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Articles within the archive for March 2013

01/03/2013:Extended Range of IP 66 Plastic Enclosures From OKW - Product Launches
01/03/2013:Raspberry Pi celebrates its first birthday - News
01/03/2013:Embedded World 2013: Evaluation board cuts RS485 interface design time - News
01/03/2013:Isolated error amplifiers said to outperform optocouplers - Product Launches
01/03/2013:DC/DC converter optimised for low load efficiency - Product Launches
01/03/2013:Liquid cooled server could slash cooling costs by 97% - News
04/03/2013:LDOs offer high output current of 300mA - Product Launches
04/03/2013:Limited edition Raspberry Pi unveiled - News
04/03/2013:Putting fpgas to work in software radio systems - Whitepapers
04/03/2013:LED light strip could help fight driver fatigue - News
04/03/2013:Digital signage apps targeted with 42in flexible display just 3mm thick - News
04/03/2013:Disk drive developer creates 10nm ‘magnetic islands’ - News
05/03/2013:Tanner backs OpenAccess to improve analogue and mixed signal design - News
05/03/2013:Harwin invests £1m in state of the art connector facility - News
05/03/2013:ROHM pmic wins spot in Intel’s new ‘Bay Trail’ processor - News
05/03/2013:£12m engineering excellence centre to open in UK - News
05/03/2013:Cell balancing device targets battery stack applications - News
05/03/2013:Global semi sales up 4% in January - News
06/03/2013:Infineon smart card offers enhanced security - News
06/03/2013:USB 3.0-SATA3 bridge SoC cuts bom costs - News
06/03/2013:NI upgrades .NET software suite - News
06/03/2013:Support the UK Electronics Alliance’s training bid by completing survey - News
06/03/2013:48V synchronous buck regulators are ‘industry’s first’ - News
07/03/2013:Fab equipment spending to remain flat in 2013 - News
07/03/2013:400W quarter brick dc/dc converter from Murata - Product Launches
07/03/2013:Raspberry Pi powers cocktail dispensing robot - News
07/03/2013:Power-S08 mosfets target automotive applications - News
08/03/2013:Mobile OS architecture trends - Whitepapers
08/03/2013:SpaceTop 3D computer lets users ‘touch’ digital content - News
08/03/2013:Cambridge Consultants unveils low cost indoor locator system - News
08/03/2013:Automotive semiconductor market to dwindle in 2013 - News
08/03/2013:Carbon sulphur battery doubles energy density, cuts costs - News
09/03/2013:Extended Range of IP 66 Plastic Enclosures From OKW - Technology Spotlights
09/03/2013:Instrumet 19” Cases – Stylish, Versatile and Light Weight - Technology Spotlights
11/03/2013:Funding available for photonics based healthcare innovation - News
11/03/2013:Centre will support innovation in large area electronics - News
11/03/2013:Demand for mobile flash memory declines as cloud usage grows - News
11/03/2013:ROLEC extends the aluCASE Die Cast Aluminium Enclosures Series - Technology Spotlights
12/03/2013:Power Factor Correction Workshop - Events
12/03/2013:What do developers need from today’s mixed signal test equipment? - Reference/Features
12/03/2013:Comms firm looks to create open source rf hardware community - News
12/03/2013:Linear unveils ultra small 14bit SAR a/d converter - Product Launches
12/03/2013:First mass Raspberry Pi workshop held in UK - News
12/03/2013:Why is getting hold of open source hardware so difficult? - Technology Watch
12/03/2013:Has the UK’s plastic electronics sector been slow out of the starting blocks? - Blogs
12/03/2013:Next gen hearing aid promises greater clarity - News
12/03/2013:Ultrasound pill project receives £5million grant - News
12/03/2013:Four satellite navigation constellations set to be in place by 2020 - Reference/Features
12/03/2013:Is Altera the first of some 'big name' foundry deals for Intel? - Blogs
12/03/2013:ASIC/SoC prototyping platforms increase productivity - Reference/Features
