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01/04/2014:Anglia inks distribution deal with Teledyne LeCroy - News
01/04/2014:Op amp settles to 0.0015% in 15µS - Product Launches
01/04/2014:Toshiba has processor for wearable devices - News
01/04/2014:MOSFETs deliver ultra low Rds(on) - Product Launches
01/04/2014:On April Fool’s Day, truth is stranger than fiction - Blogs
01/04/2014:Heat-conducting polymer survives up to 200°C - News
01/04/2014:Philips smart TVs 'open to serious hacks' - News
02/04/2014:Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2014 - Events
02/04/2014:Wi-Fi Alliance says Smart TV security lapse is a ‘one off’ - News
02/04/2014:€55million European project set to ramp knowledge of power electronics - News
02/04/2014:Red light set to get the green light for better OLED production - News
02/04/2014:NexFET: Lowest Rdson 80 and 100V TO-220 MOSFETs in the world - Video Content
02/04/2014:Support up/down translation modes with the SN74LV1Txx - Video Content
02/04/2014:Qi wireless charging for automotive - Video Content
02/04/2014:TDA2x SoC for ADAS - Fusion application - Video Content
02/04/2014:DLP-enabled PCB lithography: low cost and high reliability - Video Content
02/04/2014:AMD partners with Mentor for improved embedded Linux support - News
02/04/2014:Buck converters increase efficiency at light loads - Product Launches
02/04/2014:6W DC/DC converters offer highest power ratings - Product Launches
02/04/2014:IDTechEx award for Plastic Logic - News
02/04/2014:Winners of student engineering challenge announced - News
03/04/2014:Raspberry Pi challenge inspires engineers of the future - News
03/04/2014:IBM names another 11 IBM Fellows - News
03/04/2014:SRAM design consumes 50% less power than rival approaches - News
03/04/2014:General purpose MCUs get more peripherals - Product Launches
03/04/2014:Freescale targets motor control with new Kinetis MCU series - News
03/04/2014:DC/DC converters suit demanding embedded power applications - Product Launches
03/04/2014:Nujira secures £12m to ramp up Coolteq production - News
04/04/2014:RFID device could be used to detect explosives - News
04/04/2014:Raspberry Pi announces £1m education fund - News
04/04/2014:Photocoupler cuts board size, cost and power consumption - Product Launches
04/04/2014:ON Semi to buy Truesense for $92m - News
06/04/2014:SCHURTER Introduces Hospital Grade V-Lock Cordsets - Technology Spotlights
07/04/2014:Electronic patches enable wireless health monitoring - News
07/04/2014:IR has chipset for high performance audio amplifiers - Product Launches
07/04/2014:42V, 4A Synchronous Step-Down Silent Switcher Needs Only 2.5µA of Quiescent Current - Technology Spotlights
07/04/2014:Freescale buys Mindspeed's ARM processor business - News
07/04/2014:Useful technology - Blogs
08/04/2014:Introducing the eRIC development kit - episode 1 - Video Content
08/04/2014:Engineers mostly happy at work - News
08/04/2014:Three-phase motor driver is AEC-Q100 qualified - Product Launches
08/04/2014:Freescale broadens Kinetis MCU range to 900 products - News
08/04/2014:Freescale launches 64bit ARM based SoCs for software defined networking applications - News
08/04/2014:Device integrates flexible electronics to monitor physical activity - News
08/04/2014:Building on momentum: Interview with ESCO Council chief executive Sarah Macken - Interview
08/04/2014:Wise eyes in the sky: The autogyro that collects intelligent images - Reference/Features
08/04/2014:Connectors help reduce size, weight and power in aerospace electronics - Reference/Features
08/04/2014:ST pursues the wider option when it comes to supply voltage for future transistors - Reference/Features
08/04/2014:Xilinx unveils heterogeneous multiprocessing architecture - Reference/Features
08/04/2014:The truth about phase noise in signal generators - Reference/Features
08/04/2014:Model based system engineering gains broader acceptance - Reference/Features
09/04/2014:Global semi sales up 11% year-on-year - News
