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Articles within the archive for June 2012

01/06/2012:‘BLOB’ – Ground Breaking Plastic Enclosures from OKW - Product Launches
01/06/2012:Through the backdoor? - Blogs
01/06/2012:DS90UR905/906 FPD-Link II Automotive Display SerDes - Video Content
01/06/2012:Microsemi reacts to ProASIC3 fpga 'backdoor' claim - News
01/06/2012:Giga Sample and Direct-RF Sampling ADCs Overview - Video Content
01/06/2012:Overview Video: Multicore Solutions for Test & Automation Markets - Video Content
01/06/2012:Synchronous buck converter offers 90% efficiency - Product Launches
01/06/2012:Training: Part 4 - C2000 CLA C Compiler: Debugging in CCSv5 - Video Content
01/06/2012:Training Part 3 - C2000 CLA C Compiler: Demonstration in CCSv5 - Video Content
01/06/2012:Training Part 2 - C2000 CLA C Compiler: Example Framework - Video Content
01/06/2012:Training: Part 1 - C2000 CLA C Compiler: Technical Overview - Video Content
01/06/2012:ST tapes out 20nm test chip using Cadence design tools - News
05/06/2012:NXP LPC1100XL - Technology Spotlights
06/06/2012:Spatial Audio products from Texas Instruments - Technology Spotlights
06/06/2012:IPv6 launch day - Blogs
06/06/2012:Second generation bus converter range launched - News
06/06/2012:First stations named for London Underground WiFi launch - News
06/06/2012:PICMG ratifies COM Express mini standard - News
06/06/2012:Ultra thin glass could enable next gen flexible displays - News
06/06/2012:Freescale names TI exec as president and ceo - News
07/06/2012:Herding cats - Blogs
07/06/2012:How would you thank an engineer? - Video Content
07/06/2012:Thank an Engineer - Explain Your Job to Non-Engineers - Video Content
07/06/2012:Thank an Engineer - Engineering Holiday Plans? - Video Content
07/06/2012:Report says EC should invest in 450mm shared fab - News
07/06/2012:SEPIC Converter Circuit Basics - Video Content
07/06/2012:LM5113 Enhancement Mode GaN FET Half-Bridge Driver Demo - Video Content
07/06/2012:LM3242 RF PA Adaptive DC/DC Converter Demo - Video Content
07/06/2012:LMP91200 Integrated pH Sensor AFE Overview - Video Content
07/06/2012:IHS report signals potential recovery in semiconductor demand - News
07/06/2012:Integrated prototyping solution to speed SoC development - News
07/06/2012:PMC offers ‘industry’s first’ end to end 12Gb/s SAS solution - News
07/06/2012:Industry’s lowest power MEMS accelerometer unveiled - News
08/06/2012:Zero drift op amps combine higher efficiency with lower costs - Product Launches
08/06/2012:RS announces winners of DesignSpark chipKIT challenge - News
08/06/2012:Researchers slash energy needs for next gen memory - News
08/06/2012:Tactus Technology debuts touchscreen interface with appearing and disappearing keys - News
08/06/2012:Mouser unveils online industrial application centre - News
08/06/2012:3D configurations could usher in new generation of microchips - News
11/06/2012:£6.7million funding for Strathclyde research centre - News
11/06/2012:Escatec offers PoP as low volume option - News
11/06/2012:Schools robotics challenge to promote interest in technology - News
11/06/2012:UK government announces plans to improve international patent system - News
11/06/2012:Neutrinos do not exceed speed of light, latest experiment shows - News
12/06/2012:European Workshop 2012 iNEMI Roadmap - Events
12/06/2012:SafeRTOS now supports TI's RM4x safety mcu range - News
12/06/2012:Apple previews iOS 6 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - News
12/06/2012:Next gen heterojunction solar cell achieves 22% efficiency - News
12/06/2012:Peregrine patent infringement complaints lead to ITC investigation - News
12/06/2012:TSB to provide funding for ‘city of the future’ - News
12/06/2012:Nanoscale wires could yield next gen quantum computers - Reference/Features
12/06/2012:Taking the long view: Interview with Alex Davern, COO of National Instruments - Interview
12/06/2012:A holistic approach: Equipment rental brings flexibility to design engineers - Reference/Features
12/06/2012:Developing a test regime for white space communications devices - Reference/Features
12/06/2012:Will MEMS devices ever be the stars of the show? - Reference/Features
