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Articles within the archive for September 2013

01/09/2013:Stylish 19” Instrument Enclosures For 3U Equipment - Product Launches
02/09/2013:Researchers develop way to attach solar cells directly to asics - News
02/09/2013:Buck boost charge pump works over MP-grade temperature range - Product Launches
02/09/2013:MEMS accelerometer provides full scale range up to ±18g - News
02/09/2013:ARM, CSR founders join Blu Wireless - News
02/09/2013:Acal buys Young Electronics Group for £1.7m - News
02/09/2013:Samsung mass producing ddr4 for next gen data centres - News
03/09/2013:MEMS developer looks to oust quartz crystals from range of applications - News
03/09/2013:Microsoft to buy Nokia’s handset business - News
03/09/2013:ARM buys advanced display technology from Cadence - News
03/09/2013:How to configure Impedance Track fuel gauges - Video Content
03/09/2013:LM10524 phase-shifted operation mode demo - Video Content
03/09/2013:Engineer it: What is a multiplying DAC (MDAC)? - Video Content
03/09/2013:Solving electronic transformer compatibility in MR16 lamps - Video Content
03/09/2013:Using design tools to power Xilinx fpgas - Video Content
03/09/2013:Safely drive high brightness leds with LM3466 - Video Content
03/09/2013:Powering 2G/3G/4G LTE rf power amplifiers - Video Content
03/09/2013:Advantages of using fpgas in precision inverter modules - Whitepapers
03/09/2013:How will Vodafone spend the cash? - Blogs
03/09/2013:Paper thin wireless interface turns any area into a touchscreen - News
03/09/2013:Tandem diodes offered as green alternative to silicon carbide - Product Launches
03/09/2013:Will Microsoft turn out to be Nokia’s saviour? - Blogs
03/09/2013:ams dedicates €25m to new 3d ic production line - News
03/09/2013:CUI unveils smallest power supplies to date - News
03/09/2013:15th European Conference on Power Electronics & Applications - Events
04/09/2013:European displays project looks to develop lcds on plastic film - News
04/09/2013:SuVolta technology in volume production with image processor - News
04/09/2013:Raspberry Pi starter kit aims to inspire IoT innovation - News
04/09/2013:Fab equipment spending to jump 25% next year - News
04/09/2013:GaN on silicon collaboration looks to cut cost, boost device performance - News
04/09/2013:Stylish 19” Instrument Enclosures For 3U Equipment - Technology Spotlights
04/09/2013:RF down-converting mixer targets mission critical apps - Product Launches
04/09/2013:Altera, Micron demonstrate HMC interoperability - News
04/09/2013:Broadcom buys Renesas’ LTE modem business for $164million - News
05/09/2013:Cambridge scientists in quantum cryptography breakthrough - News
05/09/2013:Multiple output SAW oscillators are ‘world’s first’ - News
05/09/2013:Power supplies offer 93% efficiency - Product Launches
05/09/2013:Samsung beats Apple in race to launch smartwatch - News
05/09/2013:ADI debuts 'fastest' SAR a/d converter - News
05/09/2013:RS-485 transceiver offers fastest automatic polarity correction - Product Launches
05/09/2013:Sandwiches set to take diodes beyond silicon - News
05/09/2013:ROLEC Extends The aluPLUS Diecast Enclosures Range - Technology Spotlights
06/09/2013:OKW Completes Its CARRYTEC Portable Enclosures Range - Technology Spotlights
06/09/2013:High power density LDO specified up to 150°C - Product Launches
06/09/2013:BEEAs 2013 shortlist announced - News
06/09/2013:Qualcomm unveils ‘Toq’ smartwatch - News
06/09/2013:$5m boost for tv white space start up - News
06/09/2013:Satellite cameras saving endangered species - Video Content
07/09/2013:Hitaltech’s compact enclosures fit the brief. - Technology Spotlights
08/09/2013:Creating individuality through modification: anything is possible - Technology Spotlights
09/09/2013:Young engineers dominate BEEAS shortlist debate - Blogs
09/09/2013:Double layer capacitors offer ‘superior’ reliability - Product Launches
09/09/2013:Low cost serial port module from Diamond Systems - Product Launches
09/09/2013:Two-port USB 3.0 hub controller unveiled by Renesas - News
09/09/2013:Four-channel USB scopes are ‘highest performing’ devices - News
09/09/2013:XMOS launches USB-specific starter kit - News
09/09/2013:Research factory to boost Li-ion battery performance, efficiency and cost effectiveness - News
09/09/2013:Cadence IP licensed to Dialog - News
09/09/2013:Advantech Releases Two Powerful Expansion PICMG 1.3 Backplanes with Matrox® Validation - Technology Spotlights
09/09/2013:Freescale to launch 64bit i.MX family ‘in next 18 months’ - News
09/09/2013:Stacked solar cells can handle energy of 70,000 suns - News
10/09/2013:AMD boosts embedded prescence with new ARM and x86 chips - News
10/09/2013:Better safe than sorry! - Technology Spotlights
10/09/2013:IET invests in future engineering talent - News
