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Articles within the archive for January 2013

01/01/2013:Instrumet 19” Cases – Stylish, Versatile and Light Weight - Product Launches
02/01/2013:PowerPath controller eases power system design - Product Launches
02/01/2013:Graphene sheets yield cheap, flexible solar cells - News
02/01/2013:Research paves way for quantum enhanced computation - News
02/01/2013:Graphene research gets £21.5m boost - News
02/01/2013:Imagination ceo knighted for services to technology - News
02/01/2013:Stepper motor driver ic offers improved efficiency - News
02/01/2013:Altium design secret 11: How to add comments and designators to specific layers - Video Content
03/01/2013:Mobile app gives lets engineers select and design rf and microwave test cables - Product Launches
03/01/2013:P-type transistor is 4x faster than competing devices - News
03/01/2013:Forget design for reuse; the new mantra is ‘build for change’ - News
03/01/2013:Fuel gauge offers four fold reduction in quiescent current - Product Launches
03/01/2013:AC/DC power supplies target harsh environments - News
04/01/2013:Degree-level apprenticeships on the way - News
04/01/2013:Funding boost for led start up - News
04/01/2013:microUSB adaptor module complies with TransferJet standard - Product Launches
04/01/2013:Always innovating - Video Content
04/01/2013:MCU and analogue support safety critical automotive app - Video Content
04/01/2013:TI has low power converter for energy harvesting designs - News
07/01/2013:Call for engineering firms to prioritise skills - News
07/01/2013:New high power industrial power supplies from Powerstax - Product Launches
07/01/2013:NXP, Cisco invest in automotive wireless start up - News
07/01/2013:Scopes boost vertical resolution, improve small signal visibility - News
08/01/2013:CES 2013 - Events
08/01/2013:Invitation to Agilent’s complimentary Wireless Symposium - Technology Spotlights
08/01/2013:Change is the constant: Interview with Dr James Truchard, National Instruments - Interview
08/01/2013:LEDs have green fingers - Reference/Features
08/01/2013:Industrial Ethernet continues to find wider adoption in automation systems - Reference/Features
08/01/2013:SoCs with more powerful cores need a more powerful interconnect - Reference/Features
08/01/2013:Innovations bring higher energy density to miniature electronics devices - Reference/Features
08/01/2013:Will gesture control become the future of computer interfacing? - Reference/Features
08/01/2013:Sub miniature atomic clocks enable greater precision - Reference/Features
08/01/2013:CES: Qualcomm unveils new Snapdragon processors - News
08/01/2013:TI has analogue front ends for photometry - News
08/01/2013:CES: Nvidia unveils Tegra 4 SoC - News
08/01/2013:IQD unveils ultra high frequency ocxo reference clock - Product Launches
08/01/2013:Helium shortage looming - Blogs
08/01/2013:CES: AMD rolls out new apus for mobile and desktop - News
08/01/2013:element14 ships 500,000th Raspberry Pi - News
08/01/2013:Ultra thin paper tablet 'could revolutionise future of computing’ - News
09/01/2013:Low voltage comparators target power sensitive applications - Product Launches
09/01/2013:New record for carbon nanotube based solar cells - News
09/01/2013:‘Revolutionary’ magnetic guide sensor unveiled - News
09/01/2013:Demo and One Week FREE Evalution of the new Agilent FieldFox - Technology Spotlights
09/01/2013:Funding boost for pcb specialist - News
09/01/2013:Low cost photodector for optical vortex beams - News
10/01/2013:Researchers aim to ‘fool’ the body into thinking it has eaten - News
10/01/2013:Good vibrations from MEMS based energy harvester - News
10/01/2013:Samsung brings big.LITTLE to market - News
14/01/2013:There’s an app for that ... - Blogs
14/01/2013:What's in a name? - Blogs
14/01/2013:Findlay Media launches Electronics Design Show - News
14/01/2013:Anglia targets volume with new site - News
15/01/2013:IR expands PowIRaudio family - Product Launches
15/01/2013:Multi-junction solar cell tipped to break efficiency barrier - News
15/01/2013:Top tech trends for 2013 - Blogs
15/01/2013:Dialog invests in power management start up - News
15/01/2013:Video signal processor ics enhance picture quality for small lcd panels - Product Launches
15/01/2013:The next generation of plastic electronics - Video Content
15/01/2013:UK ‘falling behind’ in global graphene race - News
15/01/2013:Switches increase power density in usb port protection duties - Product Launches
15/01/2013:Atmel adds to Cortex-M4 family - News
16/01/2013:Is the UK falling behind in the race to commercialise graphene? - Blogs
16/01/2013:Organic solar cell has record 12% efficiency - News
16/01/2013:High side switch ics target automotive applications - News
16/01/2013:Arrow has evaluation boards for data conversion systems - News
16/01/2013:ZigBee home automation lighting - Video Content
17/01/2013:Smart ice cubes warn drinkers when they’ve had too much - News
17/01/2013:Epoxy Adhesive/Sealant for Service up to +400°F - Technology Spotlights
17/01/2013:Infineon says XMC1000 mcus offer ‘clear advantage’ in 8bit applications - News
17/01/2013:New high peak current double layer capacitors from Murata - Product Launches
18/01/2013:A better way to cloud - Whitepapers
