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01/02/2011:Sponsored by OKW: IP67 aluminium enclosures with snap-on device - Product Launches
01/02/2011:Integrated systems Europe 2011 - Events
01/02/2011:IMTAB group ratifies interconnect technology format extensions - News
01/02/2011:TI's I2C Bus Solutions Training Video - Video Content
01/02/2011:TI's ESD/EMI Protection Training Video - Video Content
01/02/2011:TI's Analogue Switch Solutions Training Video - Video Content
01/02/2011:2010, record year for chip giant ARM - News
01/02/2011:UK PMIC selected for ‘World’s first’ super chip - News
01/02/2011:Infineon Q1 revenue hits €922million - News
01/02/2011:Global semiconductor sales hit record $298.3billion in 2010 - News
01/02/2011:Low energy radio consumes less than 3mW in continuous use - News
02/02/2011:Design engineers failing to enforce coding standards? - News
02/02/2011:Molex buys Luxtera's active optical cable unit - News
02/02/2011:Collaboration aims to establish more efficient approaches to MEMS development - News
02/02/2011:SerDes core features 30Gb/s performance - News
02/02/2011:Team shrinks junctionless transistor to 50nm - News
02/02/2011:Usage of NAND Flash in tablets to rise 400% in 2011 - News
02/02/2011:LDOs extend battery life in wireless devices - News
02/02/2011:Silica launches Core ‘n More programme for microcontroller support - News
03/02/2011:Ciena completes next gen 100Gb/s network trial - News
03/02/2011:MEMS collaboration addresses high volume market - News
03/02/2011:Signal analyser and mixed signal oscilloscope - Product Launches
03/02/2011:Silicon MEMS timing platform eliminates need for quartz - News
03/02/2011:Femtocell chip set to change mobile network - News
03/02/2011:Step down dc/dc converter modules address heat issues - News
03/02/2011:End to end flows are set to reshape ic design - Reference/Features
03/02/2011:Researchers boost potential for Gallium nitride electronics - News
03/02/2011:Graphene transistor could create smarter electronic devices - News
04/02/2011:Anders Streamlines Migration to Touch and Colour with New Off-the-Shelf TFTs - Technology Spotlights
04/02/2011:Nanomaterial breakthrough unlocks electronic and energy technologies - News
04/02/2011:ZigBee Alliance and SAE International collaborate on Smart Energy standard development - News
04/02/2011:Maxim announces low noise amplifiers for GPS enabled devices - Product Launches
04/02/2011:Digital voltage regulator offers ‘unprecedented’ levels of control and energy saving - News
04/02/2011:Researchers find new way to grow microwires - News
04/02/2011:Proposal demands stricter rules on disposal of electronic waste - News
04/02/2011:Audio processor offers ‘outstanding’ sound quality - News
04/02/2011:Power Integrations’ 2010 revenues up 39% on 2009 - News
04/02/2011:Op amps from Diodes raise audio performance - Product Launches
07/02/2011:Low cost silicon chip research manipulates photons instead of electrons - News
07/02/2011:DSP IP core provides ‘world’s highest’ performance for LTE Advanced - News
07/02/2011:Construction begins on Bloodhound’s ultimate car - News
07/02/2011:PoE power source equipment manager provides new levels of efficiency says Microsemi - News
07/02/2011:Packard Bell supports users affected by Sandy Bridge issues - News
07/02/2011:‘World’s first’ Freescale i.3 processor DIMM module - News
07/02/2011:Breaking records again: The largest Embedded World event yet - Reference/Features
07/02/2011:Multicore processors: How can you programme them? - Technology Watch
07/02/2011:Multicore processors: Some of the technical issues - Technology Watch
07/02/2011:Strong global wafer shipment growth forecast for 2011 - News
07/02/2011:Is the hardware engineer becoming an ‘endangered species’? - Reference/Features
08/02/2011:Safety-critical Systems Symposium - Events
