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01/01/2011:Sponsored by OKW: Stylish and tactile handheld enclosures range extended - Product Launches
04/01/2011:UK to lose global edge without R&D scheme? - News
04/01/2011:Researchers unveil new aspect of Racetrack memory - News
04/01/2011:Spin current can be controlled in same way as electrical current - News
04/01/2011:ON completes Sanyo Semiconductor acquistion - News
04/01/2011:CES News: DisplayPort over Ethernet enables use of low cost cables - News
04/01/2011:PoE support reduces cabling complexity for M40 processor - Product Launches
04/01/2011:Low energy DECT variant targets sensor networks - Whitepapers
04/01/2011:ADI adds dual output synchronous controller to power management range - News
04/01/2011:Richard Noble's Bloodhound Project diary - Blogs
04/01/2011:Microsemi adds multi port additions to its PoE midspan range - Product Launches
04/01/2011:A happy and innovative New Year from New Electronics - Blogs
04/01/2011:iPad competitors line up at CES - News
04/01/2011:Power Integrations unveils reference design for 5W LED lamps - Product Launches
05/01/2011:Dual synchronous buck regulators deliver 95% peak efficiency - News
05/01/2011:Acquisition helps Qualcomm expand its semiconductor business into adjacent markets - News
05/01/2011:CES: New chips set to transform pc capabilities? - News
05/01/2011:CES: ARM partnership focuses on connected tv market - News
05/01/2011:Wolfson signs TinyCore dsp licence agreement - News
05/01/2011:Will 2011 be the year of printed electronics? - News
05/01/2011:Samsung Group to invest $38.3billion in 2011 - News
05/01/2011:Freescale unveils broadest series of products based on Cortex-A9 technology - News
06/01/2011:International CES 2011 - Events
06/01/2011:CES News: Today’s top 10 highlights - News
06/01/2011:The 'i's have it - Blogs
06/01/2011:GE uses Intel Core i7 processors to deliver greater performance per Watt - News
06/01/2011:CES News: HD audio 'revolution' in pc and laptop market - News
06/01/2011:CES News: New 3d eyewear technology built on ZigBee platform - News
06/01/2011:CES News: Sandy Bridge chips officially launched - News
06/01/2011:Agilent unveils 'industry's first' design and test solution for 3GPP LTE-Advanced - News
06/01/2011:CES News: AMD unveils 'revolutionary' Fusion APU - News
06/01/2011:CES News: Next version of Windows will support ARM based systems - News
07/01/2011:Kontron's 2nd generation of Intel Core processor boards feature the 1st generation of cross-platform middleware - Whitepapers
07/01/2011:Freescale introduces first magnetometer in Xtrinsic sensor range - News
07/01/2011:Kontron to launch over 10 embedded platforms based on i3/i5/i7 processors - News
07/01/2011:Qualcomm speculates to accumulate - Blogs
07/01/2011:CES News: Atmel receives ZigBee remote control certification - News
07/01/2011:New LDO has extended temperature range - Product Launches
07/01/2011:ST announces content protection support with Adobe Flash Access - News
07/01/2011:Zilog launches 16bit mcu for motor control applications - News
10/01/2011:2011 International CES - a sense of recovery in the air? - News
10/01/2011:Change is coming - Blogs
10/01/2011:Ultra acquires secure comms specialist for $30million - News
10/01/2011:Are mems based oscillators a viable alternative to the quartz crystal? - Reference/Features
10/01/2011:Can a cable be just 'a cable'? - Reference/Features
10/01/2011:Optimising the power consumption of embedded systems - Reference/Features
10/01/2011:How are competitors differentiating Cortex-M3 based mcus? - Reference/Features
10/01/2011:Embedded systems security: Connect to chaos - Technology Watch
10/01/2011:Beyond flash memory - Technology Watch
10/01/2011:Space electronics - Failure is not an option - Reference/Features
10/01/2011:Could optogenetics be the technology that allows us to unlock the workings of the brain? - Reference/Features
10/01/2011:Free new CD about electrical Test and Measurement! - Technology Spotlights
11/01/2011:QualiSystems TestShell automates and accelerates SSDs performance testing - Technology Spotlights
11/01/2011:Diodes announces 10Amp gate driver for minimal switching losses - News
11/01/2011:Volkswagen to use Infineon sensor chip in electric power steering systems - News
11/01/2011:TSMC reports 2010 sales of $406billion - News
11/01/2011:Research opens door to highly sensitive graphene based electronic devices - News
11/01/2011:Intel and Nvidia sign $1.5billion cross licensing agreement - News
11/01/2011:Henri Richard, chief sales and marketing officer, Freescale - Interview
12/01/2011:Findlay Media and JobServe form engineering sector partnership - News
12/01/2011:C2000 VCU, Viterbi, Complex Math, and CRC - Video Content
12/01/2011:VxWorks, foundation of next gen process controllers - News
12/01/2011:DRAM market to lose steam in 2011? - News
12/01/2011:Acal acquisition strengthens its electronics division - News
