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Articles within the archive for November 2013

01/11/2013:OKW Completes Its CARRYTEC Portable Enclosures Range - Product Launches
01/11/2013:10A µModule regulator delivers full output at current at over 50°C - Product Launches
01/11/2013:Materials breakthrough enables wafer scale processing of lab on chip - News
01/11/2013:Project set to deliver 10x faster processing speeds - News
01/11/2013:ARM launches online hub to encourage design innovation - News
01/11/2013:Class-D stereo amp triples power output for ultrabooks - News
04/11/2013:Industry ‘too reliant’ on migrant workers, warns report - News
04/11/2013:Audio receivers reduce space in next gen hearing aids - Product Launches
04/11/2013:Where are the clouds? - Blogs
04/11/2013:5G innovation centre enters next phase - News
04/11/2013:Campaign aims to inspire next generation of engineers - News
05/11/2013:Speaker driver ic brings improved sound to Ultrabooks - News
05/11/2013:Embedded modules simplify 2G to 4G migration - News
05/11/2013:Freescale begins sampling QorIQ T2080 processor - News
05/11/2013:Global semi sales reach record high in Q3 - News
05/11/2013:imec claims compound semiconductor production breakthrough - News
05/11/2013:BlackBerry’s ‘white knight’ falls short - Blogs
06/11/2013:Breakthrough device gives visually impaired a way to read - News
06/11/2013:50W dc/dc converter cuts board space and cost - News
06/11/2013:‘Intelligent’ t-shirt monitors cardiac health - News
06/11/2013:Tiny FemtoFET mosfets offer ‘lowest’ on resistance - News
06/11/2013:Power supplies offer 'leading' 94% efficiency - News
06/11/2013:IMechE makes new proposals to close engineering skills gap - News
06/11/2013:Researchers create quantum light switch - News
06/11/2013:Printed lasers set to make products fraud resistant - News
06/11/2013:LGA socket is suitable for harsh environments - Product Launches
07/11/2013:LDOs reduce phase noise in wideband communication systems - Product Launches
07/11/2013:Battery charging controller offers multi-chemistry operation - Product Launches
07/11/2013:The challenges of developing advanced driver assistance systems - Blogs
07/11/2013:Intel sets up group to address the IoT market - News
07/11/2013:Motor control mcu simplifies system development - News
07/11/2013:Micron to target HMC at supercomputers - News
08/11/2013:What’s in a name? - Blogs
08/11/2013:Polyphase metering technology brings cost savings, better performance - News
08/11/2013:Satellite sensor operates up to 125°C - News
10/11/2013:Himag’s innovative custom-design magnetics are revolutionising the high-frequency power supply market. - Technology Spotlights
11/11/2013:Dual 13A or Single 26A DC/DC µModule Step-Down Regulator Can Deliver up to 100A - Technology Spotlights
11/11/2013:Internet of Things overload - Blogs
11/11/2013:Technique allows ink-based circuits to be printed in seconds - News
11/11/2013:Embedded systems lab comes to Glasgow - News
11/11/2013:Harwin has shield clips for miniature devices - Product Launches
11/11/2013:ON launches OIS solution for smartphone camera modules - Product Launches
11/11/2013:Dialog launches platform for intelligent led lighting - News
11/11/2013:Lithium sulphur technology gets application boost - News
11/11/2013:Researchers all in a spin over novel OLED design - News
11/11/2013:Outlook 2014: What's in store for the UK's electronic systems community? - Outlook
12/11/2013:Toshiba announces next gen GaN on Si leds - Product Launches
12/11/2013:Driverless cars set to roam UK city centre from 2017 - News
12/11/2013:Future of the IoT addressed at Freescale event - News
12/11/2013:Digi-Key's new strategy 'going well' - News
12/11/2013:Human factors: BEEAs 2013 round up - Reference/Features
12/11/2013:Intersil boosts power portfolio with new GUI - News
12/11/2013:Building for the future: Interview with Nathan Hill, National Graphene Institute - Interview
12/11/2013:IoT set to solve many societal and industrial challenges - Reference/Features
12/11/2013:Digital imaging technologies bring better performance to embedded systems - Reference/Features
12/11/2013:Boundary scan emerges as popular tool for design engineers - Reference/Features
12/11/2013:How black zinc nickel plating is bringing RoHS to military connectors - Reference/Features
12/11/2013:Does using 'standard' connectors reduce design advantage or increase flexibility? - Reference/Features
12/11/2013:Will printed electronics deliver devices at the price point needed for the IoT? - Reference/Features
12/11/2013:Outlook 2014: UK companies push to be at the forefront of their fields - Outlook
12/11/2013:Outlook 2014: Embedding digital processing in analogue and mixed signal designs - Outlook
12/11/2013:Outlook 2014: EDA companies enable the 'push-pull' of electronics - Outlook
12/11/2013:Outlook 2014: How the maker movement could reinvigorate UK electronics - Outlook