08/02/2011:Cover story: Pushing the potential of plastic electronics - Reference/Features
08/02/2011:Ten steps to ease the process of implementing multivoltage chip designs - Reference/Features
08/02/2011:Floating point enabled microcontrollers in embedded designs - Reference/Features
08/02/2011:The battle for the ultra low power wireless network market - Reference/Features
08/02/2011:A design blueprint for a high efficiency ac/dc power supply - Reference/Features
08/02/2011:Multisim 11 tailored for Analog Devices - News
08/02/2011:Next generation component management - Video Content
08/02/2011:LPC1100 ARM Cortex-M0 CAN microcontrollers - Product Launches
08/02/2011:Analogue front end creates ‘ecg on a chip’ - News
08/02/2011:Wireless data power amplifiers for WiMAX and WiFi applications - Product Launches
08/02/2011:Low cost unshielded versions of M9 connectors - Product Launches
08/02/2011:SuperSpeed USB 3.0 - Product Launches
08/02/2011:$35million funding for Flash memory start up - News
08/02/2011:Implantable bionic chip could restore sight to blind - News
08/02/2011:Intel resuming shipments of 6 Series chipset - News
08/02/2011:New process technology uses copper for internal electrodes - News
08/02/2011:Don't miss the chance - Blogs
08/02/2011:Could new technology signal the end of masts and base stations? - News
08/02/2011:ST announces ARM software support for SPEAr mpus - News
08/02/2011:UK event promotes importance of engineering to young people - News
08/02/2011:Compact, Industrial PC motherboard based on the latest Intel N450/D510 Chipset - Technology Spotlights
08/02/2011:Power mosfets use half footprint of DPAK packages - News
08/02/2011:Rick Clemmer executive director, president and chief executive officer, NXP - Interview
09/02/2011:Device reduces charging time by half - News
09/02/2011:Worldwide DRAM revenue down 20% - News
09/02/2011:Wireless system opens door to rapid, low cost gait analysis - News
09/02/2011:Can digital fingerprint put an end to counterfeit components? - News
09/02/2011:Microcontrollers triple industry benchmark results - News
09/02/2011:Researchers make flexible electronics breakthrough - News
09/02/2011:Industry's lowest power 40nm high bandwidth SerDes? - News
09/02/2011:World's Fastest Trace Probe with Largest Storage Capacity - Technology Spotlights
09/02/2011:‘Industry’s first’ fully encapsulated digital power module - News
09/02/2011:Digital Equipment co-founder Olsen dies at 84 - News
10/02/2011:Plastic Electronics Conference: Overcoming market and financial barriers - Events
10/02/2011:Bi-directional DC/DC converters - Technology Spotlights
10/02/2011:DSP offers ‘world leading’ audio solution - News
10/02/2011:Slower growth rates forecast for EU electronic components markets - News
10/02/2011:Protection for high bandwidth connections on a single chip - Product Launches
10/02/2011:Dialog to acquire SiTel for $85million - News
10/02/2011:‘World’s first’ nanoprocessor offers advances in future electronics - News
10/02/2011:Continued aviation spending boosts pulsed rf power semiconductor markets - News
10/02/2011:400W power supply provides 600W peak - Product Launches
10/02/2011:Theme park AV solutions help simulate aerial journeys - News
11/02/2011:ST launches new interface standard for audio/video streaming - News
11/02/2011:Integrated 850/500kHz battery chargers - Product Launches
11/02/2011:36V input dual step down regulator - Product Launches
11/02/2011:ST announces ‘world’s smallest’ pico projector for smart phones - News
11/02/2011:Nokia forms partnership with Microsoft - News
11/02/2011:The most common telephone number in the world? - Blogs
11/02/2011:Growth in the widening consumer electronics sectors fuels increasing demand for passive components - Blogs
11/02/2011:Could the solar system hold the secret to future microelectronics? - News
