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Articles within the archive for July 2013

01/07/2013:ERGO-CASE ‘XS’ - OKWs Wearable Small Hand Held Enclosures - Product Launches
01/07/2013:EPSRC invests £18m to establish National Centre of Excellence for power electronics - News
01/07/2013:Young engineers gear up to compete at WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 - News
01/07/2013:DC/DC converter cuts space in led lighting applications - Product Launches
01/07/2013:IMechE aims to boost number of engineering technicians - News
01/07/2013:Power electronics sector shows the way forward - Blogs
01/07/2013:Renesas to leave wireless modem business - News
01/07/2013:Wireless wonders - Blogs
01/07/2013:Digi-Key sponsors Electronics Design Show - News
01/07/2013:Nokia buys Siemens out of networking joint venture - News
01/07/2013:Plessey begins sampling 350mW GaN-on-Si leds - News
01/07/2013:Forum aims to grow electronic systems sector into £120bn industry - News
01/07/2013:Lowest Noise, 16-Bit 20Msps ADCs Achieve 84dB SNR & 46 µV Input Noise - Technology Spotlights
02/07/2013:Speed up and de-stress your FPGA integrations - Technology Spotlights
02/07/2013:System uses low power Wi-Fi signals to see through walls - News
02/07/2013:Toshiba expands nand flash production with new fab - News
02/07/2013:Optimising operating life for led based light bulbs - Whitepapers
02/07/2013:Dialog acquires iWatt for $310million - News
02/07/2013:Fuel gauge ic boosts battery life by 50% - News
02/07/2013:Step down regulator delivers full current at up to 83°C - Product Launches
02/07/2013:Power management market on road to recovery - News
03/07/2013:MAX14920/1 - Technology Spotlights
03/07/2013:Introducing ERIC, the half an ic - Product Launches
03/07/2013:Graphene may cool electronic component hot spots - News
03/07/2013:Neul shifts focus to IoT - News
03/07/2013:Chip sales surge 4.6% in May - News
04/07/2013:Season sale - News
04/07/2013:M2M set to be differentiator for car makers - Blogs
04/07/2013:New Tech-levels set to boost vocational training - News
04/07/2013:Head up displays find growing use in automotive industry - News
04/07/2013:Fujitsu signs big.LITTLE and Mali licence, plans eight core SoC - News
04/07/2013:Touchscreen operation through gloves - Video Content
04/07/2013:Digital step attenuator supports operation at 8GHz - Product Launches
04/07/2013:Bloodhound gets new HQ and £1m education grant - News
05/07/2013:Chip scale Schottky cuts board space by 70% - Product Launches
05/07/2013:OCXOs offer phase noise performance down to -172dBc/Hz - Product Launches
05/07/2013:NAND flash revenue to soar in 2013 - News
08/07/2013:Dow Corning joins imec’s 3d packaging research programme - News
08/07/2013:Hypertac announces rebranding - News
08/07/2013:Military oscillator can withstand shock levels up to 1000g - Product Launches
08/07/2013:Eye and brain tracking system could cut driver fatigue - News
08/07/2013:Avnet buys EU distributor, boosts embedded presence - News
08/07/2013:Mouser stocks Plessey’s MAGIC GaN leds - News
08/07/2013:How to combat the many causes of radio sensitivity degradation - Reference/Features
09/07/2013:DC/DC converters provide ‘rugged solution’ - News
09/07/2013:EZ-USB FX3 maximum throughput demo - Video Content
09/07/2013:TrueTouch intro to Gen5 - Video Content
09/07/2013:Ultra low dropout linear regulator targets aerospace applications - Product Launches
09/07/2013:Nujira scales production of LTE chips - News
09/07/2013:Industry giants back engineering growth campaign - News
09/07/2013:The benefit of experience - Blogs
09/07/2013:Cambridge students gear up for solar car challenge - News
09/07/2013:Will the distribution ‘big boys’ continue to offer choice as they acquire more companies? - Blogs
09/07/2013:ESCO looks to a smarter future for electronic systems - Blogs
09/07/2013:Maverick or visionary? Interview with Andy Pease, president and ceo, QuickLogic - Interview
09/07/2013:‘Asic like’ architecture to underpin Xilinx’ future products - News
09/07/2013:Exar buys high precision analogue specialist Cadeka - News
09/07/2013:Thin film CZTSe solar cell achieves 9.7% efficiency - News
09/07/2013:Can the UK’s electronic systems sector grow 50% by 2020? - Reference/Features
09/07/2013:MIT chip could make expert photographers of us all - Reference/Features
09/07/2013:Optical transistor developed using Faraday Effect - News
09/07/2013:Nanotechnology prepares to hit the mainstream - Reference/Features
09/07/2013:Packaging pushes performance: How the bandwidth of DDR applications can be extended - Reference/Features
09/07/2013:Performance requirements drive changes in battery charging technology - Reference/Features