12/11/2013:Outlook 2014: Why electronics distributors are riding the internet wave - Outlook
12/11/2013:Outlook 2014: Power electronics moves forward on many fronts - Outlook
12/11/2013:Outlook 2014: Software centric ecosystems are the future of test - Outlook
12/11/2013:Outlook 2014: IoT set to benefit embedded systems market - Outlook
12/11/2013:Outlook 2014: The growing importance of optoelectronics - Outlook
12/11/2013:Outlook 2014: Innovative semiconductor materials drive Moore's Law forward - Outlook
12/11/2013:Focused on the future - Resource Links
12/11/2013:Outlook 2014: Analogue technology enables more advanced sensors - Outlook
12/11/2013:Outlook 2014: Changing economics spurs greater integration - Outlook
12/11/2013:Outlook 2014: Growing the UK's power electronics sector - Outlook
12/11/2013:Outlook 2014: Findlay Media announces the Embedded Design Show - Outlook
12/11/2013:3D circuit board printer launches on Kickstarter - News
12/11/2013:Finalists of industry scholarship award announced - News
12/11/2013:Bigger energy savings, smaller footprint - Technology Spotlights
12/11/2013:The Ben Heck Show: Getting Started with CadSoft EAGLE - Video Content
13/11/2013:Synaptic transistor ‘learns’ while it computes - News
13/11/2013:Tiny biosensor could be used to detect brain injuries - News
13/11/2013:Renesas upgrades RX core for better performance, lower power consumption - News
13/11/2013:The remains of picoChip are being passed on - Blogs
13/11/2013:MACOM buys Mindspeed, adds SiGe technology to portfolio - News
13/11/2013:New package sizes added to Toshiba’s mosfet line up - Product Launches
13/11/2013:High frequency ics slash system cost and board space - Product Launches
13/11/2013:Xilinx ships first 20nm fpgas - News
14/11/2013:Flyback regulator delivers up to 15W - Product Launches
14/11/2013:Semi distribution market ‘on right track’ - News
14/11/2013:New wafer split service launched by ams - News
14/11/2013:Flexible, lightweight antenna developed for military - News
14/11/2013:EU to ease ban on in-flight electronics - News
14/11/2013:Internet of Things overload, part two - Blogs
15/11/2013:Power module shrinks appliance motor drive design - Product Launches
15/11/2013:Sitara Linux board porting series: Module 1 - Video Content
15/11/2013:Sitara Linux board porting series: Module 2 - Video Content
15/11/2013:Sitara Linux board porting series: Module 3 - Video Content
15/11/2013:Sitara Linux board porting series: Module 4 - Video Content
15/11/2013:LM5121 wide VIN boost controller lab demo - Video Content
15/11/2013:FemtoFET: Smallest low on-resistance mosfets in the industry - Video Content
15/11/2013:TI Designs: Speed time to market with our reference designs - Video Content
15/11/2013:Pocket-sized scopes deliver benchtop performance - News
15/11/2013:Adapter provides better view of power system performance - News
15/11/2013:‘Industrial grade’ enterprise tool suite supports demanding applications - News
15/11/2013:Researchers in quantum memory breakthrough - News
15/11/2013:Researchers start search for iridium replacement in magnetic storage devices - News
17/11/2013:connectBlue Low Energy Bluetooth Technology - Technology Spotlights
18/11/2013:WirelessHART & Internet Protocol Wireless Sensor Networks Achieve Industry’s Lowest Power Consumption at Less Than 50µA per Node - Technology Spotlights
18/11/2013:China retains fastest supercomputer crown - News
18/11/2013:Advantech buys intelligent display firm - News
18/11/2013:Is the UK’s electronics sector still waiting for the economy to recover? - Blogs
18/11/2013:Voltage regulators target server and storage applications - Product Launches
18/11/2013:Microchip pushes PIC32 family to new levels - News
18/11/2013:Micron uses dram to create ‘new computing architecture’ - News
18/11/2013:Spansion launches mcus to target industrial Internet of Things - News
18/11/2013:Microsoft to become Top 10 chip buyer on Nokia acquisition - News
18/11/2013:Memory devices simplify NFC pairing - News
18/11/2013:Modular power supplies come with five year warranty - Product Launches
18/11/2013:Digital isolators drive just 1µW - News
19/11/2013:National Instruments Practical Guides for Building a Test System - Technology Spotlights
19/11/2013:COM Express module suits harsh environments - Product Launches
19/11/2013:Real time solutions meet wireless standards - Product Launches
19/11/2013:Disaster highlights role of defence - Blogs
19/11/2013:LeCroy adds mixed signal capabilities to high definition scopes - News
19/11/2013:Energy harvesting chips enable battery-free operation - News
19/11/2013:Graphene ink enables ‘printable piano’ - News
19/11/2013:Graphene and boron nitride can form semiconductor, says PhD student - News
20/11/2013:HIS technology applied to protect cloud based data storage - News
20/11/2013:Toshiba launches ic for BLDC pump motor control - Product Launches
