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Articles within the archive for April 2013

02/04/2013:Buck converter offers highest current density - News
02/04/2013:Even supercomputers get superseded - Blogs
02/04/2013:Board tracking technology available free of charge in trial service - News
02/04/2013:First ARM Cortex-A57 processor taped out - News
02/04/2013:Affordable fpga based asic/SoC prototyping - News
02/04/2013:£1m centre aims to cut cost of leds - News
02/04/2013:ADI’s ceo Jerry Fishman dies - News
03/04/2013:iPhone 6 to feature wraparound AMOLED display? - News
03/04/2013:Roadrunner finally meets its match - Blogs
03/04/2013:Sensing device set to improve DNA sequencing - News
03/04/2013:60V input dc/dc controller said to simplify design - Product Launches
03/04/2013:Hybrid memory cube interface spec finalised - News
03/04/2013:Solid state device replaces long electrical delay lines in phased array radars - News
03/04/2013:Globalfoundries demos first 3D stacked TSV chips on 20nm - News
03/04/2013:Bright lights of Williams - News
04/04/2013:Predicting and adjusting the field of view - Video Content
04/04/2013:What's in a name? - Blogs
04/04/2013:Introducing TI's new family of AFEs for photometry - Video Content
04/04/2013:Weigh scale and body composition analogue front end - Video Content
04/04/2013:AFE5809 fully integrated eight channel ultrasound AFE - Video Content
04/04/2013:GUI Overview for InstaSPIN-FOC - Video Content
04/04/2013:InstaSPIN-FOC in action at e-Traction - Video Content
04/04/2013:Embest launches new website for embedded design engineers - News
04/04/2013:Project adapts QTC materials to printed electronics - News
04/04/2013:Battery breakthrough could extend range of EVs - News
04/04/2013:TI unveils ‘industry’s first’ full hd image sensor receiver - News
04/04/2013:Wireless alarm and automation system from reichelt - Product Launches
04/04/2013:BEEAs 2013 judging panel announced - News
04/04/2013:Cisco buys Ubiquisys for $310m - News
05/04/2013:Tiny ear implant could spell the end for costly hearing aids - News
05/04/2013:PhD training given £84m investment boost - News
05/04/2013:Full bridge controller specified up to 150°C - Product Launches
05/04/2013:Circuit protection as a forethought for design engineers - Reference/Features
05/04/2013:ST heads EU MEMS project - News
08/04/2013:NI RF Wireless Standards Chart - Technology Spotlights
08/04/2013:Plessey begins sampling GaN-on-Si leds - News
08/04/2013:Rail to rail op amps are first to operate from 0.8 to 5.5V - Product Launches
08/04/2013:METCASE extends its wall mount enclosures range - Product Launches
08/04/2013:The death of the pc? - News
09/04/2013:UK firm looks to commercialise technology for recycling waste electronics - News
09/04/2013:Altera unveils first 20nm 32Gb/s transceiver - News
09/04/2013:The impact of four generations of mobile phone technology - Blogs
09/04/2013:Onwards and upwards: Interview with Plextek group chariman Colin Smithers - Interview
09/04/2013:Atomic force microscopy set to answer fundamental questions in a range of fields - Reference/Features
09/04/2013:All British satellite project nears completion - Reference/Features
09/04/2013:Built in crypto functions help to combat the prevalence of counterfeit components - Reference/Features
09/04/2013:Small scale programmable logic devices offer numerous benefits - Reference/Features
09/04/2013:Testing eCall systems: how to benefit from synergies with existing GSM test platforms - Reference/Features
09/04/2013:Requirements management software helps to keep safety critical projects on track - Reference/Features
09/04/2013:Ultra broadband capacitors address dc blocking - Product Launches
09/04/2013:Tektronix makes move into power - News
09/04/2013:Circuit Board & Layout Issues for EMC Compliance workshop - Events
10/04/2013:Med-Tech Innovation Expo UK 2013 - Events
10/04/2013:ACPL-339J – A New Generation of Smart Gate Drive Optocoupler - Technology Spotlights
10/04/2013:UKEA continues fight against counterfeit components - News
10/04/2013:First Myriad RF interface board launched - News
10/04/2013:Device enables ultra precise measurement of electrical current - News
10/04/2013:‘Smart’ remote control lets users manage multiple home appliances - News