09/07/2013:Many core solutions meet growing demands of comms processors - Reference/Features
09/07/2013:4th gen Intel Core processors suit a range of embedded applications - Reference/Features
10/07/2013:Taking part in EU sponsored research is an opportunity not to be missed - Blogs
10/07/2013:ASSET Intertech acquires validation and test specialist - News
10/07/2013:Fibre optic terminus conforms to ARINC 801 spec - Product Launches
10/07/2013:When your design isn't really a design - Blogs
10/07/2013:EC to launch €5bn electronics systems initiative - News
10/07/2013:Multilayer power inductor is ‘world’s smallest’ - News
10/07/2013:Flexible sensor paves way for electronic skin - News
10/07/2013:The engineering industry and public engagement - Blogs
10/07/2013:Researchers store data in five dimensions, claim ‘unlimited life’ - News
11/07/2013:Wolfson breaks Qualcomm bundle in new Sharp smartphone - News
11/07/2013:Destructive interference could enable new optical applications - News
11/07/2013:e2v wins £2.9m from latest Regional Growth Fund round - News
12/07/2013:Mosfets optimised for low on resistance - News
12/07/2013:Digi-Key unveils value added services to speed time to market - News
14/07/2013:60V, Synchronous Buck LED Driver Delivers Over 300W of LED Power - Technology Spotlights
15/07/2013:R&S adds simulated satellite system to vector signal generator - News
15/07/2013:CDP expands UK base, takes on new staff - News
15/07/2013:Microsemi has IGBTs for harsh environments - News
15/07/2013:Convergence causes confusion in camera market - Blogs
15/07/2013:How does that work? - Blogs
15/07/2013:Rugged Tablets and IP65 Multi-touch Panel PCs with P-Cap Technology from Pacer - Technology Spotlights
16/07/2013:Seminar: Measuring Complex Materials and Components - Events
16/07/2013:National Instruments Summer of LabVIEW 12-part Webcast Series: Register Now! - Technology Spotlights
16/07/2013:£6.5million project to ‘unlock’ the terahertz spectrum - News
16/07/2013:Micron samples 128Gbit nand made on a 16nm process - News
16/07/2013:Multimode power management unit - News
16/07/2013:Optoelectronics specialist to exploit US patent - News
17/07/2013:CC256X Bluetooth evaluation module - Video Content
17/07/2013:SimpleLink CC3000 Boosterpack - Video Content
17/07/2013:Measuring Polyphase Energy Consumption With the MSP430F6779 - Video Content
17/07/2013:GaN enables smaller power supplies - News
17/07/2013:Increased design options for PCAP touch sensors that enhance the look and operation of a product - Technology Spotlights
17/07/2013:Students look to develop an E Coli based battery - News
17/07/2013:Ultra small quartz crystal is 100% Pb-free - News
18/07/2013:New Time Limited Yokogawa Scope and Probe Bundle Offer - Technology Spotlights
18/07/2013:BT’s archive makes 165 years of documents available online - News
18/07/2013:Bridge controllers provide configurable serial channels - News
18/07/2013:Modular broadcast solution unveiled by R&S - News
18/07/2013:Intelligent knife to aid cancer surgery - News
19/07/2013:Researchers make advance towards flexible electronics - Video Content
19/07/2013:Stretchable electrodes pave way for flexible electronics - News
19/07/2013:ESD protection diode offers lowest possible capacitance - Product Launches
19/07/2013:Bipolar transistors help shrink portable designs - Product Launches
19/07/2013:Techniques for extending real time oscilloscope bandwidth - Whitepapers
19/07/2013:Nokia sales continue to decline - News
19/07/2013:Automotive wireless market to reach $1.6bn in 2018 - News
22/07/2013:Automotive qualified touch controllers from Atmel - Product Launches
22/07/2013:Lithium sulphur compound could enable solid state Li-ion batteries - News
22/07/2013:Electronic skin lights up when pressed - News
22/07/2013:Graphene switches could enable faster internet - News
22/07/2013:Board mount dc/dc converters target challenging environments - Product Launches
22/07/2013:ARM and Oracle to further develop Java, targeting M2M - News
22/07/2013:EMBEDDED COMPUTERS: AMD SoCs extend COM Express range - Products In Focus
22/07/2013:MICROCONTROLLERS: MCU enables intelligent sensing - Products In Focus
22/07/2013:ELECTROMECHANICAL: IEC appliance inlet for printed circuit boards - Products In Focus
22/07/2013:FREQUENCY CONTROL: Low jitter oscillators on the double - Products In Focus
22/07/2013:DISPLAY SYSTEMS: RDS introduces 3D LCD modules - Products In Focus
22/07/2013:Addressing critical issues will bring more opportunities to UK electronics companies - Blogs
23/07/2013:The critical issues facing the UK electronics industry - Reference/Features
23/07/2013:IP advice: What can my business protect? - Reference/Features