12/03/2013:ST files second lawsuit against InvenSense - News
12/03/2013:Small, durable lenses set to revolutionise machine vision systems - Reference/Features
12/03/2013:ST-Ericsson ceo to step down - News
12/03/2013:ATCA and MicroTCA have military applications in their sights - Reference/Features
12/03/2013:Cadence to buy Tensilica for $380million - News
13/03/2013:The transfer window: Interview with Professor Andrew Hopper, IET - Interview
13/03/2013:Arduino compatible board can ‘talk’ to your iPhone - News
13/03/2013:Nano transistor enables 3d stacking - News
13/03/2013:Boeing to revamp Dreamliner battery system - News
13/03/2013:Digi-Key looks to expand UK presence - News
13/03/2013:PWM/linear controller converts single dc input into three output voltages - Product Launches
13/03/2013:Lattice launches smallest fpga, targets new markets - News
13/03/2013:Cadence looks to knock Synopys off its IP perch - Blogs
14/03/2013:Workshop: How to embed a graphical lcd user interface - Events
14/03/2013:UK Technology Day 2013 - Events
14/03/2013:Analog Devices and Bourns Introduce Industry’s First Complete Evaluation Board with Certified RS-485 Electro-magnetic Protection - Technology Spotlights
14/03/2013:Silicon diodes fill gap in portfolio - News
14/03/2013:European project to use nanoimprinting for highly efficient solar cells - News
14/03/2013:GOEPEL Technology Day 2013 - Events
15/03/2013:NXP unveils smart wireless charging demonstrator - Video Content
15/03/2013:Young engineers selected to compete at WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 - News
15/03/2013:30W dc/dc converters target railway applications - Product Launches
15/03/2013:Self-healing chips can survive repeated laser blasts - News
15/03/2013:Evaluation kit cuts time and cost of system evaluation - News
15/03/2013:Exciting New Omron D6T MEMS Thermal Sensor - Technology Spotlights
16/03/2013:Get Connected with ADLINK USB DAQ/DI/O! - Technology Spotlights
17/03/2013:Agilent’s Complimentary Back to Basics RF & Digital Measurements Seminar 5th June - Technology Spotlights
18/03/2013:element14 moves Raspberry Pi production back to UK - News
18/03/2013:Audi's Swarm concept set to reinvent the humble brake light - News
18/03/2013:Peratech looks to develop touch technology for wearable electronics - News
18/03/2013:ST-Ericsson to split, partners to take most of the business - News
18/03/2013:Digital power controller reduces server downtime - Product Launches
18/03/2013:Initiative aims to inspire next generation of electronics engineers - News
18/03/2013:Web pioneers win Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering - News
18/03/2013:Waveform generator offers ‘highest performance’ - News
18/03/2013:Autonomous system could double number of successful transplants - News
18/03/2013:2013 Automated Test Outlook: download this white paper on trends in test from NI - Technology Spotlights
19/03/2013:Xmega and studio 6 workshop - Events
19/03/2013:Power interface modules simplify energy monitoring - News
19/03/2013:Thermal management package integrates mechanical and electronic design domains - News
19/03/2013:ARM ceo Warren East to retire - News
19/03/2013:Is Warren East the retiring type? - Blogs
19/03/2013:Low noise LDO regulator offers independent inputs - Product Launches
19/03/2013:The oscilloscope experience redefined - Technology Spotlights
19/03/2013:LMX2581: Introducing the industry's lowest phase noise frequency synthesiser - Video Content
19/03/2013:LMX2581: Designing with CodeLoader and Clock Design Tool - Video Content
19/03/2013:LM48560 Class H boosted ceramic speaker driver with ALC demo - Video Content
19/03/2013:LM48511 boosted Class D audio amp with spread spectrum demo - Video Content
19/03/2013:CDCM6208 EVM software startup: Part 1 - Video Content
19/03/2013:Automotive instrument cluster - Video Content
19/03/2013:Automotive radar trends - Video Content
