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Articles within the archive for October 2013

01/10/2013:METCASE Offers Custom Height 19” Rack Cases - Product Launches
01/10/2013:Is UK industry interested in promoting STEM and engineering? - Blogs
01/10/2013:Maxim offers integrated solutions for the medical industry - Video Content
01/10/2013:Eurotech sells embedded computing business for $38m - News
01/10/2013:Versarien launches water cooled pc - News
01/10/2013:TI unveils ‘smallest’ digital isolation devices - News
01/10/2013:R&S adds power analysis options to scope family - News
01/10/2013:MicroTCA power module is available in single width size - Product Launches
02/10/2013:Electronics Design Show 2013 gets under way - News
02/10/2013:Smart data concentrator evaluation module demonstration - Video Content
02/10/2013:Amantys gets $5m from Avago and new ceo - News
02/10/2013:Broadband boost for train passengers planned - Blogs
02/10/2013:18bit a/d converter simplifies input signal conditioning for 10V apps - Product Launches
04/10/2013:Historic engineers ‘better known’ than their modern counterparts - News
04/10/2013:Electronics Design Show 2013 exceeds expectations - News
04/10/2013:Carbon nanotubes offer path to flexible, low cost sensors - News
04/10/2013:100W dc/dc converters optimised for multi-channel power amplifiers - Product Launches
04/10/2013:Intel partners with Arduino on Quark based Galileo board - News
07/10/2013:LG announces mass production of flexible smartphone displays - News
07/10/2013:TTP looks to boost tv receiver performance - News
07/10/2013:Patent Box set to boost UK innovation - News
07/10/2013:Voltage regulator achieves 97% efficiency - News
07/10/2013:Seeing the world with the latest display technology - Whitepapers
07/10/2013:European chip sales rise for sixth consecutive month - News
08/10/2013:Analogue MEMS accelerometer can withstand up to 70,000g - Product Launches
08/10/2013:Randomly shaped electronics the focus of EU project - News
08/10/2013:Roll to roll nanoimprint lithography tool is first for industry - News
08/10/2013:Optical sampling pc scopes offer 20GHz bandwidth - News
08/10/2013:OCXO delivers ‘leading’ phase noise performance - Product Launches
08/10/2013:Millionth Raspberry Pi made in UK - News
08/10/2013:ASML, imec to explore sub 10nm patterning - News
08/10/2013:Marvin moves towards a military model - News
08/10/2013:IBM pushes on with cognitive computing - News
08/10/2013:UK industry failing to make STEM topics attractive to women - Blogs
08/10/2013:Tuttle goes for broad appeal: Interview with Tyson Tuttle, ceo, Silicon Labs - Interview
08/10/2013:Researchers a step closer to chips that mimic the brain - Reference/Features
08/10/2013:POWER ELECTRONICS SPECIAL: Expert panel - Reference/Features
08/10/2013:POWER ELECTRONICS SPECIAL: Powering change in the industry - Reference/Features
08/10/2013:POWER ELECTRONICS SPECIAL: Future visions of the power supply market - Reference/Features
08/10/2013:POWER ELECTRONICS SPECIAL: Forums powering ahead - Reference/Features
08/10/2013:What makes FinFETS so compelling? - Reference/Features
08/10/2013:Data acquisition system enhances images for digital X-Ray and MRI - Reference/Features
08/10/2013:Cisco pushes the boundaries with a 4billion transistor single chip network processor - Reference/Features
09/10/2013:New family of stepping motor drivers unveiled by Toshiba - Product Launches
09/10/2013:BBC initiative aims to get kids coding - News
09/10/2013:Sofradir, Onera partner on IR detection for thermal imaging - News
09/10/2013:Samsung beats LG in race to launch curved smartphone - News
09/10/2013:MEMS accelerometer offers 'highest' bandwidth - News
09/10/2013:imec debuts 25Gb/s silicon photonics platform - News
09/10/2013:EnSilica delivers FIPS compliant secure processor ic - News
09/10/2013:Graphene finds use in next gen solar cells - News
10/10/2013:How clever is Ford’s crash proof car? - Blogs
10/10/2013:Ford test car avoids crashes, parks itself - News
10/10/2013:Low profile, high efficiency power supplies from XP - Product Launches
10/10/2013:AMOLED display shipments surge in Q2 - News
10/10/2013:New Raspberry Pi bundles available from RS - News
10/10/2013:Disney tech lets users ‘feel’ 3D objects on a touchscreen - News
10/10/2013:SiLabs launches ultra low power ARM Cortex-M0+ mcus - News
