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Articles within the archive for November 2009

02/11/2009:Power consumption reduced by new fpgas - News
02/11/2009:Richard Noble's Bloodhound Project diary - Blogs
02/11/2009:Bloodhound continues to encourage children into engineering - News
02/11/2009:Lack of support - Blogs
02/11/2009:New PXI flex DIO fpga card - Product Launches
02/11/2009:Bill Goldie, managing director, Retronix - Interview
02/11/2009:Curtiss-Wright Controls CHAMP-FX2 video tour - Video Content
02/11/2009:Digital plaster enters clinical trials - News
02/11/2009:Researchers claim doubling of lithium ion battery life - News
02/11/2009:Market recovery 'not running out of steam' - News
03/11/2009:Microchip's Embedded Designer's Forum - Bristol - Events
03/11/2009:Synchronous step down dc/dc converter delivers up to 800mA - Product Launches
03/11/2009:New interface standard proposed for lcd tvs - News
03/11/2009:Nanostructures produce hidden photovoltaic cells - News
03/11/2009:'Undisputed champion' of system stability - News
03/11/2009:Nanowire breakthrough to boost solar energy conversion - News
03/11/2009:High current power inductors offer low DCR - News
04/11/2009:CMOS image sensors currently in orbit - News
04/11/2009:Research aims to protect front line troops - News
04/11/2009:Silk substrate supports implantable electronics - News
04/11/2009:Engineering Knowledge Half Life: When is it okay to NOT know the detail? - Blogs
04/11/2009:ATCA Blade with dual Intel Xeon Processor L5518 and AMC Bay - News
04/11/2009:LEDs ‘redefine’ atmospheric illumination - News
05/11/2009:NMI Industry Awards - Events
05/11/2009:Microchip's Embedded Designer's Forum - Northants - Events
05/11/2009:EU researchers create embedded system modelling framework - News
05/11/2009:NEC announces retinal imaging display glasses - News
05/11/2009:Framework for higher education unveiled - News
05/11/2009:Second antitrust lawsuit against Intel - News
05/11/2009:Samsung makes 15µm thin dice for multidie package - News
05/11/2009:Sharp diversifies solar components - News
05/11/2009:Infineon, TSMC extend partnership - News
05/11/2009:Power module offers 40 years' operating life - News
06/11/2009:High volume, low cost connector system - Product Launches
06/11/2009:Making a difference - Blogs
06/11/2009:Even Intel can’t move fast enough - News
06/11/2009:DPU increases preverified dsp options - News
06/11/2009:Intel in talks with Indian telecom manufacturer - News
06/11/2009:NEC to sell shares worth $1.5billion - News
09/11/2009:Remote cardiac monitoring system enters trials - News
09/11/2009:IMEC creates electronic interface to cells - News
09/11/2009:Cortex-A8 based processor supports Blu-Ray resolution graphics - News
09/11/2009:Matthew Trowbridge, chairman, Renesas - Interview
10/11/2009:AeroEngineering 09 - Events
10/11/2009:Ferreting out contraband - Reference/Features
10/11/2009:Cover story: Hot Chips - Reference/Features
10/11/2009:Connecting with demand - Reference/Features
10/11/2009:Interface range features ‘best sensing parts’ - News
10/11/2009:Analog reorganises to 'strengthen focus' - News
10/11/2009:Integration initiative - News
10/11/2009:ST picks ARM for tv processor - News
10/11/2009:Going for recycled gold - News
10/11/2009:Samsung loses patent case against Sharp - News
10/11/2009:Optimal power system design in seconds - News
10/11/2009:LED pioneer awarded 2009 Kyoto Prize - News
10/11/2009:Thales announces £20million contract - News
10/11/2009:Flash forward: Programmable platforms - Reference/Features
10/11/2009:Supply and demand - Reference/Features
10/11/2009:Is there life after asics? - Reference/Features
10/11/2009:Plasmonics set to create ripples - Reference/Features
11/11/2009:Increased memory for contactless access - News
11/11/2009:First shipment of RFMD's GaN product underway - News
11/11/2009:IDC connector system - Product Launches
