Features
12/10/2015:Rugged and high performance TFT displays with optical bonding from GTK - Technology Spotlights
12/10/2015:Free Weightless-N IoT development kit launched - News
12/10/2015:Knitted wearable sensors - Video Content
12/10/2015:Low cost of money fuelling ‘M&A frenzy’, but will there be a longer term cost? - News
13/10/2015:Power System Earthing - Leatherhead - Events
13/10/2015:Wide 12.1” TFT LCD built for sunlight readability available now from RDS - Technology Spotlights
13/10/2015:Will you be at the 'must attend' Electronics and Embedded Design Shows? - Blogs
13/10/2015:The future is bright - an interview with James Bell - Interview
13/10/2015:Toshiba expands line-up of DTMOS IV Power MOSFETs - Product Launches
13/10/2015:Scalable MCUs optimised for software development, says Renesas - News
13/10/2015:MCU features multimode radio, targeted at home applications - News
13/10/2015:Sensor platform has 12 degrees of freedom, Bluetooth connectivity - News
13/10/2015:Wi-Fi and unlicensed LTE groups are finding it hard to coexist as mobile phone technology develops - Reference/Features
13/10/2015:Renesas launches IoT, embedded apps development environment - News
13/10/2015:IoT Security Foundation set up to ensure safety of smart devices - News
13/10/2015:How Ethernet AVB is playing a central role in automotive streaming applications - Reference/Features
13/10/2015:Functional safety from a SoC designer’s perspective - Reference/Features
13/10/2015:Electronics Design Show returns to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry - News
13/10/2015:The rise of the connected home presents opportunities, but also risks - News
13/10/2015:Move to 3D flash memory set to boost prospects of SSDs - Reference/Features
13/10/2015:Why instrumentation amplifiers are the circuits of choice for sensor applications - Reference/Features
13/10/2015:Will hybrid and electric vehicle manufacturers be able to benefit from the crisis engulfing Volkswagen? - Reference/Features
14/10/2015:Researchers control the growth of semiconducting graphene nanoribbons - News
14/10/2015:Fluorescent lights point way towards making quantum chips - News
14/10/2015:‘Most powerful’ embedded SoC features A15, DSP, M4 cores - News
14/10/2015:ThingWorx and Analog Devices offer cloud environment for IoT applications - News
14/10/2015:Been there, done that - Blogs
14/10/2015:Ultra-compact efficient boost converter for mobile devices - Product Launches
14/10/2015:Apple found to have infringed university patent, could face $860m bill - News
14/10/2015:LPWANs to provide 26% of the total IoT connectivity market by 2020 - News
14/10/2015:US to trial electronic filing system to certify imported consumer goods - News
14/10/2015:Limiting lithium loss for longer battery life - News
15/10/2015:Power Management / LED & Lighting Design Sensor Technologies - Cambridge - Events
15/10/2015:Nucleo development boards for ST’s 32-Pin STM32 MCUs - News
15/10/2015:Bosch opens research campus in Germany - News
15/10/2015:Nanoscale manipulation of the electrical properties of graphene oxide - News
15/10/2015:Cadence's Voltus-Fi improves Phison's time to market by 40% - News
15/10/2015:Medical-grade monolithic ceramic capacitors for implanted medical devices - Product Launches
15/10/2015:Toshiba announces three MCUs optimised for USB devices - Product Launches
16/10/2015:£21m fund announced for Engineering Grand Challenges research - News
16/10/2015:ISO17025 Accreditation received by Yokogawa’s European Calibration Laboratory - News
16/10/2015:Merger ‘mania’ continues - Blogs
16/10/2015:Researchers take first steps to create biodegradable displays for electronics - News
16/10/2015:Low cost of money fuelling 'merger mania' - Blogs
16/10/2015:ADLINK Introduces New Mini-ITX Series with Long Life Cycle Support for Infotainment, Industrial Automation, and Medical Applications - Technology Spotlights
16/10/2015:£3.9m awarded to Loughborough University to redesign communications circuitry - News
17/10/2015:WirelessHART & Internet Protocol Wireless Sensor Networks Achieve Industry’s Lowest Power Consumption at Less Than 50µA per Node - Technology Spotlights
18/10/2015:NIDays 2015 | Graphical System Design Conference | 3rd November, London - Technology Spotlights
19/10/2015:Up for sale, will the Fairchild name disappear again? - Blogs
19/10/2015:Industry’s lowest drift bandgap voltage reference - Product Launches
19/10/2015:Can technology maintain its current pace of growth? - Blogs
19/10/2015:Graphene-based inks enable cheaper printed electronics - News
19/10/2015:Intel-powered development board for next generation of innovators - News
19/10/2015:PPS and Strathclyde partner to conduct sensor based research - News
19/10/2015:Swiss researchers have created a memristor with three stable resistive states - News
19/10/2015:CBI calls on government to prioritise innovation spending - News
20/10/2015:Power Management / LED & Lighting Design – Oxford - Events
20/10/2015:techUK – Lighting Design and Manufacturing seminar - Events
20/10/2015:ARM acquisition offers designers cycle-accurate virtual prototyping for complex SoCs - News
20/10/2015:Imagination announces IoT development board - News
20/10/2015:Anritsu Company Extends Frequency Coverage of ShockLine™ Compact and Economy VNA Families to 43.5 GHz - Technology Spotlights