23/07/2013:How can electronics design companies collaborate more effectively with the supply chain? - Reference/Features
23/07/2013:Dealing with the problems of obsolescence - Reference/Features
23/07/2013:Continuing Professional Development remains an important element of an engineer's career - Reference/Features
23/07/2013:The benefits of bringing in a third party design service - Reference/Features
23/07/2013:Intel unveils SoCs targeted at data centre applications - News
23/07/2013:Mouser inks distribution deal with Intel - News
23/07/2013:ST’s net loss widens in Q2 - News
23/07/2013:Ben Heck Show: How to build an old school arcade machine (Part 1) - Video Content
23/07/2013:‘Smallest’ PFC boost ic unveiled by IR - Product Launches
23/07/2013:OEM chip spending to climb 4% in 2013 - News
23/07/2013:Urine-powered mobile phone in the works - News
23/07/2013:MCU test chip shows performance boost and power saving options - News
23/07/2013:Electronics in textiles said to be a step closer - News
23/07/2013:Electronic system functions like the brain, claims research team - News
24/07/2013:A really bad bit of Chinese electronics - Video Content
24/07/2013:ARM sees Q2 profit climb 30% - News
24/07/2013:Automotive rectifiers offer superior avalanche capability - Product Launches
24/07/2013:XMOS agrees distribution deal with Premier Farnell - News
24/07/2013:European collaboration worked for ARM - Blogs
24/07/2013:It could have been so different for ARM - Blogs
24/07/2013:Only one week left to enter this year’s BEEAs - News
24/07/2013:A few big.LITTLE licenses help generate big revenue growth for ARM - News
25/07/2013:A New generation of AMD embedded Industrial 24/7 Mini-ITX motherboards from Fujitsu - Technology Spotlights
25/07/2013:Smartphone technologies to transform healthcare? - News
25/07/2013:TI unveils low cost Hercules LaunchPad board - News
25/07/2013:Funding boost for imec’s low cost ic prototyping service - News
25/07/2013:Low cost digital oscilloscopes from RS - Product Launches
25/07/2013:IECQ wages war against counterfeit components - News
25/07/2013:Royal Society accolades for graphene scientists - News
25/07/2013:Zynq based ecu drives LMP1 cars to the podium - News
26/07/2013:Pete Lomas to give keynote at Electronics Design Show - News
26/07/2013:New MicroTCA AMC carrier for fpga mezzanine card per VITA 57 - Product Launches
26/07/2013:High linearity mixer has 50Ohm matched input from 30MHz to 6GHz - Product Launches
26/07/2013:ARM turns Cambridge headquarters into IoT hub - News
26/07/2013:LeCroy demos 100GHz real time bandwidth scope, tapes out InP chip - News
29/07/2013:Signs of progress, says Freescale’s ceo - News
29/07/2013:Researchers make advance towards imperceptible plastic electronics - News
29/07/2013:Researchers present an ultra lightweight design for imperceptible plastic electronics - Video Content
29/07/2013:User customisable ARM based SoCs for next gen embedded systems - Whitepapers
29/07/2013:Inductors offer ‘highest’ Q value - Product Launches
29/07/2013:Pete Lomas to map out Raspberry Pi’s future at Electronics Design Show - Blogs
29/07/2013:Wall charger interface ic cuts smartphone charge time by 75% - Product Launches
30/07/2013:What difference can a prototyping/bare board partner bring to the design process? - Reference/Features
30/07/2013:Choosing and working with the right manufacturing partner - Reference/Features
30/07/2013:JTAG transceivers offer ultra low voltage characteristics - Product Launches
30/07/2013:Tough times for test industry, says NI - News
30/07/2013:Mouser dedicates new site to RFID and NFC tech - News
30/07/2013:Researchers double efficiency of novel solar cell - News
30/07/2013:Infineon makes ‘good recovery’ in Q3, beats expectations - News
30/07/2013:PMIC solutions for portable application processor systems - Product Launches
30/07/2013:Only one day left to enter this year’s BEEAs - News
30/07/2013:Working group to address tools for multicore and manycore software development - News
30/07/2013:Silver coated fibres could enable wearable electronics - News
31/07/2013:12W dc/dc converters offers 4:1 wide input range - Product Launches
31/07/2013:Freescale extends 'lowest power' Kinetis L range - News
31/07/2013:ON Semi debuts record and playback solution for portable mp3 applications - Product Launches
31/07/2013:Dual output boost regulator uses only 150nA - News
31/07/2013:NAND flash shortage reported in Q1 - News
31/07/2013:TÜV SÜD recognised for aerospace and defence excellence - News
31/07/2013:Twisted light to reduce energy consumption in displays - News
31/07/2013:Global semi sales to reach $366bn by 2017 - News
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