10/10/2013:Cambridge tech firms get £50m boost - News
10/10/2013:ARM opens new design facility in India - News
11/10/2013:Rubix cube solver shows attendees how to do it - News
11/10/2013:EC launches €1bn graphene initiative - News
11/10/2013:IBM, Semtech launch sensor system with 15km data range - News
11/10/2013:Poll reveals extent of STEM skills gap - News
11/10/2013:New custom filter product platform from IQD - Product Launches
11/10/2013:Four phase buck controller offers superior dynamic transient response - Product Launches
11/10/2013:Dutch team triumphs in World Solar Challenge - News
11/10/2013:TI has envelope tracking chip for LTE - News
11/10/2013:Australian team generates single photons ‘on demand’ - News
11/10/2013:Wireless power receiver simplifies contactless battery charging - Product Launches
13/10/2013: 60V Synchronous Buck-Boost LED Driver Delivers over 100W of LED Power - Technology Spotlights
14/10/2013:Smart Gate Drive Optocoupler of Avago which maximizes gate drive design scalability and power conversion efficiency. - Technology Spotlights
14/10/2013:Streamline your smartphone testing with the MD8475A signalling tester - Video Content
14/10/2013:Wireless data transmitted at 100Gbit/s - News
14/10/2013:NXP delivers first chip for Car-to-X communications - News
14/10/2013:FastSPICE simulator delivers 10x faster throughput - News
14/10/2013:Analogue amp promises clearer sound in cars - Product Launches
14/10/2013:Baseband ic is first to comply with HD PLC Inside - News
15/10/2013:Innovative thermal management technology from Cambridge Nanotherm - Video Content
15/10/2013:Silicon production in decline - News
15/10/2013:SMUs offer wide voltage/current ranges - Product Launches
15/10/2013:Imagination launches first Warrior cpu core - News
15/10/2013:Programmable gain amplifier offers ‘highest’precision - News
15/10/2013:Atmel: D20 seminars - Events
15/10/2013:Transparent EL Displays for Excellent Viewing in Extreme Conditions - Technology Spotlights
16/10/2013:Printed and organic electronics based smart sensor system demonstrated - News
16/10/2013:Compact, Industrial 10.6 inch, HD TFT Panel, with an Ultra wide Viewing Angle - Technology Spotlights
16/10/2013:TI drives the future of automotive technology - Video Content
16/10/2013:How to find an led bulb reference design in less than one minute - Video Content
16/10/2013:Engineer it: Managing envelope tracking for 3G, 4G LTE - Video Content
16/10/2013:Dynamic NFC Transponder (RF430CL330H) Embedded Dual Interface Device - Video Content
16/10/2013:Broadcom announces 64bit ARM core - News
16/10/2013:Power modules offer highest efficiency in smallest package - News
16/10/2013:Single and three phase EMC filters from TDK - Product Launches
16/10/2013:Giant tablet uses Zytronic touch sensors - News
17/10/2013:Bluetooth ic supports multiple communication methods - Product Launches
17/10/2013:Power mosfet increases power density, lowers system cost - Product Launches
17/10/2013:Programmable UFT devices target 100Gb/s interfaces - Product Launches
17/10/2013:PC market still dwindling, says IHS - News
17/10/2013:Freescale addresses smart meter applications with new Kinetis M series - News
17/10/2013:ams offers simple, robust solution for lithium cell monitoring - News
17/10/2013:Freescale launches first ARM based QorIQ family - News
18/10/2013:Mentor announces new Nucleus rtos platform - News
18/10/2013:DRAM market shows signs of recovery - News
18/10/2013:Portable waveform monitors offers enhanced measurement capabilities - Product Launches
18/10/2013:Altium Designer 14 launched - News
18/10/2013:Manchester researchers in new graphene discovery - News
21/10/2013:Access Problems in Electronic Assembly Development? - Technology Spotlights
21/10/2013:NIDays 2013 | The Graphical System Design Conference | 20 November, London | Register now - Technology Spotlights
21/10/2013:Switching regulator cuts EMI/EMC emissions by 20dB - Product Launches
21/10/2013:Keeping up with graphene research and exploitation - Blogs
21/10/2013:Xilinx and TSMC ship first heterogeneous 3d ics - News
21/10/2013:£3.2m supercomputer installed at Southampton - News
21/10/2013:Tiny, low cost sensor set to aid crop growers - News
22/10/2013:Power & Power Management forum - Events
22/10/2013:Altera uses Enpirion tech for power optimised reference designs - News