11/02/2011:CSR collaborating with TSMC on 90nm embedded Flash process - News
12/02/2011:Digital Power Conversion White Paper Available from TDK-Lambda - Technology Spotlights
13/02/2011:Communication Device Provides Robust Communication over AC and DC Powerlines - Technology Spotlights
14/02/2011:Mobile world congress 2011 - Events
14/02/2011:Demodulator delivers ‘industry leading’ performance for next gen comms systems - News
14/02/2011:New research enables intelligent spacecraft to make decisions - News
14/02/2011:Imec announces reconfigurable radio solutions for spectrum sensing - News
14/02/2011:Basestation processor family blends dsp and Power Architecture cores - News
14/02/2011:Freescale to go public - News
14/02/2011:Samsung, Intel collaborate on next generation mobile network architecture - News
15/02/2011:Synchronous step down dc/dc converter offers quiescent current of 70uA - News
15/02/2011:PHY IP provides 'significant' power savings in USB 2.0 chip to chip connections - News
15/02/2011:New material promises advances in solid state lighting - News
15/02/2011:WiFi chipset shipments to double in 2011? - News
15/02/2011:Freescale looks to raise $1billion to pay down debt - Blogs
15/02/2011:Intel invests $26million to boost mobile ecosystem - News
15/02/2011:Industry’s most advanced multi core processor for LTE base stations? - News
15/02/2011:FPGA start up uses the cloud to host design software - News
15/02/2011:Agilent addresses economy oscilloscope sector in ‘significant launch’ - News
16/02/2011:Southern Electronics 2011 - Events
16/02/2011:Microprocessor increases versatility of personal health card - News
16/02/2011:Quantum computer research reaches ‘significant milestone’ - News
16/02/2011:£10million nanotechnology health and safety centre announced - News
16/02/2011:Renesas focuses on mid range automotive infotainment market - News
16/02/2011:NXP unveils ‘world's first’ concept car with NFC - News
16/02/2011:Samsung to collaborate with Hyundai on next gen smart cars? - News
17/02/2011:Virtualisation software, focus of Renesas and Green Hills collaboration - News
17/02/2011:New Electronics announces embedded world zone - Blogs
17/02/2011:FPGA design complexity drives Altera engineering expansion - News
17/02/2011:Nvidia announces quad core super chip - News
17/02/2011:Hard disk drive shipments unaffected by success of tablets - News
18/02/2011:Visualisation reference design kit gets optimised - News
18/02/2011:How to Enable the Meter Connect Feature on the Model 6517B Electrometer - Video Content
18/02/2011:How to Make a Proper Low Current Measurement - Video Content
18/02/2011:How to Set Up the Model 6517B Electrometer for a Staircase Voltage Sweep - Video Content
18/02/2011:How to Enable Humidity and Temperature Measurements - Video Content
18/02/2011:New diodes combine high efficiency and low emi - News
18/02/2011:Arrow, SiTime sign distribution agreement - News
18/02/2011:Scientists build 'world's first' anti laser - News
18/02/2011:Spansion adds to ‘Industry’s fastest’ memory range - News
18/02/2011:Chipset boosts flexibility and accuracy of smart meters - News
18/02/2011:TSMC set to continue strong growth, driven by ARM based products - News
21/02/2011:CSR, Zoran merger to create ‘global leader’ in connectivity? - News
21/02/2011:Nanotechnology research to offer new breed of electronics? - News
21/02/2011:Intel invests over $5billion on 14nm fab - News
21/02/2011:Easing design headaches with programmable supplies - Reference/Features
21/02/2011:Samsung mobile DRAM uses 512 pins - News
21/02/2011:Toshiba develops energy saving flip flop circuit - Product Launches
22/02/2011:Single chip clock oscillator - Product Launches
22/02/2011:ADI introduces low power rf transceiver for short range wireless systems - News
22/02/2011:Power supply controllers offer ‘industry’s best’ current limit accuracy - Product Launches