18/01/2013:Updated – Infineon launches XMC1000 microcontroller family - News
18/01/2013:Andy Green's Bloodhound project diary - December 2012 - Blogs
18/01/2013:TDK-Lambda opens UK power facility - News
18/01/2013:Richard Noble's Bloodhound project diary - December 2012 - Blogs
18/01/2013:Intel posts fall in Q4 sales - News
21/01/2013:FAME aims to revolutionise semiconductor technologies - News
21/01/2013:Out of the box development environment for ST mcus - News
21/01/2013:256 core processor ‘functional and running’ - News
21/01/2013:Power mosfets improve system efficiency in industrial applications - Product Launches
21/01/2013:Swiss team claims new world record for solar cell efficiency - News
21/01/2013:Network processor targets industrial Ethernet applications - News
21/01/2013:UK scientists look to create hydrogen from artificial photosynthesis - News
21/01/2013:Molecular rectification could prove highly power efficient - News
21/01/2013:IP advice: Are you ready for the Patent Box? - Reference/Features
22/01/2013:A/D converters offer ‘industry’s highest’ measurement accuracy - Product Launches
22/01/2013:Analogue and mixed signal IP designers face challenges at 20nm - Reference/Features
22/01/2013:imec partners with Cadence on 3d test tool - News
22/01/2013:Game over? Atari files for bankruptcy - News
22/01/2013:NE's embedded software survey shows engineers are getting smarter - Reference/Features
22/01/2013:USB 3.0 and PCIe 3.0 set to play an embedded role in mobile devices. - Reference/Features
22/01/2013:Intelligent lcds ease the product development process - Reference/Features
22/01/2013:LED produces warm white light from a single phosphor - News
22/01/2013:Altium design secret 12: Using the list panel for custom mask openings - Video Content
22/01/2013:Prince of Wales warns over engineering skills shortage - News
22/01/2013:International Rectifier founder Eric Lidow dies at 100 - News
22/01/2013:TI unveils lowest phase noise frequency synthesiser - News
22/01/2013:Everything, everywhere: Soon humans will be marooned in a sea of machines which talk to other machines - Technology Watch
22/01/2013:Pressure management technology helps reduce water main leaks - Reference/Features
22/01/2013:Soft Organic Electronics - Events
23/01/2013:Innovations in Remote Sensing Event - Events
23/01/2013:Are battery charging problems keeping the Dreamliner on the ground? - Blogs
23/01/2013:New white space R&D centre opens in UK - News
23/01/2013:Semiconductor industry must change its ways, says Penn - News
23/01/2013:Graphene-based material ‘could revolutionise electronics industry’ - News
24/01/2013:MEMS oscillators target industrial and high reliability applications - Product Launches
24/01/2013:Tektronix boosts performance of real time spectrum analysers - Product Launches
24/01/2013:Efficiency standards for external power supplies - Whitepapers
24/01/2013:Centre will take graphene research to 'next level' - News
24/01/2013:Mouser inks distribution deal with Altera - News
25/01/2013:MEMS oscillators are first to offer multiple synchronous outputs - News
25/01/2013:Microscopic leds to spur Li-Fi revolution? - News
25/01/2013:Avnet Memec to sponsor Electronics Design Show - News
28/01/2013:Virtex-7 based board tackles high bandwidth, low latency applications - News
28/01/2013:imec, Qualcomm to work on future scaling of cmos technologies - News
28/01/2013:Plextek announces restructuring - News
28/01/2013:Microchip launches standalone power management controller - News
29/01/2013:Low power Freescale Kinetis-L microcontrollers SpeedWay workshops - Events
29/01/2013:Wireless mobile symposium UK - Events
29/01/2013:Power mosfets deliver 50% lower on resistance compared to predecessors - Product Launches
29/01/2013:Low dropout voltage regulators from Toshiba - Product Launches
29/01/2013:Google to give 15,000 Raspberry Pi boards to UK schools - News
29/01/2013:New material could replace silicon in next gen semiconductors - News
29/01/2013:Agilent boosts performance of 90000 X-Series scopes - News
29/01/2013:Technique paves way for 2d electronics - News
29/01/2013:Dialog’s SmartPulse chipset selected for smart home solutions - News
29/01/2013:Renesas applies software test and verification to automotive SoCs - News
29/01/2013:Europe chooses graphene as flagship research programme - News
30/01/2013:Atom powers SBC in a range of rugged environments - News
30/01/2013:EEMBC aims to create ultra low power microcontroller benchmark - News
30/01/2013:AWR, Zuken develop rf verification flow for pcb design - News
30/01/2013:Surge in number of engineering apprentices - News
30/01/2013:Freescale addresses data centre security applications - News
30/01/2013:Fully differential amplifier achieves high dynamic range up to 1GHz - Product Launches
30/01/2013:Xilinx looks to keep its lead at 20nm - News
31/01/2013:ST’s Q4 net loss widens - News
31/01/2013:Murata unveils dual mode Wi-Fi network controller module - Product Launches
31/01/2013:Photocouplers offer integrated igbt protection function - Product Launches
31/01/2013:3D microchip holds promise for increased storage capacity - News
31/01/2013:Regius Professorships awarded to ‘outstanding’ UK universities - News
31/01/2013:First silicon carbide foundry opens in UK - News
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