10/09/2013:Integrated slave transceiver for remote meter reading applications - Product Launches
10/09/2013:Long term operation from low capacity batteries - News
10/09/2013:Cadence looks to speed verification with new computing platform - News
10/09/2013:Vector analyser offers high resolution pulse measurement - News
10/09/2013:Will kHz be king for IoT applications? - News
10/09/2013:Flexible display market set to boom - News
10/09/2013:If Moore’s Law ‘hits the wall’ in 2020, what comes next? - Blogs
10/09/2013:Pushing the boundaries: Interview with Tunç Doluca, president and ceo, Maxim Integrated - Interview
10/09/2013:UK researchers in race to develop 5G technology - Reference/Features
10/09/2013:Cognitive Radio generates interest from the military - Reference/Features
10/09/2013:Challenges involved in modernising an aircraft's avionics suite - Reference/Features
10/09/2013:Universal debug system promises to avoid nightmares of SoC debug - Reference/Features
10/09/2013:What features do micros need in order to meet the challenges posed by the IoT? - Reference/Features
10/09/2013:What should designers consider when choosing between Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart? - Reference/Features
10/09/2013:Can intermittent faults in operation be cured at the design stage? - Reference/Features
10/09/2013:Electronics Design Show 2013 preview - Reference/Features
10/09/2013:DSEI 2013 - Events
11/09/2013:Xilinx partners with NI and MathWorks to push fpga performance - News
11/09/2013:Apple empire strikes back with two new iPhones - Blogs
11/09/2013:Exclusive: Cameron declares his love for engineering - News
11/09/2013:Three weeks to go until the Electronics Design Show! - News
12/09/2013:Cypress launches low power, low cost PSoC 1 - Product Launches
12/09/2013:4th gen Intel Core processors for embedded systems - Whitepapers
12/09/2013:Scientists use DNA to create graphene transistors - News
12/09/2013:Freescale, ROHM in automotive joint venture - News
12/09/2013:Tektronix expands entry level scope family with four-channel devices - Product Launches
12/09/2013:Magnetic semiconductor material holds promise for spintronics - News
13/09/2013:Nissan’s Nismo smartwatch connects driver and car - News
13/09/2013:Retimer boosts performance of PCIe 3.0 - News
13/09/2013:‘Smallest’ Bluetooth Smart modules unveiled - Product Launches
13/09/2013:Still working after all these years - Blogs
13/09/2013:Change continues at RS Components - Blogs
13/09/2013:DesignSpark Mechanical brings 3d design to all engineers - News
15/09/2013: 1Msps, Low Power SAR ADC with 0.5ppm INL Achieves True 20-Bit Precision - Technology Spotlights
16/09/2013:Workshop: Substitution of critical raw materials - Events
16/09/2013:Graphene photodector integrated into standard silicon chip - News
16/09/2013:CamSemi has PSS controller for 7.5W designs - News
16/09/2013:TI unveils inductance to digital converter technology - News
16/09/2013:SoC integrates full analogue signal chain, plus mcu - News
16/09/2013:Peregrine has switching ics for high power wireless charging - Product Launches
16/09/2013:TI chip simplifies development of Qi charging stations - Product Launches
16/09/2013:ARM launches mcu accreditation for embedded engineers - News
16/09/2013:Does Apple still have it? - Blogs
16/09/2013:E-ink display adds a second screen to your iPhone - News
17/09/2013:ARM Conference: Continually raising the standard - Events
17/09/2013:Raspberry Pi expansion board is Arduino compatible - News
17/09/2013:Two weeks to go until the Electronics Design Show! - News
17/09/2013:Arrival stocks FerriSSD family from Silicon Motion - Product Launches
17/09/2013:Imagination signs multiple core license agreement with MediaTek - News
17/09/2013:MEMS market set for solid growth - News
17/09/2013:A day in the life of the IoT - Video Content
17/09/2013:6LoWPAN IP-based wireless connectivity for the Internet of Things - Video Content
17/09/2013:Intro to high performance stepper motor controller DRV8711 - Video Content
17/09/2013:How to regulate your current when micro-stepping a stepper - Video Content
17/09/2013:PWM controller set to replace FETs in smartphone power supplies - News
18/09/2013:Mouser stocks latest Quartus II software from Altera - News
18/09/2013:TSMC unveils 16nm FinFET design flows - News
18/09/2013:Cypress adds to USB 3.0 portfollio - Product Launches
18/09/2013:DC/DC regulator delivers 144A from 16 x 16mm package - News
18/09/2013:Pure play foundry sales dominated by 28nm - News
19/09/2013:ElectroTest Expo 2013 - Events
19/09/2013:What’s gone wrong at Agilent? - Blogs
19/09/2013:Agilent splits in two; cuts electronic T&M business adrift - News
19/09/2013:Murata shrinks dc/dc converters by 26% - News
19/09/2013:Front end hold-up module can handle up to 300W - Product Launches