20/10/2015:No, Qualcomm is not going after the server market - Blogs
21/10/2015:Engineering Design Show 2015 - Events
21/10/2015:Embedded Design Show 2015 - Events
21/10/2015:Electronics Design Show 2015 - Events
21/10/2015:Chinese dominance in electronics - Blogs
21/10/2015:Mouser announce Back to the Future inspired contest - News
21/10/2015:Going Back to the Future with electric DeLorean - News
21/10/2015:Metamaterial lets light go ‘infinitely fast’ - News
21/10/2015:Embedded SoC ‘pushes the boundaries’. - News
22/10/2015:Power Management / LED & Lighting Design – Manchester - Events
22/10/2015:Additive printing for custom electronic components? - News
23/10/2015:Harwin begins construction of £2m manufacturing facility - News
23/10/2015:Chinese President visits National Graphene Institute - News
23/10/2015:Researchers transform slow emitters into fast light sources - News
23/10/2015:Planning for the future - Interview
26/10/2015:Premier EDA recognised by Investment in Young People - News
26/10/2015:Is there a disaster waiting to happen to your company? - Blogs
26/10/2015:Spring clamp terminal blocks with compression-mount contacts – Connect to the PCB without pin headers - Technology Spotlights
26/10/2015:Precision DC calibrator offers ease of testing at high currents and voltages - Product Launches
26/10/2015:SnapUI brings Linux development to embedded systems - Product Launches
26/10/2015:Bendy batteries for wearables - News
26/10/2015:Supporting IoT start-ups - Interview
26/10/2015:Microchip to launch CAN-FD based products featuring Kvaser IP - News
26/10/2015:16bit MCUs for auto body control systems - Product Launches
26/10/2015:Feature code avoids biometric data passing across open networks - News
26/10/2015:New NFC solution targets wearables - Product Launches
26/10/2015:Carbon nanotubes boost dielectric capacitor energy density - News
26/10/2015:CUI unveils Level VI AC-DC power supply - Product Launches
26/10/2015:Deformable electronics circuits set to enable new types of product - News
26/10/2015:Silicon-based platform to develop of low-power ‘smart and connected’ devices - News
27/10/2015:SmarterUK Launch Event - Events
27/10/2015:Rapid Electronics offer IP68 rated connectors which remain waterproof in unmated state - Technology Spotlights
27/10/2015:50GHz vector signal analyser in PXI format - Product Launches
27/10/2015:Putting a rocket under R&D spending - Blogs
27/10/2015:VC funding of start ups remains strong, according to recent report - News
27/10/2015:‘Ultra efficient’ AC/DC power supplies - Product Launches
27/10/2015:Nucleus RTOS updated to offer TrustZone technology - News
27/10/2015:MOSFETs able to balance supercapacitors in industrial applications - Product Launches
27/10/2015:New version of Lattice Diamond design tool - Product Launches
28/10/2015:New M12 X-coded connectors from Binder for industrial ethernet - Technology Spotlights
28/10/2015:ESTnet Awards 2016 launched - Events
28/10/2015:Ambiq Micro low energy MCU to power next-generation wearables - News
28/10/2015:Tailored Logistics Systems - Reference/Features
28/10/2015:Sponsored Article: Who has first claim to the IP generated by an innovative UK business? - Reference/Features
28/10/2015:Open hardware reference design set to speed wireless IoT product development - Reference/Features
28/10/2015:Military demands and designs are having an impact on electronic connector systems - Reference/Features
28/10/2015:Key attributes to consider when choosing high bandwidth probes - Reference/Features
28/10/2015:What to know when selecting a CMOS image sensor for a home automation device - Reference/Features
28/10/2015:Providing health services via wearable devices could, finally, become a reality - Reference/Features
28/10/2015:Element14 announces Raspberry Pi customisation agreement - News
28/10/2015:Hardware incubator Highway1 says it can get your idea to market in just four months - Reference/Features
28/10/2015:Low cost of money fuelling ‘M&A frenzy’ - Reference/Features
28/10/2015:DC/DC buck converter has variable output - Product Launches
28/10/2015:All optical switch created on silicon, says research team - News
29/10/2015:British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAs) 2015 - Events
29/10/2015:How to understand and respond to IT security vulnerabilities - Events
30/10/2015:Bitstream generator wins Electronic Product of the Year Award at BEEAs 2015 - News
30/10/2015:Maximising optical performance in high-bandwidth computing applications - Product Launches
30/10/2015:Oxford Space Systems wins BEEAs Grand Prix 2015 - News
30/10/2015:Battery research charging ahead – at last - Blogs
30/10/2015:IDT introduces a solution to ease compliance with latest network synchronisation standards - News
30/10/2015:InP lasers grown on silicon substrate by imec, Ghent University - News
30/10/2015:Power supply certified for medical and ITE use - Product Launches
30/10/2015:Dual output step-down controller with sub-milliohm DCR sensing and digital power system management - Product Launches
30/10/2015:3G modem specified for industrial applications - Product Launches
30/10/2015:Scientists develop super sensitive magnetic sensor - News
30/10/2015:‘Ultimate’ battery demonstrated by Cambridge researchers - News
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