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04/01/2010:Nano particle self assembly 'photographed' - News
04/01/2010:F-RAM vs. BBSRAM Free White Paper - Whitepapers
04/01/2010:LED backlit lcd tv sales set to soar in 2010? - News
04/01/2010:Global collaboration to produce innovative photovoltaic panels - News
05/01/2010:Connectors designed to provide improved shielding - Product Launches
05/01/2010:NXP to showcase first fully integrated 45nm STB platform - News
05/01/2010:Next generation Atom platform announced - News
05/01/2010:Miniature DC power supplies - Product Launches
05/01/2010:SoC 'dramatically' increases 3D hdtv performance - News
06/01/2010:Power management in integrated package - News
06/01/2010:Single core mcu offers 'unrivalled performance' - News
06/01/2010:TI claims highest power integrated Class D audio amplifier - News
07/01/2010:Lies, damned lies and statistics - Blogs
07/01/2010:‘Complete’ energy harvesting solution - News
07/01/2010:TSB backs feasibility projects - News
07/01/2010:Technology Strategy Board gives SMEs £6.5m to stimulate innovation - News
08/01/2010:Government invests in Southampton photonics centre - News
08/01/2010:22,000 power supplies used in world's largest hd video screen - News
08/01/2010:Collaboration means greater functionality for mobile devices - News
08/01/2010:Atmel receives ZigBee certification - News
08/01/2010:Sensors combine market's smallest footprints with reduced current consumption - News
11/01/2010:What was hot in 2009? - News
11/01/2010:Built to last - Reference/Features
11/01/2010:Small scale, big challenges: Space electronics - Reference/Features
11/01/2010:Cellular development - Reference/Features
11/01/2010:Paul Jackson, chief executive, EngineeringUK - Interview
11/01/2010:Plessey Semiconductors brand relaunched - News
11/01/2010:Dialog's IC selected by LG for Android smartphone - News
11/01/2010:Timing is everything - Reference/Features
11/01/2010:The missing link - Reference/Features
11/01/2010:Redefining firmware - Reference/Features
11/01/2010:Keep in control - Reference/Features
12/01/2010:TSB awards £1million for development of UK battery chemistry - News
12/01/2010:Photonics project exceeds phase one goals - News
12/01/2010:UK MoD agency selects Artisan software - News
12/01/2010:Greenpeace lists ‘greenest’ electronics manufacturers - News
12/01/2010:Consortium aims to cut comms energy consumption by factor of 1000 - News
12/01/2010:Wet processing system postulated - News
13/01/2010:What goes around, comes around - Blogs
13/01/2010:LynxSecure support for new Intel Core i7 processors - Product Launches
13/01/2010:Rugged carrier card for XMC mezzanine modules - Product Launches
13/01/2010:RS wins distribution award - News
13/01/2010:Power mosfet offers low on resistance - Product Launches
13/01/2010:New lightweight connectors can be sealed and cleaned - Product Launches
13/01/2010:Power mosfet range improves performance - News
13/01/2010:Government must encourage high efficiency power supplies warns manufacturer - News
13/01/2010:Microchip kit targets inductive touch sensing designs - News
13/01/2010:Plastic Electronics Meeting & Workshop - Events
14/01/2010:Product Regulations Roadshow - Leeds - Events
14/01/2010:Video and Imaging Co-Processor (VICP) Signal Processing Library - Video Content
14/01/2010:Worldwide growth for Q4 pc shipments 'strongest in seven years' - News
14/01/2010:ARM9 micro enables support for home appliance safety standards - News
14/01/2010:Kindling the fires of innovation - Blogs
14/01/2010:Solar PV specialist secures £2.5million funding - News
14/01/2010:New technology helps sensors endure extreme temperatures - News
14/01/2010:Nanoelectronics research on ‘cars of the future’ - News
15/01/2010:18 pin microcontrollers feature enhanced midrange core - Product Launches
15/01/2010:Deployment of OK Labs' software platform doubles - News
15/01/2010:LeCroy expands entry level scope range - News
15/01/2010:Kodak takes on iPhone and Blackberry in patent infringement case - News
15/01/2010:Intel Q4 revenue up 28% year on year - News
15/01/2010:Low power motherboard - Product Launches
15/01/2010:Line conditioning modules - Product Launches
15/01/2010:Power mosfets with reduced top side thermal impedance - Product Launches
15/01/2010:Power amp targets WiMax terminals - News
18/01/2010:Icera Q4 revenues four times higher than 2008 - News
18/01/2010:ST joins programme for maskless lithography - News
18/01/2010:Engineers crack 10kV barrier for DIP24 DC/DC converters - News
18/01/2010:New Electronics interview: Integration makes signal processing easier - Video Content