11/11/2009:Radio platform makes use of whitespace frequencies - News
11/11/2009:Boundary scan tool available for free - News
12/11/2009:Embedded Solutions Seminar 2009 - Events
12/11/2009:Freescale i.MX training day - Events
12/11/2009:Solutions Expo UK 2009 - Events
12/11/2009:Digital Direct-Up Conversion: The ultimate step for precise rf generation - Whitepapers
12/11/2009:Intel, AMD bury the hatchet - News
12/11/2009:Skills will drive growth says Mandelson - News
12/11/2009:Metamaterial research gets £4.9million funding - News
12/11/2009:400mA low input voltage, ultra low dropout regulator - Product Launches
12/11/2009:Development kit helps engineers to keep in touch - News
12/11/2009:Photo alignment technology improves lcd display - News
12/11/2009:R&D tax relief not working, survey finds - News
12/11/2009:Material addresses lithium battery safety - News
12/11/2009:Boundary scan controller for cabled PCI Express - Product Launches
12/11/2009:TI data converter seminar - Events
13/11/2009:The gift of sound - Video Content
13/11/2009:Burying the hatchet - Blogs
13/11/2009:Intel raises spending forecast by $1.3billion - News
13/11/2009:Chipmakers join forces to design robust chips - News
13/11/2009:Electronics industry 'in denial' - News
13/11/2009:UCD90120 12-Channel Sequencer & System Health Monitor - Video Content
13/11/2009:‘New era’ begins, says AMD’s ceo - News
16/11/2009:ADI addresses demand for higher resolution Pro-AV - News
16/11/2009:First IP core supporting the RapidIO 2.1 specification announced - News
16/11/2009:Four out of five supercomputers powered by Intel processors - News
16/11/2009:Everspin introduces mrams with serial interfaces - News
16/11/2009:'Green' PoE/PoE+ quad PSE controller - Product Launches
16/11/2009:Gartner upgrades semiconductor outlook - News
16/11/2009:Ericsson improves power and efficiency - News
17/11/2009:Secure mcus offer multi-interface support - News
17/11/2009:The NanoBoard 3000 - Video Content
17/11/2009:Infineon and ARM announce collaboration for security applications - News
17/11/2009:TI data converter seminar - Events
17/11/2009:NIDays 2009 - Events
17/11/2009:Electrical and Electronic Equipment and the Environment 2009 - Events
17/11/2009:ADI/Silica processor seminar series - Events
18/11/2009:ADI/Silica processor seminar series - Events
18/11/2009:Eco-design Sustainability seminar - Events
18/11/2009:picoChip raises $20million, now set for IPO - News
18/11/2009:Configurable cores added to design service offering - News
18/11/2009:Complex system blade wins Leadership Award - News
18/11/2009:Long term storage of electronic components - Whitepapers
18/11/2009:How to identify and avoid counterfeit components - Whitepapers
18/11/2009:Build a better mousetrap … - Blogs
18/11/2009:Counterfdeit components and acoustic microscopy - Whitepapers
18/11/2009:Tin whiskers and copper/tin intermetallics - Whitepapers
18/11/2009:NIST scientists claims ‘universal’ quantum information processor - News
18/11/2009:IBM chip enhances medical diagnostic testing - News
18/11/2009:Start up develops large area printable electronics - News
18/11/2009:Intel pumps $25million into development projects - News
18/11/2009:Micro dc power supplies come to the UK - News
18/11/2009:Heatsink 101: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know Web Seminar - Events
19/11/2009:Power Solutions for Intel Embedded Processors - Video Content
19/11/2009:TI data converter seminar - Events
19/11/2009:LCDs – Monitors for the digital low-energy society - Reference/Features
19/11/2009:Industry’s ‘most accurate’ current drivers - News
19/11/2009:Infineon net profit hits €14million - News
19/11/2009:Anders announces ‘smallest and most cost effective’ SoM - News
20/11/2009:High speed board layout challenges in fpga/sdi subsystems - Whitepapers
20/11/2009:QHD HTPS TFT colour liquid crystal panel - Product Launches
