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Articles within the archive for February 2012

01/02/2012:Custom Ready Diecast Aluminium Enclosures - Product Launches
01/02/2012:Power supply chips enable longer battery life for smartphones - News
01/02/2012:AC/DC power distribution connector system - Product Launches
01/02/2012:LM5017 100V Synchronous Buck Regulator Overview - Video Content
01/02/2012:Getting Started with the MSP430 5xx Experimenters Board - 1 - Video Content
01/02/2012:Getting Started with the MSP430 5xx Experimenters Board - Intro - Video Content
01/02/2012:Adding Bluetooth to MCU-based Systems - Video Content
01/02/2012:C2000 Digital Power Solutions: AC/DC and DC/DC - Video Content
01/02/2012:C2000 Architecture and Peripherals - Video Content
01/02/2012:ADI FMC boards support Xilinx’ new fpga evaluation kits - News
01/02/2012:OPA2836 ADC Amp Family Drives SAR ADC to Full Performance - Video Content
01/02/2012:UK student designs world’s first bamboo smartphone - News
01/02/2012:TDK-Lambda unveils energy saving 150W medical power supplies - News
01/02/2012:Embedded World: Goepel electronics to unveil 'revolutionary' strategic realignment - News
01/02/2012:Embedded World: Kontron to showcase first ARM products - News
01/02/2012:Embedded World: Rigol Technologies DS4000 series digital oscilloscopes - Product Launches
02/02/2012:New investment aims to establish UK as global graphene research hub - News
02/02/2012:Renesas Electronics reduces net sales forecast by 83billion yen - News
02/02/2012:Samsung tops Q4 2011 NAND flash sales ranking - News
02/02/2012:Embedded World: National Instruments show preview - News
02/02/2012:TI extends family of GaN fet driver ICs - Product Launches
02/02/2012:Record $1.02billion annual revenue for National Instruments - News
02/02/2012:Maxim unveils only fully integrated automotive grade USB 2.0 protectors - News
03/02/2012:Embedded World: congatec presents COM Express Type 6 module with low power Intel processors - News
03/02/2012:NXP announces major benchmark in miniaturisation - News
03/02/2012:Embedded World: ARM to deliver opening keynote presentation - News
03/02/2012:LED driver handles more demanding lighting applications - News
03/02/2012:Defence Equipment Minister opens UK’s most modern test facilty - News
03/02/2012:Cortex-M4 LPC4300 Dual-Core Performance and More! - Technology Spotlights
03/02/2012:Graphene electronics breakthrough turns previous research on head - News
05/02/2012:Tiny, green, robust and silent computers from andersDX - Technology Spotlights
06/02/2012:VPX3-491 3U OpenVPX™ GPU Application Accelerator - Technology Spotlights
06/02/2012:Centre aims to boost Scots electronics design industry - News
06/02/2012:Researchers integrate high speed electronic functions into optical fibre - News
06/02/2012:Broadcom launches world’s first microwave outdoor unit on a chip - News
06/02/2012:Government launches competition to find best new British innovations - News
06/02/2012:STMicroelectronics unveils 'revolutionary' power supply controller - News
07/02/2012:SCSC 20th Annual Symposium - Events
07/02/2012:Plessey acquires GaN led technology to attack smart lighting market - News
07/02/2012:Hafnium oxide breakthrough paves way for next gen electronic devices - News
07/02/2012:World’s lowest power MIL-STD-1553 transceiver? - News
07/02/2012:Embedded World: Xilinx to host 17 new demos - News
07/02/2012:University of Glamorgan signs $3million sponsorship deal - News
07/02/2012:Fujitsu Semiconductor unveils world's fastest cmos 14bit d/a converter - News
07/02/2012:Cliff Electronics wins counterfeiting court case - News
07/02/2012:Infineon, Fairchild expand power mosfet compatibility partnership - News
08/02/2012:New characteristics in lithium iron phosphate? - News
08/02/2012:MIPS64 architecture powers Cavium’s new multicore processors - News
08/02/2012:Embedded World: Altium, FTDI Chip collaborate on new board level components - News
08/02/2012:NanoKTN event focuses on ‘nano enhanced’ textiles - News
09/02/2012:High Power NXP600 Resistors - Technology Spotlights
09/02/2012:Adaptor board adds peripherals to ARM mbed fast prototyping system - News
09/02/2012:LEDs and led driver packages for advanced indicator applications - Product Launches
09/02/2012:Nujira says chip marks 'significant milestone' for smartphone sector - News
09/02/2012:Freescale multicore processor achieves highest ever CoreMark performance score - News
09/02/2012:CMOS sensors continue to dominate image sensor market - News
10/02/2012:Microsemi fpgas now suitable for space flight applications - News
10/02/2012:Graphene research paves way for molecular electronics - News