19/09/2013:Decoupling capacitor arrays target mil/aero applications - Product Launches
19/09/2013:Five reasons to attend the Electronics Design Show - News
20/09/2013:Arduino compatible module measures 1 x 1.1in - News
20/09/2013:Thermocouple shows lower high temperature drift - News
20/09/2013:Linear has 110V led controller for lighting applications - Product Launches
23/09/2013:Build them and they will come? - Blogs
23/09/2013:LED arrays set to replace 39W ceramic metal halide - News
23/09/2013:Peratech licenses QTC tech for electric drill - News
23/09/2013:SUNY plans three 450mm fabs in $45bn investment - News
23/09/2013:IP advice: When is a threat to sue unjustified? - Reference/Features
23/09/2013:Power mosfets offer ‘leading’ efficiency for dc/dc applications - News
23/09/2013:Freescale looks to boost IoT innovation - News
24/09/2013:Video thrilled the design star - Design +
24/09/2013:Free Boundary Scan/PXI seminar - Events
24/09/2013:RF and Microwave Symposium - Events
24/09/2013:Renesas moves on from reform - News
24/09/2013:The connected car: Coming soon to a street near you? - Reference/Features
24/09/2013:FPGAs enable innovative and cost effective automotive camera solutions - Reference/Features
24/09/2013:Big bus puts new demands on the battery management system - Reference/Features
24/09/2013:P1687 finally emerges as a working standard - Reference/Features
24/09/2013:Cutting overhead through preemption threshold scheduling - Reference/Features
24/09/2013:Will existing test equipment be able to handle 100Gbit Ethernet? - Reference/Features
24/09/2013:North American Eagle bids to become the fastest land vehicle - Reference/Features
24/09/2013:Electronics Design Show countdown begins - News
24/09/2013:SiLabs unveils 'most advanced' DVB modulators - News
24/09/2013:imec and Micron work on sub 10nm cmos technologies - News
24/09/2013:Solar cell achieves record 44.7% efficiency - News
24/09/2013:Will private owners be able to turn BlackBerry around? - Blogs
24/09/2013:BlackBerry agrees $4.7bn takeover deal - News
24/09/2013:Power supply units target harsh environments - Product Launches
24/09/2013:Healthy and safe? - Design +
24/09/2013:Cut your debug time with Application Rewind - Video Content
24/09/2013:Tesco launches £119 Hudl tablet - News
24/09/2013:Smallest 14-Bit, 4.5Msps SAR ADC Integrates Precision Reference in 8mm² TSOT-23 Package - Technology Spotlights
24/09/2013:Nvidia opens UK mobile technology facility - News
25/09/2013:Samsung has enhanced pixel technology for cmos image sensors - News
25/09/2013:Frequency accuracy: Do we really need it? - Blogs
25/09/2013:Non-isolated dc/dc converter offers dual output - Product Launches
25/09/2013:Stretchable oled paves way for bendy displays - News
25/09/2013:Peregrine unveils 'highest isolation' Wi-Fi switch - Product Launches
25/09/2013:ARM brings reversible debugging to DS-5 - News
25/09/2013:Top UK engineers win coveted industry accolade - News
25/09/2013:ADI brings improved efficiency to motor control applications - News
26/09/2013:Power Seminar: Engineering Energy Efficiency - Events
26/09/2013:Power transistor rivals mosfet energy efficiency and form factor - Product Launches
26/09/2013:Stanford engineers create carbon nanotube computer - News
26/09/2013:The positive impact of supply chain visibility on design-to-cost - Whitepapers
26/09/2013:Micron ships first samples of hybrid memory cube - News
26/09/2013:Step down charge pump provides regulated output with input current doubling - Product Launches
26/09/2013:Flexible oled market set for big growth in 2014 - News
26/09/2013:Lattice launches MachXO3 fpga range - News
26/09/2013:Ericsson looks to operators to join the Dots for indoor coverage - News
27/09/2013:Diodes unveils high performance ac/dc led driver - Product Launches
27/09/2013:Spirals of light the key to faster electronics? - News
27/09/2013:Will the driverless car ever become a reality? - News
27/09/2013:Infineon keeps top spot in power supplier ranking - News
27/09/2013:Clock buffer targets 4G LTE wireless infrastructure systems - Product Launches
30/09/2013:Negative linear regulator offers rail to rail operation - Product Launches
30/09/2013:£400m fund to boost engineering student numbers – and women in particular - News
30/09/2013:Nokia uses a bolt of lightning to charge Lumia 925 - Blogs
30/09/2013:Researchers harness the power of lightning to charge a mobile phone - News
30/09/2013:Use of electronic devices on planes to be relaxed? - Blogs
30/09/2013:IMS - a key technology defining the modern infrastructure - Video Content
30/09/2013:Two days to go until the Electronics Design Show! - News
30/09/2013:Copper plating boosts i-PERC-type solar cell efficiencies - News
30/09/2013:Siemens to axe 15,000 jobs - News
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