22/10/2013:SAME Forum addresses technologies underpinning the IoT - News
22/10/2013:Businesses and academics disagree on how to close the STEM gap - Blogs
22/10/2013:Introducing Zeno, the lifelike robot that is helping autistic children communicate - Reference/Features
22/10/2013:Medical electronic devices require more powerful SoCs and a clearer embedded roadmap - Reference/Features
22/10/2013:The importance of selecting the right package for a chip - Reference/Features
22/10/2013:Simplifying real world interfacing using a Linux based development board - Reference/Features
22/10/2013:Debug automotive designs more quickly with CAN-dbc symbolic trigger and decode - Reference/Features
22/10/2013:Free Bandwidth - Available for a limited period only. - Technology Spotlights
22/10/2013:CSR talks about its technology introduction strategy - Reference/Features
22/10/2013:Degrees rewarded by rover - Design +
22/10/2013:£3.2m supercomputer installed at Southampton - Video Content
22/10/2013:Power supplies deliver precise voltage accuracy and 92% efficiency - Product Launches
22/10/2013:Microsemi buys Symmetricon for $230m - News
22/10/2013:Lattice fpgas bring context awareness to mobile devices - News
22/10/2013:Q3 sales soar for ARM on record processor licenses - News
23/10/2013:Photocouplers offer high current transfer ratio - Product Launches
23/10/2013:New compact vision system unveiled by NI - Product Launches
23/10/2013:'Ultimate' rf device unveiled by ADI - News
23/10/2013:ARM launches real time focused version of its v8 architecture - News
23/10/2013:IBM computer runs on ‘electronic blood’ - News
24/10/2013:XMOS adds Cortex-M3 core, looks to attract ARM users - News
25/10/2013:IBM licenses ARM cores for use in SoCs - News
25/10/2013:Senior engineering consultant takes Grand Prix prize at 2013 BEEAs - News
28/10/2013:Wireless power receiver targets portable applications - Product Launches
28/10/2013:Smartphone and tablet sales to surpass entire consumer tech market - News
28/10/2013:Novel supercapacitor design could store electricity inside a silicon chip - News
28/10/2013:Speculate to accumulate! - Blogs
28/10/2013:Dialog ic to power Samsung’s Galaxy Trend 3 - News
28/10/2013:LTE throughput measurements made easy - Video Content
28/10/2013:Mezzanine board aims to cut cost of rf system development - News
29/10/2013:Design Conference 2013 - Events
29/10/2013:Automotive grade power management ics from On Semi - Product Launches
29/10/2013:Altera's Stratix 10 SoCs to feature quad A53 processor system - News
29/10/2013:Echelon, Marvell address growing demand for IIoT connectivity - News
29/10/2013:ARM extends DS-5 platform for rtos development - News
29/10/2013:4G haptics platform is first for smartphones - News
29/10/2013:SRAM IP demonstrator chip cuts power consumption in half - News
29/10/2013:Raspberry Pi camera module lets users see in the dark - News
30/10/2013:Battery gas gauge operates up to 20V - Product Launches
30/10/2013:Raspberry Pi add-on combines lcd screen and keyboard - News
30/10/2013:ARM drives Mali gpu performance for top end mobile graphics - News
30/10/2013:Google's driverless cars 'safer' than human drivers - News
30/10/2013:Miniature LDO offers low noise output, small footprint - Product Launches
30/10/2013:Cortex-M4 mcus offer gateway to the IoT - News
30/10/2013:Transistors available in tiny 1.1mm² leadless package - News
31/10/2013:Efficient and scalable architectures for industrial automation - Video Content
31/10/2013:Improved Sitara AM3359 Industrial Communications Engine - Video Content
31/10/2013:How to design a high current, low noise power supply for harsh environments - Video Content
31/10/2013:Optical disc could store information for millions of years - News
31/10/2013:Digital signage market set for record growth - News
31/10/2013:UK wireless specialist to head 5G project - News
31/10/2013:Toshiba developing 19nm nand chips up to 128GB - News
31/10/2013:UK ‘falling behind’ in race to commercialise graphene - News
31/10/2013:GloFo sampling Peregrine’s rf SOI technonologies - News
31/10/2013:Step down pwm controller delivers high accuracy and light load efficiency - Product Launches
31/10/2013:Half bridge power modules from IR - Product Launches
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