10/02/2012:imec unveils world’s first 300mm fab compatible DSA process line - News
10/02/2012:DDR3s first to provide ‘substantially less’ self refresh power - News
10/02/2012:Industry's first low voltage digital thermometers/thermostats - News
10/02/2012:HFE2500 Series of Front End Power Supplies – Up to 10kW in a 1U rack - Technology Spotlights
11/02/2012:Web Seminar Series: The Critical Design Challenges for Power Part 1, The Three Approaches to Power - Technology Spotlights
13/02/2012:World's smallest USB battery charger detectors? - News
13/02/2012:Waterproof connector for industrial sensing applications - Product Launches
13/02/2012:D/A converter increases QAM channel density by 20 times - News
13/02/2012:Step down regulator enables easy current sharing - News
13/02/2012:Breakthrough research paves way for nanomanufacturing in healthcare applications - News
13/02/2012:Fujitsu Semiconductor launching more than 200 ARM based mcus - News
13/02/2012:CEA-Leti announces breakthrough in innovative multibeam tool - News
13/02/2012:Most IC product categories to experience market growth in 2012 - News
13/02/2012:Reduce surface-arcing and eliminate post-solder coating in high-voltage applications - Technology Spotlights
14/02/2012:RF5652 1W Linear high power amplifier - Product Launches
14/02/2012:Embedded World: Avnet Memec launching energy harvesting evaluation platform - Product Launches
14/02/2012:Mouser offering comprehensive LED selection from Panasonic - Product Launches
14/02/2012:Researchers identify mechanics of single layer graphene - News
14/02/2012:Embedded World: Toshiba showcases newest development tools - News
14/02/2012:Planning for the future: Interview with Dr Mike Short, president, IET - Interview
14/02/2012:Making 28nm chips isn't easy; who would have guessed? - Blogs
14/02/2012:Will haptics transform the way in which we interface with electronic devices? - Reference/Features
14/02/2012:Power management in battery powered medical devices - Reference/Features
14/02/2012:FPGA-PCB codesign; a 21st Century approach to integrating fpgas into the pcb design process - Reference/Features
14/02/2012:Offloading tasks from the microcontroller can improve power efficiency - Reference/Features
14/02/2012:Breeding success: Embedded World 2012 preview - Reference/Features
14/02/2012:NXP announces world's first dual supply voltage ARM Cortex-M0 mcus - News
14/02/2012:Maximising range and battery life in cost sensitive wireless networks - Reference/Features
14/02/2012:Renesas Electronics unveils 19 new 32bit mcus - News
14/02/2012:Reference design addresses issue of power consumption in portable products - Reference/Features
14/02/2012:UK supercomputers could enable groundbreaking scientific research - News
15/02/2012:Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2012 - Events
15/02/2012:28nm roll out 'doing well' says TSMC - News
15/02/2012:ADI tool simplifies rf design - News
15/02/2012:MCUs simplify compliance for safety system designers says Freescale - News
15/02/2012:TDK-Lambda power supplies meet latest medical approvals - News
15/02/2012:Embedded World: Wind River focuses on future of embedded cloud - News
15/02/2012:Reports of counterfeit electronic components quadruple since 2009 - News
16/02/2012:Government funding to launch new space initiatives - News
16/02/2012:Transceivers ‘maximise range and battery life’ in wireless systems - News
16/02/2012:LDO regulator targets high reliability systems - News
16/02/2012:US universities look to untangle the challenges of creating quantum memories - News
16/02/2012:Low power radio architecture improves military communications - News
17/02/2012:Premier EDA Solutions opens Altium drop in centre - News
17/02/2012:ST unveils first 3-axis gyroscope for automotive applications - News
20/02/2012:DRAM leaders rumoured to be merging - Blogs
20/02/2012:Smart reset chips address problem of frozen gadgets - News
20/02/2012:Embedded World: UK firm unveils credit card sized batteries - News
20/02/2012:IHS: Micron, Elpida merger could present Samsung with its most powerful rival yet - News
20/02/2012:Delfino Floating Point Series Overview - Video Content
20/02/2012:Solar Development with C2000™ 32-bit Real-time MCUs - Video Content
20/02/2012:Graphene breakthrough could yield faster electronics - News
20/02/2012:Industry's smallest dual band PA duplexer for 3G/4G smartphones? - News
20/02/2012:Collaboration develops artificial pancreas - Technology Spotlights
21/02/2012:RFMD responds to Peregrine Semiconductor infringement claim - News
21/02/2012:Meet the man who made the digital world we live in possible - Blogs