22/02/2011:Industry’s highest efficiency high current buck regulators? - News
22/02/2011:Step down converter powers multimode PAs in mobile handsets - News
22/02/2011:Researchers unveil plastic electronics with superconducting properties - News
22/02/2011:ST launches IC for ultra compact led lamps - News
22/02/2011:NXP launches 32bit Cortex based microcontroller for industrial applications - News
22/02/2011:25PPM frequency stability costs same as 50 or 100PPM - News
22/02/2011:Hanging on the telephone: Why booming demand for smartphones is creating bottlenecks - Blogs
22/02/2011:Cover story: What's all this noise about? - Reference/Features
22/02/2011:Keeping control: Why Lithium ion batteries for automotive applications need sophisticated monitoring schemes - Reference/Features
22/02/2011:Why timing is everything when writing embedded software - Technology Watch
22/02/2011:Power saving with more accurate ac motor control - Technology Watch
22/02/2011:Legislative developments electronic engineers need to be aware of - Reference/Features
22/02/2011:Cores for celebration: Intel's second generation Core processors welcomed by board level designers - Reference/Features
22/02/2011:Serving a purpose: Why the ARM architecture is attracting attention in the server market - Reference/Features
23/02/2011:Stereo analogue subsystem has class G headphone amp and loudspeaker protection - Product Launches
23/02/2011:Nanolasers grown on silicon offer advances in optoelectronics - News
23/02/2011:Merger means more opportunities - Blogs
23/02/2011:POL voltage regulators for energy efficient computing and consumer applications - Product Launches
23/02/2011:Can Carl Icahn change the eda world? - Blogs
23/02/2011:Intel shipping fixed Sandy Bridge chipsets - News
23/02/2011:Researchers unveil first millimetre scale computing system - News
23/02/2011:UK universities exhibit latest technology research - News
23/02/2011:D/A converter synthesises cable spectrum into single rf port - News
23/02/2011:RFMD power platforms support next gen Samsung 3G/4G devices - News
24/02/2011:Freescale, Mentor partner to bundle processsors - News
24/02/2011:Renesas, imec announce SAWless reconfigurable transceiver - News
24/02/2011:‘Ultra fast’ output current devices - Product Launches
24/02/2011:NI announces ‘industry leading’ rf vector signal analyser - News
24/02/2011:Stretchable solar cells power electronic 'super skin' - News
24/02/2011:World's smallest JTAG/boundary scan controller? - News
24/02/2011:World's first dual port 10GBASE-T adapter with full offload - Product Launches
24/02/2011:NOR Flash revenue to decline in 2011? - News
24/02/2011:imec launches ultra low power biomedical signal processor - News
25/02/2011:Intelligent hand-held games - Blogs
25/02/2011:Renesas adds to 32bit mcu range - News
25/02/2011:Samsung to establish biomedical venture with Quintiles - News
25/02/2011:Bipolar power transistor boosts current capability by 50% - News
25/02/2011:TDK-Lambda unveils new power supplies at Mtec 2011 - News
25/02/2011:Power Line Communications Solutions - Video Content
25/02/2011:Intel launches Thunderbolt technology for ultra fast data transfer - News
25/02/2011:Design data management – how to avoid getting tied up in red tape - Blogs
28/02/2011:NXP gives Cortex another vote of confidence - Blogs
28/02/2011:ARM announces license agreement with Fujitsu - News
28/02/2011:IR acquires CHiL for $75million - News
28/02/2011:imec installs ASML’s pre-production EUV scanner - News
28/02/2011:embedded world: Freescale launches smart meter design - News
28/02/2011:Maxim looks to take the lead in digital power - News
28/02/2011:Ultra Electronics announces 15% year on year growth - News
28/02/2011:NXP, ARM sign long term Cortex-M based processor deal - News
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