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Articles within the archive for January 2014

02/01/2014:Graphene-based electronics ‘one step closer’ - News
02/01/2014:Warren East awarded CBE - News
03/01/2014:Capacitors offer voltages up to 500V - Product Launches
03/01/2014:Synchronous buck regulators get military upgrade - Product Launches
03/01/2014:Plastic electronics looking positive - News
03/01/2014:MRAM chip boosts storage density in next gen electronics - News
03/01/2014:Collaboration targets millimetre waves for mobile comms - News
03/01/2014:IR sensor specialist raises $4m, appoints new ceo - News
03/01/2014:Ford unveils solar powered concept car - News
06/01/2014:Hall Effect sensor ics offer high sensitivity - Product Launches
06/01/2014:Cadence, Blu Wireless partner on 60GHz WiGig - News
06/01/2014:A Happy New Year for the UK’s electronics industry? - Blogs
06/01/2014:NSA building code-cracking quantum computer - News
06/01/2014:Here comes the sun powered car - Blogs
06/01/2014:Memory boom drives global semi sales - News
07/01/2014:C2000 Delfino F2837xD mcu is industry's highest performing - Video Content
07/01/2014:Introducing position control with InstaSPIN-MOTION - Video Content
07/01/2014:Part 1: InstaSPIN-FOC LaunchPad & BoosterPack - Video Content
07/01/2014:Part 2: InstaSPIN-FOC LaunchPad & BoosterPack - Video Content
07/01/2014:Part 3: InstaSPIN-FOC LaunchPad & BoosterPack - Video Content
07/01/2014:FPGA based control for EV and hybrid EV power electronics - Whitepapers
07/01/2014:‘Smallest’ Ultrabook power adapters launched - Product Launches
07/01/2014:Semiconductor industry ‘back on track’ - News
07/01/2014:New ceo for Globalfoundries - News
07/01/2014:Nvidia announces 192-core Tegra K1 - News
08/01/2014:EPSRC gives £3.6m to fund light based research - News
08/01/2014:Power supplies meet latest green specifications - News
08/01/2014:Turnkey solution simplifies sensor fusion - Product Launches
08/01/2014:Wireless power transmitter ic supports 5V input - News
08/01/2014:Intel previews Edison at CES - News
08/01/2014:What’s in a name? - Blogs
08/01/2014:Device combines sensors for pressure, humidity and temperature - News
08/01/2014:Agilent’s spin out T&M company to be called Keysight - News
09/01/2014:Organic transistor is ‘world’s fastest’ - News
09/01/2014:Rotary position sensors suit harsh environments - Product Launches
09/01/2014:Reference design supports simpler, smarter wearables - News
09/01/2014:Smartphone and tablet revenues exceed consumer electronics sales - News
09/01/2014:Battery researchers go with the flow for renewable energy storage - News
09/01/2014:ADI launches HDMI crosspoint transceivers for A/V systems - Product Launches
10/01/2014:Compact, embedded, PoCL Vision! - Technology Spotlights
10/01/2014:Ultra low power a/d converter unveiled - News
10/01/2014:Power analyser offers ‘leading’ accuracy and performance - News
10/01/2014:Skills initiative moves to Cambridge - News
10/01/2014:Solid State buys 2K1 for £2.4m - News
10/01/2014:Another 19 Centres for Doctoral Training announced - News
10/01/2014:Toshiba chipset promises faster wireless charging - News
13/01/2014:Researchers extend range of wireless power transfer - News
13/01/2014:Yokogawa launches the world's first Precision Power Scope: where power meets precision - Technology Spotlights
14/01/2014:JTAG/ Boundary-scan Tool-set – Available from Web-shop - Technology Spotlights
14/01/2014:What’s going on? - Blogs
14/01/2014:What goes around ... - Blogs
14/01/2014:IBM sets new US patent record - News
14/01/2014:Dual configuration SiC diodes from ST - Product Launches
14/01/2014:High density power modules available in tiny package - News
14/01/2014:MOSFET increases efficiency of smartphone battery charging - Product Launches
14/01/2014:‘Power Block’ module targets pfga and embedded applications - Product Launches
14/01/2014:Iceotope secures £6m for liquid-cooled server tech - News
14/01/2014:2013: A year when technology came out on top - News