10/04/2013:SoCKIT evaluation kit features Altera SoCs - News
11/04/2013:Initiative set to enable broader use of industrial Ethernet - News
11/04/2013:Samsung signs Wolfson as primary audio partner - News
11/04/2013:How to accelerate multicore application development with KeyStone software - Whitepapers
11/04/2013:Regulator requires only 3.5µA of quiescent current - Product Launches
11/04/2013:Real time clocks operate down to 0.9V - News
11/04/2013:PSoC4 Pioneer Kit launched - News
11/04/2013:Power transistor market set for record growth - News
11/04/2013:3D laser scanner can capture objects over half a mile away - News
11/04/2013:2012 a dismal year for the semiconductor industry, says IHS - News
12/04/2013:Toshiba launches full hd cmos image sensor with colour noise reduction - Product Launches
12/04/2013:Power factor controller targets ac/dc adaptor applications - Product Launches
12/04/2013:New ceo for tv white space start up - News
12/04/2013:Qualcomm moves up semiconductor ranks - News
15/04/2013:Compact 5 inch TFT display with Projective capacitive touch screen. - Technology Spotlights
15/04/2013:Wide temperature SoM unveiled by EMAC - Product Launches
15/04/2013:Is a 2.2% drop in semiconductor sales revenue really ‘terrible’? - Blogs
15/04/2013:Altera, AppliedMicro to address data centre applications - News
15/04/2013:LSI launches Cortex-A15 based communications processor family - News
15/04/2013:Altium design secret 15: How to employ snippets for design reuse - Video Content
15/04/2013:Farnell to distribute ARM development tools across Europe - News
15/04/2013:RFEL launches video processing system for defence surveillance - News
15/04/2013:Breakthrough material could replace silicon in semiconductors - News
15/04/2013:Memory effect detected in Li-ion batteries, claims research team - News
15/04/2013:The item you never knew you didn’t need ... - Blogs
16/04/2013:Introduction to full speed usb - Events
16/04/2013:Renesas mcus target 32bit embedded applications - News
16/04/2013:Mouser stocks Terasic fpgas - News
16/04/2013:Altera to launch ‘new category’ of programmable device featuring TSMC embedded flash - News
16/04/2013:Transceivers simplify design of small cell backhaul links - News
16/04/2013:Reference design lowers cost of remote image sensing - News
16/04/2013:RF to digital receiver targets baseband applications - Product Launches
16/04/2013:DesignSpark PCB v5.0 launched with two time saving features - News
17/04/2013:Wireless power receiver ic supports both WPC and PMA standards - News
17/04/2013:Printable wireless sensors set to monitor large structures - News
17/04/2013:TI launches gas gauge ic for multi cell lead acid batteries - News
17/04/2013:Microchip debuts first MOST150 interface controller - News
17/04/2013:Developing safety critical applications that meet IEC 61508 standards - Whitepapers
17/04/2013:Renesas lowers pin count of RL78 mcus - News
17/04/2013:Every picture tells a story - Blogs
17/04/2013:RF switch targets harsh environment automotive applications - Product Launches
17/04/2013:Tiny leds can be injected into the brain - News
17/04/2013:Workshop: Boost your business with a Knowledge Transfer Partnership - Events
18/04/2013:Manufacturing Summit 2013 - Events
18/04/2013:Wireless technologies seminar - Events
18/04/2013:Tactile sensor brings a new dimension to robotics - News
18/04/2013:Water powered fuel cell for consumer electronics - News
18/04/2013:Secure transaction technology developed by Cambridge spin out - News
18/04/2013:FPGA Designs – which vendor to choose? - Technology Spotlights
19/04/2013:LMP91002 sensor AFE for zero bias electrochemical cells - Video Content
19/04/2013:Engineer it - how to prevent electrical overstress of analog integrated circuits - Video Content
19/04/2013:Engineer it - how to isolate a power supply for RS485 & CAN - Video Content
19/04/2013:WiLink 8Q wireless automotive connectivity - Video Content
19/04/2013:Stepping motor control drivers offer 'industry's highest' voltage and current combinations - Product Launches
19/04/2013:Power tip 54-55: 2 section filter for low noise power supply - Video Content
19/04/2013:Power tip 53: how to design your power supply control loop - Video Content