12/06/2012:CPU/GPU combination set to meet demand for more complex graphics - Reference/Features
12/06/2012:Design challenges of implementing USB into next generation portable communications hardware - Reference/Features
12/06/2012:Smart cooling solution boosts processor performance - Reference/Features
13/06/2012:euroLED 2012 - Events
13/06/2012:Texas Instruments Incorporated introduces two configurable analog front ends (AFE) - Technology Spotlights
13/06/2012:X-FAB ships billionth MEMS device, completes noble metal facility - News
13/06/2012:Mindspeed unveils ARM Cortex-A9 communications processor - News
13/06/2012:IMEC widens material search for further scaling - News
13/06/2012:Engineering Design Show now open for registration - News
14/06/2012:2012 Wireless Seminar - Events
14/06/2012:Mid sized businesses lagging Europe, says report - News
14/06/2012:RF power transistor developers expand portfolios - News
14/06/2012:Researched here, exploited elsewhere? - Blogs
14/06/2012:Singapore university targets graphene research leadership - News
14/06/2012:Panasonic extends imec deal to include flexible electronics - News
14/06/2012:AMD, ARM form partnership to strengthen security solutions - News
14/06/2012:Cypress makes new offer to acquire Ramtron - News
14/06/2012:Researchers developing ‘smart city’ search engine - News
15/06/2012:500W filter modules target dc/dc railway applications - Product Launches
15/06/2012:Fujitsu expands 8bit microcontroller family for dc motor control - News
15/06/2012:NXP launches ultra small mosfet in leadless package - News
18/06/2012:Derailed by a bump in the road - Blogs
18/06/2012:Intel reaches supercomputing milestone, announces Xeon Phi brand - News
18/06/2012:Freescale upgrades QorIQ processor range - News
18/06/2012:Freescale launches basestation SoC for metrocells - News
18/06/2012:Nordic chip enables Bluetooth bike speed and cadence monitor - News
18/06/2012:Green Hills announces support for Xilinx Zynq-7000 - News
18/06/2012:US researchers boost power output of thin silicon solar cells - News
18/06/2012:All the analyzer you need - Technology Spotlights
19/06/2012:Surface raises some questions - Blogs
19/06/2012:IBM’s Sequoia named world’s fastest supercomputer - News
19/06/2012:Intel to buy InterDigital wireless patent portfolio - News
19/06/2012:Layerscape to provide ‘flexibility and scalability’ - News
19/06/2012:Kinetis L range to bring 32bit functionality to 8bit mcu applications - News
19/06/2012:NI, AWR develop link between software environments - News
19/06/2012:PLL synthesiser achieves industry’s ‘highest performance’ - News
19/06/2012:NXP mosfets offer ‘best in class’ thermal performance - News
19/06/2012:Upgrade your multimeter measurements and Get a Free Set of Precision DMM Probes when you buy a Benchtop DMM* - Technology Spotlights
19/06/2012:Microsoft unveils tablet computer - News
20/06/2012:ADI, TSMC develop precision 0.18µm analogue process - News
20/06/2012:Acoustic coprocessor halves response time of voice recognition systems - News
21/06/2012:SoS Safety – Safety in Systems of Systems - Events
21/06/2012:Automated Test Summit - Events
21/06/2012:Prototype camera can capture 50gigapixels of data - News
21/06/2012:Plasmonic graphene breakthrough could yield next gen circuits - News
21/06/2012:Toshiba leads sluggish Q1 NAND market - News
22/06/2012:Highly accurate and safely isolated current voltage sensing using Avago isolation amplifiers - Technology Spotlights
22/06/2012:Altium design secret three: Using board cutouts in components - Video Content
22/06/2012:Logic IC couplers support 5Mb/s data rates for industrial applications - Product Launches
22/06/2012:RFMD expands GaN matched power transistor family - Product Launches
22/06/2012:IDT diversity mixer cuts power by 40% - News
22/06/2012:Research team claims it has developed a silicon memristor - News
22/06/2012:Ultra small LNA targets portable GPS applications - News
22/06/2012:Demo of TIs ANT+ Bluetooth Health & Fitness Aggregator Kit - Video Content
22/06/2012:Simple, low cost method developed for large scale graphene production - News