19/03/2013:East steps down at ‘the right time’ - News
20/03/2013:NXP chip enables more efficient mobile charging - News
20/03/2013:Toshiba has cmos image sensor for automotive designs - Product Launches
20/03/2013:Mouser inks distribution deal with Micrel - News
20/03/2013:Linear unveils 200mA synchronous buck boost dc/dc converter - Product Launches
20/03/2013:Flogging a dead horse - Blogs
20/03/2013:Quantum dots generate identical photons - News
20/03/2013:Researchers develop instantaneous blood test chip - News
21/03/2013:High speed photocouplers deliver 5Mb/s operation up to 125°C - Product Launches
21/03/2013:Raspberry Pi competition winners announced - News
21/03/2013:Real time challenges and opportunities in SoCs - Whitepapers
21/03/2013:Project aims to boost number of STEM students - News
21/03/2013:Magnetic nano-droplet discovery presents telecom opportunity - News
21/03/2013:Altium design secret 14: Circular placement for multi-channel designs - Video Content
22/03/2013:Amplifier offers 'lowest’ noise performance of 0.045dB - News
22/03/2013:IR unveils ‘best in class’ voltage regulator - Product Launches
22/03/2013:IBM says so-long to silicon? - News
22/03/2013:NXP debuts automotive grade isolated CAN transceiver - News
25/03/2013:Ultra low power Celeron Mini-ITX motherboard - Product Launches
25/03/2013:Xilinx adds to Zynq-7000 SoC family - News
25/03/2013:Imagination and TSMC look to drive performance of mobile SoCs - News
25/03/2013:Minimising energy consumption in inductive sensing applications - Whitepapers
25/03/2013:VCTCXOs target femtocell applications - Product Launches
26/03/2013:Human-Centred Design (HCD) Workshop - Events
26/03/2013:LED and Lighting Design forum - Events
26/03/2013:MCUs offer advanced analogue integration and 5V operation - Product Launches
26/03/2013:Renesas selects ARM’s big.LITTLE processor for new automotive SoC - News
26/03/2013:TI chip cuts battery charging time in half - News
26/03/2013:Advent of 4G looks set to disgruntle Freeview users - Reference/Features
26/03/2013:Embedded PMBus simplifies complex power system implementation - Reference/Features
26/03/2013:Cambridge Consultants in recruitment drive - News
26/03/2013:Making sense of mosfet datasheets - Reference/Features
26/03/2013:Improvements still needed to make LEDs more efficient - Reference/Features
26/03/2013:IP Advice: European patents - a very big change - Reference/Features
26/03/2013:Analogue market continues to grow as demand surges - Reference/Features
26/03/2013:A new twist to optical communications - Reference/Features
26/03/2013:Researchers make advance towards bio-batteries - News
26/03/2013:Screening material may enable non invasive sensing devices - News
26/03/2013:MEMS oscillators offer lowest levels of jitter - News
27/03/2013:Safety critical architecture deployed in breakthrough liver perfusion system - Reference/Features
27/03/2013:RF chip capacitors target automotive applcaitions - Product Launches
27/03/2013:How to add a mobile phone UI to your Raspberry Pi project - Video Content
27/03/2013:SiTime enters smartphone market with first MEMS oscillator - News
27/03/2013:Cree breaks 10,000lumen barrier with integrated led arrays - News
27/03/2013:MEMS microphone promises higher performance, lower power hearing aids - News
27/03/2013:Low frequency clock supports long duration power-on reset - Product Launches
28/03/2013:Graphene ribbons could boost efficiency of Li-ion batteries - News
28/03/2013:TI ups memory of low cost MSP430 mcus - Product Launches
28/03/2013:3A linear regulators target high current POL conversion applications - Product Launches
28/03/2013:Adding class D audio to embedded systems in an unconventional way - Whitepapers
28/03/2013:Introducing Fuel, the world’s smallest smartphone charger - News
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