09/04/2014:Sotware targets zero-tolerance defect environments - News
09/04/2014:Will disruptive technologies be better weathered by the hi-tech giants or small specialist firms? - Blogs
09/04/2014:NFC support added to Wi-Fi Protected Setup certification - News
09/04/2014:Researchers create circuits that operate at ‘hundreds of terahertz’ - News
09/04/2014:Transient electronics dissolve on command - News
09/04/2014:Fibre optic modules enable long distance communication - Product Launches
10/04/2014:Drones and tones - Blogs
10/04/2014:Electronics that dissolve on command - Video Content
10/04/2014:Adjustable LDO increases design flexibility - Product Launches
10/04/2014:Rohm teams with imec on ultra low power radio - News
10/04/2014:Freescale has chip for cheaper head-up displays - News
10/04/2014:ARM moves to open source LLVM for future compilers - News
10/04/2014:Quantum logic gate created using single atom and photon - News
11/04/2014:IoT drives sensor market rebound - News
11/04/2014:Four tools named as IDEs for Kinetis MCU development - News
11/04/2014:Lattice has programmable pal for ASICs - News
13/04/2014:60V Synchronous Buck-Boost LED Driver Delivers over 100W of LED Power - Technology Spotlights
14/04/2014:RDS Announces NLT technologies Ltd Industrial Hi-Bright Seven and Eight inch TFT panels. - Technology Spotlights
14/04/2014:Internet of Things technologies that will actually make a difference - Blogs
14/04/2014:Battery sensor combines MCU and CAN protocol module - News
14/04/2014:Microchip has EEPROM device for DDR4 SDRAM modules - Product Launches
14/04/2014:DC/DC converters integrate 50V, 2A internal switches - Product Launches
14/04/2014:Global semi sales climb 5% - News
15/04/2014:Research paves way for smaller, more efficient hard drives - News
15/04/2014:TI creates its own IoT ecosystem - News
15/04/2014:Synopsys gets OK for 16nm FinFET design flow - News
16/04/2014:Signal amplifier could cut load on mobile phone masts - News
16/04/2014:The Heartbleed glitch: Why it’s déjà vu all over again - Blogs
16/04/2014:X-ray detector built on plastic substrate - News
16/04/2014:Flexible Two Chip Wireless Backhaul Solution - Video Content
16/04/2014:Ask the Expert: Why is flexibility so important for wireless backhaul and how does TI address it? - Video Content
16/04/2014:Ask the Expert: How does TI’s integrated RFIC simplify the design process? - Video Content
16/04/2014:TI SPS IPC Drives Video Tour Now Available! - Video Content
16/04/2014:Class 0.1 Metering System-On-Chip Evaluation Boards - Video Content
16/04/2014:Modular Smart Meter Evaluation System - Video Content
16/04/2014:Power Management for Energy Harvesting - Video Content
16/04/2014:Engineer it – When to use a pre-driver vs. an integrated motor driver - Video Content
16/04/2014:Three-phase motor control – a walk in the park! - Video Content
16/04/2014:Innovations in Motor Diagnostics - Video Content
17/04/2014:Half and full-bridge drivers are 'industry's first' - Product Launches
17/04/2014:Free Masters degrees for aspiring female engineers - News
17/04/2014:Embedded systems – time for a re-vamp? - Technology Spotlights
18/04/2014:Socket and Test your BGA/QFN device using extreme temperature socket - Technology Spotlights
20/04/2014:Reflex Technology announces Atollic appointed by Freescale as a founding partner of new Kinetis featured IDE initiative - Technology Spotlights
21/04/2014:Boxes of tricks: Choosing the right enclosure for your design - Reference/Features
21/04/2014:Fibre optic networks can provide the platform for security and monitoring - Reference/Features
22/04/2014:Voltage reference delivers high stability at low power - Product Launches
22/04/2014:£2.75million available for collaborative feasibility studies - News
22/04/2014:What is the value of ISO 9001? - Design +
22/04/2014:Preview: PCIM Europe 2014 - Reference/Features
22/04/2014:MISRA for Safety-Critical Coding: Free Webcast & White Paper, from the Experts at LDRA - Technology Spotlights