12/01/2011:New at Digi-Key, the Interlink Electronics’ FSR™ 400 Round Force Sensing Resister - Technology Spotlights
12/01/2011:Advances in regularity for SYNAPTIC project - News
12/01/2011:Semtech Expands EcoSpeed series with 24V, 3A Device - News
12/01/2011:DSP IP targeted at smartphone and consumer electronics applications - News
12/01/2011:NXP targets industrial communications with mcu, CAN system in package - News
12/01/2011:4GHz rf signal generator from Stanford Research Systems - Product Launches
12/01/2011:‘Industry's first’ digital low power panel meters from Murata - News
13/01/2011:Researchers a step closer to stretchable electronics? - News
13/01/2011:Wideband power sensors measure up to 40GHz - News
13/01/2011:JTAG testing for everyman (and everywoman) - Blogs
13/01/2011:Semiconductor revenue showed record growth in 2010 - News
13/01/2011:$31million acquisition enhances Mercury’s capabilities in military intelligence - News
13/01/2011:TI and Movea collaborate on Zigbee reference design - News
13/01/2011:TSMC invests $99.5million to roll out 28, 40nm processes - News
13/01/2011:Cambridge Pixel lands £600,000 deal with BAE Systems - News
13/01/2011:IBM and Samsung to collaborate on semiconductor technology - News
13/01/2011:New breed of Hi tech researchers to emerge from Leicester? - News
14/01/2011:Signal analyser has double acquisition of any in price range says Tektronix - News
14/01/2011:Green Hills to support 2nd generation Intel Core processor range - News
14/01/2011:GlobalFoundries announces 28nm design flow - News
14/01/2011:DARPA moves closer to cost effective fabrication of custom ASICs - News
14/01/2011:2010, record year for Intel - News
17/01/2011:Dialog Semiconductor reports record revenue for 2010 - News
17/01/2011:Quantum communication a step closer? - News
17/01/2011:Intersil, Avnet Memec strengthen global distribution agreement - News
17/01/2011:Researchers enable graphene to be used as an electrode for solar cells - News
18/01/2011:Researchers make microelectronics breakthrough - News
18/01/2011:Happy New Year UK electronics – now get off your backside? - Blogs
18/01/2011:NAND flash revenue set to grow again in 2011? - News
18/01/2011:Intel to invest $500million in Irish Fab plant - News
18/01/2011:Renesas introduces new power mosfets for automotive applications - News
18/01/2011:Nothing new under the sun? - Blogs
18/01/2011:NetLogic announces its first silicon tape out in TSMC's advanced 28nm process - News
18/01/2011:IBM and ARM collaboration aims to provide design platform down to 14nm - News
19/01/2011:Compact and lightweight LED drivers from Triad Magnetics - Technology Spotlights
19/01/2011:Russian firm announces major investment in Plastic Logic - News
19/01/2011:Quixant launches gaming platform based on AMD Fusion technology - News
19/01/2011:UK researchers announce breakthrough in low temperature growth of carbon nanotubes - News
19/01/2011:'World's first' accelerated processing unit for embedded systems unveiled - News
19/01/2011:New COM Express line incorporates AMD fusion technology - News
19/01/2011:Apple reports record first quarter sales - News
19/01/2011:New security technologies offer support for latest generation set top box chips - News
19/01/2011:X-FAB and Cymbet announce manufacturing partnership - News
20/01/2011:3G cmos rf power amps improve device reliability says Black Sand - News
20/01/2011:Leading edge options disappearing - News
20/01/2011:ST, Bluechiip enter manufacturing partnership on tracking tags - News
20/01/2011:Heterojunction fet incorporates 'world's lowest' noise characteristics - News
20/01/2011:XP Power launches ultra compact 150W ac/dc power supply - News
20/01/2011:Smallest Class D amplifier offers 'unsurpassed' EMI performance - News
20/01/2011:Samsung acquires LCD firm Liquavista - News
20/01/2011:First commercial 40nm low power multimode communication baseband processor announced - News
20/01/2011:ADI announces first I2S digital MEMS microphone - News
21/01/2011:Floating point Piccolo microcontrollers - Product Launches
21/01/2011:Multicore debugging for NXP LPC4000 - Product Launches
21/01/2011:Laser optical alignment system - Product Launches
21/01/2011:Molex 1.27mm pitch Picoflex IDT connector system - Product Launches
21/01/2011:Top 10 pointless usb devices - Blogs
21/01/2011:Top 10 OEMs accounted for $104bn of semiconductor market in 2010 - News
21/01/2011:4G transition and tablets spurring growth of mobile communications - News
21/01/2011:Linux based ARM9 system on module reduces power consumption by half - News
21/01/2011:Martek’s New Railway Qualified dc/dc converter series - Product Launches
21/01/2011:York and Cardiff Universities join UK Electronics Skills Foundation - News
24/01/2011:GPEG announces the reintroduction of two new AMOLED display modules. - Technology Spotlights
24/01/2011:Open platform SoC tracks multiple global navigation systems - News
24/01/2011:Analogue front ends for sensor systems ease the design process - News