14/01/2014:Gaia features largest CCD array - News
14/01/2014:ST targets digital home SoCs with 64bit ARM cores - News
14/01/2014:Smiles all round? - Blogs
14/01/2014:New name, new outlook: Interview with techUK's chief executive, Julian David - Interview
14/01/2014:Emerging opportunities provide a launchpad for the UK's space sector - Reference/Features
14/01/2014:The driving forces in industrial electronics - Reference/Features
14/01/2014:XMOS blends its xCORE architecture with a Cortex-M3 core - Reference/Features
14/01/2014:Testing embedded software is as important as hardware test - Reference/Features
14/01/2014:Do polymer fibres make for good interconnect solutions? - Reference/Features
14/01/2014:An engineer's guide to selecting and using a resonator - Reference/Features
15/01/2014:Precise scope for power - News
15/01/2014:Internet of Things rekindles the Valley’s interest in hardware - Blogs
15/01/2014:Scientists discover superconductors and spintronics are compatible - News
15/01/2014:Modern engineering marvels fight for 'immortality' - News
15/01/2014:Salaries rise for professionally registered engineers - News
15/01/2014:Top tech trends of 2013 - Blogs
15/01/2014:14bit a/d converters enable multi-channel data acquisition - Product Launches
15/01/2014:Neul launches M2M network solution for the IoT - News
15/01/2014:ARM, UMC announce 28nm IP deal - News
16/01/2014:‘Lowest voltage’ LDOs offer 140mV dropout - News
16/01/2014:Parallel processor developer raises $3.6m - News
16/01/2014:Step down slave controller drives up to 300A - Product Launches
16/01/2014:Amantys awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification - News
16/01/2014:Logic devices help extend battery life - News
16/01/2014:Intel puts the brakes on 14nm Arizona fab - News
16/01/2014:SuVolta raises $10.6m for low power chip tech - News
16/01/2014:imec celebrates 30 years of nanoelectronics innovation - News
16/01/2014:Microcontrollers head towards the bleeding edge - Blogs
17/01/2014:Security in the Internet of Things - Whitepapers
17/01/2014:DC/DC converters cut design time and system cost - Product Launches
17/01/2014:TSMC set to take 16nm into volume production in 2014 - News
17/01/2014:Google developing 'smart' contact lens for diabetics - News
17/01/2014:Modest growth for microprocessors - News
20/01/2014:Silver nanowires used to create wearable sensors - News
20/01/2014:Intel mothballs fab, predicts ‘flat’ year, looks to shrink payroll - Blogs
20/01/2014:Intel to slash 5% of its workforce - News
20/01/2014:Protect expensive semiconductors with pure silver - Blogs
20/01/2014:Serial link aggregators support data rates up to 10Gb/s - News
20/01/2014:BASF, National University of Singapore to develop graphene OLEDs - News
20/01/2014:ARM module offers touch control for HMI applications - News
20/01/2014:Exposing EUV continuing uncertainties - Blogs
20/01/2014:National Instruments Multisim for Circuit Designers and Researchers - Technology Spotlights
21/01/2014:Customised ePaper displays from Electronic Assembly - Product Launches
21/01/2014:See one of the biggest PCB releases from Altium - Technology Spotlights
21/01/2014:DesignSpark PCB v6.0 launched - News
21/01/2014:USB microcontrollers pack 56KB flash, 36KB SRAM - News
21/01/2014:Xilinx tapes out first Virtex UltraScale device - News
21/01/2014:Switching controller delivers 1% output accuracy - News
21/01/2014:3W dc/dc converters cut board space in industrial applications - Product Launches
21/01/2014:Free boundary scan workshop - Events
22/01/2014:Windows Embedded 8 Workshop - Events
22/01/2014:Encapsulated dc/dc converters offer 88% efficiency - Product Launches
22/01/2014:Intel's cloud TV business sold to Verizon - News
22/01/2014:FinFET yields caused Intel to mothball Fab42 - Blogs
22/01/2014:Renesas to cut 5,400 jobs in Japan - News
23/01/2014:Apple named top semiconductor spender of 2013 - News
23/01/2014:Kondo Effect may help electronics to move beyond cmos - News