20/11/2009:£1million contract for UK power specialist - News
20/11/2009:Automotive device reduces conduction and switching losses - News
20/11/2009:MOSFET and schottky diode only 0.55mm high - News
20/11/2009:Certification push for lte mobile devices - News
23/11/2009:MCUs execute code six times faster than any on market says Atmel - News
23/11/2009:PIC32 range expanded - News
23/11/2009:Butterfly wings to enable new technologies - News
23/11/2009:Marketwatch: Switching on to opportunities - Reference/Features
23/11/2009:Probing questions: How to verify the electrical performance of DDR memory - Reference/Features
23/11/2009:Engineering portable power - Reference/Features
23/11/2009:Adding access intelligence - Reference/Features
23/11/2009:Cover story: CAPEable collaboration - Reference/Features
23/11/2009:Packing power: Designing portable products - Reference/Features
23/11/2009:The road to 40G - Reference/Features
23/11/2009:Size is everything - Reference/Features
23/11/2009:Accelerating packet and optical metro convergence - Product Launches
23/11/2009:Keithley to sell its rf product line - News
23/11/2009:Global pc shipments expected to grow 2.8% in Q4 - News
24/11/2009:PTC Technology Forum 2009 - Events
24/11/2009:Boundary scan range expanded - Product Launches
24/11/2009:55V, 1.2A Step down DC/DC converter - Product Launches
24/11/2009:Wind River, Kontron sign distribution deal - News
24/11/2009:Microchip products qualified up to 150 degrees C - News
24/11/2009:Compact Qseven modules with onboard boot flash - Product Launches
24/11/2009:Revenue forecasts not as bad as predicted - News
24/11/2009:10% of schools now signed up to Bloodhound Education programme - News
24/11/2009:Buck-boost functionality at the cost of a boost converter - News
24/11/2009:Phil Mayo, managing director, Premier EDA Solutions - Interview
25/11/2009:Guilty electronics counterfeiter could face prison and fines of $5million - News
25/11/2009:New process means broader integration of rfid chips - News
25/11/2009:Low cost debug probe maximises use of STM32 mcus - News
25/11/2009:Infineon and Nokia collaborate to drive lte to 1Gbit/s - News
25/11/2009:Affordable industrial face recognition system - News
25/11/2009:'World's first' 60GHz reflective electro absorption modulator - News
26/11/2009:Electronics giant committed to 3D - News
26/11/2009:Application processor targeted at next generation mobiles - News
26/11/2009:Bloodhound team announces land speed record site - News
26/11/2009:Spintronics at room temperature? - News
26/11/2009:Seminar: Providing Confidence in Safety Judgements - Events
27/11/2009:Product Regulations Roadshow - Reading - Events
27/11/2009:MEMS structures could be tested 100 times faster - News
27/11/2009:Survey coordinated to advise government on economic growth - News
27/11/2009:Altium goes to space - Video Content
27/11/2009:MOSFET transistor addresses high temperature sensor interfaces - News
27/11/2009:Researchers must take advantage of digital revolution says report - News
30/11/2009:Bloodhound SSC - Video Content
30/11/2009:New 300mA voltage regulators in 1 x 1mm package - News
30/11/2009:Enabling test of LIN interfaces - Product Launches
30/11/2009:Grid computing tackles statistical variability - News
30/11/2009:Cambridge Consultants puts the squeeze on interface control - News
30/11/2009:Global semiconductor sales up 5.1% from September - News
30/11/2009:LG Electronics stops pc manufacturing - News
30/11/2009:Alliance speeds up development of advanced magnetrons - News
30/11/2009:Avnet buys Spectre, boosts rf and wireless position - News
30/11/2009:Introducing the eZ430-Chronos Wireless Watch Development Tool - Video Content
30/11/2009:Design your business for the future - Events
30/11/2009:Product Regulations Roadshow - Manchester - Events
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