22/04/2014:Altera uses fine pitch copper bumps in 20nm Arria 10 devices - News
22/04/2014:Full brick module family updated - News
22/04/2014:Imagination looks to rival the Cortex family with cores supporting virtualisation and security - Reference/Features
22/04/2014:Cadence boosts verification portfolio in $170million deal - News
22/04/2014:Analogue designers continue to push the boundaries - Reference/Features
22/04/2014:Academics look to address power electronics challenges - Reference/Features
22/04/2014:IP Advice: Fashioning an IP strategy - Reference/Features
22/04/2014:Powerful cause: Interview with Terence Watson, chairman of PowerelectronicsUK - Interview
23/04/2014:Getting your fix: Technology addiction - Reference/Features
23/04/2014:Toshiba starts mass production of 15nm flash - News
23/04/2014:Communications let downs - Blogs
23/04/2014:ARM makes ‘encouraging start’ to 2014 - News
23/04/2014:Fujitsu, Panasonic to consolidate system LSI businesses - News
23/04/2014:Manchester signs AASL for SKA network system design - News
23/04/2014:The veils lift slowly from the Fujitsu/Panasonic merger plans - Blogs
23/04/2014:It’s a hard life for DSP functionality in FPGAs - Blogs
23/04/2014:Online community aims to make fake parts obsolete - News
23/04/2014:Altera builds hardened DSP blocks into Arria and Stratix at 20nm - News
23/04/2014:Miniature OCXO delivers ±5ppb stability - Product Launches
24/04/2014:Wide frequency universal clocks offer ultra low jitter - Product Launches
24/04/2014:Module is ‘power supply in a package’ - News
24/04/2014:Memory market drives 2013 semi sales - News
24/04/2014:Highest resolution, fastest sampling, lowest power - News
24/04/2014:Nexeon opens state of the art manufacturing facility - News
24/04/2014:TI brings Bluetooth Smart tech to automotive applications - News
24/04/2014:Plexus invests in state of the art SMT line - News
24/04/2014:Sounds alright - Blogs
24/04/2014:Altera gets 14nm FPGA test chips back from Intel - News
25/04/2014:Class action defendants quit while ahead - Blogs
25/04/2014:Spansion unveils six auto qualified flash memories - News
25/04/2014:Single Chip Drive - Video Content
25/04/2014:Jacinto 6 QNX car solution with surround view camera - Video Content
25/04/2014:Automotive eCall & telematics demo - Video Content
25/04/2014:Jacinto 6 Linux Reference Design Demo by XS Embedded - Video Content
25/04/2014:How DLP technology works - Video Content
25/04/2014:Loading data onto the digital micromirror device (DMD) - Video Content
25/04/2014:DLP technology revolutionises pipeline safety - Video Content
25/04/2014:Why Choose DLP Technology for Spectroscopy? - Video Content
25/04/2014:Apple files 'lock-out' patent to stop drivers from texting - News
25/04/2014:Synchronous buck converter handles fast changing loads - Product Launches
25/04/2014:DC/DC converters suit IGBT drive applications - Product Launches
26/04/2014:CDNLive EMEA 2014 – Cadence User Conference May 19-21, 2014 Munich, Germany - Technology Spotlights
27/04/2014:Multisim for Circuit Designers and Researchers - Technology Spotlights
28/04/2014:Toshiba now sampling UFS 2.0-compliant NAND flash - News
28/04/2014:Ultrasound device could help warn of impending heart attack - News
28/04/2014:Be the best you can BEEA - Blogs
29/04/2014:Future World Symposium 2014 - Events
29/04/2014:Minister mentions Europe - Blogs
29/04/2014:ESCO Council making steady progress - News
29/04/2014:Wolfson sold to US rival in £278m deal - News
29/04/2014:Brain-inspired circuit board can simulate 1million neurons - News
30/04/2014:Chips keep their cool at 300°C - News
30/04/2014:Buck boost DC/DC converter offers 2.7 to 40V input/output range - Product Launches
30/04/2014:Wireless power receivers cut board space by 70% - News
30/04/2014:Cash boost for UK software start up - News
30/04/2014:TDK expands UK R&D facility - News
30/04/2014:It’s not a Law, it’s a learning curve - Blogs
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