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Articles within the archive for August 2013

01/08/2013:Breakthrough probing results claimed by imec - News
01/08/2013:Device simplifies protection and expansion of SPI/digital systems - Product Launches
01/08/2013:Freescale addresses high noise applications with new Kinetis mcu family - News
01/08/2013:Blu-ray successor in the works - News
01/08/2013:UK start up secures £2m funding for 60GHz wireless IP - News
01/08/2013:8bit mcus offer 'best in class' analogue integration - News
02/08/2013:Renesas losses continue, company looks to make more savings - News
02/08/2013:In-depth look at Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap - Video Content
02/08/2013:Using the Tiva C Series (Stellaris) PinMux Utility - Video Content
02/08/2013:Explore Sensor Fusion Apps with the Sensor Hub BoosterPack! - Video Content
02/08/2013:NFCLink software solution - Video Content
02/08/2013:In-depth look at pulse ox finger clip demo of HealthHub - Video Content
02/08/2013:Running to catch up - Blogs
02/08/2013:Flexible, fully integrated physical layer devices offer high output current - Product Launches
02/08/2013:TI controller enables DisplayPort, usb and power over a single cable - News
02/08/2013:Graphene sheets make superior supercapacitors for energy storage - News
05/08/2013:Warren East joins Dyson’s board - News
05/08/2013:Tiva LaunchPad Workshop Lab1 - Video Content
05/08/2013:Tiva C Series LaunchPad Workshop Chapter 01 - Video Content
05/08/2013:Tiva C Series LaunchPad Workshop Chapter 02 - Video Content
05/08/2013:LED oversupply set to continue - News
05/08/2013:Curtains drawn on ST-Ericsson - Blogs
05/08/2013:Devices offer ‘leading’ power density for dc/dc synchronous buck applications - Product Launches
05/08/2013:ST-Ericsson split finalised - News
05/08/2013:Where’s the challenge to new data storage technology? - Blogs
06/08/2013:Pete Lomas to map out Raspberry Pi’s future at Electronics Design Show - Technology Spotlights
06/08/2013:TI debuts ‘smallest’ quiescent current timers - Product Launches
06/08/2013:Linear has buck boost dc/dc for wireless sensor applications - News
06/08/2013:Cree licences GaN IP to Transphorm - News
06/08/2013:PiRack connects multiple I/O boards to the Raspberry Pi - News
06/08/2013:Making sure embedded processors are up to the mark - News
06/08/2013:u-blox opens LTE rf design centre in Ireland - News
06/08/2013:Start of the never ending tour - Blogs
06/08/2013:Emerson to sell embedded computing business - News
06/08/2013:Samsung starts 3d NAND production, claims 24 layers possible - News
06/08/2013:Chip sales up 6% in Q2 - News
06/08/2013:A new generation of AMD embedded Industrial 24/7 Mini-ITX motherboards from Fujitsu - Technology Spotlights
07/08/2013:Capacitors could extend range of EVs - News
07/08/2013:New nanotechnique set to benefit electronics industry - News
07/08/2013:Surplus to requirements - Blogs
07/08/2013:Power saving techniques lead to ultra low power processors for battery operated devices - Whitepapers
07/08/2013:Power resistors offer superior high frequency performance - Product Launches
07/08/2013:NI brings improved web services to LabVIEW 2013 - News
07/08/2013:Squeezing the truth - Blogs
07/08/2013:MIT chip to revolutionise disease management? - News
07/08/2013:Platforms in a programmable world - Blogs
08/08/2013:Op amp provides 80µV precision - Product Launches
08/08/2013:IBM launches programming environment for cognitive computing devices - News
08/08/2013:Ultra small, flexible micro-supercapacitors unveiled - News
08/08/2013:Putting a different spin on organic solar cells - News
08/08/2013:Device enables easy and fast machine-to-Wi-Fi connectivity - News
08/08/2013:ST claims first with 650V automotive mosfets - News
08/08/2013:Custom hardware is dead - Blogs
09/08/2013:Take care of the village people - Blogs
09/08/2013:Intel tests code compression - News
09/08/2013:Cree debuts ‘highest performing’ led - News
09/08/2013:Resistive ram technology to replace NAND? - News
12/08/2013: 38V, 10A Rugged Step-Down DC/DC µModule Regulator with Fail Safe Load Protection - Technology Spotlights
12/08/2013:ZnO nanowires enable creation of pressure sensor with optical output - News
12/08/2013:Ink jet indignities and battery pack blues - Blogs
12/08/2013:Semiconductor demand growing in Europe, says distribution association - News
12/08/2013:Diamond project claims major advance in chip verification and test - News
12/08/2013:Demands of LTE backhaul push chip companies to create more powerful processors - Reference/Features
13/08/2013:TV tuner range supports all standards - News
13/08/2013:EU unites behind strategy: Interview with Neelie Kroes, EC Commissioner - Interview
13/08/2013:New tvs for old - Blogs
13/08/2013:Analogue electronics sees a revival in the music industry - Reference/Features
13/08/2013:Intel’s surprise mobile acquisition - Blogs
13/08/2013:Easy access: How the hobbyist end of the electronics world is influencing product development - Technology Watch
13/08/2013:Mixed signal and analogue process enables innovative sensors - Reference/Features
13/08/2013:Understanding the importance of embedded security - Reference/Features
13/08/2013:MEMS/cmos process to replace quartz oscillators? - Reference/Features
13/08/2013:TWS produces new Mobile AC Power Supply, which offers a slim and lightweight alternative to diesel generators. - Technology Spotlights
13/08/2013:Wireless power system to work across large surfaces - News
13/08/2013:Growing demand for more bits at lower cost is pushing flash manufacturers to build upwards - News