19/04/2013:PWM audio processor lets designers mix two audio sources - News
19/04/2013:ST tops MEMS market ranking - News
19/04/2013:The UK Device Developers' Conference – May 2013 - Technology Spotlights
20/04/2013:Experience Accelerated Graphic Performance with ADLINK CM2-GF - Technology Spotlights
21/04/2013:Powerful i7 Compact Industrial PC Motherboard - Technology Spotlights
22/04/2013:Athena III PC/104 SBC based on Intel E-Series CPUs - Technology Spotlights
22/04/2013:Partnership aims to fuel MEMS innovation - News
22/04/2013:Queen’s Awards 2013: McLaren wins accolade for international trade achievements - News
22/04/2013:IBM to exit x86 server business? - News
22/04/2013:Queen’s Awards 2013: Deployable CT scanner brings win for Marshall - News
22/04/2013:Queen’s Awards 2013: CommAgility commended for export success - News
22/04/2013:Queen’s Awards winners announced - Blogs
23/04/2013:Ultra small VCXO offers low jitter - Product Launches
23/04/2013:The new AMD Embedded G-Series System-on-Chip - Technology Spotlights
23/04/2013:Power consumption is a primary consideration in smart transmitter design - Reference/Features
23/04/2013:3D printing allows designers to think outside the box - Reference/Features
23/04/2013:Acal launches custom services centre, aims to support NPI process - News
23/04/2013:BeagleBone Black brings Cortex-A8 processing capability for $45 - News
23/04/2013:AMD launches quad core x86 SoC, targets high growth markets - News
23/04/2013:The kilogram is the last SI unit to be represented by a physical artefact. But not for long. - Reference/Features
23/04/2013:A different audience: Designers look to crowdfunding to get their idea off the ground - Technology Watch
23/04/2013:Nanoscale device could enable efficient on chip optical interconnects - News
23/04/2013:Plug and play front end deals with high and wide ranging voltages - Reference/Features
23/04/2013:SiLabs unveils first single chip digital radio receiver - News
23/04/2013:The days of 8bit microcontrollers are numbered as the Cortex-M0 and M0+ wagon gains momentum - Reference/Features
23/04/2013:Photoelectric device converts light into electrical signals - News
23/04/2013:AMD unveils Embedded G-Series SoC - Video Content
23/04/2013:Predicting the future for semiconductor revenues is a risky business - Blogs
23/04/2013:Signal Integrity & EMI Control in High Speed Digital Circuits - Events
24/04/2013:EV Battery Technology 2013 - Events
24/04/2013:Front end power supplies achieve 90% efficiency - Product Launches
24/04/2013:UK universities unite to tackle electronics skills shortage - News
24/04/2013:ARM tops forecasts on smartphone and tablet boom - News
24/04/2013:UK centre to boost sensor and imaging systems innovation - News
24/04/2013:XMOS unveils industrial multicore mcus - News
25/04/2013:Sensing device set to simplify disease diagnosis - News
25/04/2013:Power switches increase power density in USB port protection - Product Launches
25/04/2013:Microchip brings integrated op amps to 8bit PIC mcus - News
26/04/2013:Constant voltage converter features internal PWM generator - Product Launches
26/04/2013:Project aims to establish EU as power semiconductor leader - News
26/04/2013:MCU market moves to 32bit - News
29/04/2013:Tech entrepreneurs pledge to mentor UK start-ups and SMEs - News
29/04/2013:Rohde & Schwarz launches flagship vector signal generator, upgrades scope portfolio - News
29/04/2013:Infineon, Globalfoundries collaborate on 40nm embedded flash development - News
29/04/2013:Scientists develop way to control nanotube properties - News
29/04/2013:Will European power project threaten the UK’s efforts? - Blogs
29/04/2013:NI posts record Q1 results - News
30/04/2013:Shape-changing smartphone curls to notify of incoming calls - News
30/04/2013:Silica launches design support strategy for power customers - News
30/04/2013:Spansion to acquire Fujitsu’s mcu and analogue business - News
30/04/2013:Initiative aims to establish UK as power electronics leader - News
30/04/2013:Farnell makes SEGGER software available online - News
30/04/2013:NXP adds to FlexRay transceiver family - Product Launches
30/04/2013:IHS: 10million smart glasses to ship by 2016 - News
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