20/11/2013:Gertduino board connects Raspberry Pi to any Arduino Shield - News
20/11/2013:Cypress ships billionth CapSense controller - News
20/11/2013:Harwin aims for growth with £500,000 investment - News
20/11/2013:Five companies get high performance computer interconnect contracts - News
21/11/2013:PSUs provide constant current output down to 0V - Product Launches
21/11/2013:Mentor Embedded Hypervisor - Reduce costs with high performance, secure consolidation on multicore application processors - Technology Spotlights
21/11/2013:Microchip launches integrated mcu development framework - News
21/11/2013:Wearable sensors project for remote healthcare - News
21/11/2013:Fabric40 backplane supports 40Gbit/s transmission - News
21/11/2013:Chip firms to enjoy strong revenue growth in 2013 - News
21/11/2013:Analysis: Spansion sets sights on industrial mcu market - News
21/11/2013:VIDEO: The 2013 Electronics Design Show - Video Content
21/11/2013:Wolfson brings ‘always on’ gesture control to smartphones and tablets - News
22/11/2013:Jamie Urquhart gets NMI’s Contribution to Industry Award - News
22/11/2013:CSR's Ashley Robinson wins scholarship award - News
22/11/2013:New Snapdragon processor brings 4K video to mobiles - News
22/11/2013:FUNcube-1 satellite makes it into orbit - News
22/11/2013:Cree launches GaN transistors for S-Band radar amplifier systems - Product Launches
23/11/2013:ADLINK Releases LEC-3517 SMARC Module for Small Form Factor Embedded and Mobile Systems - Technology Spotlights
24/11/2013:RDS Announces TechNexion EDM Modules and Carrier Boards - Technology Spotlights
25/11/2013:EPSRC to fund post-graduate engineering studies - News
25/11/2013:Catching a ‘ghost particle’ - Blogs
25/11/2013:Triple output controller drives up to 250W of led power - Product Launches
25/11/2013:imec develops next gen image sensor for space applications - News
25/11/2013:Apple buys 3d motion sensor start up - News
25/11/2013:Industrial Single Board PCs with a choice of Form Factor and Platform - Technology Spotlights
26/11/2013:DIGI-KEY: Meeting diverse customer needs - Products In Focus
26/11/2013:Test sticks with design in Europe - Design +
26/11/2013:Securing your supply chain - Design +
26/11/2013:Toshiba extends 650V SiC family - Product Launches
26/11/2013:The AMD Embedded G-Series System-on-Chip - Technology Spotlights
26/11/2013:Ethernet finds use in the automotive industry - Reference/Features
26/11/2013:The challenges of taking COTS to top speed - Reference/Features
26/11/2013:EMBEDDED SYSTEMS: EDM format modules and carrier boards - Products In Focus
26/11/2013:ELECTROMECHANICAL: IEC appliance inlet for printed circuit boards - Products In Focus
26/11/2013:Low cost 3d camera operates ‘at the speed of light’ - News
26/11/2013:Can you teach common sense – even to a computer? - Blogs
26/11/2013:Drivers bring enhanced functionality for industrial applications - News
26/11/2013:Topological insulator could find use in quantum computing and future electronic components - News
26/11/2013:Electronic carry ons get green light - Blogs
26/11/2013:In-flight electronics get the OK - Reference/Features
26/11/2013:Home help: How robots could provide a solution to our ageing population - Technology Watch
26/11/2013:DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK: Digia releases Qt 5.1 development framework - Products In Focus
26/11/2013:New Electronics roundtable: The challenges of targeting fpgas at embedded applications - Reference/Features
26/11/2013:High speed CAN transceivers target industrial and automotive applications - Product Launches
26/11/2013:Adopting a healthy approach to integrating analogue - Reference/Features
27/11/2013:What’s in a name? - Blogs
27/11/2013:UKEA announces name change - News
27/11/2013:Motherboard features Fourth Generation processors - News
27/11/2013:Brushless dc motor companion device - News
27/11/2013:Motor control range boosted - News
27/11/2013:Electricity and magnetism coupled in new material, claim researchers - News
27/11/2013:Technique readies carbon nanotubes for flexible electronics - News
27/11/2013:JetBlue debuts in flight Wi-Fi service - Blogs
28/11/2013:Family of Rugged PCIe MiniCards Offer Serial & Digital I/O Functionality - Technology Spotlights
28/11/2013:Improved Pi guide now available - News
28/11/2013:Tongue piercing can be used for wheelchair control - News
28/11/2013:Graphene used to create 'smallest' FM radio transmitter - News
28/11/2013:Neul ceo to chair NMI - News
28/11/2013:Smart fabrics developed at NPL - Video Content
28/11/2013:OKW Launches Tough New IP66/67 - IK07/08 IN-BOX Plastic Enclosures - Technology Spotlights
28/11/2013:Three phase BLDC motor driver from Microchip - Product Launches
29/11/2013:Bioplastic Hand Held Enclosures From Stock! - Technology Spotlights
29/11/2013:ICT to cut Excess - News
29/11/2013:UK universities creating ripples in space research - News
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