13/08/2013:Rambus refocuses on bringing innovations to market - News
14/08/2013:Integrated voltage regulator offers 97.5% efficiency - Product Launches
14/08/2013:Horizontal and coax connectors added to Harwin’s Miz-Tek series - Product Launches
14/08/2013:Keithley adds touch control to source measurement unit - News
14/08/2013:AMD adds low power apu to Embedded G-Series - News
14/08/2013:Flash drives semiconductor technologies - Blogs
14/08/2013:Smartphone sales help offset slump in mpu market - News
14/08/2013:Researchers 'freeze' light for an entire minute - News
14/08/2013:Micron slashes 5% of workforce - News
15/08/2013:Qimonda patents licensed to Mosaid - News
15/08/2013:Resistive memory device to supersede flash? - News
15/08/2013:Wireless devices go battery-free with new ambient backscatter tech - News
16/08/2013:ZigBee Smart Energy Profile 2.0 demo - Video Content
16/08/2013:Ask the expert: How can engineers efficiently use embedded processors for medical imaging? - Video Content
16/08/2013:Accurate fuel gauges for any portable electronic device - Video Content
16/08/2013:Industrial ic market shows signs of recovery - News
16/08/2013:Audi unveils Matrix LED headlight technology - News
16/08/2013:NFC tags simplify Wi-Fi and Bluetooth pairing - News
16/08/2013:Step down switching regulator provides 100% duty cycle operation - Product Launches
16/08/2013:Maxim buys Volterra for $605m - News
19/08/2013:Special Yokogawa power offer to help variable speed drive/motor development and testing – ACT today! - Technology Spotlights
19/08/2013:Tiny step down regulator fits in 1cm2 package - News
19/08/2013:Power management ics simplify design, reduce bom cost and enhance reliability - Whitepapers
19/08/2013:Cyber thingy machines 4.0 - Blogs
19/08/2013:Flow battery paves way for cheaper, large scale energy storage - News
19/08/2013:MOSFETs increase efficiency by up to 6% - Product Launches
20/08/2013:AMD pushes performance of R-Series cpus - News
20/08/2013:LED driver suits backlighting applications - Product Launches
20/08/2013:Low cost evaluation kit launched for Freescale’s i.MX6Q - Product Launches
20/08/2013:Voltage references offer ‘lowest’ output noise - Product Launches
20/08/2013:Does 3D printing mean electronics engineers need to release their inner artist? - Blogs
20/08/2013:Intel to ship first LTE chip this month - News
20/08/2013:TSMC takes top spot in Q2 supplier ranking - News
20/08/2013:Are flexible electronics the future? - News
21/08/2013:System timers cut power consumption by up to 80% - News
21/08/2013:Motor driver ics support high voltages - News
21/08/2013:AC/DC power supplies offer 90% efficiency - Product Launches
21/08/2013:Evaluation kit cuts cost, speeds development of mobile devices - News
21/08/2013:Dev kit opens up cellular access to Arduino and Raspberry Pi - News
21/08/2013:3D graphene promises cheaper solar cells - News
22/08/2013:Cyber security challenge seeks Raspberry Pi enthusiasts - News
22/08/2013:Cree has GaN transistors for military applications - News
22/08/2013:Infineon completes €35m miniature SiP project - News
22/08/2013:Electronic charge to 800mph - Blogs
22/08/2013:Raspberry Pi gets a competitor - News
22/08/2013:Hall switches save power in position and proximity detection roles - Product Launches
22/08/2013:2A µModule regulator configurable as a step down or an inverter - Product Launches
23/08/2013:Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer to step down - News
23/08/2013:Control ic offered as magnetic replacement ballast solution - Product Launches
23/08/2013:GNSS receiver module for satellite navigation and positioning - Product Launches
23/08/2013:RF switch optimises performance of broadband cable systems - Product Launches
23/08/2013:Warren East to give keynote at Electronics Design Show - News
27/08/2013:AVX has capacitors for implantable medical devices - Product Launches
27/08/2013:Zuken plans US expansion - News
27/08/2013:Zero drift op amp achieves ‘widest’ dynamic range - Product Launches
27/08/2013:Nujira achieves record 40MHz bandwidth for 4G LTE-Advanced signals - News
27/08/2013:Power converters maximise smartphone battery life - News
27/08/2013:ARM buys IoT software start up - News
28/08/2013:Air traffic radar systems protected against 4G interference - News
28/08/2013:ARM considers kHz clocks for IoT applications - Blogs
28/08/2013:Raspberry Pi programming challenge launched - News
28/08/2013:Renesas joins working group to speed multicore software development - News
28/08/2013:Imagination, Mentor bring open source support to MIPS developers - News
28/08/2013:Lime signs distribution deal with Digi-Key - News
28/08/2013:Universities must share IP, says engineering chief - News
29/08/2013:Imagination, TSMC look to drive performance of PowerVR gpus - News
29/08/2013:Metrology project delivers tools for energy harvesting measurement - News
29/08/2013:Defeating the golden sample syndrome - Blogs
29/08/2013:Dual output buck regulator achieves 96% efficiency - Product Launches
29/08/2013:Tuning switch optimised for LTE-Advanced smartphones - Product Launches
29/08/2013:Nissan to deliver first autonomous vehicle by 2020 - News
30/08/2013:Temperature compensated SAW oscillator offers low phase noise/jitter - Product Launches
30/08/2013:Get to grips with the Internet of Things at the Electronics Design Show - News
30/08/2013:Digi-Key goes global with Samsung Electro-Mechanics - News
30/08/2013:From Hollerith to HTML5: the inevitable rise of the programmable car - Blogs
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