18/01/2010:Integration makes signal processing easier - News
18/01/2010:Wolfson signs Future Electronics as ‘primary global distributor’ - News
18/01/2010:Alliance aims to develop reference platform for femtocells - News
18/01/2010:EBV launches custom semiconductors and EBVchips - News
18/01/2010:Singapore exports reveal surge in global demand for electronics - News
18/01/2010:Module uses Freescale i.MX51 with 800MHz ARM Cortex-A8 - Product Launches
19/01/2010:Product Regulations Roadshow - Bristol - Events
19/01/2010:Meanwell CEN-100 series IP rated power supply - Product Launches
19/01/2010:TSMC announces new production facilities designated for R&D - News
19/01/2010:New research, test and design service for multimode mobile development - News
19/01/2010:'Unprecedented performance' for ZigBee wireless sensor networks - News
19/01/2010:Worldwide agreement on digital power technology - News
20/01/2010:Altran creates embedded and critical system centre of excellence - News
20/01/2010:Multimedia processor platform targeted at Android based mobile phones - News
20/01/2010:UK terahertz research receives €2.5million boost - News
20/01/2010:Plextek spins out street lighting venture - News
21/01/2010:Cellular 25 - Events
21/01/2010:Product Regulations Roadshow - Birmingham - Events
21/01/2010:TI High Reliability Overview - Video Content
21/01/2010:Xilinx announces record sales of $513million - News
21/01/2010:Multiple fpgas designed into Boeing airliner - News
21/01/2010:Dead right or dead end? - Blogs
21/01/2010:Artisan and Aonix merger will 'shape the industry for years to come' - News
21/01/2010:Power over Ethernet frame grabber - Product Launches
21/01/2010:Patrick Zammit, president, Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA - Interview
22/01/2010:Training for the programmable realtime unit (PRU) on the OMAP L-138/C674x - Video Content
22/01/2010:Award for light manipulation researcher - News
22/01/2010:Organic transistor mimics human nervous system - News
22/01/2010:Automotive qualified power mosfets launched - News
22/01/2010:IC design house awarded Queen's Award for Enterprise - News
22/01/2010:Semiconductor manufacturing set to rebound in 2010? - News
22/01/2010:Global semiconductor revenue for 2009 reaches $226billion - News
25/01/2010:Mobile phones, 25 years on - Blogs
25/01/2010:Swimming with sharks? The commercial and technical risks of the small/medium sized display market - Reference/Features
25/01/2010:Pushing packet performance - Reference/Features
25/01/2010:Powering performance - Reference/Features
25/01/2010:Power modules set to help get products to market more quickly - News
25/01/2010:Sounds good! A new approach to audio amplifiers promises much longer battery life - Reference/Features
25/01/2010:Leaving a legacy - Reference/Features
25/01/2010:Optical ram holds prospect of optical packet switching - News
25/01/2010:Silicon gets silky - Reference/Features
25/01/2010:Get ready - Video Content
25/01/2010:SiTel technology incorporated in world's first single chip ADSL2 / IAD - News
25/01/2010:Video game becomes reality - Blogs
25/01/2010:Consumers go gaga at CES - News
25/01/2010:Pushing processor power - News
25/01/2010:Robot development platform - News
26/01/2010:Polymer set to revolutionise touchscreens - News
26/01/2010:DAC is ‘world leading’ says Wolfson - News
26/01/2010:Semiconductor market looking strong for 2010 says analyst - News
26/01/2010:Industry Forecast Seminar 2010 - Events
27/01/2010:Industry Forecast Seminar 2010 - Events
27/01/2010:Server adapter supports two 10GbE ports - News
27/01/2010:Skills foundation established to head off ‘growing crisis’ - News
27/01/2010:RF modular instruments 'significantly improve' measurement speed - News
27/01/2010:UK Electronics Alliance launches skills signposting site - News
27/01/2010:ST's fourth quarter net revenues up 13.6% sequentially - News
28/01/2010:Plug and play for nanoGSM picocell launched - News
28/01/2010:Apple unveils iPad tablet - News
28/01/2010:Sky debuts public 3d broadcasts - News
28/01/2010:Multifunction desk and wall mount enclosures: Sponsored by OKW - Product Launches
28/01/2010:Virtex-6 fpga based XMC card - Product Launches
28/01/2010:Intel Core i7 processor-based VPX blade - Product Launches
28/01/2010:iPad or IPAD? - Blogs
28/01/2010:Skills strategy - Blogs
29/01/2010:Flexible silicon panels keep you warm - News
29/01/2010:Counterfeit identification menu expanded - News
29/01/2010:Samsung Electronics net profits up 16% year on year - News
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