24/01/2011:Renesas unveils two new product groups in R8C/Lx series of mcus - News
24/01/2011:A matter of scale - Blogs
24/01/2011:Low power d/a converters prolong battery life - Product Launches
24/01/2011:Researchers question the future of graphene based electronics - News
24/01/2011:First in, Best Dressed ... - Blogs
24/01/2011:Mouser and Maxim agree global distribution partnership - News
25/01/2011:High performance, compact, cost effective solid state lighting solutions from Bridgelux - Technology Spotlights
25/01/2011:Capacitive touchscreens – game changing technology - Reference/Features
25/01/2011:Southern Manufacturing and Electronics exhibition preview - Reference/Features
25/01/2011:Cover story: Smartening up the city with smart metering - Reference/Features
25/01/2011:Lab fab: Fabrication technology - Reference/Features
25/01/2011:Better noise performance in analogue design - Reference/Features
25/01/2011:Is there life after silicon? - Technology Watch
25/01/2011:Shrinking feature sizes: Putting off the inevitable - Technology Watch
25/01/2011:Simplifying flyback design - Reference/Features
25/01/2011:Ethernet goes green: Power savings with Ethernet PHYs - Reference/Features
25/01/2011:An fpga for every need? - News
25/01/2011:Fairchild unveils bidirectional optocoupler - News
25/01/2011:EMS market growth slows in 2011 - News
25/01/2011:Scientists get closer to building silicon quantum computer - News
25/01/2011:ST announces 2010 Q4 and full year financial results - News
25/01/2011:LDOs double the power rejection of competing devices - News
25/01/2011:Research program on high bandwidth optical I/O announced - News
25/01/2011:New optical coatings processes improve light sensing capabilities in consumer electronics - News
25/01/2011:Smart phones smartening up the force? - News
25/01/2011:Nujira expansion includes British design centre - News
25/01/2011:Würth addresses challenge of attaching chips to highly integrated substrates - News
25/01/2011:Industry Forecast Seminar 2011 - Events
26/01/2011:Join Agilent's Wireless Design Forum - Challenges for Today's Smartphone Tests - Events
26/01/2011:First test solution for PCI Express 3.0 receiver characterisation announced - News
26/01/2011:TFT LCD Panels with Advanced Imaging and True Colour - Technology Spotlights
26/01/2011:Microvisk secures £6million to launch diagnostic SmartStrip - News
26/01/2011:DRAM shipments for tablets to surge ninefold in 2011? - News
26/01/2011:NI reports record quarterly and annual revenue - News
26/01/2011:UK businesses must improve image of manufacturing warns Business Secretary - News
26/01/2011:CSR licences advanced ARM Cortex multiprocessor technology - News
26/01/2011:‘Industry’s first’ programmable clock generator with LVCMOS and differential outputs - News
27/01/2011:‘Industry’s smallest’ mlcc - News
27/01/2011:Single chip system solution enables ‘revolutionary’ audio experience - News
27/01/2011:Carbon based touchscreens on the way? - News
27/01/2011:Pocket sized projector shines in sunlight - News
27/01/2011:ACAL Energy gets ready to install fuel cell system - News
27/01/2011:Intelligent house ‘learns’ and ‘adapts’ to residents’ lifestyles - News
27/01/2011:New components extend mobile device connection time by 30% claims ST - News
27/01/2011:Silicon Labs acquires SpectraLinear for $40million - News
27/01/2011:EU clears Intel, McAfee takeover - News
27/01/2011:Qualcomm raises forecasts after increasing chip sales - News
28/01/2011:LED driver handles rigours of higher voltage offline illumination - Product Launches
28/01/2011:Icera makes bid for Smartphone market with ‘world’s smallest’ HSPA+ platform - News
28/01/2011:‘World’s first’ single chip touchscreen solution for tablet pcs - News
28/01/2011:Microchip reports Q3 sales - News
28/01/2011:Motorola acquisition enhances Telit’s presence in m2m market - News
28/01/2011:Researchers make plastic electronics breakthrough - News
28/01/2011:Freescale 2010 Q4 Net sales up $229million year on year - News
28/01/2011:Experiment brings new meaning to satellite phone - Blogs
28/01/2011:Demystifying analogue and mixed signal asics - Whitepapers
28/01/2011:ON Semiconductor acquires Cypress’ image sensor unit for $31million - News
31/01/2011:Xilinx acquisition extends its programmable platforms to a broader customer base - News
31/01/2011:Intel pledges $200million investment for technology start ups - News
31/01/2011:UK team develops analogue self steered antennas - News
31/01/2011:Plessey addresses demand for end of life products - News
31/01/2011:Researchers discover electronics material of the future - News
31/01/2011:ARM adds single and dual core processors to Cortex-R real time family - News
31/01/2011:New centre focuses on nanoprocessing and fab technology - News
31/01/2011:Intel chipset design error could cost company $700million - News
31/01/2011:Triteq announces partnership with RFI - News
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