21/02/2012:BEEAs winner sets new standard in mineral recovery - News
21/02/2012:Intel grants Tabula access to its fabs - News
21/02/2012:Integrated USB Connectivity with MSP430 MCUs - Video Content
21/02/2012:Getting Started with the MSP430 LaunchPad Workshop - Part 1 - Video Content
21/02/2012:Getting Started with the MSP430 5xx Experimenters Board - Part 2 - Video Content
21/02/2012:Piccolo CLA Technical Overview - Video Content
21/02/2012:RS Components showcases its successful free online design tools at Embedded World 2012 - Technology Spotlights
21/02/2012:Embedded World: Cortus announces processor IP roadmap for embedded SoC applications - News
21/02/2012:Single atom in silicon crystal enables working transistor - News
22/02/2012:ElectroTest EXPO 2012 - Events
22/02/2012:euroLED kicker event - Events
22/02/2012:Cambridge Wireless wins funding for IoT initiative - News
22/02/2012:Energy Micro extends range with Cortex-M4F based microcontrollers - News
22/02/2012:World’s first 34GS/s AWG unveiled - News
22/02/2012:High speed optical modulator enhanced by ‘slow light’ propagation - News
22/02/2012:Google Doodle celebrates Heinrich Hertz - News
23/02/2012:Embedded World: Farnell element14 demos latest embedded design solutions - News
23/02/2012:OPERA reports anomaly in time flight of neutrinos - News
23/02/2012:Picor QuietPower QPI-21 - Product Launches
23/02/2012:SiGe:C heterojunction bipolar transistor - Product Launches
23/02/2012:A/D converter achieves record low power consumption of 1.7mW - News
23/02/2012:imec develops record low power multi-standard transceiver for sensor networks - News
24/02/2012:Electronic fuel injection debuts at NASCAR Daytona 500 Race - News
24/02/2012:NanoKTN focus group promotes use of nanotechnology in healthcare - News
24/02/2012:Embedded World: GPU expansion system operates at unprecedented speed - News
24/02/2012:Digital signage modules remove need for pc - News
24/02/2012:New ARM physical IP delivers optimised performance for 28nm applications - News
27/02/2012:Embedded World: Avnet Memec launching energy harvesting evaluation platform - News
27/02/2012:Alliance to develop innovative reconfigurable rf transceivers - News
27/02/2012:Huawei spin out launches quad core mobile phone applications processor - News
27/02/2012:IBM scientists measure molecular charge distribution - News
27/02/2012:Embedded World: element14 unveils ARM Cortex-M3 development kit - News
27/02/2012:Embedded World: Renesas mcus cut current by 30% over earlier versions - News
27/02/2012:Freescale: station on chip delivers industry's highest performance - News
27/02/2012:EPSRC to support further UK graphene research - News
28/02/2012:Low jitter VCSOs target fiber optic telecom applications - News
28/02/2012:Embedded World: Microchip unveils 32bit PIC32 mcus - News
28/02/2012:Researchers create wireless, self propelling medical implant - News
28/02/2012:Will merger improve the dram market? - Blogs
28/02/2012:Strategic relationship helps security company unlock new export markets - Reference/Features
28/02/2012:CAN partial networking set to improve fuel efficiency - Reference/Features
28/02/2012:Scopes upgraded to 1GHz - News
28/02/2012:NI highlights trends in embedded systems - News
28/02/2012:Embedded World: Silicon Labs demos mixed signal mcus and development tools - News
28/02/2012:Product testing passport gives access to all areas - Reference/Features
28/02/2012:The challenges of designing high speed interfaces at the board level - Reference/Features
28/02/2012:As the server market changes, can ARM challenge the incumbents? - Reference/Features
28/02/2012:Bench power supplies: the evolution of laboratory power - Reference/Features
28/02/2012:Embedded World: FTDI adds advanced user interface mechanism Vinco platform - News
28/02/2012:Embedded World: congatec supports OpenCL for CoMs - News
28/02/2012:Embedded World: RS Components showcases DesignSpark Synergy boards - News
29/02/2012:Embedded World: Rigol unveils DS4000 series digital oscilloscopes - News
29/02/2012:Embedded World: Lantronix announces industry's smallest serial device server - News
29/02/2012:Raspberry Pi: Introducing the £22 credit card sized computer - News
29/02/2012:SiLabs makes first foray into 32bit mcu market - News
29/02/2012:Embedded World: Mitsubishi Electric unveils TFT lcd modules - News
29/02/2012:Embedded World: Analog Devices demos innovative signal processing solutions - News
29/02/2012:Embedded World: Altera showcases embedded fpga solutions - News
29/02/2012:Free XJTAG Boundary Scan workshop - Events
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