25/06/2012:MEMS device has embedded algorithm for superior sensing - News
25/06/2012:IHS: High prices generate record Q1 revenue for HDD market - News
25/06/2012:PUT US TO THE TEST! - Technology Spotlights
25/06/2012:IP advice: The protection of computer programs - Reference/Features
25/06/2012:11th European CMSE Conference: Components for Military and Space Electronics - Events
26/06/2012:EMC in the Built Environment - Events
26/06/2012:An integrated current and voltage monitor is enabling power monitoring in a range of applications - Reference/Features
26/06/2012:Is now the time for the connector industry to look beyond gold as the plating metal of choice? - Reference/Features
26/06/2012:Three wireless charging reference designs should suit most requirements - Reference/Features
26/06/2012:Richard Noble’s Bloodhound project diary – June 2012 update - Blogs
26/06/2012:Gartner: WFE spending to decline 8.9% in 2012 - News
26/06/2012:Motion control software integrated with ColdFire processors - News
26/06/2012:Researchers develop ‘world's most powerful’ nanoscale microwave oscillators - News
26/06/2012:imec, Murata to collaborate on reconfigurable radio R&D project - News
26/06/2012:As designs become more complex, the logic analyser is moving towards becoming a virtual instrument - Technology Watch
26/06/2012:Inexact chips may save power and give computational results which are ‘good enough’ - Reference/Features
26/06/2012:Delays in EUV development threaten viability of lithographical approach - News
26/06/2012:Report says middle sized businesses need to focus more on exports - Blogs
26/06/2012:Game on! How a humble video game with a ball and two paddles launched a billion dollar industry - Reference/Features
26/06/2012:Ultra low power BLE module features chip antenna - Product Launches
27/06/2012:AMD debuts low power embedded apu - News
27/06/2012:Mouser launches online resource for Smart Grid technology - News
27/06/2012:Make it in Great Britain: Young stars of manufacturing unveiled - News
27/06/2012:NXP has dual magnetic sensor for safety critical automotive applications - News
27/06/2012:Cloud based voice algorithms could help detect Parkinson’s - News
28/06/2012:Avnet Memec UK seminar series - Events
28/06/2012:Atmel claims highest flash density for Cortex-M4 based mcu - News
28/06/2012:Nordic claims power consumption ‘slashed’ - News
28/06/2012:Google's Nexus 7 tablet powered by Nvidia Tegra 3 - News
28/06/2012:Kontron gets certification for M2M developer kits - News
28/06/2012:Wolfson audio chip selected for Samsung GALAXY S III - News
28/06/2012:R&D competition aims to stimulate innovation in cloud computing - News
28/06/2012:Maxim to expand US fabs, hire staff - News
28/06/2012:Cambridge Pixel signs technology transfer deal with Korean defence company - News
29/06/2012:Thank An Engineer - What Makes You a Geek? - Video Content
29/06/2012:Getting Started with OMAP-L138 Linux SDK - Video Content
29/06/2012:Getting Started with C6748 Sys/Bios SDK - Video Content
29/06/2012:Face Detection Demonstration on C6748 DSP development kit - Video Content
29/06/2012:Jump-start Real-Time Signal Processing Innovation C6748 & OMAP-L138 LCDKs - Video Content
29/06/2012:Innovations in medical electronics - Video Content
29/06/2012:Voltage regulators target netcom, server and storage applications - Product Launches
29/06/2012:OMAP platform at MWC: HD video chat with remote desktop - Video Content
29/06/2012:OMAP platform at MWC: Radically visual gaming - Video Content
29/06/2012:OMAP platform-empowered image stabilization - Video Content
29/06/2012:OMAP platform-empowered on-device image editing - Video Content
29/06/2012:PLC modem SoC targets smart metering and building automation markets - Product Launches
29/06/2012:Rohde & Schwarz buys network QoS specialist - News
29/06/2012:microLED start up secures £378,000 funding - News
29/06/2012:HiWave amplifier IC wins slot in next gen AirPlay speaker - News
29/06/2012:ARM, HP and SK hynix join Hybrid Memory Cube consortium - News
29/06/2012:Ultra small digital compass could open up new possibilities for mobile devices - News
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