23/01/2014:Op amp delivers ‘highest’ precision measurements for industrial applications - Product Launches
23/01/2014:High speed photocouplers specified up to 125°C - Product Launches
23/01/2014:RFID system promises error-free wireless detection - News
23/01/2014:IDT launches DPD demodulator for wireless base stations - Product Launches
24/01/2014:Buck-boost converter offers 95% efficiency - Product Launches
24/01/2014:MEDIC implant measures drug levels in the bloodstream - News
24/01/2014:TI launches transmitter circuit for Qi wireless charging stations - Product Launches
24/01/2014:3D graphene created from ‘blown sugar’ technique - News
24/01/2014:Pure play foundry sales drive ic market growth - News
27/01/2014:Make your PCB SMARTer with MAGIC-PCB® - Technology Spotlights
27/01/2014:Is cooperation, rather than competition, the way forward? - Blogs
27/01/2014:TCXO offers frequency stability down to ±0.28ppm - Product Launches
27/01/2014:€30m photonics centre launched - News
27/01/2014:Might the hardware pioneer get out of the hardware business? - Blogs
27/01/2014:'Fastest' 16bit d/a converter runs at 2.5GS/s - News
28/01/2014:NI Trend Watch 2014 - Whitepapers
28/01/2014:Don’t forget your thermals! - Design +
28/01/2014:Cool solution - Design +
28/01/2014:Apple under pressure after share price plunge - Blogs
28/01/2014:Toshiba extends mosfet family to 250V - Product Launches
28/01/2014:High voltage, low noise LDO offers programmable current limit - Product Launches
28/01/2014:More engineering students, but electronics still struggles - Blogs
28/01/2014:Engineering student numbers increasing - News
28/01/2014:HP sells patent bundle to Qualcomm - News
28/01/2014:Makimoto's Wave suggests a new brand of technology will be along shortly - Blogs
28/01/2014:TSMC takes on Intel after claims about transistor density - News
28/01/2014:Industry is polarising into 'haves' and 'have nots', says Penn - News
28/01/2014:The eponymous Zepler Institute continues the work of an industry pioneer - Reference/Features
28/01/2014:How the Automata architecture could boost processing efficiency - Reference/Features
28/01/2014:Blurred lines: The crossover between ECAD and MCAD - Reference/Features
28/01/2014:The Internet of Things is pushing microcontroller developers to move in unexpected directions - Reference/Features
28/01/2014:Open source mcu core steps in to power third generation chip - Reference/Features
28/01/2014:Graphene based products become a commercial reality - Reference/Features
28/01/2014:ADLINK Technology Reveals 6U CompactPCI 4th Gen Intel® CoreTM Processor Blade Designed for Military and Transportation Applications - Technology Spotlights
29/01/2014:Power monitoring ic offers 0.1% error rate - Product Launches
29/01/2014:Microcontrollers offer 100DMIPS processing capability - Product Launches
29/01/2014:Cutting-Edge Multi-Touch Controller for Ultra-large Touchscreens - Technology Spotlights
29/01/2014:FWS2014 now open for registration - News
29/01/2014:Renesas sells 12in fab at Tsuruoka to Sony - News
29/01/2014:AMD unveils server processors based on ARM 64bit architecture - News
30/01/2014:Mil-aero SMPS capacitors from AVX - Product Launches
30/01/2014:UARTs reduce footprint in industrial pcs - Product Launches
30/01/2014:£6m boost for UK photonics research - News
30/01/2014:Graphene oxide discovery points to flexible nanoelectronics - News
30/01/2014:Google sells Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for $2.9bn - News
30/01/2014:ARM looks to speed data centre software development - News
31/01/2014:Control ic simplifies design, reduces part count - Product Launches
31/01/2014:Clock fanout buffers offer 60% power savings - Product Launches
31/01/2014:IBM builds first fully functional graphene ic - News
31/01/2014:Infineon positive about 2014 despite weak Q1 sales - News
31/01/2014:UK researchers in quantum computing breakthrough - News
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